I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 531 wants to find the Marshall D. Tiqi (the third! Search!)

The great route, double child.

The sound of the whale rabu echo on the sea.

The straw hat pirates have just passed the rising sea flow of the mountains, and the Lu Fei and the whale label agreement will leave the double son, and it officially entered the great route.

Kuros sat on the Lighthouse of the Shuangzi, looked up the golden Mei Li, who was looking forward, knead his eye: "Straw hat fly, it is really a vibrant little guy, it feels better than The vitness of the incense is also able to toss in the sea ... "

Just as Kuocaus is still missing, a warship rushed down along the waves of the mountain, and he would hit the whale in the face!

I suddenly flew out a movie on the warship!

I saw that the man was playing on the body, kicking out the huge whale directly, this scene made Kolorcas's brows couldn't help but wrinkled ...

This scene…

It seems to be a little familiar?

Three years ago, there is a guy who kicked the whale Rab, although this behavior is more bad, but also let the whale label due to fear humans, do not dare to easily float the water and hit the red earth continent ...


Ion looked at the eyes of the original Nairi.

Shangyuan Nai fell through the juice in the hands of Ine, slowly opened: "Let's go, let's ask the guards of the twin lighthouse to see the straw hat pirates ..."

Double son, under the lighthouse.

Kuros sat on the chair, and the look of the appearance of the Shangyuan Na, who came to him, this fucking is not the person who kicked the flying in three years ago?

What is the kicking now?

Is this guy to become a navy?

Is this naval brain? Obvious naval warship can be free to cross the windless access to the great route, do not go in the mountains?

Shangyuan Na will slowly absorb juice, look at Kolozak Road: "The old man saw the grasshame thief group in front of us? Which route is they walk?"


Kuloz is silent to shake his head.

Shangyuan Na was squatted, watching Kolocel continued: "Don't know ... or just simply don't want to say?"


Kuloz is still silent and shook his head, reaching out his finger refers to his mouth, indicating that he is a dumb.

Shangyuan Nair's expression is subtle.

This is a humor? Forget it, anyway, the original naval is just coming to find a heart to catch Kolo Cas.

"Catch it and enter due to Pelton."

On the original Nairi, let Curus can't help but want to swear.

Just when Kuros wanted to say something, a group of Navy lifted a gun against his body and took Kulos to the warship.

"Apart from the original ..."

Aen's expression is a little confused.

The beautiful female officer is a little less understanding. Why do you have to catch such a innocent lighthouse guardian in Kuros.

Shangji shook his head, did not explain too much.

This double-son's lighthouse attire is not so simple, he is a strong arm of Korr · Roger as a pirate, and has become a good life for Roger's time.

Shangqi Nairi just wants to use Koloz, this Roger Tijun's ship doctor, trying to attract the future of Pluto to join the war ...

When I got on the ground of the two sonists, the grasshapes didn't know that Cuulcas didn't know that the newness of the great navigation has just begun to face the wind blow of the great route. Rain and play ...

Just, there is a help of Namei's nauticalist, the straw cap will still go out and entered a route, which is the whiskey peak pointing from the magnetic pointer you got from Kulcas.

Even if the Baroque Try is already smoking, it is also gathered in the pihy hunters in whiskey hunger, still maintaining their business of rushing the fighter ...

There is a little change in things ...

Whiskey hunter's secondary supporter behind the scene, is now Alabastan, King Brula.

After all, only the source of the pirates from the Whiskey Mountain peaks can avoid the invasion of Arabastan to encounter more pirates, because Alabastein has no sand crocodile Klockdal's national hero helping them to clean up the thief!

Unfortunately, the grasshad thief group is a hard, scorpion ...

The next morning, the straw hat pirates took away the princess of Wei Wei in whiskey, because they have to go to Alabas to defeat the king ...

This thing is developed ...

It's just that I can't help my head.

Especially the things you have encountered on the island of the second stop of the straw cap on their route, and the king of Zhabra is a big oppression ...

The island of Taikoo is very flat.

Now, this island has become a natural super ring, whether it is to fight on this super-ring, this island has also become the island of duel, and it has become a pirates to kill each other. local.

The people who ruled the island of Taikoo's island, which is the Jedi Mission Group, who is returned to Albu, and they are almost universal enemy.

And because there is naturally suitable for giants, the giant soldiers will not have anything else, and they don't have any thunders. These giants are just safe and stabilized, and they even helped handle some arrogant. One pirate ...

The straw cap is a big trump in the island of Taikoo.

Munqi D · Lufei desperately defeated a giant who chased their, dragging the seriously injured body and straw hat fleeing the island of Taikoo ...

When Shangyuan Na, he reported to Malin Fan Domo, helping the reward of straw hatred to 3 million peple.

This is ...

Don't do it very well.

Since dragging the seriously injured body, you will need a ship doctor.

Fortunately, Vivith's princess has indicated the road for them, leading them to the Kingdom of Medical National Drum Kingdom.

The members of the straw cap will also know from the princess of Wei Wei, and the king of a livist is a king, and put down their disputes.

Magnetic kingdom.

Since the civilians of the drum kingdom were forced to bisely bisely killed the last brutal King Valbo, their lives have gradually become rich in the past few years.

When the new King Dolton saw the Flag of the straw hat, he did not start attacking them, but he could lead them for Dr. Kleha.

At the home of the doctor of the Kurha, Na Beauty looked at Dalton's eyes. "" This group of guys ... don't there any thief? "

"Do not worry!"

Dalton's smile is very cool: "Mr. Lu Fei is Mr. Es Mr. Ishi? We just want to thank the brother Potkas D · Es of Got Flying.

The last week of our country suffered the invasion of the Black Beard One Piece Marshall D., Fortunately, Mr. Ess and Yuxi Sasuo helped us drive away him. I also had a letter from Mr. Lu Fei. . "

This is really fate.

Last week, Marshall D. Tiqi received his own black beard helpless group came to the drum kingdom. It was not here for a day. Unexpea Sasuke and Ece were chased, Marshall D · Tiji can only hurry away.

At this time, Tiqi didn't want to meet Unechebra, even if his courage is big, it will not gamble!

However, Marshall D. Tik is not harvest!

On the island of the drum kingdom, Tiqi can confirm his own body and have ambition of getting a shock fruit capability!

Black beard pirates on the raft.

The number of people who founded this establishment was not much, and even they did not belong to their own big ships, just temporarily relying on this raft sailing.

Marshall D. Tiqi's face did not have a confidence, faintly worried: "This continues, I feel that we will be paid by Unechebra sooner or later. At this time, I haven't grasp it ... "

"Then try the evil spirits!"

The dark voice appeared in the ear of Tiqi.

Marshall D. Tiqi, this guy is really a little bit, if it is not black, it has been secretly implied with language threats to obstruct Uzecho Sasuke ...

Tiji This guy was taken by Saso to half!

The dark body drills from the Tiqi's arm, and the voices will continue to say: "The first half of the great route is the king's seven Wuhai and the Navy, let them help solve the help and the Ace ..."

"Thief Hahahaha, this is not very good!"

Marshall D. Tiqi can't help but laugh: "The whole half of the great route can pick a few people who can defeat Sashers ... Save the guy, but it is enough to overturn the four emperors!"

"It's really bad ..."

The black bearded, the ship doctor is unfortunately unfortunately: "I didn't expect to have just joined your 100 pirates, I have to face red-eyed Sasuke and fire As, I feel that we will immediately divide the materials on board. Directly dissolved here ... "

"Poison · Q, can some words can't talk about ..."

Another new member of the Black Beard One Piece showed a smile and whispered: "Ha, this is not that our captain is not a simple figure?"

Not anyone eligible to make the monsters of the new world look high, not to mention our captain or faced the ultra-new people's piracy ... "

"Radi, your guy is really not afraid of death ..."

Black Bearded Diseases · Q reached out from his own basket, and trembled to the speech to spend the speech: "Not as good as you try, see if you eat Apple, if you can live, if You can live, we will continue to advance, if you die, we will divide a person. "

"Thief Hahaha ... Okay."

The black beard stopped the dispute between his own crew. His face still hangs confident smile: "Now we have to do it, it is the way to get on the line, it is best to solve a seven Wuhai, let Laozi This location ... "

"I said that I have received an intelligence here."

The dark body is slowly swimming, and the hoarse voice falls in the ear of everyone: "A lurking in Malin Vantra has passed an intelligence. It is said that the Navy is now the most powerful person is a pharmacist. Guy ... "

"Thief hahaha, I remember very clear!"

Black beard Marshall D. Tiqi nodded, and the smile on his face could not stand: "Be sure to take the opportunity to take the pharmacist ... Because the last time we and Sashers, it is the pharmacist of!"