I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 517, the cost of saving people, do you know?

Moonlight bright.

The night is coming over the big sea.

In order to celebrate the victory and celebrate, the White Beard is a grand banquet until the end of the grass.

The entire Mobik is a halocen.

Even if the new Marco and other captains, I heard that they got the dark fruit, I was happy to drink a few cups, and even the white beard put down the juice, and I was allowed to drink a few days. Bowl of wine.


Unechebra is still refused to drink.

Even if he has passed the threshold of the 20-year-old, it is an age that can drink in the endurance, but still sticking to his own juice.

Yiszo Sasuke stands on the bow of Mobik, slowly absorbing the juice in his hands, and he heard a footsteps.

"Is Tiqi?"

Yuxi Bozuo still looked at the moonlight on the sea, whispering: "Take a break this evening, let me help you value night ..."

"Thief hahaha, it doesn't matter ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi came to Sasuke, and his mouth showed a thick smile: "Today, it is very hard ... Anyway, I don't need to sleep at night, I am standing at night in Mobik, I have done two More than ten years! "

Marshall D. Tiqi never needs to sleep.

This thing is not secret on the entire White Beard One Piece.

For more than 20 years, Marshall D. Tiqi has been reluctant, and in the Mobi Dick's work, it is good to be good at the people of the White Beard One Piece, even if it is white and beard to ask Tiqi.


Marshall D. Tiqi is actually afraid that he is afraid of his dreams, and there is a suspicion of the White Beard One Piece.

This guy is careful to get pole.

"Thief Hahaha ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi looked at Unechebra, and there was a little curious about the face: "Because today I found secret fruit, my husky is going to reunite, so I can't sleep this evening?"

"Do not…"

Yischo Sasuo shook his head, slowly pinching the juice cup in his hand, whispered: "I just want to think about why that person is secret ...

That person never did useless work. Everything he did is trying to benefit himself. Unfortunately, I feel that he doesn't seem to have a dull and fruit, then what can he do with the fruit? "

"Who knows ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi flew his hair, biting a cherry party, hip hoping: "Maybe just feel curious!"

"Indeed herein ..."

Yuxi Bo said, nodded, and the brow wrinkled: "The guy seems to have a weird collection, always like to collect some rare weird things ..."

Upper Naidu, this person really likes to collect things.

Only what he collects is often scary, such as the first-year-old four shadings, such as the fog hidden village, such as the three major orders of the Navy, such as the Yuxi Hoseo, Yushuo, and the land. Yuxi Bourami ...

Yizhi Bozuo has a feeling of faintness. If you exhausted your life, the original Nairi will probably reincarnate the resurrection of the tilles, making a collection ...

Trouble is ...

I am afraid that Unecheo Sasaki is born after death, it is useless, and it is not necessary to collect enough materials in the hands of the original Na.

It's really good to understand.

Marshall D. Tiqi took a nod to the words of Yuxi Bo, smiled and said: "Anyway, no matter what to say, Saqi guy will definitely exchange the dark fruit, and we have more A new member! "

"I will stop him."

After Yuxiozuo wrinkled his own brow, I sighed a good air: "Forget it, I will take a break, Tiqi, trouble you."

"Thief Hahahaha, there is no relationship!"

Marshall D. Tiqi shakes his head, hip hop: "Sasuke will take a break early! Watch everyone is so happy, maybe will continue to start in the banquet tomorrow!"


Yischo Sasuke seems to be some speechless.

Just, Uchimo Sasuke did not have a few idiots as before, and returned to his room to rest.

Wait until Yuxi Bo saky will leave.

Marshall D. Tiqi cleared his fist, and his eyes showed a fierce, his smile almost a little can't afford: "Dark fruit ... Xian's leader wants to get dark fruit, of course, for dark fruit Power! "

This is a matter of course!

Dark fruit is the most fierce fruit in this world!

Marshall D. Tiji hides for so many years in the White Beard, it is to secretly the strength of the fruit, and he has more than imagined and attached to the dark fruit!

Marshall D. Tiqi is very understanding that the leader of the organization wants to get the mood of the dark fruit, because he thinks so!

It is getting more and more late.

The moonlight still falls on the Mobi Dick.

Marshall D. Tiji's figure appeared at the door of Savi's room, his face with a smile, his feet were a dark shadow.

Tiqi carefully went in, lifting the eyes, saw the dark fruit of Sati on the table, apparently the fourth team captain trust his companion


There is a wild home on this boat.

Marshall D. Tiqi is almost can't wait to catch the box, his face with a shameful greed and crazy!

Just when Tiqi grabbed the box left, a voice was shocked to Tiji: "Is there anything? If you are hungry, you will be prepared to give you a night from the kitchen ..."

Saqi lying in bed, I don't know when I opened my eyes.

The captain of the 4th team couldn't help but knead his eyes, looked at the portraits of his room suddenly appeared, his face flashed a strange: "Well? Tiqi?"

Isn't this the second quarter of the honest guy?

Next moment, Saqi saw the dark fruit box held in Marshall D. Tiip, and his face flashed a shot.

"Wait ... Tiqi, what do you want to do!"


Tiqi's expression is stiff.

This hidden man has been very clear. At this time, it is absolutely impossible to surprise everyone on this boat. Otherwise, he fled the champion of the White Beard!

Especially Unecho Sasuke!

Welcome Saqi ...

Is a sharp knife!

Marshall D. Tiji's palm slammed Saqi's mouth and put a knife into Saqi's chest, his arm shivered a little bit!

"Thief hahaha ... haha ​​..."

Marshall D. Tiqi even can't believe in what he did, his face flashed and uneasy, and the self-use smile covered his own shock: "Thief Haha ... Haha ... Saqi ... It's really sorry ... I am not intentional ... "

White Beard One Piece's Iron Law ...

It is definitely unable to hurt your companions on your boat!

Even if it is a rebellion from the White Beard, the thief group doesn't matter, but only the iron rhythm is definitely can't make it!

Marshall D. Tiji bites his teeth, loosen Saqi's throat, his palm grabbed the dark fruit's scorpion left here.

Tiqi is somewhat can't believe ...

The person who hurt Sats is actually him!

At night.

Marshall D. Tiqi put down a boat, hurriedly fled the scene, because the entire Mobik opened a grand banquet, many hundred thiefs drunk, no one missed his escape.

Alone is different from someone.

Yischo Sasuke did not sleep very dead.

The eyes of Unecho Sasuke are not blocked by autonomously, Chakra perceived and see colorful silent silence, quickly covering the entire Mobi Dick.

Next moment, Unechebra helped the boat!

The figure of Unecheo Sasuke quickly appeared in Saqi's room. He also saw the blood dripping Saqi, his eyes flashed a shot ...


A powerful voice is full of Mobi Dick!

The entire Mobi Dick number was awakened in an instant, and a group of pirates heard the sound came over to Saqi's room.

Late night.

The ship doctor Malco took a medicine for Saqi, slowly supported his forehead: "Saqi's injury is too heavy, there is no way ... Sasuke, what is this?"

"I do not know yet."

Yizhi Bozuo wrinkled his brow, suddenly turned to see another person: "Well? Tiqi? Isn't he tonight in the night?"

"Tiqi ... I got it ..."

A pirate face is ugly, whispered: "Malco, Sasuke, our lifebubs also has a little ..."

"Is Tiqi!"

Saqi opened his eyes, his face revealed a laugh, blood did not consciously flow from his mouth: "Tiji ... he snatched the dark fruit ... Sasuke, will chase him back, then The dark fruit is to change my freedom! "

"What joke!"

I couldn't help but show a surprise.

Yischo Sasuke is a little dare not confidence. All the pirates on the scene have flashed a doubts, they also don't believe Tiji will do this.

Marshall D. Tiji, who has been in the second team, how can I get rid of secret, or even have guts to harm Saqi?

That is the old member of the White Beard One Piece!

And Marshall D. Tiji has given up the opportunity to become a captain, how can he hurt Saqi, and snatch the dark fruit!

"That rascal…"

Yuxi Bozuo helps a head of a head, this moment, Marshall D. Tiqi is escaping with dark fruit, so that he can't help but feel a little bad.

If there is no dark fruit ...

Yisi Bozuo will feel that Tiqi will want to find another way.

White Beard Edward New Gate also quickly knew what happened on board. The old man who was late year looked at Saqi's injury, his face finally exposed a pain.

I really didn't think ...

White Beard The Pirates have been over for so many years, and there is still a traitor who violates the iron rhythm on the ship, so that the white beard is sad.

What makes this old man is sad ...

Saqi has been following the children who have been with him in his side, which will die in a traitor tonight.

"Malco, you first stabilize Saqi's injury ..."

Yiszo Sasuo looked at the painful white beard and the surrounding atmosphere gradually sad, Shen Sheng: "We think about the way, at least save Saqi first!"

Sasuke ... "

The eyes of Malco show a little confused.

A group of people couldn't help but see the help.

"Malco, Saqi still supports ..."

Yiszoato helps bite his teeth, Shen Sheng: "Now we have rushed to the country immediately, and the medical ninja, which is taught, will save Sachi to save!"

Even if the medical ninja is not returned ...

Shangyuan Needa will be saved!

In the hands of the original Na, people have become a toy with death, as long as they will be willing to save Sachi.


Everyone can't help but show a wipe and surprised.

And the country is located in the waters of the beast. If they have passed, they will lead to the war of the hundred beasts, and the relationship between the Treated and their white bearded pirates is very subtle. ...

However, when Yiszo Saso helps his brother, the phone, telling him that some people are seriously injured and need to help the medical ninja.

"Who is hurt?"

Yisi Hou did not hoot some surprises.

Yischo Sasukes caught his emotions in his voice.

"What this ..."

There is a lot of hesitation in the voice of Yuxi, and his voice asked quietly: "Sasuke, should you save the price?"

Nissan. "

Yis Zhipo saga took his own phone insects, Shen Sheng: "Trouble you toned him, if Saqi is overwrick, I can also use the reincarnation to resurrect him, but a life change life! "

"Sasuke, don't do stupid things."

After a while, Yuxi is silent after a while, he came out: "That person can make Sats to live, but you have to give him dark fruit ..."

"We agreed."

Yischo sauo saunoed a breath.