I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 537 Plan the first step to start!

The eyes of Alce have some yin.

Once you mention your own brothers, the character of Es will slowly become stabilized, and I heard the original navigation, I want to catch their brothers, and the expression of Es has become extremely unceumered.

This navy is very serious when you speak.

This also means that he really wants to seize the brothers, and send three brothers to the criminal station to accept the execution, and even he may have caught two!

"Your guy ..."

The Es' s face flashed a heavy weight. His voice was almost squeezed from the teeth: "Do you really caught Sa Bo?"

"I am not lie to you."

Shangyuan Na Roked his pocket and took a photo in front of Es, whispered: "This is the general staff of the revolutionary army ..."

This photo is not very good.

From the picture, it is indeed a photo of a navy will take a photo and Huangfa youth.

When I saw the photo, I recognized Sa Bo at a glance, and the Saabo on the photo was worn on a handcuffs. Saab's smile was a bit of emotional.

Mingming Sa Bo was also caught ...

However, Sa Bo's smile did not depressed.

Because Sa Bo was arrested by the Navy, I just knew that Munqi D · Lu Fei fled the news of Roggue Town, and also known Munqi D · Dorag's escape.

To be honest…

When Sa Bo was arrested, the mood was not bad. After all, he fulfilled his responsibility as the total length of his brother and revolutionary army.

I is not to see!

As a big brother of Saab and Lufei, all of their brothers can not be less, everyone must go on the way they pursue their dreams!

Whether it is Lu Fei or Sa Bo is caught, Ace will definitely take the best to save them!

But now he is also caught ...

The situation is that it has become awkward.

Potkas D · Es' eyes fell on the original Nairi, and the naval will actually be in the same way, how can there be such a navy in the world, more than his grandfather Still bad!

"It's handsome."

Shangqi Needle left hand holding juice, the right hand rushed toward the camera: "Ane, must take a little more than Rogg Town!"


The deputy officer of the beauty is looked at the original navigation.

Is this boss punched card here?

Who taught this boss to raise the scissors?

How to shoot it is handsome! And the Captain of the White Beard One Piece 2nd team is not what they caught. Is this the meaning of the war?

Shangji Nai Lu saw that the flash flashed, and after satisfied, the loud told himself: "Take this boy into the prisoner!"


Aen looked at the camera in his hand, and his face had a little susceptible. In fact, she really didn't think it was a good photo ...

The photo of Shangyuan Naoli and Portcas D · Ece is not as good as the photo after the capture of Sa Bo!

"Hey, wait ..."

Potkas D · Es tried to stand up and looked at the original navigation: "Your guy tells me where Sa Bo is!"

This guy must know the drop of Sa Bo!

Shangyuan Na Ren is reaches the side of Es, whispered: "Don't worry, you will be able to see it soon, I will arrange people to help your brothers to prepare luxurious cells ..."

In fact, Sa Bo did not have in Berston.

The current Sa Bo is secretly detained on Juda Island.

Portcas D · Ece quickly was installed in the homios of the sea army, the captain of the 2nd team of the white beard will also be sent to Judi Island.

"The top will, over there ..."

Aen looked at the two tallments that were still fighting, whispered: "The Shangyuan will, are we not help?"

"I do something little thing ..."

Shangji shook his head, laughed and opened: "The battle between them is not we can insert ... It is estimated that only the big future is possible?"

This battle is indeed that ordinary people can intervene.

Even if Marshall D. Tiqi is also afraid that they have already fled, if they are not in the battlefield, these navy are in the battlefield of Unexpell, Etienm, even for ordinary audiences.


Ane nodded, some doubtful open mouth: "Is the man who fights with Unechebra?" Is it a small pocket? "

A man who can fight with Unechebra!

No matter how it is impossible to be free in the sea!

"Do not…"

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, slowly shake his head: "The guy is! Can only be called the allies who have been found! The guy should be a place for a CP battle sequence ..."

Yuxi Bo is accompanied by the CP department, the code is spot.

In the past few years, the CP departments contribute to the World Government even more than the past decades, but the loss is far more than the past.

In order to compensate for the lack of the power of the CP department, the pharmacist did not hesitate to recruit the trick from the world, and the name of Yuxi Boss was also called.

"Let's go!"

Shangji, I went to see the two must be able to make a must, and laughed: "They estimate that it will fight for a while ... anyway, it is not we can interceach!"

After that, Shangyuan Nairou also looked at Es who was put into the cage of the navy and continued: "Also, help me tell you, the plan he has developed can be started, now you can put it out of the sea. Hot first news! "

Great route.

New World, Baldi.

The cadres of a group of revolutionary soldiers sat together, everyone's face is a bit heavy, and they put the same newspaper in front of them.

The headlines on the newspaper are the news that the revolutionary army staff Saab is arrested. The last sentence on this news is written, and the people are stunned.

The World Government will openly disclose the cadres of the Revolutionary Army.

Sa Bo ... "

Kella, one of the revolutionary army, grabbed the newspaper in his hand, slowly accumulated tears in his eyes, watching the head of the head of the revolutionary army of the head: "Mr. Dorage, not to save him Does the time we can go to save the Saibo ... "

"There is no foundation of Sa Bo now ..."

Munqi D · Dorage shook his head, slowly cleared his fists, Shen Sheng said: "Cannot act rashly, publicly punish it, and may be good news for us, except Sa Bo, there are other Cadres may also be saved together ... "

When you say this, the look of Monchi D · Dorage is a bit gloomy: "But according to our and the pharmacist and the CP history of his hand, this matter may be the plot of the pharmacist ... "

Once the pharmacist and cp ...

There is no doubt that will connect with the conspiracy!

In the past few years, the revolutionary army has a lot of big losses under the hand of the pharmacist, so that every revolutionary army has a biller to the pharmacist, Munqi D · Dorag does not dare to be cautious!

A woman with a cigarette, the face is full: "If you are a plot, we can't miss the chance to save them!"

It is the revolutionary army army army Belo Betty.

Because the Vice Force of the East Army, Achi is desperate in the hand of the CP department, Belo Betty has applied for rescue to Dorag, but the lack of intelligence has not responded.

If the World Government has to disclose all the cadres of the Revolutionary Army, maybe they can find opportunities to save people ...

"Don't be too lost, Belo Betty."

Dorage shakes his head, put down the newspaper on his hand, Shen Sheng: "I will send people to continue to investigate their place, before the public punishment ..."

When Dalg said, the face was a bit heavy: "Because the news from the bears, the seabed big prischers did not have their intelligence ..."

Wang Xiaqi Wuhai Ba Vori Bear is the cadre of the revolutionary army.

After Zabo was arrested, Montage D · Dorag gave the couch to find Sa Bo to detained in the big prison due to Pelton, but the bear did not get anything.

"Will it be Mary Joya?"

Kelra bite his teeth, and his face suddenly flashed a pain: "It is better to have entered Marie Qia, see if you can ..."


Dorag was interrupted by Kella, he slowly shook his head, Shen Sheng: "I will continue to check, this time, you will help you to organize Sa Bo first ..."

As one of the slaves of the dragon, even if Kelra gradually begun to get out of the haze, she is in the heart of Maroa's fear.

Dorage will not let Kella go to the Adventure to return to Marietia.

What's more

The news on this newspaper is said to be the statement of the World Government, it is better to be more like a pharmacist to the revolutionary army!

The kid-fragile pharmacist, never only send a symbolic news, he will definitely continue to stimulate the revolutionary army.


The World Government is completely announced from execution location and date!

At that time, when the pharmacist was completely revealed and traps, it was also the moment of revolutionary army and pharmacist.

At that time, it will be a real fierce battle!

Before that moment, everything mentioned on newspapers is just a nerve that stimulates the revolutionary army, hits the confidence of revolutionary army around the world.

Even the pharmacist may be by the way in fishing, no matter how the fish is a big fish, the little fish is even shrimp, and it is unexpectedly harvest for pharmacists.

"Start tomorrow ..."

Dorage has cleared his fists, and he regards faces to see everyone at the scene: "All cadres suspend actions, all retrans into Bardi, anyone can't attack!"


Everyone's eyes are not awkward.

Munqi D · Dorag did not answer, just Shen Sheng: "Tomorrow or the news will be more too much ... Don't use the solution to the solution, you will use our anger, that will only be found by the enemy. The flaw! "