I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 535 captures the candidates of Portkas D · Es!

Unechebra is really too good.

Because in the eyes of the straw cap, Yuxi Bozuo and Portcas D · Es are chatting, and suddenly, a punch, put Es to the wall ...

The straw hat is almost shocked!

The $ 400 billion Peliler is too fierce!

After a long time.

Potkas D · Es and Yiszo Sasuke were taught, or he was beaten with his fist with his fist by Uneers.

Potkas D · Ess's head was swollen a big bag, walked over to the straw hat, smiled and said: "Okay, we have already talked ..."


Lace Hat Piece is talking to the Ace.

Obviously, your guy is unilaterally being played!

If you don't want to be the swollen bag on the Ais, this person still is still a brother who has a very reliable look that is polite.

Lu Fei looked at his brother, couldn't help but ask: "Ace, what is going on here ... Why is this guy to hit you?"

"Ha, just our opinions have some differences ..."

Es looked at Unechebra next to him, smiled and waved: "A little problem, I have solved."

This solution is to be played by Sasuke ...

As for the dispute between Yiszo Sasuke and Portcas D. Ess, is of course about Marshall D. Tiqi, Unechebra helps Ice can stop chasing Sticker, secretly sneak back to the new world.

Because Uchimo Sascura can't take the work to take the Ice.

At least on the surface, Unechebra does not publicly betray, and Shangyuan Na will definitely not let them, and even may be consensitive to Es.


Yischo Sasuke can only help the strength of White Beard Edward New Gate, can be protected by Aies, and he has no way to continue the Ace.


Potkas D · Essiber is more embarrassed, and Uchi Sasuke can only continue to follow Alies in his headache.

At least it is in the words ...

It can also ensure that Es can live in the plan of Shangyuan Na.

Straw Hat One Pirates and Portcass D. Es, Yuxio Sasukes did not stay in Alabattan, they broke away, because Esseed Marshall D. Tece and Black Beat Sea Thief group's news.

When the straw hat pirates left, he had been following the Shangqi Na Rou without action, and he still stayed in Alabastton.

Because the next thing to do is being worked!

Alabasan, the center of the desert.

Yuxi Bozuo and Portcass D · Ece took the trace of the Black Beard One Piece along the way, all the way to the central area of ​​the desert.


They finally saw Marshall D. Tiqi.

"Thief hahahaha ... You really chased it!"

When Marshall D. Tiqi saw Es and Sasuke, his face did not be, but it was full of joy: "Join me! Alce, old man is too old, only I can lead you Going to a new era! "

Marshall D. Tiji's voice is full of confusion, his eyes are full of coveted: "Sasuke ... I am in Mobi Dick, I have already selected my own vice captain, and then There is no more suitable person than you! "

Marshall D. Tiqi stalls his palm. The look gradually became sincerely: "Now I have already eaten the dark fruit, I got the world's most precious treasure, Sasuke, as long as we can work, this piece The sea is in our control ... "

This sentence is very serious.

Since Marshall D. Tiqi sees Yischo Sasuke, the guy is helping the guy!

Tiqi has long thought that after you have a powerful fruit ability, you must have a sure to become your own vice captain, this guy's strength is strong and has super self-discipline!

to be frank…

At the beginning of the Piece, the pirates of Portcas D. Ece is really inexplicable. If Aliment doesn't have to challenge white beards so early, but in the new world, it is estimated to have a new four. Emperor!

Not anyone who has luck, you can get with Yis Zhiso, and the people who have gone are not well cherished ...

This is a great waste.

"Still don't dream there during the day ..."

Es slowly helped his hat, flashing on his face and furred: "Harm Saqi, and what is your face?"

Estead expanded his palm, palm slammed out a flame: "Don't dream, Tiqi, originally I just want to catch you back ... but we have no time left, I only Can kill you here! "

Only killing Marshall D. Tiqi can make the dark fruit to be reborn, so there is hope to complete the appointment of Xiahe and White Beard One Piece!

"Do you want to kill Laozi?"

Tiqi's palm gradually became a dark, and his mouth was grinned.

"Thief Hahahaha ..."

Tiqi's face revealed a smile, he looked up in this quiet and vast desert, whisper: "Our big people, I have helped you bring people, next thing Give you the Navy? "


A coffin did not know when to drill from the desert.

When this coffin appears, an overbained breath slowly embossed in the desert, and the powerful tyrants are almost unable to cover up!

Even with Es, there is also a domineering domineering, and it is not surprised to have the sudden extent of this sudden!

This bullet is suddenly appearing above the Shahai, which set off an boundless sand wave. Everyone who is forcing the scene can't help to block your eyes!

This moment of tyrants ...

Even if it is more than Yisha, it is not inferior!

"Thief Hahahaha, it is a horror ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi looked at the coffin, couldn't help but laugh: "I didn't expect the World Government to have such a strong person ... Single only used to deal with Sasher, it seems that there is no problem!"

The owner of the Black Beard One Piece is also nod, and this is the domineering of this strand, it is much more than Marshall D. Tiqi!

Although the Black Beard One Piece has not seen Sui Zhiso Sasuke and who is more stronger, but at least this battle is not easy to solve!

at least…

They have more than a day that can escape.

The black figure slowly floated from Tiqi's body, and its smile became a little strange: "Hey ... It is indeed a powerful figure!"

Especially this person ...

Still, the old man meet!

After the person who is in a perceived the coffin, I immediately secretly touched the body of Marshall D., I didn't want to see that person!

"Put the ghost!"

The tyrants on Es have suddenly burst into open, and they conferred the domineering released by the people in the coffin, and they can stick to this tyrants.

There is almost no comparative collision between two tyrants.

The people in the coffin suddenly broke out the tyrants, and it was defeated by Ais's domineering, and there was a boundless sand wave and went to the Es.

" ..."

Ees spit a sand, turned to see Yis Zhi Shuo, I want to say something, but I only see that my companion is full of face, staring at the coffin.

Yischo Sasuke's face is not born.

In addition to people in the coffin, it is because of the domineering of the guy in the coffin, it is just a embarrassment of a refrigeration. It is clear that it is only a part of Dhalo and Ashura. It is just a failure. ...

Why is the guy ...

Actually, can this big sea be so strong?

"That rascal…"

Yuxi Bozuo took his fist, and his face gradually said: "Oh, sure, no matter where you go, can the guy become a powerful monster?"

Now let Yuxi Bozuo have to admit ...

The domineering domineering in that guy seems to be stronger than him!

However, this thing seems to be not exception, because the person in the coffin is indeed the easiest to wake up the kingdom of domineering, and it is also the most easy to enhance the domineering of the tyrant!

Even if he is dead ...

Even if his body is just the resurrection of the earth ...

If he can live with flesh and blood, even if there is a strong enemy in the world, the man is still able to step by step to the top of this world!

Even if it is the original naval, after he is dead, do everything possible to find some part of his body, and use the rubbing to make him a collection!

This is also normal ...

In addition to the four signs of anti-translosphere, there is also a mood and Yisi wave belt in the hands of Niji and Yisi Bo, which naturally will not miss the guy!


The man in the coffin kicked the coffin board!

A palm suddenly explored, slowly after the coffin.

Everyone does not come up with the coffin, stare at the man who comes out from the coffin, which is not coming to the self-owned man!

I walked out of the coffin from a man in red armor ...

From his clothes, it is like an ancient warrior.

The man's face is full of fine cracks, just like being burned to the pottery, even if so, it is still difficult to cover up!

This guy seems to see everything in this world!

"Yu Zhibo ... spot!"

Yizhi Boato couldn't help but bite his teeth.

Even if it was Sasuke, I didn't expect that Shang Qi Nai would actually let Yuxi Boss's guidth is responsible for dealing Es, even if it is Sasuke and know the tricky of Yuxi Boss!

Even now Yischo Sasuke, there is no real and now Yuxi Boli Battle, he does not think that he faces Yuxi Bozo's scorpion.

Who knows how much Yu Zhibo is strengthened in this big sea?

Single only arrays the highness of the tyrants that just now, Yuxi Bouchet is definitely not stopped, even if it is the existence of embossed body, he also found a strong opportunity!


Yuxi Bouvet looked at Portcass D. Es and Yishe Sasuke, can't help it, showed a smile of irony: "It seems that there are still many old friends, Sasuke, now You are really like it ... "