I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 532 is the fault of Shangyuan (first! Search!)

The black beard of the pirates really want to use the pharmacist, hoping that he can insert the people who caught Yu Zhio Sasuke and Es.

But the drug teacher must not see them ...

No one in the whole sea, no one knows the name of the pharmacist.

The old Navy's newzer will now become a high official of the world government. The CP department of the world is all over the sea, his shadow is nowhere in the sea, and many pirates have a fear of the pharmacist. On the general.

When the pharmacist has just been on the best, he has been arrested the revolutionary military cadres and the pirates to consolidate themselves in the world government.

Some countries in the big sea also dare to defend guilty of the pharmacist, and after the drug division joined the World Government, the World Government's franchisee has also increased more than 30 ...

It's not polite to say ...

The pharmacist is a truly powerful man.

The Black Beard One Piece is more than the pharmacist. It is actually equivalent to a thief. How can I have the opportunity to take a pharmacist?

"Then you must show our value ..."

Black, the body floating on Marshall D. Tiqi, the open mouth: "Just our people explore the information, the pharmacist, the new Navy's big supervision, seems to want to want to be a four Huanghai Thief Group Knife ... "

"Thief hahaha ... I joked it?"

Marshall D. Tiji can't hold his fist, hip hop how the girder is still as big as it is! "


The black smile gradually became spooked: "The pharmacist wants to catch an important person to open the punishment, forced the four emperor, the squirrel and the navy, and want to use the blood of the hundred. "

From the name, this is the intelligence from the white.

In fact, the source of true intelligence is a pharmacist tells the mouth.

Anyway, Marshall D. Tiqi also couldn't find any vulnerabilities. Since this guy got a black and white, the whole person fell into an inexplicable confidence.

This guy really thought that fate chose him!

"The idea of ​​the pharmacist and the plan for our previous discussion is simply uniform ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi cleared his fists, hip hop how to speak: "We can cooperate with him, give him a reason for the war!

Whether it is caught by Es or Sasuke, the old man will never set it, the thief hahaha, clear the body has already supported it, but still hugging the innocent idea ... "

"For us, this opportunity is really good ..."

Darkly looked at Tiqi, whispered: "Just use yourself who have been killed by Unecheo Sasher and Es, set the trap together with the pharmacist, and join hands to catch them ..."

This is white ...

In fact, let Tiqi go as a bait with fishing.

But now there is at least the qualification to become a bait. If you are chasing it by Unechebra, they may be minimal.

simply put…

This is to find a way of life in the desik.

Therefore, the Black Beard One Piece negotiated afterwards, sent Raffiri secretly rushed to Malin Fanto, hoping that they can reach a cooperation with the pharmacist.

At this time.

Yuxi Board and Portcass D · Ees were also traced on the way of Marshall D. Tiqi, and two of them were almost in the first half of the great route.

Because the period is only two months ...

Now I have to have been in the past month, they haven't killed Tiqi, and they also know that Tiqi eats dark and dark fruit ...

the most important is…

Yischo Sasukes found that the black lake in Marshall D. Tiji, which means that Tiqi has become a chess piece, and the white beard will have no way to organize the dark fruit.

What dark fruit is agreed, I didn't care about this so-called agreement at all, but I have been playing them!

This is a big trouble ...

Perhaps the only good news is Potkas D. Ess also saw the news of Lu Fei's big island, just a straw hat pirates and their action routes on the same route, maybe the next stop Can touch ...

"The reward of Lu Fei is very fast ..."

Ace looked at the reward in his hand, that is the latest reward of the straw road flying over 100 million, and Ess is handed on the reward to his companion.

"Hey, Sasuke, look at Lu Fei's new reward, he will definitely become a super new star this year, just like us!"


Yischo slammed his head.

Is this Ace's brain really have any problems? The first half of the great route is the seven Wu Cape, and the small pirates of these rewards are the most likely.

Reward increased ...

Will definitely be stared at the corner!

Yesterday, Yuxi Board and the corner passed the phone, the corner of the guy is still in a heart, ask Sasuke, don't work together ...

When is this fucking!

When I woven, when I wanted to pick up a huge waves on this big sea, how did this people still think about making money?

The current corner has four well-selected demon fruit capabilities, which even includes a natural actual capacity, and other capabilities are temporarily unknown ...

In accordance with the individuality of the corner, he must not take the general ability.

Once the straw thieves are eye-catching, the combination of the corners and flying segments, the little guys in the straw hat will definitely be packaged in exchange for bounty ...

If the straw cap will not be stared at the corner ...

That is the real danger!

Because you can make your horns to make money guys, you can't help the straw road, you must have a bigger use of him with a more manner to him.

Perhaps it is also possible that the corners have recently gained two ...

Yuxi Bozuo knows how high it is, and if you can catch two, the corner is simply opened for three years ...

Now Yiszo Sasuke and the bounty of Este people add it, which is higher than the reward of the white beard.



Just as Yuxi Sasuo is still thinking about the corner, the routine call greetings have come, since Sasuke and Es enter the first half of the great route, the corner will ask his position almost every day.

This fucking ...

Let Sasuo really want to beat people.

Sasuke. "

After the corner of the phone, I went straight to the topic: "Where are you now, it's rare to come to a paradise in the first half, don't let me let me do the landlord?"

"There is not that necessary."

Yuxi Bozuo took his forehead, and his face was significantly impatient: "Ace is idioty."

"It's a bad personality ..."

The corners of the phone are somewhat unsatisfactory: "Overlord meal is unforgettable, let me send him into Pelton reflect ..."

"I will manage him well."

Yuxi Boato looked at the reward of the hand, suddenly opened: "If you come back, the great navigation has a new person ... straw hat fly, the reward is just entering the great route, not long, there is more than 100 billion Feile, you don't have Do you stare at his head? "

"100 million Feral is indeed a lot of rewards."

There is a bit hoarse in the corner of the phone. He slowly swallowed: "But I can't get the money." Because the people of the champion of the grass hat, the group of guys is a name called Shangnao The neighborhood will be. "

When Munqi D. Lufei entered the great route, especially after the news of the big island, the corner was actually eyeing the head of Lu Fei.


The corner also learned from the World Government's channel, and he contacted the original navigation, he only gave up the head of Lu Fei.

"That rascal!"

Yizhi Bozuo can't help but hold his own phone, no wonder angle did not catch Lu Fei, and it is the original naval guy personally come to toss the straw cap.

If I arrived on the original navigation ...

Lu Fei is not as good as the corner of the corner to change the replacement!

Magnetic island.

The straw hat is still don't know all this, and they rushed to the home of Kurha Harbed under Dalton's leadership, but I saw an unexpected person.

"Nicole Robin!"

Shanzhi is somewhat watching Nicole Robin, because he remembers Nicole Robin three years ago, the deputy society of the Baroque Take.

As the old acquaintance of the Baroque, Nimei saw Nicole Robin, the face was full of surprise: "How can Robin sister here?"

"Mr. Shanzhi, Na Beauty, there is a Luffy?"

Nicole Robin's palm touched his little reindeer around him, smiled and said: "I haven't seen it for a long time! How come you come here?"

"Hey, Lu Fei this guy is seriously injured ..."

Mountain couldn't help but took out a smoke, and slowly swallowed.


Ni Ke Robin nodded, and his face was revealed. Magago island to wait for a while, I also want to make up for the people who have hurt from the Baroque Tombs ... "

"It's not the fault of Robin!"

Nicole, the reindeer under the foot of the burner, slammed the mouth: "It is clear that the bastard is the wrong thing!"

"Qiao, don't talk, ..."

Nicole Robin smiled with a small head of reindeer.

The face of mountain is also revealed with a smile, slowly opened: "The civet cat is right ... Originally, the guy is wrong ..."

"I am a reindeer, a horizon!"

Just when they were in the cold, Uso slowly came to Na Beauty, and asked carefully: "Hello, who is this woman!" It looks very kind ... "

"The Deputy Society of the Baroque Try ..."

Nami looked at Nicole Robin, whispered to Upopu: "In short, this is a very terrible person, don't sin! I remember the last time I saw her reward, it seems already It rose to 200 million peple ... "


Uso was scared to suck a breath.

Nicole Robin's woman is too much higher than the reward of Lu Fei, with a reward of 200 million peple, this woman is more horrible!