I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 530 let Lu Fei gathered with his brother!

Marin Fanto.

Navy marshal's office.

The Buddha's Warring States has put down the phone in the hand, and the face is surprisingly ugly, and even some anger is a look, let the people next to it. I can't help but feel shocking.

As the Navy's marshal, the Warring States will never send any temper in Malin Van, unless he is from his old friend to the temper explosion.

"What happened?"

The face of the crane will expose a little concern.


The Warring States helped him to help their glasses, snorted: "The Pharmacist played a small report in front of the five old group of the five old groups. It is a childish means ..."

However, this kind of childish means is very effective.

In the phone in the phone, the five old stars simply demanded that the Buddha's Warring States and the Navy must unconditionally cooperate with the CP department of the pharmacist, and accused the Buddha's Warring States to promote a lot of Shangyuan Na.

The Warring States closed their palms, and the face is ugly: "From tomorrow, the pharmacist will relieve the location of the naval staff and serve as the Naval Branch.

The new part of the big supervision has all the powers that will be the following, and can even launch a slave Magic Order for any of the world.

This power is ...

Already able to call him with him!

The crane will hear, can't help but frown: "If this is the case, who will listen to who the little guys will listen to?"

"The Navy has already had different voices."

The Warring States shake his head and sighed. "Xiaohe has already chose to support him in these years, but we think that he is the future of the Navy, did not see this ambitious little guy ..."

The pharmacist is in order to take advantage of it.

This is also the most heart of the Warring States.

A new generation of degeneration means that the navy's future may embark on an uncertain direction, the most troublesome is that this pharmacist is very probably a boss of the entire navy ...

The strength of the pharmacist is not very good, but his mind is very intelligent, so it has become the best chess pieces in the five old stars.

Because the pharmacist has a violation of the momentum, the five old stars can be easily cleared, this person who can bring huge benefits to the world government, but it is the most important talent that is the most important of Five Star.

Especially the design of this pharmacist ...

Although the leader of the Revolutionary Army was hunt down due to the lack of cooperation with the Navy, it also made the world government ate a big loss, even throwing the two hands of the revolutionary army. The wolf fled.

This is good ...

The navy was suspended, but the pharmacist was promoted.

"In fact, you can't say this ..."

The crane will sigh in the sky, comforting his old friend: "The sex of the little pocket is not so bad. Everything he does at least violates justice ... and he has been in order for the Navy in the past few years. What is it! "


Some of the Warring States is not saying.


The pharmacist has been a place where there is nothing to pigeosion, that is, because this makes the Warring States more painful words, he picked up the problem of pharmacists.

Obviously, everyone knows that the pharmacist has changed ...

However, when I really want to accuse the pharmacist, I find that there is nothing wrong with him, and even the small tail of the people will not exist.

Every time the Warring States is relatively compared with the pharmacist, it is always feeling that he is in order to promote himself to the generals of the whole army.

Obviously he is for the future of the Navy!

"Forget it, don't say it."

The Warring States picked up a document to feed the small goat on the hand, sighed a gap: "Tomorrow's pharmacist will come to Malin Fanto, and we have to secretly convene a meeting.

Wu Haoxing hopes that we will cooperate with CP and initiative to launch a world war of the four emperors and revolutionary army ... "

"Actively launched a world war with the four emperors?"

The crane will take the brow: "The five old guys are crazy, the current sea is barely to maintain a balance ..."

"Small Crane ..."

The Warring States shakes his head, and the look gradually became heavy: "This balance can never be a navy, and our purpose will always have one, ending the big waters of Coron Roger open, so that Jun is in the world. "

When the two old people in Malin Vanto have discussed the orders of the five old stars, this is really powerful for them, and the pharmacist who opened the world war is still slowly drinking in Justice. tea.


The highest elderly office.

Pharmacist pocket and Nicobin are playing chess.

Over the past few years, Nicole Robin has always been treated in Justic Island, helping the pharmacist all cleaned up all the unsatisfactory agents of the CP department, and slowly put it in the dark ninja of the country.


Members of Xiaoyang seem to be very good at this trick.

"Miss Robin, you lost."

The pharmacist fell down the chess pieces in his hand, pushed his eyes quietly: "It's a pity, we will never go chess like this now ..."


Nicole Robe slowly nodded and whispered: "I will rush to the sea area of ​​the Weihe Airlines in tomorrow ..."

The pharmacist looked up at Nicole Robin: "I heard that the order of Nairuity will go to you, let you travel to the sea area of ​​the Weiwei route, I want to join the straw hat pirate?"


Nicole Robin nodded and whispered: "According to Mr. Shang Mr. I have to guide them in the world, until the grass hat flying the pirates to be disqualified by the Navy."


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and evoked his mouth: "I can give you some good proposals. A World War will be opened in our hands. It is best to make a little more, don't let He missed this feast ... "


Nicole Robin's eyes are somewhat puzzled.

The pharmacist has opened his palm, and laughed and continued: "According to my future plan, the Revolutionary Army's Participant Sa Bo will enter the list of open probilutions.

During this time, Pantas D. Es, the 2nd team leader of the White Beard, has entered the first half of the great route, according to my calculations, he has also become a piece of chess that falls into our trap. "

The pharmacist grabbed a piece of chess on the chessboard, slowly held his hands, smiles in his mouth: "I heard that the straw road flies is the sake of their two people, I want them to brother three Individuals reunion on the Pelton and the punishment table, nor does it fees the brothers between them ... Miss Robin, do you think? "


Nicole Robin's forehead revealed a drop of cold sweat.

This kind of thing is too cruel.

Where is the brothers reunited on the execution!

Sentence truth, with Nicole Robin and pharmacists have more and more time, she gradually discovered that the number one under the original navigo will have more horrible, even if Nicole Robin occasionally The means of fear the pharmacist.

"I try my best."

Nicole Rob is slowly nod.

Pharmacist looked at Nicole Robin, and smiled and continued: "If you need anything, the CP department is all our people, you can always ask them to cooperate, where the cp9's agents are your old, and have always been Listening to your field. "


Nicole Robin nodded and whispered: "I know, after I see the straw hat, I will let them cooperate with me ..."

"In fact, this kind of thing is not so complicated ..."

The pharmacist slowly released his palm, re-placed the palm of the palm of the chessboard: "Let the straw road fly off a Tianlong people, this crime is definitely enough ..."


Nicole Robin expression is subtle.

This pharmacist said to kill the dragon people, as if it is like a slaughter to kill the livestock, did not put the status of the dragon people in the eyes!

Even if Nicole Robin, I don't dare to ignore the world's nobles!

Pharmacist looked at Nicole Robin, smiling and pushed the frame on the rhinar, whispered: "This is not surprised?"

"That is the world's noble ..."

Nicole Robin frowned: "Even if they have received ordinary attacks or even scared, there will be Navy's generals to help ..."

Hey, it seems that it is really no surprised ...

Because the Navy's generals are members of their well!

"The life of Tianlong people is indeed important to the World Government."

The pharmacist shakes his head and smiled and continued: "Because this group of Tianlong people use their life to use the artifact of Holy Land Marie Joa], it is a pity that I don't need Mary Qia's artifact."

The eyes of the pharmacist gradually exposed a shot: "Now this world is about to change, and after the world's dramatic, it is the new world that is what you want."

When I said here, the eyes of the pharmacist have grown dull: "Before the new world appears, everything in the old world will be cleaned, and Miss Robin may wish before this group of Tianlong people will be executed by Nairos. Take their lives as waste use! "


Nicole Robin still wrinkled his own brow. She slowly shakes his head whisper: "I still wait for me to see the group of straw hat pirates, I don't like this ..."

I can't always see people yet ...

Which is directly remote to control the fate of others?

At least you must first look at the straw road flies and his companions, so that there are also some innocent people like O'Jara.

"Don't like this?"

The pharmacist touched his own chin and laughed: "It is also right, maybe they are also a good partner for Miss Robin!"

After that, the pharmacist smiled and said: "Oh, yes, there will be one thing, you may need me to remind, understand your identity, don't be too deep, you can't divide yourself. With fake ... "

Yuxi Bozuo is a typical trip.

It is clear that Yizha Saso helps to do the undercreach of deep-in-depth beard, and this guy actually integrated into the white beard of the thief, sometimes I forgot my identity.

Originally the location of the Sui Zhike Sasuke Station is very high ...

This guy has chosen to jump into the quagmire.

"Forget it, maybe I have a lot of mouth."

The pharmacist pocket's finger , smile: "Miss Robin is a player, should not think about jump into the chessboard, become a man-controlled chess ..."