I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 539 Chapter 539 Meetings of the straw cap aphid and unstead

Pub in the town of Magic Valley.

When the three people in the flying segment and the straw thieves came in, the pirates in the pub saw the flying segment, the face was not coming to the face of the fear.

"It's a flying guy ..."

"Will you want to teach us!"

"Where is the incident, don't you say that he will promise to manage the flying segment? Why this guy comes out again!"

"It seems to be teaching the three new people?"

A group of hundreds of pirates holding their own wine bottles, hurriedly hiding next to, afraid of caught the attention of flying segments, they carefully looked at the flying segment and walk in straw hat.

These pirates are not strong, but these people have never thought about challenging their tips in the pirates of this safe town life in the Town of the Magic Valley Town. The authority of the flying segment.

Namei slightly sideways, looking at many frightened pirates, couldn't help but frowned: "Hey, Soon, have you feel unpleasant?"

"Have it?"

Solaron turned around the people around him, and didn't care about shaking his head: "I feel that there is nothing wrong with ..."

Solaon just felt that the thieves around them were perhaps the awe of flying segments, but he didn't care about this.

No matter where it goes.

The weakness of the weak is a matter of course.

Namei slowly turned his head, and looked at the flying segment of Lu Fei, he was very enthusiastic, and the vigilance of his heart was more and more.

This guy is very uncommon here! At least in the town of this one, there is no one dare to provoke him ...

"My name is flying, it is a faithful believer of the evil spirits."

The flying segment reached out and passed the juice of the boss, smiled and opened: "Ha, you come to the magic town, since it is not to keep the protection fee, you must be a believer who wants to be a universal adult, right?"

"Ah? Is not ..."

The road flexed his head, and watched the flying segment. He only opened: "We just come here to want to inquire about the empty island, what kind of evil god, I am actually not interested ..."


Seeing the face of the flying segment gradually became glent, Namei hurriedly stretched a lot of mouth, smiled and nodded to the flying: "To the right, in fact, we want to first understand this town Protection fees and people of evil spirits ... "

When Namei said to the flying section, he looked at Lufei while turning his head. "Intercourse, first stabilize this guy!"

"This ah ..."

The smile of the flying segment was restored on his face. He slowly sucked the juice, spread his hand and laughed: "The evil god is the most powerful god in the world, he will shelter every believer of this world, Let them will not withstand any hurt ... "

The flying segment leaned into the road, and smashed his palm of his palm: "Hey, as long as you are willing to believe in the evil spirits, you can get true unsatisfied body!"


Namedian and Solaron's look is quirky.

Can you get dying?

How to sound like a play!

This fuck is really a evil spirits, no wonder this guy is also pulling other people in the road, it is obviously lie!

If someone will be willing to believe, see the ghost!


The face of Lu Fei was very surprised. He twisted his head. It curiously asked: "Just like the guy of Pakistan, how can you kill?"

"Who is Paki?"

Flying sections learned Lu Fei, the eyes were smashed, and there were more curiosity in the eyes: "There are people like me, the person is the believers of evil spirits?"

"do not know…"

The road flying tangled his head and shook his head: "Forget it, wait for you to see him in the future ..."

The road flew his head and said that it was a matter, and the face was obviously full of curious and towards: "The words say, fly, do you know how to go to the empty island?"

"Um ... Well? Do you want to go to the empty island?"

The flying segment just remembered the name of the Pakistan, just when he wanted to continue to mission, he heard the question of Lu Fei, couldn't help but remember one thing.

The flying segment raised a finger, pointing above: "You can fly it, I remember that the opportunity of the empty island is probably around 10,000 meters."

The flying segment took a forehead, took out a tall woman, and muttered: "You wait, I have a call to let the corner, he seems to have been an empty island, from that place Bring a lot of gold ... "

"Well, um ... Please!"

The road flew together his palms.

Just flying a paradise and his companion played a call, Namei's mouth couldn't help but pumping: "Hello, obviously fake? How can people fly, why I always feel that this person doesn't seem to be very reliable Look ... "

"not real."

The boss of the pub is being cautious: "The owner of this magistan town has personally boarded the air island, and she has brought a lot of gold from above. Have you heard of the story of the Roland of the big liar?"

"Big liar Roland?"


The boss of the pub nodded, Shen Sheng said: "Beihai family knows the fairy tale to liary Roland, it is said that when he came to Gaya for the first time, the same gold is discovered on the island, but the second time Didn't find Golden Township and was killed by his king, and was also crowned to have a big liar Roland name ...

However, Golden Township is true.

The place full of gold was rushed to the sky, so it became an empty island floating in the air, and some sea boats sailed in the sea area near Gaya, and the air sea pointer will point to the sky.

This is still the truth that the corner is discovered. "

When the boss said here, the voice slowly lowered: "Last year, the corner flew to the sky, found the golden town that was rushed to the heavens in the sky, from there. I was seriously injured in the future, but I also brought back many gold. "

"Corner ..."

Nami has started his own eyebrow thinking about this name, and the next moment her expression suddenly changed: "Wait ... Is the king of the Qi Wu Cape?"

"Don't you know?"

When the boss of the pub suddens, he shook his head and sighed a good air: "Forget it, but it doesn't matter, you should have no reward, you don't have to pay any protection ... this straw hat ..."

"No, this straw hat is given to him, nothing is surprising."

Namei hurriedly put his hand, smiled and looked at the boss of the pub. "Said that the one can tell us ... What is the situation? Is there a protection fee here?"

"You ... don't know the protection fee?"

The expression of the boss is more quirky, as if it is looking at another world: "How can I don't know the privilege of the Town in the first half of the great route ... Ok, it is estimated which small pirates are it? ? "


Namei desperately with his head.

The boss shook his head and sighed: "Devil Town Protection Fees, all the falsis in the first half of the great route must be charged to the Queen Seven Wu Cape.

The Protection Fee of the Magic Valley Town must come to the demon town for once every month. Every time I cost itself, if someone doesn't have the above, unless I escape from the new world in the second half of the great route, I will Being attacked by the corner until it is in exchange for the bounty ... "

After saying it here, the boss is slowly opened: "However, the value of the protection fee is still very high, you can continue in the first half of the event, you can also enjoy a calm life in the magic valley town, and the corner will not I want to catch you in order to change. "


Namei looked at the way, and the opening continued to ask: "If the trunk is too high, there is no money to provide enough protection fee?"

Even if there is money ...

You can't waste this level!

The boss shook his head and sonned: "Then he will be caught by the corner, and many hundred thieves are because their rewards are getting higher and higher, but they are lucky. Sailing in the first half, and finally kill or sent a big prison because of Pelton ... "


Namei silently took a second after a second: "Even if these hundred thieves have not stayed in the magic town, will it be caught or killed by the corner?"


The boss is seriously located, and the sound will continue to say: "Never don't take the energy of the adults, it is said that as long as he is willing, you can arrive at the first half of the first half of the Great Navigation in Gaya in the first half of the island. No one can escape his chasing ... "

The boss of the pub seems to feel that this is not enough, and it has been added: "The truth may be more exaggerated than you think, and the perseverance of adults is invalid. He can appear anywhere in the great route ..."


Namei was again silent.

Next, Nami glasted the shoulders of Lu Fei and Soon, whispered: "Lu Fei, Soon, how much is your two people?"

If you haven't remembered it ...

The grasshad thieves only have a reward, but the rewards of these two people don't seem to be low!

No, no!

There is any Nicole Rob!

Robin's reward is 200 million peple!

This means that they may face the attack of the Qi Wuhai, especially if they are also in the King of the Seven Wuhai!

"1 billion 3 million Pelilers."

The road flexed her back.

"6 million Pelery."

Solange is indifferent to close your eyes.

"Let me calculate ..."

Namei's face became a pale, and the mood in the moment was almost collapsed: "If you don't want to face the enemy of the Qihai Sea, you will pay 400 million Bailey ..."

This money is too much!

No matter how you can't get it!

With the money, it is better to let Lu Fei have a few desperate knocks of the knockout, and the most important thing is that they are not together!

If it is just a fifty or one hundred Bailey, maybe Namei still feels that you can consider ... this is 400 million peple, even if it is to sell the whole straw hat pirates, you will not make this money. !

Especially in Rogue Town, I was still robbed once. I said that I was euphemistic, and I have recently rely on the grasshamcenter supplementation materials.

However, if you want to overcome a king's seven Wuhai ...

Just think about it, let Nazi can't help but feel the scalp!

At this time, the flying segment hangs up the phone, and the mouth is open. "Say what is going back, I hate it hate ..."

Oh ...

The pool door suddenly opened.

A man slowly came in in the shadow, and his hand held a stack of rewards and lifted all the pirates at the scene. The eyes slowly fell on the straw hat pirates, let Lu Fei and The look of Solaron is tense!