I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 538, the missionaries of the Tagu Town, flying!

Monkey D · Dorag's guess did not have an error.

The next half of the news is reported about the revolutionary army every day. Every resume of each arrested revolutionary army has been reported. The mistakes they have put down are more important for books, directly by the World Government. The anti-party.

If it is not the news of the World Government, even the revolutionary army has never realized that in the past few years they have been caught more than people by the CP department ...

At least one-third of the entire revolutionary army has fallen into the hands of the world government!

Even the revolutionary army, the Great Airways, the director of the military, was held in the bottom of the Pelton's big prison, and the world of demon king, also was disclosed by the World Government!

Many cadres of the revolutionary army are ready to move, and they want to attack around the world as the World Government, because they know that news on the newspaper is filth.

However, due to the dispatch of Dorag, the Cadres of the Revolutionary Army converge, all accepted Dorage command, and the big and small cadres rushed to Bardi.

Montage D · Dorag is still trying to investigate the location of Saab and others, but he did not find the place of detainement of Sa Bo, but found the news of Essen ...

This news…

It has not been exposed yet.

"... Sa Bo ... Portkas D · Es ..."

Montage D · Doraş sneaked this name.

If there is no contact, the two people look at it, but Monchi D · Dorag is clear about the relationship between Ice and Sa Bo.

Therefore, Dorag also knows the true life of Es.

Ace ...

Is the son of the One Piece, Brigade D, Roger!

In accordance with the degree of the guy in the pharmacist, he can't find the life of Es. Therefore, the pharmacist will catch the danger of anger the white bearded, which is absolutely impossible to get people. So simple ...


Montage D · Dorage frowned, reached out, grabbed a newest reward order on the table, and his face suddenly became heavy.


According to Potkas D. Ees, it is time to leave Alabashan. After the time of Sa Bo is arrested, it is just that Lu Fei left Rogge Town. .

Pharmacist pocket guy ...

Perhaps it is a brother who takes the road to fly in the dark!

Munqi D · Dorage slowly clenning his palm: "If you look at the route, what should their next stop should be the Changyuan Island?"

The first half of the great route.

The straw cap will not receive the latest news from Sa Bo.

Moreover, the route of the straw cap is unexpected. They are not like the Dorag guess, as Dorag guess.

But the empty island.

Because in the near, their navigation pointer points to the air, Lu Fei proposed to go to the legendary empty island.

In order to get an empty island, the straw cap arrived in a place called Gaya, and a pirates on the island were built on the magic valley town.

Gaya, Magic Valley Town.

Munqi D · Lufei and Solaron, Namei three people went to the magic valley town to explore the information, some surprised to find that this town is a little harmonious.

People from the entire street come to people, almost everywhere is a drunken pirate, but there is nothing a thief to make things on the street.

Only one silver hairdressing man exceptions.

This man is carrying a long sickle.

Everyone on the street is not self-satisfied, and even when he saw him, his face was full of fear, it seems to be afraid of being stared at him!

"The guy is so cool!"

Munqi D · Lu Fei looked at the silver-haired man walking on the street, couldn't help but praise a sentence, and his face was surprised and admired.

"Although it is very cool ..."

After Namei took a nod, a punch was on the head of Lu Fei: "But it is a bad guy! Didn't see that other people are hiding with him?"

"What is, I feel so terrible!"

Lu Fei gave his mouth, he as if he saw something interesting, he hip hip Tricks: "Fast, Na Beauty, it seems to be a very polite guy!"

In the field of view of Lufei.

The silver-haired man took out a weird pendant from his own chest, smiled and said with a passerby on the street. "Hey, if you don't believe in the evil spirits, the evil god will protect you ..."

"no, do not want…"

"Hey, this is too big to give the face?"

The face of the silver man is bitter.

The passers-by of the street saw his face, couldn't help but open the mouth: "Flying ... Flying segment, I am also young ..."

"We are not much bigger!"

The silver hair man smiled and spread his palm. He sincerely opened an invitation: "As long as you pass the evil god adult test, this month's protection fee can not be used, money this kind of thing for our evil gods It's too dirty! "

"No ... it doesn't matter ..."

The passerspiece of the street put his hand, and hurriedly fled the silver man's side. It seems to be afraid that he will be wrapped by this man.

Others have also hurriedly rush, avoiding the sight of the silver man.

The silver hair man couldn't help but shook his head, sighed, his mouth couldn't help but mutter: "It's a group of guys who don't believe in ..."

When the silver hair man wanted to turn around, he saw Montage D. Lu Fei and Solan, and his face was renewed on his face. He passionately opened: "It seems that you have never seen you, ? Yes? Just to come to the newcomer in the Town of the Town? "


Munqi D · Lu flee nodded, smiled and asked: "Let's come here to see the empty island message ..."

"Ha ha ha ha ha ... I can listen!"

The silver haired man is more enthusiastic, smiling and asking: "But after you come here, do you pay the protection fee?"

"What ... protection?"

Munqi D · Lu felt couldn't help but smoke.

Because they have just arrived in the Town of the Town, I don't know the situation of the magic valley.

However, this town is different from the magic valley town in Canada, although this town is a hundred pirates everywhere, but there are very few hundred pirates.

And this town is not a reward, you can be awkward, and whoever has a low reward can live a moist.

Because of this magistar town ...

Now it has been occupied by the Queen's Cape Wang.

At the beginning, the corners had wanted to clean up the pirates of this town, and the arrest of the giving will take the reward for the Navy, but this will only make the magic valley turn completely.

Therefore, the corners have changed a new way.

The corner occupied this magistan town, announced that each hundred pirates in the Tagist Town must provide money to themselves, and money for each month must be based on their reward.

As the cost of the upward, the corner will guarantee that they are safely in the Town of the Town, and will not kill them on the big sea.

In this way ...

Those who have rewards up to 40 million pirates can't take much money, even the hundreds of millions of pirates do not dare to appear in the magic valley town, because 10 billion Baley is not a pirate to easily take it out!

But if you have more than 100 million people ...

It is easy to be eye-catching with the corner.

Any big hundred thief wants to sail in the first half of the great route, you want to live in the horn, you must go to the Town of the Tao to pay enough money.

This makes the Tagist Town have become prosperous.

Because after the money is paid, the corner will not be arrested in the sea, and even these pirates can have the magic valley town as the safe base.

Therefore, the pirates are really love and hate for the place of the magic valley town ...

As long as they are also active in the first half of the great route, they must come to the Town of the Town. If they are not enough, they need to go to the expedition to grab, and the reward will be increased by the Navy;

Once the reward is improved, the money that needs to be given to the corner is more, they have to go to the expedition to grab more money, the reward will further increase ...

This is a dead cycle!

Until one day, the fleet of the pirate was raised by the Navy to a number in any way, the pirate will not be able to pay enough money to the corner, and will eventually kill the companion of the incident Dead giving giving the navy to exchange the bounty ...

This corner is ...

It's really a business.

If the pirates in the first half of the great route, if they are not willing to enter the new world in the second half of the great route, they will live this guy sooner.

Some small pirates that have a very low reward have discovered business opportunities.

These small hundreds of pirates are unable to grab, and they will start their business in the magic valley town, paying a little Belile every month, ensuring that they are not threatened by others.

In addition to this ...

Another way to exempt protection.

That is, the pirates can also choose the evil spirits to join the flying segments. As long as they can become evil spirits, they can exempt the corners of protection.

However, if you want to join the evil spirits, you must pass the so-called evil spirits, but so far, there is no one on the evil spirits ...

Because the evil god test, it is also crafted by the flying section and can live!

This is the test of which is the test!

Nowadays, the pirates of the magic valley are fear of flying sections, they prefer to charge protection fees, and they are not willing to be invited to join the evil spirits by flying sections ...

At that, many hundred pirates were small and cheap, and they chose to join the evil spirits of flying segments. They were cut down on the spot!

Nowadays, the silver-haired man who spreads evil spirits to the straw hat is flying. He is in this big sea to teach for several years, but so far, the evil spirits are still only one believers ...

I looked at the road to fly three new people, smiled and smiled: "Hahahaha ... let's find a place to talk, as long as you are willing to believe in the evil god, there is a message I want to know. Will tell you ... "