I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 525 Sa Bo appeared (third! Search monthly ticket)

Dark fruit ...

It's really effort.

Marshall D. Tiqi really felt happiness of dark fruit power.

This is really not for more than 20 years in the White Bearded One Piece, but also sinned the fruit capabilities of the white beards, the two super forces, and the fruit capability of acquired!

But pay ...

Indeed to a huge return!

These returns are completely exceeded by Tiqi!

Although Tiqi just knew that this fruit was facing considerable risks,

But as long as there is enough ambitions and strength, you can get anything you want in the world to get the power of this fruit!

that power…



Everything should be, give it!

Anyone who has a dark fruit power wants, he can get it, this fruit capacity is definitely enough to let the world fall into the dark power!


Marshall D. Tiqi took a sigh of relief, suppressed his excited mood, what should he do now? It seems that you can do anything!

Killing the king of a country, letting the white will be replaced; or the ability to hunt the fruit of the devil, let the white becoming a Legion?

It's really hard to choose!

Darkly looked at Marshall D. Tiqi tangled face, and its mouth came from a horrible smile: "What we have to do is to win everything in white beard, can't continue to waste, there is no Before you fight, you will get together some people available ...

Slowly find some poor guys on this sea, let them become our chess pieces and ministers, and the fall of the dark age ... "

"Thief Hahaha ..."

Marshall D. Tiji's eyes slowly fell on the black body, grinned and smiled: "It's really like I think!"

The black body was slowly attached to Tiqi's body. Its voice gradually came out from Tiqi: "I am your will, I will naturally act according to your will ... As for these white, let them first Hidden to collect the intelligence of the world, even if the Navy's headquarters Malin Fan Mo can sneak into, wait for us to summon them again ... "

"Thief Hahaha ... Yes!"

Marshall D. Tiqi slammed his fist, the face is getting crazy: "Laozi is now black beard ... The old age will pass soon, this sea is called black beard. Let's! "


Marshall D. Tiqi is not long, because he knows that Unecheo Sasuke and Ees are still chasing his way.

And now Tiqi wants to go to the magnetic island's medical big country to see if he can make his body to accommodate the power of two devils ...

He wants, but everything to capture white beards!

In addition to the status of white beards and forces, it is necessary to capture the power of white beards. If you want to dominate this world, his own strength is not enough to let him stand on the peak!

At least the challenge of Unechebra is no longer halfway!

"In addition to sakura ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi couldn't help but bite his teeth, spit it: "It is also a guy who is not silent from the soul.

The leader of the mysterious unpredictable understanding has been looking for dark fruits, and it is definitely because the leader of the tissue knows the true value of the dark fruit, so they don't need evil fruit capabilities, need to be dark fruit!

It's trouble ...

But now this is in trouble, in front of the temptation of this world, it is really nothing!

If there is not enough ambition ...

But you will secretly swallow the soul!

Just when Marshall D. Tiqi won the organization, the black is attached to him, and I want to contact the original navigation through the round look.


The black voice is mixed with a smile, making people listening, it has made it quite happy now.

It was so deceived that Yu Zhibo spots ...

Now this guy named Marshall D. Tiqi is simply the same.

Unfortunately, the black shouted the wrong name.

"You got the wrong guy."

Shang Nai was faintly responded, the cold voice is correct, "I am the original navigation, not your brother ..."

"what differences are there?"

The black smile is sorry, can't help but sigh: "We are a family, mother, you have always miss you since you leave,"

"Let's talk about it, don't mention her."

"It's ruthless ..."

When the black is not mentioned, when it is good, it is necessary to say good words, because it is the will of Hui Yi Ji: "Mom is doing you for you, but I don't want to use my own way, she really wants to think want…"

"Hey, black."

The attitude of Shangyuan Needle has become a bit tough: "This big sea is only one moon, I think you can use the earth to increase one, do you think?"

" ... we don't say this."

The black is not very real, and the topic is immediately transferred: "Marshall D. Tiqi has fallen into our control. He has already recognized that I am his will ..."

"Don't do it."

Shangyuan Na Rou has a good job, but does not regret his own appreciation: "I will send you Zhihe with soil to help you around you."

" ... this is fine."

Black and somewhat on a somewhere: "Shang Shang, if you are fine, you can talk to your mother, or directly use the round to look back, you can contact her ..."

"now was busy."

The original neckline immediately interrupted the words.

Now Shangyuan Na, it is indeed very busy.

Because the Shangyuan Nairi has contacted the pharmacist in the unclear, he sent him a CP department to help the revolutionary army.

This is also a contribution.

And this skill can make the pharmacist brief.

At the time of the original Needle and the pharmacist, the Shangyuan took a slight thing that he might rebell the navy, and the pharmacist immediately recognized the plan.

The pharmacist also believes that when the Shangyuan rebellion, the greater the better, the better ...

Because the pharmacist is still going to fracture in the original navigation, the use of people unknown, hit the Buddha's Warring States in front of the five old stars!

This is a little bit no.

It's really not a person ...

I can't help but knead your fist next to it.

The right opposite is the wrong thing, what are you talking about? Warring States Marshal, no matter how it is done, anyway, it will be used in the organization ...

I can use the place to use the place.

"We quickly arrived in Rogue."

They are entering the East China Sea through the windless belt of the great navigation, and they will immediately arrive in Roggue Town in the East China Sea.

In order to ensure that it is possible to get rid of Luofu Town, he has been allowing the warship to accelerate.

The green gyzykly, looked at the phone, and didn't help but said. "The pharmacist is getting worse."

"Maybe this is because of this decaying world government ..."

Shangji shook his head and sighed a picture: "It is estimated that it is too much in the world's government in the past two years! Let me go back!"

Rogue town.

This island in the entrance of the great route, the Shangyuan Nairou has been once again, and that time he woke up here, he domineering.


Shangyuan Nae lost his hegemony, this garbage system, this garbage system is only the hierarchy of tyrants.

When I arrived at Naqi, the weather in Roggue Town was a bit bad. It seems that it is not suitable as the weather that is sailing.

Port area.

Shangyuan Nairo warship slowly came in, his eyes looked around, finally falling on a boat that is a honest lady.

That is the gold Mei Li.

It is the driver of the straw hat pirate.

The gold Mei Li has a few orange trees, and the deck is also very clean, and it can be seen from the straw cap.


Shangqi Nai suddenly recruited, called his deputy official: "See the boat? Now put the boat over the past, the orange tree on the boat left a tree, and the rest of our warships The money on board is also searched ... "


Ane's face is full of doubts.

Youth couldn't help but cover his cheeks and smashed his forehead: "Hey, shouldn't it be the pirates of Munqi D · Luffy?"



Ane's beautiful sword is more confused, the expression is more embarrassing: "Shangyuan will, then why don't we now sink it? This kind will not let them escape?"

"You have reasonable."

Shangji nodded, and opened: "But I actually want to move things on the pioline ..."


Ane is silent.

What is this devil boss!

Even the blue goblin next to it also endorses this handling opinion.

Anyway, Shangyuan Nairou should want to let go of Munqi D · Luffy, at least the grandson will not fall into their hands.


The grandson of Kapu is now actually more dangerous.

On the execution table of Roggue Town, there is a punishment, the target of punishment is the grandson of Kapu Munchu D · Luffy.

The clown Pakistan United Aareta grabbed the straw road to fly, and in this execution of Corr, D · Roger, it was ruined by Munqi D · Luffy.

Just as Lufei is about to be dagged, a lightning wind swept, completely knocking this execution, and saved the life of Lufei.

Two people are accompanied by thunderstorms.

Munqi D · Dorag's face came out, his mouth was a mysterious smile, slowly turned to look at the young people around: "Sa Bo, if you want to see him, you will see it. Let's! "

"Well, time is really fast!"

The Saab's face revealed a smile, nodded: "I really didn't expect Lu Fei, now I will go to the great route right away!"

Saab can't help but also looked at Dorag in front of him: "However, Mr. Dorag can't see it together?"

"not the right time yet."

Dorag slowly shaken his head.

Just at this time, a white smoke suddenly suddenly came, quickly wrapped a group of pirates on the square, and the Navy at the Town of Rogg was finally appeared!

The naval colonel shots the Pakistan thief group and the Alitta and other people. It is directly using the ability of natural lines to capture the pirates that he is most impossible to produce a big threat!

"Straw hat fly!"

Sigog's figure is a smoke, hurriedly chasing the flying figure, waving a white smoke and trapped the body of Lu Fei, and his face flashed a fierce: "No matter how it is absolutely can't let You escape here! "

"Don't bother me!"

Munqi D · Road flies his fists, trying to scatter the white smoke in front, but his strength is always in vain!

Just Steve Mogacked his ten-handed, it is necessary to directly smash it on Lu Fei, a water pipe suddenly appears, blocking the ten hands of Score attack!

"My brother is going to become a pirate ..."

Sa Bo holds the water pipe in his hand, slowly lifting his head and looks at Sigog, showing a smile on his face: "So, now you should not delay his sea ..."