I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 516 Nothing is more important than family members.

Because Uzecho Sasher relationship, Unecheo had come to visit many white bearded, and let the White Beard One Piece recognized Sasuo brother.

Although Unexus is affiliated to Xiaomi, theoretically, it is their enemy, but the courtesy and identity of Yuxi Pubie, and the white beard is difficult to hate.

This group of pirates have never imagined ...

Treating anyone is so politely asissue, why do you have Yuxi Bozuo to help this brother who is full of poisonous tongue ...

Everyone members of each white beard are very hoped. Yisiza can join the White Beard One Piece, and take goodbye to Zhike Sasuke, let this unused younger brother.


Uzhi Hose can't quit well.

However, the first time, Yuxi, when I visited the White Beard, I mentioned that the leader of the organization asked him to find the dark fruit, they will agree with him to retreat.

The entire White Beard One Piece also thought about helping to find this unknown fruit. Unfortunately, Yu Zhihe rejected this proposal. He thought this was his own destiny.


White Beard One Piece is forgotten this.

Just when Yishuo was visiting, it would be occasionally thinking about it. This Sasuke's brother has been looking for secrets to exchange their freedom.

Mobi Dick.

Everyone's eyes are not compromised on the body.

As long as Yuxi Hoski has received this fruit, Yishibo Sasuke's two brothers can reunite, but they can see Yiszozuo respect to the brothers!


According to the rules of the White Beard One Pirate, or the rules of the pirates, this demon fruit is still all for Saqi.

Then ...

How does this fruit will deal with?

Saqi is to choose yourself? Or choose to send dark fruit to Yizha, let him use fruit to exchange my brother's freedom?

Marshall D. Tiqi's expression is particularly nervous. He is the most worrying thing is that Saqi handed the devil fruit to Sasuke, because he didn't confident to steal the fruit from the Sasuki.


As the old man on the white beard, Marshall D. Tiqi is very understanding Saqi's character. The guy is clearly a old man!

as expected.

Savio has a fruit in the hand, laughing and opening: "Hey, Sasuke, wait until the husky is coming to give him this fruit ..."

When you say this, Saqi will re-put the dark fruit in his hand in a small wooden box, and smiled in his mouth: "It seems that our boat, it will finally get more people who can make Sasuke!"

Obviously Saqi is to send secrets to Yizha, so that Sui Zhi is free to join the White Beard, let the brothers agglomerate.

"Do not."

Yiszhibo's brow wrinkled, suddenly looking at Saqi's opening: "Hey, Saqi, eat it, can't let it fall into the hands!"


Saqi's gaze is a bit surprised.

The pirates on the Mobis Dicks can't help but look for Yuxi Bozuo, but they have long you want to let Yisi Pubie join the White Beard One Piece!


The face of Es is even confused: "Sasuke?"

"Eat it."

Yiszo Sasuo looked at Saqi, Shen Sheng continued: "This fruit is the person who knows the name of the brother to collect. The demon fruit of his pro-person must be unique, quickly eat it, Sachi!"

"Hey, what to do, joke!"

Saqi's face is full of inexplicable, he shakes his head: "A devil is fruitful, is it more important to join us?"

"I said serious."

Yiszhike Sasuke's expression is slightly serious: "Faster, eat it, this fruit makes me a kind of ominous hunch, after the person gets this fruit, it is likely to have a huge conspiracy!"

The evil fruit of the original Nairou, who wants to be in the heart, can be remembered in the heart of the heart, absolutely strong power and strange ability.


Yuxi Bozou helped his brother to come to visit, every time mentioned dark fruit, he always unconsciously exposed a smile.

That time Yisi House ...

It is definitely to be controlled by the original navigation!

Why is the guy who repeatedly lifted a dark fruit in the White Beard Mission, he really anticipated that the dark fruit will definitely be in the White Beard One Piece?

As for the dark fruit, I also give Yis Zhi Subiquicle free this, Yischo Sasuke For these words, a punctuation does not believe!

Shangnai is not worth trustworthy at all ...

This is absolutely something that exists!

This is from the intuition of Unechebra, but also from Yuxi Bozuo's understanding of the original Nairi, secretly must be handled immediately!

This fruit ...

Absolutely a disaster!

It is a pity that Yiszo Sasuke doesn't know what conspiracy is there. I can only speculate that the original naval is really wanting this fruit?

Not too ...

The strength of the guy does not need this defective ability to be demon fruit, not to mention the original navigation, and you can find a drama of the organization, and you can find it early!

"just forget it!"

Saqi smiled and shook his head and retreated the fruit: "I am a chef, I don't eat the devil fruit ... still leave the husky, let's take it away! Let's return, I remember the cooking It seems good ... "

Because of the copying and observation ability of write-eyed eyes ...

Yisiza's cooking is really good, and even the chef of this White Bearded One Piece is not much.

Savi iron is reluctant to eat this devil fruit.

Although the devil fruit can indeed get a weird power, but for all the people of the White Beard One Piece, the family is what they are most precise.


It is a truly invaluable treasure.

Let Sui Zhi Bohed and Unechebas help brothers reunite, these years have also been the dream of the entire White Beard One Piece from the top.

What's more

Yisi Bo sakuo is saved Saqi several times!

"Hey, Sachi ..."

Yischo Sasuke frowned frowned, just when he wanted to continue to say something, Ace came to shoot the shoulders of Sasuke: "Sasuke, don't live up to Saqi's kindness!"

"Yeah, let Saqi are so big, it is rare!"

"Hahahahaha ... Otherwise, we have a meal for our chef today! Let's start a banquet for our chef!"

"You still count!"

Saqi's face did not have no nostalgia, just smile and continued: "I am a Mobi Dick's chef, let us first join the Mission, open a grand banquet!" "

The whole Mobik has become a joyful ocean.

Yiszo Saso helps Saqi holds the wooden box to go to him, he bowed a wooden cassette in Saqi, whisper: "Saqi, don't be so anxious to me, you still think about it again. It! I don't want to make dark fruits fall in the hands ... "

This behavior falls in Saqi's eyes, let him think that Unecheo may feel that the organization has a dark fruit to threaten their white beard aphid.

Sasuke. "

Saqi's mouth revealed a soft laugh: "No matter what happens, for the White Beard One Piece, our most important thing is the family ... Don't forget that we have the name of the old man, how can it be for one The devil fruit blocked the way home! "

Saqi! "

Unechebra is ugly, he shakes his head and somewhat unknown: "I am not worried about the person who is taught, it will become stronger, I just worry that the person has a conspiracy ..."

"No matter what happened ..."

Saqi reached out and pressed the shoulders of Sasuke, laughed and opened: "There is no giving of the gods to get freedom, and join our thief group is more important!"

Saqi this guy, is really a old man ...

Yizhi Bozuo is a bit sad, these pirates that don't experience the world, I don't know if Yuxi Hose is unlikely from the control of the original Na.

Even if Yishi Houi is out of the organization, it must be fake, it must be the original navigation behind the scenes!


Yischo Sasukes suddenly thought of a possibility!

Perhaps the original nailed guy has already perceived the embarrassment of him and the White Beard One Piece, and I am worried that he will not pay the intelligence without reservation.

In this case…

The original Nairou is likely to be able to use the dark fruit of the famous Yuxi hub to join the White Beard One Piece!

"Well, Sasuke."

Saqi smiled and took a palm of his hand and took the hair. He said to persuade: "Anyway, I didn't want to eat this fruit ..."


Yizhi Bozuo couldn't help but shook his head, Shen Sheng: "You will take the fruit first! I have to think about it."

At this moment, Unechebra can't help but remember the smart guy such as a group of highhamps such as Kakasi, Yuxi Pub and a pharmacist. If it is their words, it will definitely guess some of the conspiracy of the original navigation.

"Thief Haha ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi suddenly reached his head from the back of Sasuke, he bowed a look at Saizi's hand, smiled and said: "Saqi captain, Sasuke's will is very firm, you have to delay For a long time, my belly will be starved to death soon! "

When you say this, Marshall D. Tiqi continues to say: "It's better to this, Saqi captain preserved the devil fruit, wait until the future, Mr. I will come to the white beard, let Mong, come Decide this! "

"It's okay."

Saqi reached out and knocked the forehead of the knock, and smiled and opened: "Then I will take it first, wait until the husky is coming to give him, feed, Sasuke, remember, in this ship, there is nothing It is more important than family ... "