I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 541, the eve of the big incident: the reaction of Pluto Rare

Potkas D · Ece is arrested!

The latest headline news of the World Government seems to be a bomb, and the news newspaper is sent to the world, and it is immediately caused a big bomb on the entire sea!

Everyone who got the newspaper saw the headlines, it realized that this is likely to change the big event that may change the world!

Potkas D · Ess ...

No matter what you can't ignore the impact of this man being arrested!

The World Government is a big book special book for Portcas D. Es, telling the details of Portcas D. Es Born, as if not at all the thief Wang Ge D · Roger's blood still has much impact!


This is not too amazing!

In particular, the world government's news, for Essen, I don't worry, I don't think that Potkas D · Es is a true selection. If it is not arrested, it must be Next One Piece!

From the Hei Piece to the White Beard One Piece ...

Potkas D · Es seems to be a white beard, in fact, he did not lose what, because Es will carry the blood of Gorr D. Roger and Edward New Gate, Coronation is a new One Piece!

The World Government does not have a pen ink, and even some exaggeration claims that Potkas D · Ees who carrying the fate of the big waters, will be the same as the true father of the white beard, be the same as the true father. Men's man!

It's simply to blow Es.

Just, a sentence will make news flipped, it is a new One Piece of Ais, which is arrested by the World Government, and the danger is killed in the bud.

This is the first and later suppression!

No, it should be said that this is a fire cooking oil!

Obviously, people who write this article are definitely not ordinary.

At the end of the news ...

The name of the World Government official pharmacist is hung up.

The pharmacist has a man who has made the sea from the sea, and the last paragraph is left.

[After a month, the fierce pirates D · Roger's Yuen Potcas D · Es and Roger Xiji Tuan's ship doctor Cuocass will be held at the same time as the selection, and their punishment will pull Opening the World Government Ended the Curve of the Age of the Grand Piece.

Shampoo island.

On the 13th area, Xia Qi's knocking bamboo bar.

A senior man wearing glasses is sitting at the bar of the pub, looking down at the newspaper, when you look at the newspaper from time to time, you will have a rum in your mouth.

Even if the elderly is white, he is white, but his body seems to be strong, and the spirit is also quite energetic.

It is the deputy captain of the Roger Tijun, Pluto Rare.

As a vice captain on the pirates, Raylee has witnessed the truth of the big secret treasure. He has already looked at the rain and retirement, and no longer asked anything in the sea.

Today, his look is obviously uncomfortable.

"what happened?"

On the bar, the boss is on the bar, and a cigarette is swallowed out of the smoke, and the sound will be asked: "When the son of Roger is to be punished, is it still still sitting?"

"Do not."

Pluto Relie shakes his head, and his voice falls on the last line. His voice is somewhat Hong: "Little I is the crew of the White Beard One Piece, we can't interrupted the guys on the Boys of Newport, this is The iron rhythm of the sea ... "

In fact, Ratuel will no longer pay attention to Es.

Since Putcass D · Ess went out of the sea, Plutao Relier pays attention to the growth of Es, and I have wanted to help in the shampo island, but when Radi witnessed Yiszozuo, invited to join the black peach thief. When the group, I was completely put down on the eaters.

Pluto Rally was once a powerful and shocking of Unechebra, and he even thought that history never followed the rules, history may be repeated on their postmenities!

Even if Raylli witnesses the big secret treasure and many prophesies, I can't help but think that Potkas D · Es will look like Gorve D. Roger, more and more partners. Until defeating all the strong people on the sea ...

Totthaw Dru to become a new One Piece!

Especially in the Black Peach Weiji, Yuxi, Yiszoi defeated Bakerman, even the red-haired incense was helpless, Raylei thought that history may repeat!

It is actually very happy in Ravely.

This old man no longer believes what the so-called prophecy.

Rayle is even more interested, and Potkas D. Ess may be like them, and finally spend more than a year to arrive in Lavdru, that point in time is just in the big patency era. Twenty years later.

At that time, Rayley's expectations of Ece were simply unrecognized ...

At that end, Corr D. Roger became the One Piece, and opened the era of the big one. Twenty years after Luo Jie died, his son's 18-year-old Potkas D · Eced A new era once again opened!

Is it feeling whitewash ...


Everything in the Hei Piece is changing.

Portcas D · Ees did not break the prophecy to break the history as a new One Piece, but was added to the warm big family of White Bearded One Piece infected with White Beard Edward Newgaite. .


Relie died on Portcass D · Estead.

Mingming Portcas D. Ece is very young, there is a strong deputy captain around you, but also don't know how many times the Roger's thief group, but the result is directly in a gentle town. .


Is this a descending?

In that year, Corr D. Roger took a second team of Guangtian from the White Beard, who didn't fulfill the agreement, and the fate of Roger made Roger's son back to white beard. Paraaged on board ...

According to the rules of the sea, if Eis is in the White Bearded One Piece, from this Portcas D · Ece will listen from the white beard's order.

Even if I am in the identity of Pluto, I can't do the family of white couch, let alone he has already retired.

"Really don't want to interfere?"

Xia Qi looked at Pluto Relie, curiously dragging his cheeks: "But you seem to want to go to plug in one hand!"

"That is not because of Little I."

Rayle slowly shake his head, reached out to help his frame, sighed a good air: "I just pay more attention to Kulos ... The ship doctor on our boat is innocent!"


Es' s things, Rayle does not intervene.

However, Luojas, who used to Roger, was really innocent. As a vice captain, Pluto Rally would be difficult to say that Coolkas will be invisible.


Xia Qi slowly nodded and continued: "The retired ship doctor in Koloz is also caught, should the World Government will not let the Pirace's vice minister?"


Pluto Potted nodded, Shen Xiang said: "In the past few years, the world government has become more and big, and people don't understand what they want to do, maybe they also want to make me with Culcas. The old guy went to the network! "

This is not an endless speculation.

Instead, Pluto Relie passed the actions of the World Government for a while, he always felt that the World Government wants all the enemies on the sea.

No, or, is the strongest part of them!

At least from the current point of view, the White Beard One Piece will not let go of the opportunity to save the Potkas D. Es; they are unimped to be able to have their own retirement. Missed this big event ...

Originally, he should hesitate to rescue the revolutionary army to rescue the cadres. After seeing the conflict of the White Beard and the World Government, they will definitely increase their probability!

"It's fun ..."

Pluto Relie put down the newspaper in his hand, showing a smile: "A large event that must change the world, may even overthrow the order of this world ...

Roger, guys, creating the big waters, either ended in this war, or it will be more prosperous in this war! "

"Do you feel interested?"

Xia Qi slowly sucked a smoke and whispered: "It doesn't miss it, but unfortunately, I haven't found the detention site here ..."

"There will be other people are also checking."

Raylee didn't matter, he hooks, and he hit a wine: "Let's mention that the World Government is so big for this time. They want to speak on Es and Kuulcas publicly punish it, they will be promoted. ... "

When I said here, Raylee took the wine on the table to leave here. When he intended to push the door, suddenly turned his head: "There is another thing, Xia Qi, if someone is in your intelligence here , Then tell them my attitude! "

"I have already told them."

Xia Qi took a smoke, blowing a smoke ring, slowly opened: "The Revolutionary Army gets the news of Es' arrested earlier, and the uncomfortable son of Kapu has been looking for ourselves. ally."

I have recently seen that the revolutionary army looks very quiet.

However, in private, Montage D · Dorag is constantly connected, using his own intelligence advantage, looking for candidates that may be attracted as foreign aid.

This time ...

It is probably a great opportunity to overthrow the world government!

Xia Qi spitd a smoking ring, whispering continued: "Yesterday, the headline of Es did not announce, the revolutionary army has sold these intelligence, asking your drops and attitudes, I have given him Accurate reply, as long as Kulcas is going out, your old guy will not stand by. "

When I said the last episode, Xia Qi deeply looked at Rayry.

Both two people know each other, Xia Qi also clear the choice of Rayry, so he also helped Rayry early.

"Hahahahaha ..."

Pluto did not laugh, he smiled, he shakes the wine bottle in his hand, whisper: "It's trouble, Xia Qi! I will go first!"

"Is there a coating job today?"

"Not a plating."

Rayly smiled and shook his head, laughing and continued: "I sold myself to 100,000 Bailey, and I can sell it today." "

"whispering sound…"

Xia Qi suspiced the ground and waved his hand, couldn't help but said: "Your old guy is still a careful point, the shampoo is not so calm, can you say that this old guy may be in the ditch ... "