I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 540 wants to save Ece and Sa Bo, just wait!

A dark breath swept throughout the pub.

The pirates in the entire pub couldn't help but play a tremble. When they were nervous, they saw a man walking into the pub. Everyone's look was relaxed.

"The corner is adult!"

"Is the corner that adults come back?"

"The corner is adult, is it to come to a cup of juice?"

After the entire pub comes in the corner, it will be lively.

Although they will be crushing money every month, but the corners are doing things to come to children, and they are also very friendly attitudes to treat some loyal customers.

To be honest…

If the corner is willing to give up the right thief, with his attitude towards money, it is certainly a successful businessman.

"No, I have something to handle."

After the horn is on the venue, I nodded, and I looked at the three people of the straw hat, slowly frowned: "The straw road flew, rewards 10 million peple, Rocona Sauon, rewards 6 million Feile ... "

Obviously, the straw cap will not pay for money.

After Lu Fei and Sauon saw the corner, the neural in the two people was tight, because they knew that there was a dangerous breath in front of them!

The danger is essential to ignore!

Just Jumei Wars looked in, I thought he was looking for Lu Fei and Solaron, but he heard a heavy question.

"Straw Hat One Piece Named here?"


Namei's expression is directly confused, and her face has flowed down and sweats: "I have no reward! No, I am not Na ..."

"Hey? Is it looking for Namei?"

The road flew down his thumb and referred to Namei, and greeted: "Hey, Na Beauty, some people find you ..."

"Ah, ah ... shut up, idiot!"

Namei's punch is on the head of Lu Fei. It is simp to be angry. The king of this crucial is to find she is definitely not a good thing!

She is just a navigator!

Still a woman who is unbearable!

"do not worry."

The corner is slowly spreading your palm, explains calmly: "I am not coming to find you trouble, I remember that you know a person who is called Shangji, just right, and his relationship is good, he entrusted me to take care of it. You don't have to levy your straw hat pirate protection ... "

"Shangyuan ... ..."

The eyes of the flying segment suddenly lit up.

When I wanted to say justified, the palm of the corner suddenly slammed a root, and his mouth was directly blocked.

"Shangyuan Nair ..."

Namei's god suddenly stiff down.

The guy is really her fate!

Every time, each time I met the original Needle, I didn't have a good thing. Now I didn't expect that guy would actually let a king's seven Wuhai take care of her ...

That rascal…

Does the conscience are not?

But it seems that the guy's name can borrow it?

Up to the original Nairi ...

Actually, I can save a $ 100 billion of 1 billion peple, Sodon's 6 million Perel and Nicole Robin's 200 million peple!

I didn't expect to be so big that the face of the original Needle!

If you don't need to supply such high privileges to the corner, this avoids the contradiction between them and the corners!

As a practical person, Nami is certainly will not let this opportunity!

"Yes wrong."

Namei chickens rice, with his own small head, and the face suddenly revealed a sunshine smile. Some missing said: "I have known the original Nairi to have a lot of years, we are two good friends. , I didn't expect him to know himself with the corner ... "

"Well, I have promised him."

The corner is nod, slowly speaks: "Just tell me, you have been very poor, even you owe him billion Baile, you can't afford to protect the protection.

So after entering the great route from your straw cap, I don't plan to charge protection. "

"Yeah yeah…"

Nami nodded, and the look gradually relaxed: "I am a financial housekeeper of the straw hat pirate, we are really poor, still owe his money ..."

Although Nami did not know why she was returned to billions of Baile, this reason would let the horns gave up to charge the larvial thieves to charge the protection fee!

Don't have to sin, a king, seven Wuhai ...

For Nami, it is really good!

The corner looks at Na Beauty, and I have nodded slowly. Suddenly, I turned around: "But half a month ago, Shangyuan Na retail me lost billion Bailee, telling me, this money let me find it directly You ask ... "

This matter is not a corner.

Because half a month ago, I took the Potkas D · Es, and directly let the horns have to lose billions of Bailei's bounty, according to the theory of the horns, the whole half of the great route The renovation should be all returned ...


The corner is a question of the original navigation, and it is considered that the Shang Nai is in a waste of waste.

But this method ...

It seems that Nami is not very friendly.

Namei's face became pale.

These guys ... actually a devil!

Why did she have to rush to admit that she and the original Naid are a friend, why she just received a reason to handle her!

Ten billion ...

Why do you want to come!

Even if I put Lu Fei, Soon, Robin three people and replaced it into a reward. It is not half a money. What is the conscience of the bayo?

"Wait! You listen to me explained!"

Nami shook his head, full of face, explained: "In fact, I am not familiar with the original Nairi, I have never booked his money."

"Do you not friends?"

The eyebrow wrinkled, and the sound: "I will pay attention to him in the future. Since you are not a friend, before that, first settle the grasshamcellian protection fee this month, a total 400 million Bailei ... "


Namei hurriedly shook his head, and once again looked at the corner: "No, I will be a good friend, but I have never borrowed his money ..."


The corner is somewhat embarrassing, Shen Sheng: "Then you have trouble waiting for a while, wait until the original navigation from the empty island and then say it!"

"Shangyuan ... in the empty island?"

Namei's face flashed a doubt.

Wait, why is Shangyuan Nair not possible in the empty island?

On the empty island, it has been a golden town, according to the character of the original naval, now it is definitely going to the empty island to find gold!

"Then we go to the empty island!"

The road flew over his own fist, and the face showed a cool smile: "Since Shanghao has already went, we can't get too late, Na Beauty, Soon, let's go!"

"You can't leave."

The angle of the arms suddenly reached, stopped their way, his voice is hoarse, said: "Straw hat fly, I will let me tell you a message ..."

The eyes of the corner look at Lu Fei, calmly opens: "Your brotherporta D · Es and Saab have been taken away by the Navy."

"What joke is?"

Lu Fei's face flashed a shot, the next moment, his look became unprecedented unprecedented and gloomy: "I am talking with Es, Sa Bo just didn't have long time ..."

The corner of the cold interrupted Lu Fei, continued to explain calm: "Two months ago, the revolutionary army staff was arrested in Rogue Town, which is the closest news headline;

Half a month ago, Potkas D. Ece was arrested in Alabasan, which is the headline just posted today ... "

"It seems to have such a thing ..."

A villi opened his eyes and opened his eyes.


Lu Fei's fist is clever!

At the next moment, when Lu Fei rushed out of the pub, Namei hurriedly stopped Lu Fei: "Hey, Lu Fei, you will not know what happens at all now?"

Nami turned his head and looked at the corner. He hurriedly asked: "Hey, what is the purpose of this message? No

"I am still not clear."

The corner is calmly looked at the top of the grass hat, three people, shakes the head: "Shangnai, just let me stop you, let me tell you, if you want to know how to save Potkas D · Ai Two people in Sotho Sa Bo are waiting for him in the Tagist Town ... "

After the corner said, I slowly let my body, Shen Sheng: "If I have left, you will leave, then you will leave ..."


The road sat quietly.

Solaon and Nami looked at each other and slowly sat around the road.

Just at this time, Uso and Shanzhi in the straw hat pirate rushed into the pub, and looked at all the pirates at the scene.

When Upop and Shanzhi saw the road flying three people, it was finally loose, and it seems that they should be in a hurry to find these people.

"Upop, Mountain, what is it?"

"The latest newspapers sent by the news birds in the magic valley town!"

Upopo hurried waved the newspaper in his hand, and the look was ugly: "Lu Fei, it's a big event!"

On the way, the straw cap sailing on the sea, finally knew that the use of newslets, that is, you can always know the news that happened in the sea.

When I saw the news bird, the headlines on the big sea have just ended the topic of the revolutionary army, and they posted a more heavy news.

"Five-Year Plan, the war welcomed the end of the day, Unexpea Sasuke was repeated! The world's most evil vast bloodports, D · Essen.com! "