I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 528 is captured by CP Agent and Navy General

The strength of the green gout is very strong.

Many years ago, Montage D · Dorag had seen young green gout.

At that time, Dorag had not been intended to be a variety of natural fruit capabilities, even if it was also known as monsters in the third phase of the naval training camp founded in Zemifa.

Now they just have to fight, Dorag immediately realize that this youngest navy general is indeed a real monster!

In the face of green goblin ...

Dorag can feel that there is a bumblest and beasts in the body!

"Compare others ..."

Dorag slowly succumbed his fingers, once again made a claw, his eyes became fierce: "You are really like a monster now!"

"Or old look!"

Youth spoke shook his head slowly, clenched his fists: "Dorag, clear your guy is the real monster!"

Next, two men rushed to each other!

The greenness of the green gyzykly, erected his palm to take the Dorag's body, the bones of the bones, almost all the Dorage's body directly fell!

Dorag's side suddenly slammed a wind, and quickly dispelled the cold, his mouth was still with confident smile!

"Dragon Clamp!"

The pawl of the Dorage has twisted the arm of the green.

As long as it is facing the body's battle, Dorage is not in the wind.

Because from the beginning of the year, even Dorag never said, but he is very clear that his father is Munqi D · Kapu is a strong navy that is really vital and domineering, as a son of Kapu, more Lag can relax your own training!

It's just so easily grabbed the palm of the Qing, still let Dorag have some doubts, and the guy is not only dependent on your own fruit!

This time is not an element ...

Dorag is the safety of yourself and Sa Bo, but it will never be soft to the green, you will definitely reverse the wrist of the youth!


However, when Dorage grabbed the bracelet, the palm of the Qing also flipped Dorag's wrist!

A cluster coral raised from the arms of Dorage, almost wrapped in the palm of the Pilag in an instant!

Between the moment ...

One of the hands of Dorage is severely imprisoned!

It is derived from the strength of Sangwangwang care in the green spoof!

The green spoys did not change the color, pulling out their palms, watching the right hand of Dorage, and wrapped in the coral wrapped in the moment.

Dorag flying back, hurriedly grasping his left hand into a fist, and smashing a bus with a coeration, his eyes slowly showed a surprise: "It's a interesting ability, I thought you would win a chasing ..."

"I don't think it can easily solve you."

The greenness shook the head calmly and spread his palm: "Before this urbanization is the ruins, you want to catch you, you can not be so simple ..."

after all…

Dorage in front of you is the most dangerous man in the world!

Monkey D · Dorag's danger is not only on his thoughts. His own has a quite powerful force. Otherwise, the world government has chased him for more than ten years, and he could not arrest him. success!

Moreover, the original task is just to block the Dalg, arrest Sa Bo to fight for two people.

Dorag looked at Saab and Aen, Srid's battle next to it, and also looked at the four CP agents who came to him. His figure is like a ghost to surround his enemy. intermediate!

A race of wind boasts Yinyun, coming together in Rogg, the sky is flashing, the rainstorm is like falling down!

Dorag's voice is also gradually touched in heavy rain: "If you don't try it, how do you know?"

The storms under the pour are not allowed to stop the battle, but let the battle between them become fierce!

The battle between the revolutionary army and the cadres finally started to play real fire!

However, this is not what you want!

For Monchi D · Dorag, once the battle is unfavorable, he and Sa Bo may fall into a life and death crisis, and even the revolutionary army will encounter a major setback!

A code-coded CP agent suddenly opened a reminder: "Be careful, Munqi D · Dorag may take the ghost to escape with the weather ..."

Unfortunately, his reminder is late!

A lightning scratched a black pressure sky!

The rainstorm seems to be gathered into the rain, and everyone's sight is hindered, and even everything happened on the battlefield!

A full of fighter kingdom broke out!

Everyone can't be frowned by autonomously, I can only resist this tyrant's domineering vent.

Just at this time, Dorag's figure broke through the four CP agents and cymbals of the four CP agents and the encirclement of the four CP agents and appeared around Sa Bo. A boxing retired Aen, kicked by Samger!


Dorager whispered a sentence.

After that, Dorager flew on the roof, Sa Bo did not hesitate to fly with Dorag's footsteps!

Two people ran in the roof of Rogue Town, and there is a corner of this town at any time under this weather!

Even if you are green, you can't do it!

In such a bad weather, who knows Dorag and Saab these two people will hide, as long as they can hide, even if they send Navy to the town, they may not be able to find their traces again!


Can Rogg Town not a small town!

The size of this town is even better than the king of a country!

When the Navy of the Branch of the Roggue Town, Dorag and Sa Bo were estimated to leave this town in the boat!

Just when Dorag and Sa Bou were run wild, they felt that they fell in their body, pursue their blue and CP agents, and also provided Dorag and Saab. s position.

The sky gradually became bright ...

One of the air blows in the air, the sun slowly sprinkled on the streets of Roggra, and the weather that was still in the rainstorm suddenly became clear.

This quirky weather change ...


I can't say a weird!

Even if it is the kind of unpredictable zone of the great route, it is impossible to happen such a weird weather change. It is still a rainstorm in the last second!


It is still in Saab and Munqi D · Doragon, and there is no more shape, and the green goblin, Scoge, Ane and the four CP agents are quickly chasing them!

"Don't be angry, there are others!"

Dorag's expression suddenly changed, he slammed his head to the direction of the Rogue Town Terminal: "It can retrieve the weather with a self ..."

"Mr. Dora."

Sa Bums clenched the iron tube in his hand, and his heart immediately made a decision, this twenty-year-old young revolutionary army opened.

"Mr. Dorag, this town apparently has more dangerous enemies, please leave here, let me disconte!"

After that, Sa Bo has no hesitation.

Sa Boqi but did not continue to follow Dorag, but he didn't even greeted the greenness and other people. He just wanted to be a discard!

Because two people can't escape.

"Hey, Sa Bo, don't need your little ghost ..."

Dorag or even stopped Sa Bo, his face became a little yin, the next moment he bite his teeth and fled to the distance!

If you bring Saab ...

Dorag really doesn't think you have a chance to escape.

However, if the CP specials of the Town and the green goblin, the time they may not end the battle.

At that time, it is estimated that the World Government's agency will come.

If you have not been by the World Government, Dorage is a way to save Sa Bo!

And not the precedent for revolutionary military cadres to be rescued ...

In these years, the pharmacist has also grasped many revolutionary military cadres.

Only there are some revolutionary military cadres. The revolutionary army was robbed on the way to the Navy. This also made the Maritime Handsman's Warring States in front of the five old stars.

Obviously the revolutionary military cadres who have worked hard, but they were lost by the naval delivery, but the navy is not a problem, but there is no problem ...


In order to compete for power, I don't hesitate to harm the interests of the World Government ...

From time to time, these big hat will be buckled on the head of the Buddha's Warring States, so that the navy's marshal can be a lot of life.

These things about Chen Zhijima, the revolutionary army, and many people think that the Buddha's Warring States cannot promote the world chief.

After running in Drag, I went to the Sa Bo who greet the blue and CP agents, I haven't tramped it directly.

A code-free CP agent, even prepared a heavy golden shackle to Sa Bo, imprisoned the revolutionary military cadres.

"Hey Hey hey!"

Saab's corner couldn't help but smoke, he rushed up his palm, looked at himself on his body, and he didn't say it with gold.

"Don't worry about it ..."

A CP member shook his head accidentally, whispered: "Your identity, even if you use a ton of gold's prisoner to put it up ...

Although according to our findings, your position should be just promoted soon, but it is also called the biggest level of our grab. "

The total length of the revolutionary staff, Sa Bo!

This level of youth is second only to the official of the Revolutionary Army, and then captured by the CP Department and the Navy!