I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 524, Dark Fruit Power failure, white!

Tiqi is a little dare to confuse.

Unfortunately, Tiqi is only limited to the power of dark fruits, and the power of dark fruit is able to tend to make the ability to make other evil fruits.

This name is indeed very reasonable.

Whether it is from the name, it is similar to the dark fruit, it looks at the darkness.

"Thief Hahaha ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi stared at the darkness in front of him. The smile on his face became able to get rid of: "If you say this, are you the will of Laozi? Then you know what you want to want ... "

" ..."

The black laugh sudden suddenly gratiate, laughing and slowly opening: "Everyone's dreams of dull fruit power and ambition are almost consistent ...

No, it should be said that only the highest ambitions have the qualifications of the dark fruit, Marshall D. Tik, we will not have any exceptions ... "

Darkly looked at Tiqi, its voice gradually became more and more dangerous: "Replace the man we are most advocating, let this sea into our name!"

"Thief hahahahaha!"

The joy of Marshall D. Tiji is still can't press it. His palm is slowly gripping, and his eyes flashed a greedy: "Really ... said it is right!"

The old man wants, it is to replace my most admired old, let this era name Marshall D. Tiqi! "

"We have never been an integrated will ..."

Darkness looked at Tiqi nodded, and its body slowly slammed from Marshall D. Tiqi: "If a dark fruit power does not match the ambition and darkness of this fruit, then he will Never eligible to wake up your own willingness is a substantive black ... "

The black face gradually revealed a weird smile: "At that time, his soul will be dark fruit slavery after death ...

The decreasing dark fruit is completely swallowed, slowly into a kind of creature called a vintage, it is a slave! "


Marshall D. Tiji's face is stiff.

Is this fucking to become a dark fruit?

If it is not admitted to the dark fruit, then this fruit will swallow the soul of the power, this fruit is too horrible?

Black is reaches Marshall D. Tiqi, Harhawi open mouth: "Tiqi, dark fruit" is the most ferocious fruit, because it will swallow the unqualified candidates, this is the most The source of fierce fruit! "


The face of Marshall D. Tiji reveals a cold sweat. He forcibly control his mood and maintain his own smile: "Thief hahaha ... If you look like this, Laozi is already qualified."

"Not bad."

The black smile is still weird, it is even slowly tangled: "So what do you want to know? They are very interesting, but also a dark fruit power conquer this era's most powerful arm!" "

The next moment, the black is not waiting for Marshall D. Tiji to react, immediately open: "Tiji, call out with your will, they will always hide the depths of the ground, complete the power of dark fruit, attract They are re-creating! "

The dark voice is, the smile has also become horrible: "Tiqi, give you a gift to you, see the dark fruit is really great!"

Next second.

Marshall D. Tich bite his teeth, his palm gradually became dark, fierce it on the ground!

After a long time.

One is only white from the bottom of the bottom, and I have emerged.

Marshall D. Tiqi's face gradually became a little stiff, he didn't dare to reply to these named creatures, and each creature was very embarrassed.

This is definitely not human!

There have never had this creature in the big sea!

These white don't look at it, just their strange and long, let Tiqi can't help but fear, are these that have failed dark fruit power?

" ... Tiqi, do you know why oleas can conquer this era as a dark fruit power?"

The black laughter is getting more and more sophisticated, it slowly continues: "If a dark fruit power wants to become a king, if you want to be the most powerful person of this world, they can replace the people of the world government. ! "

Next moment, Marshall D. Tiji's face changed!

Because in his sight, every white has become his appearance!

This ability, Marshall D. Tiqi only heard of a kind, that is, turning into a fruit, but now these white will be able to become his appearance!

Even if you see a good night, it is hard to distinguish!

Even if it is a breath, it also looks a little powerful!

Marshall D. Tiqi hinges some uneasiness, he pointed to a group of turns to transforming: "These failure products will not use Laozi's ability?"

"No, their transformation ability can only be used for camouflage, but only the highest level of listening to all things can discover their true identity!"

After shook his head, let a white suddenly broke the arm, and sent it to Marshall D. Tiji: "The most important thing is that the existence of the white can help you cure some injuries ...

The secret ability of the dark fruit is that the ability to touch the enemy can make the ability to fail, so each generation of dark fruit power consumes the greatest is their palm. If you encounter a horrible enemy, you can directly cut down your hand, and the arms that can be immediately connected. In your hand.

Tiqi, do you want to try it now? "

"No ... can't."

Marshall D. Tiqi couldn't help but shook his head, swallowed a sigh of mouth, and his eyes flashed a fear, and faintly became greedy: "These monsters that can be turned into time are the slaves of Laozi.? ? "


This dark fruit is really making big!

Original Marshall D. Tiqi is still worried that the dark fruit cannot be modified, once injured, what should I do ...

did not expect…

The arms of this creature can be transplanted to him!

"White will only listen to the dark fruit power ..."

The black smile is getting more and more strange, and its body is re-attached to Marshall D. Tiji: "They have the last use, which is to eat evil fruits, becoming only loyal to our Power Legion! "

"If you want powerful forces ..."

The dark eyes fell on Tiji's face, smiled and continued: "Then you can kill the original devil's ability, to capture their ability, put white to a devil's ability to consist Strong army!

Tiqi, every generation of dark fruit power is the possibility of transferring evils when detaining enemy's ability!

Their side, but there is a strong demon fruits, helping them conquer this era! "

"Thief Hahahaha ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi slowly nod, greedy eyes fell on this group of white, he couldn't help but nodded slowly: "It's really unique! This kind of will only listen to it. Laozi's creature ... "

Really ...

I can't help but want to be crazy!

A monster who will only be listened to him, ready to become anyone, only to listen to the heart of all things, can you notice!


These white doctors can also become the war of him.

However, these white turns actually some unqualified dark fruit power, let Marshall D. Tiqi can't help but have some palpitation!

No wonder this devil fruit will be called the world's most fierce fruit, it is unfortunately, the leader must have a dark fruit ...

This is really no wonder, Urshi Hoski does not want his demon fruit power, but kill him, must secretly render!

Oh shit…

As long as it becomes a dark fruit power, there is a chance to get a white legislature, with an organ that can be afraid of any serious injury!

You can take the lead in any country in the world!

Can build a demon fruit legion that is only loyal to the dark fruit power!

Who can think of it, secretly the capabilities, even if only one person, he absolutely has the possibility of rule the world!


As long as you do a good one, this probability is not low!

Marshall D. Tiqi suppressed his own ambition, he even wanted to let the white legislators in front of the figures of the demon fruit, directly forming a full 100 pirates composed of the demon fruit power!

One ...

Will only be loyal to his legion!

Perhaps the only dangerous place is that if his own ambition is not enough, it will be secretly turned into this seemingly IQ only listening to people's monsters ...

"Thief Haha ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi couldn't help but show a crazy smile: "It seems that Laozi is the most needed ... but is there so much white?"

" ... how many people have a dark fruit power?"

The black smile is still in vs., it just slowly shakes his head: "Before the dark fruit power is dead, he will die for him to die, what you can use now, just Your strength is summoned! "

Darkness is looking at Tiqi, smile is a Chinese horror: "When you can play the dark power to pass on any corner of this world, those who are hidden will naturally appear in front of us!"

Of course, there is still not so much.

As long as the white spore is absorbed to absorb Chakra, it can be prU, but unfortunately, there is only so much white, which has been strengthened by the column cells.

"Thief Hahahaha ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi didn't care so much. He todped slowly, and his face gradually came out of a drop of water.

Marshall D. Tiji Eye Carained Can't stop: "Forget, there is nothing to do, now this dozen white absolute Laozi is enough! Let us use the dark conquer this era!"


Double monthly ticket! Seeking a little ticket!