I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 520 Pharmacist VS Cap

Marin Fanto.

The door of justice is slowly opened.

A warship drove down to the port in the ocean.

The green goblin stands on the window of the red dog office. Looking at the warships in the port, I can't help but scratch my hair, and turn the head to the red dog still approached.

"Hey ... Saskaski seems to be Busasolino back."

"Hey, it's time to come back ..."

The red dog snorted, and closed the folder in his hand, and wrinkled his brow. "The old man just handled his documents ..."

The red dog puts down the pen in his hand, standing up to go to the window: "If you look like this, the person came together?"


The green gout nodded.

Within the sight of the green, they saw that the yellow bay took a young figure from the warship.

The youth seems to be aware of the attention of the two navy. He looked up his eyes and showed a smile of a smile.

It is the original navigation.

This smile in Shangyuan Nai ...

It's a good person, he must be a good person ...

"Let's go!"

The red dog can't help but pinch your fists, cold voice open: "I heard that the pharmacist and the Warring States Marshal are waiting for him. We still have to come, we also want to see what he wants to do in Malin ! "

"Hey, should there be necessary?"

The green oan scratched his hair, couldn't help but attach your colleague: "Sakasky, if he wants to do anything, don't we stop?"


In fact, they can't do anything.

When you say this, you will continue to say this slowly: "With this, it is better to see him, and it is not a boring ..."

These words that you said ...

At first glance, it still makes sense.

But this is clearly surrendered to the original navigation!

"Ku Zang!"

The face of the red dog couldn't help but black, and a drop of rock slammed from his body. He turned and walked out: "Then your guy is here!"

"Forget it, or go with you to see ..."

Qingyan squatted his forehead: "I feel that now, in case, it is estimated that it is difficult to take the scene."

Navy's office.

When Shangji came back with the yellow oysters, this office has been waiting for his arrival.

Navy Marshal, the Buddha Warring States.

Navy staff, crane, pharmacist pocket.

The Navy's general, red dog, and green.

The neighborhood will, Munqi D · Cap.

After the Navy's generals, the office has been the strongest battle of the entire navy.

This battle ...

If you change to a general navy, it should be scared!

Shangqi Nai Lu hurriedly organized his own military uniforms, he took a sigh of relief, and he went to a navy's military ceremony.

"Marshal adult, Navy's department, SWORD troops, Shangyuan Nai, come to report!"

"Cough cough ..."

The pharmacist took a few times, and I personally moved a chair and put it around the original Nairi: "Need to go to the school all the way, first sit down and take a break ..."

Shangyuan Needs seems to have some hands and space, and it is grateful to the chair of the pharmacist: "Thank you, the pharmacist will be."

"you are welcome."

The pharmacist smiled and smiled and smiled. He smiled and continued to ask: "Can you drink some juice? I just prepared a few more cups here ..."

"Don't dare, too much trouble ..."

Shangyuan Nai felt couldn't help but show a fear.

At this moment, Shangyuan Nair is an inexplicable courtesy, which seems to be a stunned Navy.

The crane will look at this scene, I can't help but expose a little regret: "Little pap is really old in the treatment of people ..."

When Malin Fanto, the pharmacist is polite to anyone.

If it is not the crane, it will know that the pharmacist has made things in order to please five old stars and the world government, she may still have a good job like the pharmacist like the past.

right now…

The crane will see that the pharmacist is like this navy. This navy is so good. It is really not very habit. She faintly felt that the pharmacist did not make good satisfaction.

"I am a colleague before I go to school ..."

The pharmacist reached out and picked up a cup of juice to handed it to the original navigation, pushing his glasses and smiled and opened: "And we are also an old friend who hasn't seen it for several years ... Say, it is really a little missing ... "

"Do you still remember your old comrades?"

Munqi D · Kapu went to the front of the original Needle, a slap in the shoulders of the original Needle, laughing in Haha, smiled: "It's a spiritual little guy!"

This slap is down ...

The strength is still not small!

Shangyuan Nair is busy and smashed his body, and his face revealed a painful pain: "Head ... Cap is ... painful pain ..."


Everyone's expression is slightly changed.

The three major navigation of the Navy will now don't know what to make, this is the original navy to the Navy. Is it true?

Oh shit…

Now I can't even stand in the palm ...

I first put the generals in the ground in the ground!

The Warring States looked at the pain of the original navigation, couldn't help but frown: "Hey, Kapu, what is this idiot?"

"Hahahaha ... to take a bag of Xianbei!"

After that, Kapu also refused the Warring States, quickly picked up the fairybel on the Warring States Office, returned to his position.

"Don't do extra things ..."

The crane will be blamed, and I looked at the original navigation again. I slowly took my palm and laughed and said: "It is indeed a very spiritual little guy, Kutzang, occasionally to others. Learn, don't always look at it! "


The brow of the green gout shook.

The red dogs and the yellow gobs can't help but low.

Monchi D · Kapu drove the fairybelled in his hand, and his eyes were still looking at Shangyuan Na, still pain, and started to eat in Haha.

The first time I saw the wanted order ...

Kapu once felt that there was a little dangerous.

At that time, Kapu did not feel particularly clear, just the sense of consciousness under the first eye; after the Baroque workman washed the wind and car village, Kapu learned from Maceno, Danna, etc., Shang Nai is actually a Good people.


Kapu forgot the Shang Shangyuan ...

Now they have finally met here for the first time, and Kapu reresses this, simply directly slap in the upper shoulders of Shanghao, it seems that the reaches of the original Needle will not be false, and it seems that there is nothing dangerous. Look ...

"Needelled, didn't matter ..."

The palm of the pharmacist poured a group of green Chakra, which fell on the shoulders of Shang Na, loudly said: "The power of Capu will be very powerful, this is my medical tutor, should be immediately Not particularly painful ... "

"Thank you, the pocket will be."

Shangyuan Na will slowly loosen a sigh of relief.

The crash will look at this scene, whispered: "Sorry, Shangyuan Na, the person, this person is like this, I heard that when you haven't joined the Navy, the windmill village will thank you for your help. "

"Don't say this."

Shangqi Needan hurriedly shook his head, Shen Sheng: "My strength is limited, but I have made a little short thing, but I can only save some innocent people ..."

"well said."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and looked at Muchi D · Kapu, and slowly evoked his mouth: "Just a little unfortunately, the grandson will be a grandson in the card in the school. D. Lu Fei, now he has become a pirate on the sea ... "


The whole office is full of horror.

Everyone does not come upon to look at Kapu.

In particular, the Navy's Marshal Warring States, I can't help but look angry to Kapu. He looked at the pharmacist, Shen Sheng: "Cough and cough ... I already know ..."

The naval hero still has a slowness of Xianbei, he saw the eyes of the Warring States, and his eyes faintly swayed, scratching his head and smart, saying: "A child who is not sensible, let alone road fly now I didn't provoke any big disasters ... "

"is it?"

The pharmacist shakes his head and looked at the card and smiled and continued: "But the information I received here is Munqi D · Luffy destroyed a Navy branch in the East China Sea, and the mouse is privately reported. The gest geographic is very serious ... "

When I said here, the pharmacist couldn't help but smiled and said: "Marshal adult also received it? Munqi D · Luffy's reward should go right away?"


The Warring States slowly nodded, Shen Sheng: "I have approved the reward for the rewards of 30 million Penels ..."

"This figure is not enough."

The face of the pharmacist has become serious, he is unsaudited: "According to my intelligence here, the reward number of Munqi D · Luffy should at least 100 billion Feel, and even we should send one The fleet is arrested. "

"Hey ... the pharmacist will be."

Youth is sitting on a chair, spreading his hand: "A new sea pirate, still with the westity title of the East China Sea, directly rewarding 10 billion words, there is no one to protect the Navy's majesty?"

"I am just precautionary."

The pharmacist smiled and looked at the green span: "Let me find that I will find the grass in the straw road flying and the red-haired incense. If it is too despised, the Navy will regret it later. "

"Hey, feed ..."

Kapu will not help but smash the table, I can't help but take an anger: "Pharmacist, what is your little ghost, he is the grandchildren of the old man, just temporarily being red-haired. Moreover ... Do you think the old man is also an evil one? "

"I never want to destroy the meaning of Kapu."

The pharmacist slowly shook his head and looked at the Kapu's mouth: "I am just in the spirit of the world government, the attitude towards the Navy is talking about things."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and continued to say quietly: "As the highest elder official in the World Government Information Department, there are some things we are very clear. Kapu will also know that your grandson will be found in his life ..."

"Hey, the old man's son is still a revolutionary army!"

Kapu couldn't help but snort to catch his arm.


The pharmacist smiled and nodded and continued to follow: "So we have been secretly tracing Munqi D · Dorager ... I believe the result will not let you down."


Shangyuan Nai can't hurt it.

It seems that the pharmacist is in the world government, it is a bit amazing!