I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 529 Plan for Pharmacist

On the pier of Rogue Town.

Sigog is uncomfortable with his own cigar because he has seen Shangyuan Na, which is a naval uniform, and knows that this guild is higher than his rank.

Three years ago, the original Nairou is still a criminal part of the Baroque Treasury; after three years, the original Nair falls into the Navy's department.

Don't say that it is Sigog doesn't understand ...

Even if it is Sa Bo, the prisoner is not understood.

What did this last?

Obviously this guy is still a small person three years ago. In the Baroque Tourism, I want to be a good person, how can I become a naval?

"Ha, I really didn't think it ..."

When Sa Bo saw the original Needle, the face showed a light smile: "We will meet in this situation, Mr. Shangyuan ..."


Shang Nai is holding a cup of juice, shook his head and sighed a little: "I have never thought about it, I will act in this situation when we see it ..."


The expression of the green gout is subtle.

Up to the original Needle, it seems that he is still very unexpected ... however, is this guy who arrested Saab in Rogue Town?

"I will hurt the grass hat."

Sigog squatted with a cigar, and unhappyly opened: "Straw hat flying the devil will be a dangerous person, it is absolutely can't let him, you will be responsible for the deputy of this revolutionary army. ! "

A navy's colonel actually dare to be unscrupulous to talk to the Navy and the Navy, and the stab property exposure of Scochi is undoubted.

However, the cognition of Scoge has no mistake.

Because Sigog's eyes saw Munqi D · Luffy, he smiled in the face of Corber D. Roger before dying, and didn't live a crisis, completely handed it to this. The sea decision.

The straw road has gone in the future, absolutely dangerous.

Shangyuan Nai slowly swallowed his head: "Stimog college, or by you and the Qing Dynasty will be responsible for Mr. Sa Bo, I will hunt the grasshamcente ..."


Sigue's eyebrows are screwed, some are unfortunately, and they will be at the end: "The straw road flew from my jurisdiction, let you ..."

"I am general in the Navy."

Shangji took a juice, I saw a Magger: "You are just a Navy's colonel, a Rogge town ..."

"Ha? A naval who hides in battle?"

The Sman's face couldn't help but show a contempt. He already knows that when the battle of Dorag and Sa Bo, he will hide in the pier of Rogg Town.

Smancin is desperate, and the face of Ayon is in the face of the green, the cold voice continues: "It is better to ask Malin Vanto's masters, when do I abide by the superior order, Dasqi, immediately prepare the warship! "

"Ah ... this?"

The teenage naval sword standing around Samrambles can't help but have some hesitation.

When the face is so defined in the middle, is there really no problem?

Just under the perspective of Scoge, Dasqi can only be careful, and to notify the naval soldier who will notify the base and prepare the warships they sailed.

to be frank…

Dasqi is still more afraid of Scoge.

Because God is a good person looks a good person.

"Ane ..."

Shangji took a juice, turned his head to the beautiful deputy officials around himself: "Srous colonies in the Rogge Town Base and it ..."

"and many more!"

The green flaming scratched his head, looked at the Mc., screaming: "Sman, we will be responsible for the total length of the staff of the revolutionary army, as for the chasing the straw hat, handed over to the original Na Rong "


The eyebrows of Scoge looked at the green gout.

The green gang squatted his own brow, and the sound told him: "It is more important than the beginning of the small ghost that is the beginning of the grass hat. Military law disposal! "

This sentence is unprecedented.

It's not like a sexy child.

Sigog is also the first time I saw Qingqi said that after his brows wrinkled, I finally put down the dispute between the original Na.

Shangyuan Nairi did not continue to investigate, deeply glanced at the Migue, leaving the Town of Rogge with his ministerial, and chasing the straw hat on the grass.

This part is ...

It is more like traveling.

When the original nair is still chasing Luffy, the World Government has also received the news of the revolutionary military staff Sa Bo and the revolutionary army, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, Munqi Dorag, and escaping.

On the island of Justice.

The pharmacist sat in his own office, holding a tall woman in his hand, said with a laughter: "I just want to try to explore the trail of the leader of the revolutionary army, did not expect this I really succeed once ... "

"well done."

The phone has passed an old man's voice. He praised a sentence, and he will continue to say: "Unfortunately this opportunity is rare, actually only caught the staff of the Revolutionary Army ..."

When you say this, the old man in the phone has a dissatisfaction: "If you can inform the Navy collaboratively, dispatch enough people, perhaps this time you can catch the dangerous guy in Dorag ..."

"Five old stars, I have notified."

The pharmacist continued to explain: "After predicted this news, I immediately notified the Navy Marshal Warring States, and I hope he can dispatch the three Navy's generals, and be sure to capture the head of the revolutionary army ... "

When the pharmacist said here, the face was faintly revealing: "But the Warring States Marshal believes that the highest power of the navy is deployed in a virtual or unpredictable guess, it is too wasteful for the general battle. ..."

"He said that it is not wrong ..."

If the five old stars know this kind of thing in advance, they will not agree with the three major parts of the Navy to be transferred to Roggue Town, which is for a speculation that may catch the Dorag.

Because this is too outrageous!

As a result, Roggzhen actually had a revolutionary army, and even a hand and two hands of the revolutionary army. This is really aunt that the five old stars must repent!

If they know that there will be today, I should go directly to the Warring States, and the entire navy must cooperate with the CP department!

after all…

Once the revolutionary army leader Dorag and the revolutionary military staff, the existence of the revolutionary army is completely insufficient!

The old man in the phone couldn't help but sighed: "Forget it, the pharmacist, no need to do this, if you need to transfer the Navy's general place, you can apply for us, we will give you the powers.

Now we will promote yourself on behalf of the World Government to supervise the Navy, and have the power to supervise and command all the generals and below! "


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and continued to open his phone: "I have real have a plan recently ... this plan is very likely to put the revolutionary army, show the world government's majesty!"

"tell me the story…"

The old man in the phone is somewhat curious.

"Open punishment."

The pharmacist pockets his mouth and laughs: "Announce the World Government in Malin Fan Dowe's headquarters to publicly punish all revolutionary military cadres!

However, this matter is difficult to guarantee that it can reproduce Dorage, according to my understanding of my and revolutionary army, Dorag is likely to sit down to sacrifice ... "

This is actually very difficult.

Because the revolutionary army is actually the most afraid of sacrifice.

The leader of the Revolutionary Army Dorage is engaged in the free revolution. I don't know how many comrades have been sacrificed. He may have been used to it ...

If you want to lead out the Dorag and Revolutionary Army, only the revolutionary army cadres who are caught by CP agents, in fact, difficulty is quite big.

"Even you haven't grasp it?"

The elderly in the phone can't help but have some hesitatus: "If you can't lead to Dora, this is just to warn the people in the sea, the people in the sea."

"No, the execution revolutionary army cadre is only part of the plan."

The pharmacist pockets his mouth and slowly opens: "When we execute the revolutionary army, I will execute an important member of the big power of the sea. I want to force another powerful forces on the sea. To disturb the punishment ... "

When the pharmacist said, he laughed and continued: "If the revolutionary army thinks they can have a allies of action, it will lead to their probability, it is not low ..."

"Do you want to catch people ... Is it an important member of the four emperor?"

The old man in the phone faintly hesitated, and he watched: "In this case, the World Government and Navy face can be a world-class war!"


The sound of the pharmacist suddenly changed seriously, he whispered: "Since the beginning of this year, the new people on the big sea continue to come ...

As long as we win, we can once again shocked the national government in the name of the world, highlight the world government, this plan is the most favorable for the world government, and I judge that our compensation is not low! "

"This plan ..."

The old man in the phone is still hesitant.

After a long time, the call came from several elderly people, they were the most powerful people in the world, and they were also the vertices of the world government.

After these old people talked for a while, they finally gave the pharmacist to order the order: "Pharmacist, then according to your thoughts, start to slowly collect intelligence, find a suitable allies for the revolutionary army and Dorag!"

"Yes, there is still something on here ..."

When the pharmacist said here, the mouth couldn't help but laughed: "The Warring States Marshal privately enhanced a navy to serve as a navy, but the naval will not play in the battle of Rogge Town. effect…"