I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 521, Pharmacist VS, Buddha

Warring States office.

Kapu's mouth is obviously better than the pharmacist.

The pharmacist who has always been known as the intelligence and intelligence, very clear that the death of the cards in Kapu can directly insert the Kapu's death.

I have to make a concession, I will lift my head, I will look at the pharmacist, and they will persuade: "Little pocket, we are here to be a business thing ... About the straw road flying the new people, temporary Put it! "

The relationship between the crane will maintain a good relationship, and always take care of the drug teacher, this new generation of drugs, but these two years, due to the power of the pharmacist, gradually revealing the meaning of the Navy, I want to go straight, relationship Some alienates.

In the scene, only the crane is not high in the crane, it seems to be in the relationship and the pharmacist, and the Kapu relations can be persuaded and two of them.

If the crane is eligible to persuade the pharmacist ...

So, the original navigation is no doubt that it is able to stop the pharmacist.

"Will be in the pocket."

Shangyuan Needle slowly closed his palms, low heads: "When I saved Mr. Fei, I knew that he will go to the sea to make a pirate ...

And it is the persuasion of Mr. Lu Fei, and let me take the courage to face my past, let me understand as long as I have the dream of joining the Navy to implement justice, even how many difficulties have to be done before. "

Shangyuan Na will re-raise his head, and his eyes are somewhat firm. The look gradually became excited: "So I will in Alabastan, dare to accept your invitation, join the Navy SWORD troops, and jointly capture the evil spirits of Croatar!"


A silent in the entire office.

Everyone in the field can't help but hit!

The three generals of the Navy's department seems to be like a thunder, this fuck ... this guy is what ghosts say!

Because I heard a pirate encouragement, I dare to come as a navy?

Your guy is too much like it!

If it is not a green, red dog and yellow really know the identity of the original Needle, in fact, I feel that the story of the original navigation sounds very like that.

It's just as it is true.

Unfortunately, this story is not in line with his true identity.

The number of the Navy will be awake in an instant, and the look is very ugly. This is the original navigation is in the disguise.


The three old people in the office did not see.

"Hahahaha ..."

Kapu will look at the original navigation, I can't help but laugh: "I am getting more and more like you! After waiting for the end of the matter, I have two good new soldiers around me, you talk about words. , Must have a common language! "

In fact.

The Mouse in the East China Sea is not the road to flying the first thing. There is also a Mongca, a 153 part of the East China Sea, is the first navy that Lufei defeated.

Only the navy there was because of the gratitude road flew down the brutal Mongca school, did not report to Malin Fanto Domay, and Kapu went to the East Sea, I knew this thing, and brought back two naval recruits.

One of the newcomers named Keby.

The recruits called Kabi seemed to join the Navy under the encouragement of Lu Fei.

Just when Kaphaha laughed, Shangyuan Nairou shook his head and whispered: "Of course, since I have become the navy, I must implement justice, so I will not let Mr. Lu Fei's pirate ..."

When I said here, Shangyuan Na Lu slowly turned to look at the Navy Marshal Warring States: "Marshal people, I asked to turn away from the SWORD troops to the East China Sea to catch the road!"

Because I believe in Munqi D · Luffy's power, he will never be a simple pirate, must also have a threat of justice! "

"Hahahahaha ..."

Sitting next to the Capu smile and smiling at the original navigation, I looked at it, and even I looked at the original navigation: "Yes, I will go back to the little ghost, then I will help me to give me the boy. Come on Malin Van! "


The Buddha's Warring States caught silence.

To tell the truth, the Warring States don't want to promise this matter.

Because the Navy SWORD troops have proven that after feasibility, Shangnai is a scarce spy talent, and the Warring States even wants him to be important.

"I know, the Navy can't commit the following."

Shangyuan Nae is slowly low, the light open continues: "But I don't want to continue to hide my identity, continue to implement justice in the dark ... Because I am worried about myself, I don't know when it is possible to mix into a group ..."

Shangyuan Nairo slowly pinched his fist, whispered: "I saw the darkness in the country, but in order not to expose my identity, I can only hide one side ... Every day, I am worried that I will not be concerned. I really become so cold ... "

The sound of Shangyuan Na Rou is getting lower and lower, and the atmosphere in the entire office is a bit gloomy under his voice: "I have secretly want to help those who have fallen into the dark, but the CP0 members stopped me ...

They are also killing, they personally hand in hand to kill those people I want to help, just to stop me to go out, may expose the danger of identity! "


Everyone in the field is falling into silence.

Even if you can't help your head, this is true and false, how do you feel more and more true?

This kind of thing is indeed conforming to the style of CP0.

In order to avoid the risk of exposure, CP0 will shoot the spy to solve this spy from the root from the roots.

And everyone knows that CP0 will really do this, and they also have this right, because CP0 is directly serving Tianton people.

of course…

The world government also has power to mobilize their power.

Now the world government has only seven people who have the transfer of CP0 permissions, except for the five old stars, only the pharmacist and the steel bones are always handsome.

Obviously ...

According to the guess, the CP0 active in and the country is very likely that the CP0 of the country is very likely to be dedicated to the pharmacist.

after all…

Only the pharmacist has always monitored the information of the country.

They couldn't help but look at the phantom.

The pharmacist slowly pushed his own glasses, and his face revealed a little serious look: "Needan, CP0 is doing something in the country, is my authority, everything I do is for your safety ... "

When I said here, the face of the pharmacist brocuated a bridge: "If not because of your words, the CP0 will not lose so many people, even these CP0 protect the loss of the world's aristocrats, did not protect the damage you caused Big big! "

This sentence is also very right.

Since the statement of the organization, the CP0 people have been discontinued in the country, and even the CP0 of the Temple Dragon people is cut, and the entire CP department constantly bloodshanging is also difficult to withstand the discount of CP0.

Every year, the CP0 member of the country of the country is stone sinking. If the pharmacist is good at cultivating spies, the CP departments may be paralyzed ...

"In the pocket, but those who know what I want to save, I didn't be saved by me, but because I died in our butcher ..."

Shangyuan Na's face gradually became a shadow, he tightly biting his teeth, whispered: "What should I do? I only dare to vent my anger in my hidden place, say this is In order to make a more great purpose, we will convince yourself ...

However, it is like a dreamless and embarrassment like a dream, let me don't know when I can stick to it ... "

"Shangyuan Needo" ... "

The Buddha's Warring States slowly took down their own glasses, wiped the fog on the glasses, and the Navy Marshal finally felt a spy pain and struggle.

This story completely made the naval Yuan handsome.

At the beginning ...

His righteous Kolan ...

In fact, is it in the original navigation?

No, or say that Kora is more torrential, because Korason undercovering the One Piece is his piphon Quixote Dofuran Ming Ge.

Coraton finally sacrificed.

Now, Shangyuan Na will be torored from the country to the country.

If you have to force the original navigation to perform the undercover task, you may really have problems with the spirit of the Navy who has chosen to justice.

The Warring States slowly worked on the nose, and he shook his head and sighed, and his face was full of mouth: "You can, after we end this meeting, I will be promoted according to your merits, and ... "

"No, ..."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, standing in front of the Navy's house, slowly opened: "Nairu is the most good member of the Navy Sword Force, how much manpower is wasted to make him in the country Lotted for so many years ... "

The mouth of the pharmacist hook, revealing a cold smile looking at the Warring States Marshal: "Marshal, you won't really think that CP0 does not hesitate to protect him for so long, just to let him come back to be a regular naval column?"

The pharmacist slowly squatted in front of the original Nairi, laughed and opened: "No ... I will call him to transfer to the CP0 department, continue to do his old line ..."


The face of the crane will suddenly become ugly. She didn't dare to confuse this white hair younger who was treated as a navy.

Never I didn't hear the original Needle?

Why will the pharmacist become like this?

Is it necessary to gradually corrode it in the world government? Now the pharmacist is simply atrial to the mustard!

"How can this?"

The crane will not help but look at the pharmacist, and sigh. "

"Will be in the pocket!"

The Buddha's Warring States slowly stood up and looked at the pharmacist to open the mouth: "Now I am still a naval marshal, I have qualified to determine the appointment of a navy!

Shangyuan Needo, in the country, the country was inheritant for almost three years, providing a number of inconsistent information for the Navy and the World Government, starting from now on Jin Ji Nai, a column of the Navy, the drug teacher, now you It is a position! "


The face of the pharmacist has changed.

Next moment, the pharmacist slowly stood up, reached out to help the original navigation, pushing the shoulders, the smile gradually became strange: "It's a big strength, the master of the master?"

The pharmacist has repredited a cup of juice. He handed a little Shangyuan Na, smiled and opened: "The promotion speed is very fast ... Nejiang will ... then in the sea, I wish you a good luck in the sea. I will also let the CP department protect you! "


This sentence makes the face of the Buddha's Warring States' face more and more ugly.

In this navy master, the pharmacist is definitely not to let the CP department protect him, but use the CP department to monitor the original navigation.

Pharmacist pocket this guy ...

Since he slowly entered the World Government, he became the red man in the eyes of the five old stars and the Tianlong people. It became more and more arrogant!


This guy is really arrogant!

That is a very friendly pharmacist who is very friendly. It is now actually a vulture with a peaceful-pigeon outerwear!


There is no way to take him in the Warring States.

When the Buddha's Warring States and Pharmacists were dispatched, the three major people of the Navy will still be sitting like a mountain. Several of them are not very similar.

At this moment, they really don't know what to say.

Triple Navy's generals, you will see you, I see you, the green goblin keeps in a daze, and the red dog slowly closed his eyes, and the yellow squat has urged his nails.

Malin Fanto's life is really boring ...


The greenness suddenly responded, and he did not dare to confidently got the last navigation.

Warring States and pharmacists have noisy ...

As a result ... Upogenic Needle is promoted?