I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 526 Hello, Na Beauty, I am me ...

three years ago.

Sa Bo recovered memory with the help of Shangyuan Na, then Sa Bo saw Lu Fei when he returned to Gore Bo Mountain.

Now they look good at Roggue Town, the face of Lu Fei is full of surprises: "Sa Bo! How can you here?"

"Ha, just a little thing in Rogue Town ..."

Sa Bo turned his brother and hung a refreshing smile on his face: "I will stop him, let's leave, let your companion!"

"This white smoke is very difficult ..."

"do not worry."

Sa Bo smiled and shook his head, his palm slowly put a claw gesture, and the militant domineering instantly floated on the palm.

"Dragon Clamp!"

Sa Bo sounds in front of Score!

The dark claws also grabbed the Scims!

"Armed tall domineering ..."

Next moment, Sigog face is difficult to fly back.

Even so, he is still torn with dragon claws on his clothes!

"Go away, Lufei!"

Sa Bo smiled and looked at Lu Fei, laughed: "Shun, go to the sea breeze, go to the great route! Go to see the world's beautiful scenery, become more and more stronger! Be sure to get us The agreed onePiece, became the One Piece of this era! "

"Ah, rest assured!"

The road nodded, flying in the direction of the terminal, his voice spread throughout the square of Roggra: "I have said, I will say it, I will become the One Piece!"

"This guy…"

Sa Bo smiled and shook his head helplessly.

For your own brown younger brother, Sa Bo is really helpless, sometimes even Sa Bo feels that he is also infected by Lufei ...

A white smoke suddenly started spread.

The figure of the Smog appeared in front of Sa Bo, and he held his hand in his hand, and the cigar in the mouth was sprayed out of the mouth.

"Hey, is there a helping hand in the straw road?"

Sigog waved ten hands to rush to Sa Bo, full of fierce high: "So you stay here!"

Sa Bo held the iron tube in his hand, greeted the ten-handed Hamigue, and his smile gradually became confident: "This is absolutely can't agree."

Next second, the two launched a battle on the square of Rogge Town!

Just when Saab and Scorgra fierce, the other members of Munch D · Luffy and the grasshal capshade have escaped to the pier and rushed to their pirates.

"and many more…"

Solaron's eyes seem to have seen a movie on the Gold Mei Li, I can't help but open: "Hey, we don't seem to have someone on the boat!"

"Ha? How can it?"

Shanzhi looked at the people around him: "Naimu sauce, Lu Fei, this idiot, Upop, there is a green algae head, there should be no one on board ... anyway, not a good person, it should be a thief, first in the boat Say again! "

"Ah, ah ..."

When Nami saw the golden Mei Li's laisto tree disappeared, her expression was rapidly violent: "Ah, ah ... My orange tree! I know that you should leave you alone. ! "

"Don't quarrel, don't quarrel! There are three navy on board!"

Upop's eyes were deadly staring at the portals on the boat, as the SpoSo of the sniper, the vision is obviously the best.

Gold Mei Li.

Shangqi Nairies sat on this boat railing, slowly looked up to the weather under the cloud, spread his palm, calmly opened: "The Qing Dynasty general, Ayon, go to help us Some Colx! "


The green oan fits my hair, flying on the shore: "Doraga guys can be dealt with a little ..."

"There is no relationship."

Shang Nai, I watched Ane, which fed down, smiled: "You only need to drag Dorage enough, let the Aen and CP aids have enough time to catch Sa Bo."

"Yes, the Shangyuan will."

Aneman's face was noddated, and continued: "Do we really caught the group of grasshamphi? Opportunities, it is very difficult ..."

"There is nothing to can't be caught at this time?"

Shangji shook his head and refused Aen's proposal: "Now there is only straw hat to fly with a reward, even if he caught him, it is just a while ... don't worry, let alone people we have to catch today, will let people who want to catch today The straw road is more sad. "


Ane nodded.

"It's really bad ..."

The green dove shakes his head.

In the next second, two people rushed to the direction in Rogg Town. When they met the straw hat pirates, they had more blocking, but they were only flashed to rush to Rogue Town. Inside!


Everyone in the straw cap willing.

The road flew his head, curiously looked at the two navals in the direction of Rogge Town, couldn't help but be surprised: "Hey? Isn't it to catch us?"

"The two guys are very strong!"

The eyes of Solaron can't help change, and smash your own and the text: "What do they mean? Do you look around?"

"Soron, don't say any more!"

Upopo hugged his head, looks at the direction of the gold Mei Li, and the face is even more fear: "The guy in the boat seems to be more terrible!"

Next moment, the wind is more violent!

This wind is shining in an instant, and a sun is penetrating from the gap of the clouds, illuminating Shangyuan Na, sitting on the gold Mei Liji railing.

In the sight of the people of the straw cap ...

This scene looks more than sacred, and people can't help but admire!


Lu Fei recognizes the appearance of the original Nairi, and the face reveals a joy. He is excited to wavitate his arm: "Wow, I haven't seen it for a long time, Shangyuan!"

Because the grasshad thief group always mentioned the Shangyuan Na, even the road flying would want to forget the appearance of the original navigation, and always think about it.

"That rascal…"

The expression of mountain is can't help but change.

If you want to let the mountains, there is a bit of good feeling, it is very difficult, but he has a bad behavior in his own eyes.

Namei's mood is more complicated.

Namei's face gradually emerged as an angry, she rushed to the side of Mei Li, and his anger waved his fist.

"Hey, Shangyuan Na, Mei Li, the orange tree I brought from the Cocoa Village, I was stolen by your guy!"

This doesn't have to doubt!

In addition to the Shangyuan Na, whoever, who will eat and steal the orange tree!

"Hey, I will leave a tree!"

Shangqi Nai Lu smiled and shook his head. His palm was thrown with a coin, throwing it to Namedian: "One hundred Bailee, this is the money to buy orange tree ..."


Nami received the coin, her eyes suddenly changed: "Wait, Shangyuan Na, we are put on the boat ..."

"Well, I saw it, there is still a thousand seven hundred and ninety-three thousand Bailer in the safe ..."

Shangji opened his palm, and his face was sincerely opened: "It should be very difficult to have so much money, I promise you, I will definitely fight."

This number is not bad.

Namei's expression is very ugly, everyone of the strawhaii group can see that Namei's mood is not very good.


This is too much to be too much.

"... mix ... mix ... mix ..."

Namei clenched his fist, slowly looked up at the original navigation, as if the next moment will be honored to be surrounded by anger.

Obviously ...

Namei's temper is already the edge of the outbreak.

In the past few years, Na Beauty has never forgotten what happened after the age of fifteen years, and now history seems to be repeated.

This bastard, why have you been grabbing her things!

"Na Beauty, some words don't talk."

Shang Nai fell to shake the cloak on his body, smiling and said: "Remind, I am the Navy's part of the Department of Naval, compared to the power of the Navy's own, and want to know what you should say. ?"

Namei's face was stiff.

I am afraid that the last naval will not be the neighborhood of the Navy.

Think of the past, Namei's heart is full of bow-buning, tears slowly put into the eyelids, and the eyeliner looked up and looked at the original navigation: "You are now a navy, why also grab my things ..."

delicate and charming…

Bunn ...

This is Namei's usual murder.

Shang Nai's expression was looked at Namei, he thought about it for a while, gave an answer: "I may think that because you make money too much, I have a responsibility to help you spend money ... Yes, you hide I also sent people to take someone in the jewelry in my room. "


The grievances on Namedia face immediately for despair.

The original Needar is still the harsh bastard.

Even if it became a navy, I still can't change my nature of her little girl, but why this guy can always find her money!

And each time she is the happiest time ...

Take her money, steal her baby, steal her orange tree ...

Last time, after Aron was destroyed. When Namei was the happiest, Shangyuan Na Rou took her money for many years; this time was returning to the place, and immediately entered the great route, money and jewelery were robbed gone…

This guy…

Is it a nightmare?

"Let the beautiful girl tears this kind of thing, but not a man should do!"

The voice of the mountain is suddenly appeared in the ear of everyone. His figure fly away from the original navigation, and the servant kicked it to the original navigation!

Shangji returned to the air of the sky, and the militant domineering was released from his palm!

The body of the mountain is flying in the faster speed!


After Rocona Soron, after the mountain is hit, I pulled out my three knives and rushed up towards the original Na. "Three knives, three thousand people!"

I wrapped in the murderous and knife and wrapped in the last time!

Next moment, Shangyuan Naou explored a finger flashing on a knife, stoping the attack of the Tiger and Tiger's wind, let Roculoa Solaron appear in an instant. A drop of cold sweat!


what is the problem!

What jokes!

The last time in the Balai restaurant is a knife with a knife with a knife with a small knife. This time, I was originally used to use a finger to crack his sword!

"Your guy ..."

Rocona Sauon stared at the original navigation, and the faint feeling is a bit not wonderful. They have not stepped into the great route, is it to arrest by the naval in front of me?

This kind of strength ...

I am afraid that Lu Fei is far less than!

It's really unimaginable. How many strong people in the Navy, how many monsters will be in the great route!

"I won't stop you."

Shangyuan Needle slowly shook his head, flying from Mei Li's railing, seriously opening: "Lu Fei, now leave here, you can enter the great route, but pay a quite painful price!"