Mobi Dick.

The spring wild cherry is shy away.

Yizhi Bozou helped him to return to the boat after the spring wild cherry.

The pirates on the boat looked at Unechebao, everyone couldn't help but look at the whistle, the whole Mobi Dick is full of joy.

After the characteristics of White Beard Edward, the pirates can already be able to see the relationship between Unecheo Sasuke and Chunye Sakura.

The brow of Yuxi Sasuke couldn't help but wrinkled, and looked at the white beard. "Hey, the old man, if you have any words!"

"is it?"

The white beard's mouth came a smile, he slowly shake his head, turned to the Malco around himself: "la la ... Malco, is so young, right?"

"Yeah, old!"

The mouth of the Malco can't help but hook.

The captain on the Mobik number was quickly surrounded by Unezhi Sasuo, and everyone's face was full of smile.

"Hey, Sasuke, when is it married?"

"Mobi Dick can hold a wedding at any time!"

"Even if you have a child, it is nothing to do. We have had two small Baby on this boat. You can take care of your child!"

"Miss Chunye Sakura can be very cute, get married soon! You are twenty years old, it is a mature adult!"


This group of captains, I am squeezing.

Even the Potkas D. Es can't help but laugh: "If the child is born, I must be his godfather!"

"Your group of guys ..."

Yisi Bozuo helps a little bit unrest, he can't help but help your forehead: "Should give me a mouth!"

"Hey, it's really strange ..."

Essens will not listen, he can't help but touch your own chin: "I remember that Sasu helps seem to mention Miss Chunyu Sakura, she seems to be your companion with Naruto?"

to be frank…

Es can think of a blessing of the swirls.

After all, Unechebo saga will mention the most people, according to the order of order, the highest must be the leader of Xiao (that person).

General Yuxi Sasuke's leader, is a warning that I is not to say that the person's bad things, but unfortunately ushered in the anti-effect.

Secondly, the vortex, because Uzecho Sasuke and the relationship between the whirlpool is complex, once the past is definitely unable to bypass the yellow hair.

Next, it is naturally Yisizhiso, occasionally, Es and Yuxio Saica and family will mention Yisiza.

Spring Sakura ...

There is very little time, which is generally accompanied by the whirlpool, so I didn't find the emotional problem of Unexpea Sasuke and Spring Sakura.

"I and Xiao Yak used to be a teammate ..."

The face of Unecho Sasuke is increasingly ugly. He just responded to anger and rush: "It's not said, don't say this!"

What does this make him?

Do you let Saso yourself, in fact, when he is in the ninja school in the wood, it is very popular among girls. Spring Sakura is just one of them ...

It is also possible to be relatively important.

"Really, I am clear that you are also ..."

Malco shook his head helplessly, I was going to continue to say something, but I saw Yuxi Bozuo helped his face. He quickly transferred the topic: "Well, don't say these, put the Spring Sakura Sakura Is there no problem on the island? "

"no problem."

Yuxi Bozuo nodded and whispered: "The guy will not be hurt by the part of his own, maybe Xiao Yak is already taken away."

At them ...

Chom Sakura has told him that Shangyuan Nairou is very unsatisfactory to his behavior, think he has lost duty, and there is no news that the first time will report the dark and dark fruit.


Everything still has not passed the original navigation.

The original Nairu, the guy, Tiqi, went to the dark and dark fruit!

"Let's talk about it!"

Yuxi Bozuo looked at the white beard, opening: "Old man, I will chase Tiqi, see if I can recapture the dark fruit ... If Tiqi eats the fruit, I will kill the guy, you are This time is now looking for reborn dark fruits. "

"Sasuke, let me go!"

Es came to Sasuke, Shen Sheng: "Tiqi is my team member, who committed the iron law on this boat, I have to catch him back!"

"To shut up!"

Yizhi Bozo helps a eye.

This time, I is not retracted with ever, just low-channel: "Sasuke, this is never forgiven by it ... If I don't ignore the ambition of Tiqi, Saqi will not die."

"Ece, this is not your fault."

"Yeah, no one thinks, Tiji guys will hurt their companions because of a devil fruit!"

"Don't blame it too blame, Es!"

"Sorry, everyone."

Potkas D · Ece took his hat, and he said seriously: "Only this time I want to make up for the mistakes you commit, my boat is the fastest, I can go, right away. I will take the dark fruit back! "

As the captain of the 2nd team of the White Beard One Pirate, the self-blame in the Ace's heart allowed him to stand out to undertake this responsibility.

If it is not he ignored, it is ...

White Beard One Piece does not have so much trouble.

"Es ..."

The white beard's face revealed some suspicion.

The agreement of the White Beard One Piece and the organization must be fulfilled, chasing Marshall D. Tiqi, whether there is anyone else.


This thing is very troublesome.

Single only Marshall D. Tiji is hidden in the White Beard One Thieves. It has been disguise is an old man, no one has seen his mind.

It looks now ...

That guy may be more dangerous than imagination!

White beard shakes his head, Shen Sheng: "In the past few days, we think about other methods here, don't be too impatient, Es ..."

"Forget it, I am with Alce!"

Yizhi Bozuo looked at Es, who was reluctant, as a deputy captain of the Zhugaohai, and Zuo help I understand the mood of Es.

Yuxio Sasuo looked at the white beard, interrupted his words: "Old man, we only have two months, Tiqi may eat dark fruits, can no longer continue to waste, let's go!"

"it is good!"

Ais nodded.

Ais reached his fingers, the fingertip rosted a flame, flying quickly, the rope outside the Mobik, a boat from the flame propeller as a powerful boat falling at sea.

The figure of two people is vacated and drops on the boat!

"Hey, Es, Sasuke!"

"Waiting for the old man to finish the words!"

"You are too anxious!"

A group of captains rushed to open their mouths and wanted to stop them. They could only see a flame, and the Boats of Es had been flying towards the distance.

The white beard is still wrinkled. He slowly cleared his fist, and he told him: "Marco, we can't get it down, immediately release the captain command to other ships, chasing Sticker in the new world "


Malco immediately nodded.

He also looked at the white beard and opened his mouth: "Old, don't worry, Sasuke and Alce are going to go, the two people will not have any trouble on the road ..."

after all…

Yischo Sasuke has the battle of four emperors, even if the Navy's general is not his opponent!


White beard shakes his head, and the look is still not very good.

Just as Yuxi Bozuo and Ais were looking for Marshall D. Tiqi, Shangyuan Nairou also received news, he and the yellow goblue are also rushing to Malin Fanto.

Shangyuan Na's finger told the table, softly sighed: "It seems that I have been estimated to stay in the Navy."

Based on the recent information recently received by Shangji, Marshall D. Tiqi took a man who had a war out of war, had left the White Bearded One Piece, and Shangyuan Nairou failed to let this leek.

According to the idea of ​​the original Naid ...

Marshall D. Tiji is the most suitable candidate on his 2nd boss.

Just want to join Tiji's 100 pirates, it is estimated that you need to waste a job, the most suitable place should be in Duerton's big prison ...

Huanghuo didn't know the idea of ​​the original Nairi, his mouth couldn't help but show a smile: "Oh ... Mr. Shang, don't like to stay in the Navy?"

So much the better…

Otherwise, is he not always facing two bosses?

The boss in the Ming Division is the Warring States of the Maritivo, the boss in the dark is the leader of the talents, and the two bonsses are waiting together. If the little navy's psychological pressure is too big!

Shangnai, I want to leave the Navy, it is really good!

"Yeah, the navy is not meaningful."

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief, and the opening continued: "Before leaving, what I have to help the Navy?"

"is it?"

The eyes of the yellow gods are delicate.

In fact, the navy does not need, it is best not to do anything!

However, the requirements of Shangyuan Naida are generally unable to refuse, whether he wants to do something well, still want to do bad things ...

If someone dares to refuse the jeweliness of the Shangyuan ...

It is said that this world will be full of malvices for that person!

Shangyuan Nairi thought for a while, suddenly looked at the yellow ok: "Busasolino, if I help the World Government caught the leader of the revolutionary army, the five old stars will reward me to kill a few Tianlong people Do you have a good time? "


The eyes of the yellow god have some doubts.

What is the idea?

Catch Dorag, then kill a few Tianlong people?

Upset this guy is what is going to stand?

"Some words I don't know if I should say ..."

The face of the yellow goblin is awkward, but he still said: "Dorag's situation is more complicated than the imagination, you want to catch him ..."

"It doesn't matter ..."

Shangyuan Needan and whispered: "If you can't catch the leader of the Revolutionary Army of Dorag, I caught a revolutionary army's second figure, it seems that it doesn't matter!"

Shangyuan Nai's mouth hook, as if I thought about it, his finger slammed the desktop.

"It's really curious!"

The smile of the original Nairo corner is almost suppressed: "I spent a little hard, I can't easily let the restore memory ..."


The Huanghuo can't understand the meaning of the original Na.

"How long does it take, you will know."

Shangji fell to shake his head without saying more, his finger sniper the frequency of the desktop gradually became more fast, the smile of his mouth is getting more and more mysterious.

"Mr. Sa Bo, will you recover your memory, will you follow Mr. Dorag to Rogge Town to enter the great route to your sinister brothers?"