I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 533 Sasuke, your mission is over (ask for a monthly ticket!)

Nicole Robin's personality is easy to get along.

Even if Upopo self-denial, it is difficult to look at Robin, and she is a woman who has been rewarded by 200 million peple.

When they got a cherry blossom in the island, a squad suddenly attacked them, and the fighting members of Robin launched a assassination, Solaron and Mountain, as a fighting member of the straw cap, nature is unshirkable. !


Two almost have been killed alive.

One of the white-haired enemies, the sword is especially fierce, and the Solaron is not an opponent; another enemy wearing green tights, two three strokes, directly kicking the mountains ...

Until Nicole Robin, these talents were finally retired by their group of people.

Nicole Robin looked at some messy cherry tree, shook his head and sighed: "It seems that this place can not continue to stay ..."

"Miss Robin ..."

Mountain is sitting in the rest of Qiao, sitting on the chair, packing his wound: "What is going on? What kind of guy will you want to kill you?"

"They are the CP agent of the World Government."

Nicole Robin shakes his head, and his mouth revealed a bitter smile: "Because I am the survivor of the island of the island, from 20 years ago, the CP agent has been secretly chasing me. I have been used to it. "

"Two ... 20 years?"

Namei expressions have some sluggish.

She used to meet Nica Robin, in Nazi's impression, Nicole Robin's identity should be very noble, after all, her hand is so powerful ...

I didn't expect this woman to be killed for 20 years ...

And after the Baroque Ceremony was dissolved, Nicole Robin had already passed so bad, and it was not as good as the original navigo.

Members of the straw cap and Nicole have chatted for a while, and finally I know Nicole Robin's life, and I understand why she will be chased by the CP agent.

This woman ...

In fact, it is very poor.

Solaron missed his fingers, and the face couldn't help but show a crazy smile: "If you protect your woman for a while, you can always have a chance to fight with the white-haired Swordsman. ? "

"Betting, you are talking about messy things!"

Mountain is couldn't help but jealousy, turned around, watching Nicole Robin: "Robin sauce, please allow me to be your knight!"

They agreed to protect Nik Robin, but no one mentioned the invitation of Nicole Robin, only the captain invited other people to ship.

After the arrogance of Lu Fei, this guy didn't care in the past. He took the initiative to invite Nicole Robin to join the grasshame thief group, and invited Qiao to sail as their ship doctor and stock ingredients.

Because I received a letter left, there is also a life paper that I is left to him, just pointing to the next stop of the straw hat pirate ...


When the straw hat pirates arrived in this desert kingdom, they have been slowly chasing their warships and arrived here.

Shangqi Nai Luo left hand under a cup of juice, the right hand holds a tectormat, and Ion follows him to help him hold the phone: "Potkas D · Es and Sasuke in Alabattan Yet?"

Shangji took a juice, slowly opened: "But is it here to end this? Is it too big to be in the hurt of Lu Fei ..."

It's really right to say it.

When Roggzhen was out of the sea, Lu Fei's brother Sa Bo was arrested; when Alabas was leaving, another brother Ece of Lufei had to be caught?

"This is also something wrong!"

The pharmacist in the phone, the mouth is laughing and explained: "If you stop the Sasuke, maybe he will kill Tiqi in advance."

"That is set in Alabattan!"

Shangji nodded, sighed a good air: "That's it! But at least let them first see one side ... Otherwise, the next time they see it again, it is in the big prison in Pelton, Is it too cruel? "

"fire punch!"

Just as the original navis is still slowly talking to the phone slowly, a flame suddenly flew out from the Pier in Alabastein, and the flame flames hit the warship parked on the pier!

This scene has seen everyone stunned!

Shangyuan Na was surprised to go back, and saw a fire sea in his own military ship, what is this fucking?

When people on the docks compete for fire, several people fly out of the dock area and disappeared in the crowd.

Shangyuan Nairou has seen a few familiar bodies, is the group of Guizuo, Portcas D. Es and straw hat ...

II and Lu Fei brothers have already gathered.

As a brother's care for your brother, Potkas D. Ess shot is extraordinary, and the warship that is chased from Rogg Town is burned directly.

In fact, this is indeed the original intention of Es.

Since Es knew behind the straw hat, chasing a ship's warship, he has been worried about the safety of Lu Fei. After I met the original Needle warship in the port of Alabastan, I immediately went straight to destroy this. Warship.

Even if Yiszo Sasuo wants to stop him, it is not enough. Sasu help the whole person, don't know what you are ...

"Hey, Es!"

Yizhi Bo Sasuke finally recognized the reality, a collar of Ace, al angging almost can't afford: "Your guy knows what you did?"

"Hahahaha ..."

Esbe Harha placed the palm of the hand, lowered his voice: "Hey, Sasuke, hurry to let go, Lu Fei also follows us, I am in Lu Fei, of course, I want to help him. Little small trouble ... "

"You this white ..."

Yuxi Bozuo couldn't help but release the palm, and smashed his forehead, burn the boat of Shangyuan Na, and also called a little trouble.

In the case of the pirates of the Min Peach, in the face of the pursuit of a naval female, Potkas D · Es escaped than anyone else ... Now, in the name of the original navigation, it is the normally. Guys, the guts of Es are bigger!

Mom, this is a secret!

A real idiot really never bully people who can kill, but to provoke those who can kill you ...

In addition to Uzecho Sasuke ...

Not long ago, I just added the grasshamcente of Nicole Robin, and the forehead is full of cold sweat, and her face is faintly speechless.

Potkas D · Es is a strongest super new people in history, and they dare to positively provocate them.

"Go fast, the group of navy is chasing!"

Portcas D. Ess Har Harda hosted towards the people of the straw hat, and continued to say: "Hahahaha, Lu Fei, Sasuke, you will go, I will stop him!"

"You will go first!"

Unechebra helped looked at Shangyuan Needle and a group of navys that came over, and the look was hard to shake the head: "I still let me stop him!"

"Hey, Sasuke ..."

Alce is still less than willing.

"To shut up!"

Yuxi Bozuo interrupted him, pulling out his own grass sword, unquestionated to open the mouth: "Now, how far can you get far, absolutely don't look back, wait for me to solve it here! "

After seeing Yuxi Bozuo, So Lung couldn't help but look at Es, asked: "Hey, Lu Fei's brother, leaving only your companion to stop the navy, no problem? That is the original navigation So easy to deal with ... "

Shangyuan Naou can be a finger to block his three knives!

Because Sauon has not seen the world, from the sensory of Solaon, the strength of Shangyuan Nair, perhaps the hawk eye is the same level of character.

Ais shakes his head, and said, "Please feel relieved, in this world, except for the old man, no one is Sasuo opponent."

"Ah, is it so powerful?"

The face of Qiaoba flashed a surprised, some incredible shaking his own small head: "The person is now in the neighborhood!"

"There is no relationship."

Es said with his eyes and smiled and continued to shake his head. A Navy's part of the Department of Naval will, Yiszo Sasuke can easily defeat the Navy's generals three years ago!

Nicole Roben still left cold sweat, and looks an anis, this guy is still so calm now?

I is very calm, because he faces the neighborhood of the naval, it is not too much pressure, and it is a bitter battle ...

Just as Es trusts his companions, Yu Zhi Bozuo helps is not very good, because he finally saw the original navigation again after three years.

"Ha, it's really a strong enemy ..."

Shangyuan Nairou waved a group of navy's pursuit, looked at Uxzo, and couldn't help but show a smile: "White Beard One Piece is helpful, stop what I want to do here?"


Yuxi Bozuo is silent, and his face is hard to bite his teeth. He looked at the laughter of the original Nair, and the mood gradually became complicated.

This guy is still an old ...

As if it is just a general person.

Yischo Sasuke is very clear. When Shangji is a smile, prove that everything is in his control, because he has been using a smile to cover his proud.

"I am not going to do."

Yuxi Bo saga took his fist and collected his own grass sword. He carefully apologized: "Sorry, this time is Ais acting too impulsive, I apologize to you, I hope you can forgive the idiot. "

"You are a pirate, we are the navy ..."

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head, spread his palm, calmly smiled: "A pirate burned the army of the Navy, and the navy grabbed the pirate and killed it. It was also a responsibility. We don't seem to be necessary. These etiquette? "


Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled his brow.

Things seem to get bigger!

Shangnai Nai Luo this guy will actually speak well!

"If you really want to apologize ..."

Shangji opened his palm, laughed and opened: "Then, bring the Mobi Dick, let Potkas D · Escetate, to apologize to me ... this requirement is not ? "

"This condition ... is unlikely."

Yuxi Boato bite his teeth. This condition will not promise any member of the White Beard One Piece.

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, smiling and nodded: "Since it is not too likely, then, since Saso, Mr. Say, I am just a naval, naturally, I can't dare to Potkas. · D · Ece Show ... "

When I said here, Shangyuan Nair laughed and opened his hand to continue: "But as the cost of fair trading, if I don't have the words of Portkas D · Es, Sasuke will not be in Alabattan What is it? "


The expression of Unecheo Sasuke is a little confused. The next moment, his expression suddenly changed, and the look is ugly: "What you mean ... Navy, no, it should be a Xiao ... Do you want to do it?"


Shangyuan Na will nod, step by step, step by step, the sound suddenly became gentle: "Hard you, Sasuke, starting from this moment, you are over at this moment. "


Yischo Sasukes suddenly fell into a sluggish.