I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 522, the navy, the three major people will not know what the expression

Navy's office.

Youth can't burst out your hair.

Obviously, he just got a little god, missed the key place, why did the Warring States Marshal and a pharmacist have a full turn ...

How is it lasting?

And it's still a warlord!

Obviously the pharmacist is a group of people!

Although the green span didn't know what happened, he was very clear, that is, the Warring States Marshal must be good!

At this time, the Navy's Marshal Warring States Since the victory.

Because the Warring States know, even if the original navigation may be threatened by the pharmacist in the future, but now he has already saved a navy that will be destroyed by the pharmacist.

"Shangyuan Nairi will be in the middle."

The Warring States retreated, solemnly opened: "Now let's get to talk about Xiaomei, wait until you have the end of your post, go to the logistics department to choose the right warship, implement your justice on the sea. ! "

After that, the Warring States turned his head to the pharmacist, the cold voice told: "The pharmacist will, I remember that the past information is usually recorded by you. Now it is still from you to personally record." "


The face of the pharmacist has been gloomed.

Next moment, the pharmacist took a nodded, and the corner of his mouth was brugging: "Then I hope that our neighborhood will, can provide us with some more and more detailed information!"

Now the pharmacist looks like an anti-party!

If it is not a green, the yellow and red dog know the true identity of the pharmacist, and they really think that the pharmacist will be placed in the future.

Oh shit…

These two guys ...

More player than imagination!

It's really impossible to imagine that the Warring States Marshal will know that the original naval and pharmacist are actually a group of people, his mood should have more complex ...


His Navy Marshal also resolutely helped the leader of his hand!


The green spar is hard to smash your hair, and the face is gradually embarrassed. In the future, the Warring States Marshal knows these things, will not have heart disease?

Youth can only hope that the Warring States have done so many years of naval marshal, and there must be a nerve and heart that will be as tougang in Kapu ...

But what happens here ...

After the truth is exploding in the future, it is difficult to say that this will have a strong powerful naval hero, it is difficult to bear it ...

The yellow and red dogs also reacted.

The three naval generals have gradually synchronized, and it feels that there is something that happened to this office.


The next thing is not seen.

A Navy Marshal I believe that the leader of Xiao Xiao is his department, so I want to know the intelligence you know from the leader of the child, is this fucking?

Still not to tell what ...

Can the Navy can only believe what?

Let's mention the pharmacist who really analyzes the information, and the member of Xiaoyu!

Shangqi Nairou hugged a cup of fruit, sitting in the chair, the look is ugly: "Let me start from the beginning ... According to the information I have learned from the country, it should be three years ago, Xiaomi suddenly sold tits. And the country. "

After the Warring States wrinkled, I asked: "I remember that you have contacsed us, mentioned this, the beast Capedo and the tissue have a war, and they have defeated, this thing you Check the detailed process? "

"I found it, but I can't believe in true and false."

Shangyuan Na will take a slow point, continue to open: "Because according to the statement, it should be the entire hundred beasts, which is lost in a woman ... No, it should be said that they are lost in the hands of God. "

"Nairi will, this can be a little bit of laughing."

The pen stopped in the pharmacist, and he opened his mouth. "The leader I remember is a powerful man. It is said that members even include the defecible Unechebra, and only the leader of the knowledge is called true God! "


Shangyuan Na will slowly low.

The expression of green goblin, red dog and yellow oyster.

At this moment, they finally understood why the pharmacists were willing to be a head sign, and the pharmacist is not qualified to do the number of people!


The pharmacist is not strong, and it can be tried to take care of the Shangyuan Na.

Obviously, in the office of the Navy's marshal, the surrounding Warring States, Cap and Crane will be staring here, how can the pharmacist can praise the top?

And it will not cause doubts from others.

This kind of thing ...

Really, I can't learn!

After the Shangyuan Na, after a while, he shook his head low voice: "It is said that the woman's leader of the woman, I didn't really have seen the woman, but I have heard that her name should be called the big tube Hui night I am just ear to this matter ... "

"It doesn't matter, this is enough."

The Warring States slowly nodded, hesitated to open the mouth: "This name is really like a king or princess, and her identity should be temporarily in the most dangerous. Let's! "

"Single only is the name is a dangerous figure ..."

The pharmacist has nodded and asked: "Nairui will, please continue to say that you have heard the stories you have heard!"


After the navigation, the face gradually became serious: "In addition to the big tube Hui Yi Yi, there is a large-scale ninja army with the country with the national Tu Hui Yi Yiji.

I have seen that Ninja in the country of Ninja is not very much. These Ninja's strength don't seem to be very, just as the armed forces, but their vigilance is very high, I don't dare to have too much. contact. "

"Well, do it right."

The Warring States a thumbs up and nodded, spread his palm, continued: "Continue to say, there are things happening over the country ..."


Shangyuan Nai was nodded and continued to say: "Since the child's occupation and the country, Xiao's leader has been in a light out of his own house, rarely appeared in the country, the whole and the country is High-rise decision ... "

Shangyuan Nairi thought for a while, he continued: "Shortly after the end of the war of the tissue and the hundred beasts, the Baorence Festival and the child have reached the alliance, I just sneak into the country by this opportunity ...

What they have to say is that their alliance seems very strong, and even Thara is willing to give up the factory that is built in the country, gives all the business to the work of all the business. "

The original Nairi collected a lot, most of them were the hometown of the beast One Pirates and the League of the Organization, and the backbone members of the organization.

These are intelligent for the Navy.

It is a bit unfortunately, who is not collected by Shangyuan Nai, who can only be initially judged or a powerful swordsman.


It is said that the leader of Xiao has a hobby of collecting a famous knife.

The kingdom of the country is a two-generation ghost, the magic and Tian Yu feather, I heard that the leader of the dawn, became his collection.

"is it?"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and closed the documents in his hand: "No matter what these are rumored, then we may have almost ..."


Shangyuan Na is a little hesitant place.

In fact, this time I wanted to have a little difficulty, because his story is not moving, at least, I will wait until the future unlock the truth ...

His story will be moving.

"So, never, let's take a break!"

The Warring States Marshal waved, whispered: "If you have any questions, we will find you again, wait for you to take a break, you will go to the position of the people!"

"is that one…"

On the face of Shangyuan Na, it is awkward, as if it is a sexy child, it feels like a fear of the country's marshal: "Marshal, can I start now? I want to stop Mr. Lu Fei ..."


The Warring States nodded, looked at the green goblin, and the meaning of the opening said: "Just, then you bring a warehouse on the road, just he wants to patrol the first half of the half ..."


Pharmacist looked at the Warring States, his mouth revealed a smile: "In fact, Marshal people should worry that I will be unfavorable to Neoline ... don't have to worry, people in seat should be very clear, I am not bad ..."


The Warring States did not pay attention to the pharmacist, but the eyes were still looking at the green goblin. Obviously he did not believe in the drug brocuated, I would like to let the Qingshu shrewd in the original period of time.

If a naval will be remembered by the pharmacist, it is hidden ...

This is damaged by his navy's marshal!

As for the pharmacist, he said that he is not a bad person ...

This sentence is even if the pigeons of Malin Van have not believed that less than three years, all the way to this high-level pharmacist, how could be pure!

After the blue oysters scratched, some helplessly nodded: "Well, then, I will take a road!"

"and many more…"

The mouth of the mouth will show a smile of the mouth: "Still let the old man go! I have never seen the boy kid for a long time ... Hahahaha ..."


The green goblin immediately returned to Kapu.

Because you have a little fear that this has always been awarded a respectable naval veterans, it will fall in the conspiracy of the original Na.

This is ...

Red dog is a precedent.

The Warring States also refused the proposal of Kapu.

Because the Warring States know the sex of his old friend, he may not fly in the battlefield, and a naval hero is not exposed to have problems, so it is easy to have some troubles in the Navy.

What's more

Kapu has more important things.