I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 534, 40 billion rewards, surprised straw hatscenters! (Third, ask a monthly ticket)

Alabasan, port city.

In the corner of the city, the straw thief reunited around Lu Fei and Es, curiously gotting two brothers.

Es didn't talk to the road. Instead, he was solemnly bent on the grasshamcente, and smiled at them.

"Hello everyone, I am the brotherport of Lufei Potkas D. Es, since this time, my brother is taking care of you."

Es used to learn ceremonies from Macana.

Especially after he has seen Uzhi Hose, he has learned a lot from Uzhi Posk, such as how to say hello to your brother's companion.

This kind of polite appearance makes the whole straw hat pirates can't help but sigh. They are not reliable, but they actually have such a good-polite brother?

Mountain couldn't help but take a smoke and slowly shake his head: "It's hard to imagine, such a polite person is Lu Fei's brother ..."


Namei's expression is also very subtle.

Esshun handed the mountains to ignite the cigarette in his hands. He smiled and continued: "I understand the nature of the road, must have added a lot of trouble to everyone ... Sorry, let you always wait for him."

"No, no more ..."

Namei looks awkwardly in a hurry.

The rest of the straw cap will not help but put a hand, because in the face of Es, these people are really not good.

Solaron hugged his knife, closed his eyes: "Lu Fei This guy is our captain, some things are still very reliable ..."


Everyone in the field is nodded in the words of Solaron.

"is it?"

The Es' s mouth hangs the smile, turned to shoot the shoulders of the road, smiled and praised: "It seems that the road is really growing up, has become a qualified captain ..."


Everyone in the straw cap will turn the head to one side.

In fact, just just a little passer, most of the situation, the captain of Lu Fei can be a little unreliable!

If the straw cap is a dangerous person, then the road flying is the most reliable person; if the straw cap will not encounter danger, in fact the road flying is the dangerous person who brings dangerous ...

Just when they have to be cold, Namei suddenly thought about what I did, and I didn't think about Es: "Oh? Potkas D. Es, three years ago, the strongest super new star pirate in the history, One year of rewards exceeds billion Bailey! "

Portcas D · Es is indeed known as the name.

Because Uzecho Sasukes defeated Bakeman, the departure of the Red Hair, Many people think that Es is one of the four emperors of the new world. As a result, after the defeat, it directly adds white beard. One pirate.

This matter has been put on news.

Because Portkas D · Ess said the strongest pirate coming out of the East Sea since the past few years, once the news book book of the East China Sea.

Namei heard that his business is not surprising.

The whole straw cap will not bear to look at Es, and Lu Fei, this polite brother, his identity is really uniform!

"Ha, I am not so strong."

Es didn't laugh and shook his head, reach out the finger knocked the forehead of the road, and continued: "Let alone have passed the past, now I am just the second team of the White Beard team leader…"

"White Beard One Piece!"

Nami cleared his palm, and the brow couldn't help but frown, and the opening: "Is that ... the strongest pirates in the world White Beard One Piece?"


The Es' face flashed a self-confidence.

Namei's hand has been getting closer and closer, the face gradually became ugly, and slowly opened and continued to ask: "Do you have a very flat person?"

"Yes, do you know?"

Es is curious to look at the beauty, smile and open: "It is a captain of our 8th team, my relationship with him is good, need me to help him greet him?"

The captain of the eighth team is the fish of the fish.

Since I am very flattering, I will get out of the fishman's ghosts, I will join the Pirace Group to join the Pirace Group, and Namir took the initiative to give his own captain.

Because of the very flattest, it is very fun, the relationship between the two people is really good.

"No, no need."

Namei is not shaking his head.

Others of the straw hat pirates see Namei's mind.

Because of Solaon and Shacheng, when they were visiting in Cocoa Village, I knew that the Dragon Mission delegated in the mouth of Namei, Namei added the purpose of the straw hat, which was to beat very flat!

"Es, help me take a phrace!"

The road flew his fist, looking at your brother seriously: "Tell the guy called very flat, I will knock down!"


Ace's face couldn't help but flash a question mark. He helped his hat, and asked in the same place: "What is wrong? His character ..."

The road flew his fists and continued to open: "In addition to that is very flat, there is the guy named white beard, I will fall down!"

This is a commitment to Namei!

Because Nami has been trapped in the fear of very flat and white beard, especially after the release of the Baroque, this kind of emotion is getting more and more serious.

Until now…

Nami is still worried about the revenge of Aron.


The face of Es is more curious, his mouth shows a smile: "It's the same as me in the past, Lu Fei, do you want to directly challenge the strongest man in the sea? This is beyond imagination Difficult ... "

The road flew shakes his head, and his face is unprecedented: "Whether it is for what, I will knock down his!"

"But you even do it ..."

Ace explored his two fingers, knocked the forehead of the road, and laughed: "Forget it, then you will soon be stronger! When you have to challenge the old man in the future, you must pass I am off! "

This difficulty is not low!

Even now, I is not a whole straw hat, he can match the enemy, but he is also known as a famous pirate in the new world of monsters!

Sauub frowned and watched a bit of a bit of an atmosphere. I couldn't help but ask: "If you come back, do you really have something? The guy who is called Shangji is a very strong man ... "

"Will not."

Ais shakes his head, and his mouth has a confident smile. He believes his companion than anyone: "Even if the Navy is general, it is impossible to overcome Sasuke ... It is estimated that you can't use it. …Eh?"

Es' eyes slightly moved, I saw Yizha, who was in the distance, and he waved his hand, whispered: "Hey, Sasuke, this!"


Yiszo sauce looked at the youth that waved the palm.

Next, the figure of Sasuke disappeared in the field of view, and there was a total of everyone in the moment!

This hand is surprised by everyone in the scene!

"Wow, wow, ..."

When Lu Fei and Qiao saw Yuxi Bozuo, both eyes were almost put: "Is it a transient? Sai Shuai!"

"I didn't see any action at all ..."

Solaron looked at Unechebra, and the eyes were slightly amazed: "I am here to come here from the moment ..."

"How can I so long?"

When Es saw Yuxi Bozuo, his expression was still wonderful: "Sasuke, will the navy are tricky?"

"He is not a tricky problem ..."

Sasuko couldn't help but shake his head. This Ace is more confident, and it will think that the original navigo is just difficult to describe it!


Shangyuan Na Rush to him, announced that the undercover task has ended, and Uchiko Sasukes will take the initiative to continue the mission, and assist in the situation of monitoring the white beard.

These years have been ...

Yischo Sasuke is used to everything in the white beard, if you can, Yiszo Sasuke doesn't even mind in Mobi Dick.

Unfortunately, all this is a dream.

Today, dreams will be awake.

When Sasuo shook his head, Yu Guang saw Nicole Robin, who saw the grasshamcente, let his expression change again.

Nicole Robin woman ...

The straw hat pirate is also inserted into the undercover ...

"Es ..."

Yiszozo helps Potkas D · Es, Shen Sheng: "If there is nothing, we will talk to a place!"


Es looked at Sasher.

Just as Es and Yuxi Sasukes are placed on the other side, and the strawhal group is still taking Yuxi Boa.

Nami looked at Unechebao, couldn't help but praise a sentence: "Robin sister, the Unechebra is a handsome ..."

"Not only is handsome ..."

Robin's mouth hooks, laughing and opening: "And Yu Zhibo Sasuke's strength is very powerful, last year, his reward amount has exceeded $ 40 billion Baile, it is comparable to the emperors of the new world ... "

"Four ... forty billion!"

This figure is really scared to everyone.

Nicole Robin shook his head quietly, whispered: "Yuxi Bozuo believes by the World Government to be the most dangerous monster of this era, it is said that he likes to be a fierce eye, with incredible power ..."


Everyone looked at Unechebra.

At this time, Sasuke didn't know what to talk to Es, showing a scarlet light, and people can't help but play a cold.


It is indeed very fierce!

The sodal's mouth revealed a smile, and his face took a ribs to try: "Robin, is that Ski is a swordsman?"


Nicole Robin slowly nodded, whispered: "But the world government has specially have a news for Unechyo Sasuo special news. Yuxi Bozuo has a knife on one of the big rods. sword…"

"Yes, there is no big fast knife ..."

Solaron's face revealed a wiper.

A super pirate that has been rewarded more than 40 billion!

This super pirate is a big sword who holds a big hurry. Even if Sorlon knows that it is invincible, I can't help but want to go to Yizhi Bo, please ask!

Nicole Robin saw the war on the face of So Lon, and the opening of the opening continued: "If you want to challenge his words, it is best not to pick this time, because I feel that his mood should not be very good ..."