I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 536, then I will help you send your brothers!


very dangerous.

Everyone in the Alabattan desert, who truly saw the man appeared in the coffin, everyone's heart felt a thrilling feeling.

"Sasuke ... Do you know?"

On the forehead of Portcas D. Es, he took a drop of cold sweat. He looked at Unecheo Sasuke and looked at the man who came out from the coffin.

Yuxi Bo saga took a nodded, clenched the grass sword in his waist, his face became abnormally serious: "Well, it is aware! Even if I am in the face of him, I don't dare to fell lightly ..."

"Hahahahaha ..."

Yishibo couldn't help but laugh, his laughter echoed in this desert, as if he heard what made him feel ridiculous.

After a long time, the smile of Yu Zhibo spheres slowly converges, his fingers slowly, grinned: "Sasuke, it seems that you have become a lot in this big sea, not, I I also feel that I have made a lot of hard. "

If it is not a time when it is not very suitable ...

Yuxi Bouvelle is really thinking and Unexpea Sasuke!

After all, like Su Zhibo's opponent, in a sense, there is a big fight value between the thousand handles, even better than the thousand-handed column!

Reincarnation ...

Kaleidoscope writes the wheel eye ...

Over-body must be affair ...

Yuxi Waveflow Swords, Sports and Illusion ...

Plus the domineering from this large sea!

Once the battle between the two people open, it is actually a little like a mirror, and the feeling of defeating her is the most wonderful!

The only strange thing is that Unechebra helps a face of the same face with the younger brother Yuxi Boquan, so that Yizhibo spheres can not recall the Warring States era, their own and your brother, the era of growth together ...

Just as Yuxi Bao is still missing, a group of navy appears within the vision of everyone.

The person headed is the Shangyuan Na, who has been chasing behind!

"Well? I haven't started yet ..."

The hands of Shangyuan Nairou held a cup of ice juice. Rao looked at the situation in the desert, reached out to Es: "Hey, zebra, some people burned my warship, help me catch him, the speed is the most If you are so much, I am busy with this side. "

"... Your guy!"

Yuxi Bao snorted, and he looked at Es, slowly erected his finger: "Is it possible to help you kill him?"

"It's better to live."

Shangyuan Na will shook his head slowly, whispered: "If he is dead, there is nothing value ..."

"It's trouble."

The brow of Yuxi Bao wrinkled. His eyes suddenly became a cold cold, and the fierce voice echoed in this desert: "That takes him halfway!"

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres are instantaneously chemically returned, the pair of Yuxio Sasuke's eyes are extremely similar to the eye, let Alce's face change!

"Be careful!"

Yuxi Bozuo helps a loud reminder.

However, now Sasuke doesn't know how to do it ...

As the price of the Burna, Essi, this battle is unable to avoid it, and Yizhi Bozuo has no way to intervene.

In fact, the purpose of Shangyuan Nair, Yischi Sasuke is very clear, it is to stop him from this battle.

The eyes of Shangyuan Nair falls on the body of Unechebra, slowly narrow his eyes, and his mouth exposed a good smile.

When Unecheo Sasuke and the original Needle, the battle of Portcas D · Es and Yuxibo spots is already open!

"Wheel Tomb · Prison!"

Yuxi Bao's eyes flashed a light!

Next moment, Portkas D. Esso flew out, and his mouth did not help but cough up a blood!

"what's the situation?"

Ace didn't dare to cover his chest, he didn't see any traces of attacks, hit it by a strange attack!

That is the shadow of the tomb!

In addition to Uzecho Sasuke and Shang Nai, you can see a contour, anyone in the field can't see the shadow of the tomb!

The continuous attack has fallen on the body of Es!


This is a big hundred thief in the new world. This moment has no power, but it is impractical to wavily waving his fists, and the firewall trying to block the inexplicable attack!


This is only futile.

Next moment, Es was directly knocked down!

Everyone's heart can't help but feel a cold. They didn't see what the Yuxi wave spots did, and Es was already defeated by him!

"That rascal…"

The look of Marshall D. Tiqi has become somewhat horror, slowly pinching his fists: "Is that transparent fruit? No, absolutely not, even the domineering is not aware of any battle traces ..."

Tiqi, who once seen the evil fruit map, after seeing the ability of Unexpell, and at this moment, there was a little fear at this moment, and there was no attack at all ...

That should make people avoid it ...

The whole black beard is also uneasy.

The dark voice appeared in the ear of Marshall D. Tiqi: "Tiqi, Yuxi Sasuke and Portcass D · Es chasing our crisis have been released, now let's leave Here ... "


Tiqi's expression was sluggish for a second, and suddenly grinned: "But the next battle should be a heavy drama! I want to see it, even the characters who are taboo are more!"


The next battle is the weight!

"Things are finished!"

After Uchi Bin defeated Es, his eyes stopped on the original Nairi, cold channel: "Next is free time!"


Shangyuan Needa smiled and put his hand.

The eyes of Yizhibo spheres flashed a bright light, and his eyes were falling on the body of Yuxio: "Let me make it good!"

The shadow of a wheel tomb suddenly attacked Unechebra!

This shadow was waved to wavily waved his own grass sword!

"Spot, I don't want to fight with you now!"

Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled her brow.

"This is not you!"

The shadow of a wheel tomb suddenly appeared around Sasuke, and continually kick it on Sasuke, finally put Unecheo Sasuo kicked out!

This is also completely irritated!

Next moment, Unechebra sang suddenly opened a must, and pulled out the talents of the must, huge sketches, and smashed a sandstorm in the desert!

Everyone in the field is not somewhat frightened by autonomous.

In the past few years, there is a new legend. It is said that when Yuxi Bo and must appear, it means that disaster and destruction!

next moment…

A blue must be protracted from it!

It is the need for Yuxi Bao, the member of the fourth Utiso family in the big sea, finally at this moment, but this person stood over the side of the Navy!

Yisi Bouvelle is able to force his own must, waving huge tattoo knife to Sasuke's purple, two must be hit together to hit the knife!

The impact wave generated by the collision is subject to the impact wave of the collision, and the desert is swept in the moment, and there is a boundless sand wave in the desert!


Poison Q is carefully close to Tiji, slowly swallowing the opening proposal: "This level of battle is not now we can participate in ... If you don't leave, maybe there will be bad luck!"

Next moment, a snack suddenly fell on the side!

The whole black beard of the thief is directly cleaned by the remaining wave of this shot!

"The two guys ..."

Marshall D. Tiji spit out a souse.

Not long before I thought I found the shortcut to realize my ambitions and dreams, I thought that I would like to be a man who was topped in the top, realized my weakness.

If you don't leave, they will die!

Marshall D. Tiji flashed a shot frightened, flew to the deep place of the desert: "Everyone left here!"

Black Beard One Piece is like a bird!

These ambitions fled to the depths of the desert in Alabastan, which must be involved in this must be involved in the battle.

Because Uzecho Sasuke and Sui Zhibo will avoid disturbing to the original navigation, this does not mean that they also need to take into account the death of the black beard.

If the member of the Black Beard One Piece is misunderstood ...

Then they can only be white and white.

Just when the Navy is gradually subtle in the battlefield of Baixu, the original Nair is step by step to Es, slowly squatting in front of Es.

Shangyuan Nae lost his eyes, slowly reached his hand to help Es, the sand on his face, laughed and said: "Portkas D. Ess, White Beard One Piece 2nd team Captain, do you know me? "


The face of Es flashed a confusion.

Next, Es looked at the original Nairi, his mouth suddenly told a smile: "Ha, I remember it! I remember that you are the navy that has been chasing Lu Fei? Now but now You can't catch the road! "

This guy's heart is too big?

At this time, I still think about my younger brother. Is it not good to see your situation? He is on a battlefield that may be killed at any time ...

Now he is also captured by the Navy!

After the smile, I suddenly apologize, "But I am still very sorry, I was caught by you because I worried that the idiot of Lu Fei was caught. I accidentally burned your warship. I hope you will not mind, forgive I have previously impulsive ... "

"No, not accidental."

Shangji shook his head, reached to help Ece, is doing a hat: "Esse, you burned my warship is deliberate ..."


The Es' s face revealed a shy smile, and didn't care about his situation. I even smiled and said: "But your navy is so rich, should you still have a warship?"

"It makes sense."

Shangji nodded and touched his own chin: "Not long, I caught a revolutionary army called Sa Bo, I heard that he is your brother ... Mr. Ess, you have two younger brother, you should not mind I sent one of the younger brother to the prisoner? "

"Sa Bo!"

The Es' s face flashed a shot.

In the past few years, Es already knew that Sa Bo was still alive and joined the revolutionary army that has been wanted by the World Government.

But because Sa Bo has been very busy, their brothers have not seen it.

I didn't expect that when I heard the news of Saab again, Sa Bo had been caught by the Navy, and even sent to the prisoner!

I was a tooth, and the face was flashing in an instant: "Betting, send Sa Bo to the criminal station. This kind of thing will mind ... I just have two younger!"

"This ah ..."

Shangyuan Na was touched his own chin, nodded carefully: "Sorry, I think about it. Since you don't want to let Sa Bo yourself, then I will help you grab all your brothers, send it together. The punctuation station! "