I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 527 You are the general of the Navy!

Gold Mei Li left Roggue Town.

In addition to Lu Fei, everyone's mood is not very good.

Rocona Sauon hugged his own knife, leaning on the railing of Mei Li, the hoarse sound opened: "Hey, roll, the guy is the original navigation?"

This Sauon has been hit by the Sola.

It was originally defeated in the hands of the Eagle Eagle Michac, but this time faced the original navigation, it was actually defeated with a finger ...

Really ...

It is difficult to accept.

Mountain is slowly nod, and a smoke is full of smoke: "I didn't expect that the strength of the guy is so strong ..."

"Ha, the top is very strong!"

Lu Fei's arm suddenly stretched, jumped to their side, smiled and said: "When I met him three years ago, it is no longer again."

"The same is true now!"

Namei glanced at the road.

When the atmosphere of the grass hat, the atmosphere of the straw hat was gradually being active, and the Town after they left, the atmosphere suddenly became nervous.

Munqi D · Dorage is a green cloak, and there is a corner of the square. He looked at Sa Bo in the battle.

"Sa Bo, there are other people come ... we should go."

Because the wind outside Roggou stopped, Dora, immediately used the color to cover the surroundings, and found a few trick guys!

One of them is the green gout he is familiar with.

Several people, also let Dorage feel familiar, all of their revolutionary army in the past few years.

"Yes, Mr. Dorag."

Sa Box is forced to retreat the attack of Sigue, withdraw to the side of Dorag, and wants to leave with Dorag directly.

Unfortunately, this time is late.

Youth and Ane have appeared in the entrance of the square of Roggra. Several people wearing masks are also instantly appearing above the roof around the square!

The Navy's general goblin!

And the revolutionary army's natural enemy, the special agent of the CP department!

"The Navy's goblin!"

In the moment of seeing the appearance of cyan, Sa Bo's face couldn't help but change, his look was immediately nervous to see the Dorag.

"Mr. Dorag!"

Sa Board took his own iron tube, whispered: "The Navy will come from the direction of the port? Lu Fei them ..."

"Lu Fei has left safe."

The mouth of Dorage is a smile, picking up the cloak hood on his head, laughing and opening: "It seems that the guy and the dog of this group of the World Government should be rushing by us. "

Sa Bo did not dare to look at Dorag, couldn't help but open: "But how can these people know Mr. Dorage ...

Even in the inside of the revolutionary army, there will be many people know that Dorag's whereabouts, especially this time they come to Rogge Town to send this thing in private!

"It should be the guy of the pharmacist!"

Dorag's face still hangs a smile. The heart of the revolutionary army has already had his own guess. It should be that the drug teacher will have a newzhi.

Since the guy of the pharmacist is completely taken over the CP department, the days they revolutionary have been not very good.

Over the past few years, the CP department and the battle of the CP department and the revolutionary army of the pharmacist have never stopped, and almost every revolutionary army will eat a lot of losses in the hands of the pharmacist.

The pharmacist has grasped many revolutionary cadres ...

This changed his own high!

Dorag's face is still hanging, but the eyes are gradually cold: "It seems that our old opponent should guess that I will travel here for Lu."

Pharmacist pocket guy ...

Sure enough, it is still so difficult!

"Oh, I haven't seen it for a long time, Dorag."

The green oan scratched his hair, some surprised to look at Dorage: "I didn't expect you to be here ..."

"Kutzan, there seems to be no, you can think of it!"

Dorag looked at the gods of the green, the mouth is still laughing: "If you look like this, do they only arrange you to catch me?"

"This difficulty is not low ..."

Yummy shakes his head, his eyes slowly fall on Sa Bo next to Dora: "But ... even if you can't catch you, this time we have some other harvest!"

"Hey, Gu Zang!"

Sigog's figure flew to a white smoke to the side of the green, he couldn't help but wrinkled his own brows and looked at the Qing Dynasty: "Your guy can't give it a little bit!"

Sigog and Youth are old friends.

The relationship between them is very good.

So Scoge is not being placed in the heart of the general, and it is even slowly sighful: "Hey, So, this is not a thing that can solve it. Is this guy that Lag is not so simple ... "

"Do it!"

A strong CP agent with a mask interrupted the blood in the mouth: "We don't have so much leisurely, listen to you here!"

These CP agents are not awkward, this Navy's general face!

With his opening, the four CP agents on the roof are also fast, facing the Prague and Sa Bo hidden!

"Sure enough, you have a few ..."

Dorag's scorpion gradually dull, his eyes stared at these four CP agents, whispered: "Thunder, earth, wind, water ... Pharmacist pocket guys, look to me The head of the person must be! "

The strongest four in the CP agent under the pharmacist!

This is the most terrible four in the CP agent in recent years. Every battle is not afraid of death, and the pharmacist will capture the revolutionary cadres!

"It's them!"

Saab's expression couldn't help but change.

Even if it is a neural, Sa Bo listens to these four CP agents, I can't help but nervous, because these guys planted hatred in everyone's heart!

Revolutionary Army Intelligence Officer Tylikar Daio.

Revolutionary Military Military Army Callas.

Revolutionary Army Western Army Miler.

Achi Dynasty, the deputy military commander of the revolutionary army.

These are not the high level of the revolutionary army, but all in the design of the pharmacist, they were grabbed by these CP agents into Pelton!

to be frank…

Sa Bo is now faintly feeling that they are somewhat fierce, so far, there are still few revolutionary cadres to escape from these CP agents!

Saab's heart couldn't help but sigh. I didn't expect this time that the price of the road flying is actually so big. Let him fall into such dangerous situations in Dorag!

Lu Fei that brother ...

If you can't be a thief, it's really sorry!

Saab. "

Dorag's gaze looked at Roggzhen, which was lowered by his voice: "He is not suitable as a battlefield. After the battle begins, I will cover you first, caught the opportunity to escape, remember? "

"Mr. Dora ..."

Sa Bo did not dare to look at Dorag, hurriedly shook his head: "No "

Sa Bo ... "

Monchi D · Dorag's mouth revealed a smile, he shakes his head: "Single only relying on a navy and four CP agents want to leave me, it is not so easy!"

Next, the leader of the Revolutionary Army was surrounded by a group of people, and he took the lead in arresting a strong CP agent from him!

This CP agent has been aware that his body is blaminging his body in Dorage, rehanging a finger and then rushing up toward Dorage!

"Hell Trouble · a hand!"

"Dragon Clamp!"

The Pilag's palm is instantly turned into a claw shape, and the CP agent with this code is collided with this code, and his claws have broken this CP agent's finger!

However, Dorage is not daring!

Because of these years, Dorag is also hidden to some intelligence. For example, this group is the four CP specific industries of thunderstorm, the reason why they are not dying, that is, they will not die at all!

As if it is like a body!

Just as Dorage wants to further, when you grab this man's head, a white light prevents his pursuit. This light falls in the moment of the ground to make the stone on the ground into virtual!

Obviously ...

Once the ordinary person encounters this white light, it is almost dying!

Another CP agent's finger instantly shot a road water stream to attack Dorag, open the mouth: "Ah Haha, don't impulsive, Lei Zhi's boy ... This guy can be not so right!"

The code-codenamed water CP agent launched his own attack, while turned to look at the green goblin and other people: "Hey, when you stop there?"


Scimag snorted, waving his ten-hand, rushing up toward Dora, but did not make two tricks, he was punched by Dorage, a dragon claw punch, on his head!

Dorag's fingers are entangled in the majestic armed tight, as long as his leader of the revolutionary army, you can grasp the brain of the broken man!

A group of colds hit to Dorag!

This group of ice is instantly turned into a cold ice and wrapped in Dorag's body!

It is the ability of the Navy's generals, and when his friend is in the crisis, the green gyzykly saves the Smue!

"Hey, it's trouble ..."

The green oan scratched his head and looked at the Smue who saved himself. He said: "Soge, you can help Aion grabbed the ghost of the yellow hair, as for the Dorage, Temporarily hand it! "


Sigog slowly nodded.

This navy can't finish the Dorag who was banned by the cold ice. He thought he had to die in the hands of Dorag!

the other side…

Aen and Sa Bo have handed over their hands!

"Mr. Dorag!"

Saab can't help but look at the Dorag who is impedably imprisoned.

Next, Dorag's figure is directly broken!

The leader of the revolutionary army seems to have no injury, his mouth is still a smile: "Ha, the freezing ability is getting more and more scary ... Coats will ..."

"Hey, I have received a little interesting power recently ..."

The green flaming scratched his head, slowly opened: "Face your monster, still let me feel that I have some power to be caught ..."

Dorag flashed the attack on a CP agent, and waved a windy wind, and forceding other three CP agents!

At this moment, Dorag's eyes finally stopped in the body of the green, and the eyes became more dignified: "It's really modest ... you are a navy!"