I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 523 Marshall D. Tiqi's will, famous monster!

Due to the obstruction of the Warring States and the Youth, the Capu will wait in Malin Fanto.

Shang Nai is not very much in the heart of the card, and this naval hero is a bit unclear, it is a real big trouble.

Obviously, there is no brain ...

But this guy's intuition is too amazing!

And from now on, Kapu seems to be played.

Monchi D · Kapu, White Beard Edward New Gate, these people stand in the big sea, who knows that they will show more powerful power.

When these people are out of life, they are terrible, and true combat power is even without a reference.

The most important thing is that the original naval is going to the East China Sea. If you don't see Saab, it is likely to let the revolutionary army in the top war in the war, but have to explain the son of the card, this is Capu will be too cruel ...

Marin Fanto's port.

Shangqi Nairi standing on his warship, the green goblin is around him, this warship is the Navy equipped with the Navy logistics department, and there is a beautiful slap.

Her call is Ane.

This beautiful sword is a brother of the brothers of the Pharmacist. It is also the disciple of the Navy Zemifer.

Due to the obstruction of the pharmacist, Zemifi did not set up a naval guerrilla, still in Malin Vanto, and Aen is still attributable to the sequence of naval dispatosition.

As for why Ane will appear here ...

Of course, because the Warring States Marshal knows that the strength of the original navar is not enough, he sent such a beautiful Sword of the Sword, as his deputy official, which can help to block most of the trouble.

This beautiful sword can be on the boat of Shangyuan Na, which is also from the arrangement of pharmacist. This is one of the members of the secret developments in the past few years.

Ayon held a glass of juice and slowly walked behind the original Needle and the green gyzykly, I was seriously opened: "Neotant in the middle of the nematic, the gods, can we set sail?"

"Let's go."

Shangyuan Nai fell through the juice in the hands of Aion, nodded: "Let's go out! Go directly to Luog Town in the East China Sea, don't stay in the way."

"Oh, just do it ..."

The green gout nodded, looked at Alon left, couldn't help but open: "You will really want to catch the grandson of Mr. Capu?"

"of course not."

At the last naval, I looked at the green goblin, smiled and said: "I may just want to catch his son."


The face of the blue gum is invincible.

This guy actually wants to seize the leader of the Revolutionary Army Dorag!

As the deputy officer of Kapu, you will be very clear about the Kapu family. His face is faintly difficult to look: "Is the goal be Dorag? The guy can be derived at all, except him The mind and thoughts, and his strength ... "

"One of D seems not very good to pay ..."

Shangyuan Nai is grinning: "If you say it, if I have a support, can I secretly help you catch Dort?"

"This is not very good to say ..."

Qingyan scratched his head, calmly opened: "Let's keep we want to get the walking of Dorag is not a realistic ... Even if you have never found his whereabouts ..."

Because the pharmacist has always traced the revolutionary army, even if he has already found a lot of revolutionary military cadres, it will take this opportunity to get the appreciation of Five Star.

But the pharmacist didn't really find the message of Dalg.

"What? I am looking for a chance to chat!"

Shangyuan Na will nod to nod, he and the pharmacist will find a time to talk, see how to maximize the benefits.

Just as the original naval and others sailed to the East Sea.

Yiszo Sasuke and Portcas D. Ees are still chasing black beards, they have passed through the first half of the great route.

With the full action of the White Beard One Piece, Marshall D. Tiqi hurts the companion to rebell the white beard, the newspaper, also spread throughout the new world.

White Beard Edward New Gield Command Uzecho Sasuke and the 2nd Captain Portcass D · Es Take the traitor Marshall D. Tiji is gradually starting to circulate.

This matter immediately shocked the new world.

Although Yiszo Sasuke is often troublesome, but his name in the new world is not low!

Over the past few years, Yiszozuo has almost always been the main battle of the white beard, the three emperories are not a two times ...

Even if it is still in the black beard, Marshall D. Tiqi can't help but be a little frightened. He didn't expect that Su Zhiko Sasuke and Escen chased him!

Even with Tiqi has got the strength of the dark fruit, he does not think that now, you have strength to defeat Unecheo Sasuke ...

This is a bad ...

It is clear that the guy is a person who can compete with the four royalen, but it is too turtle to play a game in the White Beard Mission.

Now that Scholars will come to chasing him, Marshall D. Tik is not a way to do, he wants to try to take advantage of the organization ...

A small island in the first half of the great route.

Marshall D · Tiqi bite the cherry, holding the phone in his hand, dialed the phone of Yisi Pos: "Thief hahaha ..., I have already got dark fruit, where we can Will you see? "


The Sui Zhipu in the phone is strange for a second, and the sound is relentless. "You can give our dark fruit to us, I will advise you to leave your life."

"Thief Hahahaha, can this be fine?"

Marshall D. Tiqi played a haha, continued: "Don't you let me join the tissue?"

"Do you want to join Xiao?"

The sound of Yuxi Poso is a little confused. The next moment, his voice suddenly became cold: "Then we meet with a place, first give me the dark fruit in your hand, if you confirm, I Will get you joined! "


Marshall D. Tiqi played a fullness, continued to play haha: "If I is a dark fruit power, should I be qualified?"

The voice of Yuxi Poso suddenly became indifferent, and the cold voice was asked: "Marshall D. Tiqi, have you eaten the dark fruit?"

I heard the indifference of Yuxi, Tiqi couldn't help but swallow their mouthmakes, and rush to the other of the Sui Zhi Hoseo explained: "Sir, do you not only need the strength of dark fruit?

And I have gained a way to collect the ability of the devil's ability, one I only know! "

When Marshall D. Tiqi said, his voice gradually became able to get rid of: "I can help you collect any kind of devil's fruit capabilities you want, and even the vibration fruit capabilities of the old man ..."

This man with ambition, the voice slowly became a little confused: "The thief hahaha ... that is enough to destroy the world's fruit!"

This is Tiji hidden secret!

Today, he wants to use this to tempted the organization.

This is Marshall D. Tiqi, after eating dark fruits, intend to use to attract the top cards of the organization!

"... Is it finished?"

After listening to Marshall D. Tiqi, the voice of Yuxi Pubo was still calm: "I sound up, you have already eaten dark fruit, right?"


Tiqi nodded and continued to try to defecate: "But ..."


Yisipu shook his head and calmly opened: "You have no value, since you are dressed in what you want, then there is no need to live."

The voice of Uzhi Poso returned to the indifference: "I will tell Sasuke, let him quickly kill you, re-let the dark fruit resurrect."

After that, Yu Zhi Houh hung up the phone.

Marshall D. Tiqi looked at his hand in his hand in his hand. He couldn't help but pumped his muscles: "What does it mean?"

next moment…

Tiqi smashed the phone in his hand, looked at the phone insects showed a painful expression, his look gradually became fierce!

"Blend ..."

"Who do you think you are?"

"Dark fruit should be a little!"

"Wait to see it! Waiting for the plan of the Laozi, let you know the mice of these sewers, who is the owner of the dark fruit!"

The other side of the sea.

Just when Marshall D. Tiqi is angry.

Big MOM's sea area, the central island of this sea, Yuxi Hoski is calmly collapsed.

Lying next to Uzhi House bites a huge donut, slowly opening: "How to,,?"

In the past few years, Unexpeus is to be together with Cataku, the relationship between the two people is getting better and better.


Because they are my brother?

Yisi Pubo shook his head and whispered: "Nothing, there is another person who is not self-tactory to fall into the leader of the leader. Yes, don't mention the truth in the future."


Cataku slowly eaten his own donuts, wirate the hand and mouth, re-use the scarf and wrapped his mouth: "Inserting the trap, is from the white beard of the old man who escaped Marshalltich? "


Yisi is nodded and shakes his head: "However, now you don't have to pay more attention to him."

About Marshall D. Tiqi.

The tissue has been arranged.

Its name is black.

The first half of the great route, Marshall D. Tiji temporarily stayed on the island.

Just as Tiji is still anger and panic, a black shadow gradually drilled out from the ground and slowly attached to his body.

This group of black shadows is like a rotten mud.

Because its secretness is too high, even when Marshall D. Tiqi is attached to the body, he just pays attention to the appearance of this group of black shadows!


Marshall D. Tiqi has not seen the black shadow that suddenly appeared on his arm. This group of black things actually attached to him, as if it was originally the organs of his body!

" ..."

This group of dark things suddenly issued a smile of yin: "Dark fruit new owner? So you know what mean?"

"Bastard! What are you?"

Marshall D. Tiqi is suspected of looking at this group of dark things to flow on his own body. He only felt that this group seems to be directly integrated into his body.

"You have eaten you, don't you know the power of dark fruit?"

The dark voice is still smiling, it gradually exposes a strange face on the Marshall D. Tiki's arm: "Don't you want to know why this dark fruit is called the world's most Is the fierce fruit? Isn't you clearly dark fruit? "


Tiji's face is still a horror.

Next, Marshall D. Tiji suddenly exposed a fierce man: "Your guy ... is dark fruit ..."

"No, I am you!"

The black and appreciation of smiles seems to be devil: "When the owner of the dark fruit needs to force, the will sleep will wake up, avatar is a kind of creature, which will always follow your will!"