I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 518 Sasuke, forget the gap between organization and white beard aphid?

On a small island.

Mobi Dick stopped.

Members of the White Beard One Piece saw the medical ninja, who saw the organization, and everyone saw the medical ninja, the face showed a strange.

When Yishibo Sasuo saw the medical ninja, the expression was slightly stiff, he did not consciously started to organize his own scribble clothes.

Over the past few years, Uchiko has gradually habits the unreslves of the pirate.

However, when Sasuke saw this medical ninja, he still recalled himself in a juvenile period in the wooden leaf, this moment Yuxio sauo helps.

"Sasuke, do you know her?"

I was unsqueiced with the shoulders, and asked: "Pink hair ... is a cute girl, she won't be a medical ninja that is governed to send?"

"Well, it is her."

Yuxi Bozuo stepped by step to this medical ninja, his eyes were slightly smashed: "I haven't seen it for a long time, Xiao Sakura ... I didn't expect that they would let you come."

Spring Sakura.

The seventh class of wood leaves, the past partner.

Even if Yuxi Bozuo has never thought of, the original Nairi will actually speak Sakura Sakura, is the guy wants to use the spring wild Sakura to humiliate him?

"Well, Zuo Jun."

Sakano Sakura is slow, whispered: "The situation of the organization, you should be more clear than me, no one can refuse to come from the child's order ... and ..."

When I said here, Spring Sakura looked up with Yuxi Bo, suddenly opened: "I also want to see how you are doing in this big sea ..."

"It's okay."

Unechebra helped to stand quietly.

This big sea has the threat of the original Nairi, and there is still a member of the child, it is not easy to live it.

"That's good."

After the Spring Sakura nodded, he sleeved and continued: "Where is the patient? I will help him first!"

"Well, Sachi's injury is heavy ..."

Yuxi Bozuo one side, while opening: "Little Sakura, I remember that you are the disciple of the five generations of fire shadow ..."


The Spring Sakura is tonized to take a serious: "The Medical Department has recently received a lot of new medical means. If it is not a timely time, there should be no problem ..."

Mobi Dick.

Spring Sakura was sewed in Savi's wound, and gave Savi a few needles. Finally, with Chakra slowly let Savi have a meat bud.

"It's really incredible ..."

The Malco looks at this scene. Under the treatment of Spring Sakura, Saqi's injury gradually improved, his face flashed a shot.

The medical method of medical ninja is unexpected.

Even if it was Malco, there is also a means that this can use Chakra to stimulate human cell regeneration to treat people.

It is a pity that there is no Chakra on Marco.

Even with the tolerance, only the descendants of the big torch, or to share the descendants of Chakra by the six cactus to refine Chakra.

Spring wild cherry wiped the sweat on his forehead, looked at Saqi with breathing, Shen Sheng said: "His injury is stable, then, as long as he guarantees a good rest, there is no problem. "

"It's a magical medical means ..."

I couldn't help but show a touch of admiration, he looked at the Sasuke around him, couldn't help but open: "Hey, Sasuke, I feel that this ship doctor is more reliable than Malco!"

"To shut up!"

Yiszo Sasuke frowning interrupted the words of Es, looking at the Spring Sakura Cemetery: "Thank you, Xiao Sakuo, Sachi is my companion ..."

This sentence has not been finished, Unechebra helps yourself into silence, the spring wilderness of the Sakura is also his companion ...

Yiszhike Sasuke is more complicated.

The finger of the spring wild cherry is slightly hard. After she is calm, I grabbed my medical device to install it. I slowly lowered my head: "It doesn't matter, Sasuke can find new companions, everyone will be happy for you ..."


A drop of tears dropped.

All the pirates in the entire medical room have some unknown, they don't quite understand why this pink hair medical and female nince will cry ...

Just as a group of hundreds of thieves attached to each other, I plan to let who go comfort this girl, Spring Sakura wipes clean my eyes.

"Okay, my mission is over."

Spring Sakura is slowly standing, watching Yuxi Bozuo helps open: "Before I come, some people deliberately pass me, according to our conventions, the white beard will have to find it in two months. Dark fruit delivery and country ... "

When I said here, the Sakura Sakura repesited: "Remember, you must be dark fruit! Otherwise ... Sasuke know that the consequences cannot be fulfilled."

This sentence is focused.

If the dark fruit is eaten by Marshall D. Tiqi, they must kill Tiqi, and immediately start collecting dark fruits immediately on the sea.

This is really tantamount to the sea.

Two months of time found dark fruit, the white beard of the thief is not as good as Marshall D. Tiqi did not eat dark and dark fruit!


Malco scratched his head, couldn't help but wanted to pay attention to: "Little girl, if Tiqi or anyone eats dark fruit, we send him to the country ..."

"If this is the case, you don't need a white beard, and I don't need to come here to help treatment."

Spring Sakura shook his head, the voice gradually silently sinks: "Sasuke should be clear, caught a fruit power for Xiao Yiwi, nothing is difficult ..."


The expression of Unecheo Sasuke slightly downs, he wrinkled his own brow: "It seems that the guy is really a big problem for us ... Now we can only look at luck now?"

" la la la ..."

White Beard Edward New Göte smiled, bowed to Saqi on the bed: "At least Saqi returned to a life! This person will record, no matter whether there is any found fruit. "


The face of Spring Sakura is slightly awkward. She can't help but open: "According to our agreement, no matter what happened in the world, the white beard will be found in the two months to send the country. "

"Little Sakura ..."

Yiszhike's brow wrinkled, he asked: "The guy means ... Yes, we must give him dark fruit, even if he has got the dark fruit, then it will be regarded as a default ,right?"


Spring Sakura is todped slowly.

"Hey, what is the truth!"

Diamond Joz can't help but accuse it: "Isn't that as you get dressed in a dark fruit?"


There is also a bit serious on the face of the floral sword: "If you say this, if you obstruct us to solve Tick That traitor!"

"If you really do ..."

Some of the faces of Tibetan faces, he has no good feelings about these enemies of these invasions: "If you sound, this means is really despicable ..."

"shut up!"

White beard glared at the crowded captain, turned to the spring wild Sakura, grinned and smiled: "La la ... ... Xi Xiao's leader is really interesting!"

If he gets dark fruits earlier than us, we will grab it from his hand, and then send him again, and it is also completed, right? "


Spring Sakura couldn't help it back.

Yiszo Sasukes stand in front of white beards, watching Chunye Sakura continues: "Small Sakura, is the guidth to this extent? White Beard One Piece and Xiao Zhiwi cooperate to find Tiqi and dark fruit, this Is it possible? "

"That one…"

Chunyu Sakin has grasped his own endurance package, whispered: "Zo, is you waiting here too long? When do you have to work with others ..."

When Spring Sakura said, he continued: "And I came before, some people were deliberately accused, let me tell you, don't do stupid things ... You should know, white beard pirates and the gap?"

"Hey, you know too much, it's too much."

"We are the strongest pirates in the world!"

"Organization of a hidden in the district ..."

"Just Thaed's allies ..."


The look of Unecheo Sasuke.

Is the gap between the White Beard One Piece and the Treatment?

This is really not a spring wild cherry, you can insult people, seriously, the gap between the two is not general.

Whether it is from top-level power, middle-level war or underlying power, the entire White Beard One Piece includes all the One hundred pirates that are absolutely not the organization.

The peripheral power of the organization, the beast, the same as the Sihuang One Piece as the White Beard, which is only one of the arms of the Head.

"Said words ..."

Malco waved a group of captains, watched the Shanye Sakura: "The leader of you, it is really a unreasonable person ... He is not worried that we cannot fulfill the agreement?"

"Hahahaha ... Malco is really bad!"

"But Malco said yes!"

"Little girl, we are a pirate!"

"Little girl, the pirate may not be able to fulfill what agreed, although we will fulfill its agreement, but our knife is very sharp!"

"say no more!"

The eyes of Unecheo Sasuke suddenly became a scarlet. He looked at the captain at the scene. Shen Sheng said: "Bisa, Sakura is a medical ninja to help save the Saich ... What do you mean?"

this moment…

Unexpectedly, the domineering exposure is undoubted!

Whether anyone is not awkward!

White beards extended their palms, smashed the hair, softly stuck his emotions: "Sasuke, put away your domineering, scare this group of silly sons, don't scare our guests ..."

After that, the white beard looked at the Spring Sakura, grinned and smiled: "lataout ... I am sorry, my son is too rude!"

This four emperors really like a father.

Because only white beard Edward New Gate, I apologize to the Sakura, the medical ninja, who used his father's identity.

Just like other fathers ...

"…It's ok."

Spring wild cherry bite his lips and shakes his head and shook his head: "If the White Beard One Piece cannot fulfill the agreement ... Although that person did not tell me the consequences, I think Sasugen will understand."

When Spring Sakura said, I looked at the eyes of Yuxi Board, and I was boring in the eyes: "Sasuke, do you threaten the person? Or ... I accidentally told him what ex-?"

"... I was the injury of the temple."

Unechebra helped his face couldn't help it.

According to his guess, the original navigation is estimated and careful, deliberately proposes this condition, targeting him and the White Beard One Piece ... It is also possible, it is the reason for the original nair, who wants to start against the White Beard One Piece!

But now it has already begun!

No matter how you have no rooms!

Shangning Nai returned from the persevere, helping to save Saqi, destined that this life game that he started to operate, it can't be turned back.

For a Saqi ...

It is very likely to catch a white beard of the pirates!

The only winner of the White Beard One Piece ... Just immediately find Marshall D. Tiqi, praying that he has not taken the fruit, and the dark fruit of him stolen!

Little Sakura. "

Yuxi Bozuo looked at the Spring Sakura, and the face was very unknone: "Thank you, help save the Saqi, please go back to the person, I will seriously fulfill this agreement!"

"Do not…"

White beard reached out and took the shoulders of Sasuke: "It is a white beard to fulfill its agreement!"

White beard turned to the spring wild Sakura, couldn't help but laughed: "la la la ... Since the guy doesn't want to be a child, the little girl, then this person is in your body!"

"No, no ..."

Spring wild cherry hurriedly put his hand, and there was a slight : "In fact, there is no such need, I just ordered to implement a task ..."

"It doesn't matter! We have already recorded anyway."

When you say this, the white beard smiled and continued: "No matter what you want to do, we will help you, you want to pick a husband from this boat, I will agree ... la la ..."