I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 542, the eve of the big event: returning to the Mobi Dick Number

Shampooland island, region 51.

Most of this area is a vessel coating plant. It happens to have a gapper that has been installed by the shipper. This big ship slowly sinks into the sea.

Monkey D. Dorag stood on the deck of this ship, and his hand pinched a small note, and the note was written on the note.

That is a list that makes everyone a horrible.

"The words of the Plutére," "

Montage D · Dorag slowly cleared the list of hands and looked up at his own vessel to fall into the sea. The look gradually became serious: "Next, it is to visit the world's strongest Man ... "

This is the most difficult!

There is no doubt that in the pride of White Beard Edward New Göt, he will never think about anyone, because he has its own power to flush the world!

What's more, the revolutionary army is not straightforward, and the pirates will play hands to overthrow the World Government.

Monkey D · Dorag went to visit White Beard Edward New Gate, just hope that they can reach a tacit collaboration, such as dispatching in the same time, so excused to break by the world government ...

On behalf of the respective people.

The Revolutionary Army wants to save their staff and a group of cadres who are executed by the World Government, and the white beards will save their second team captain Es.

Bello Betty's mouth took a smoke, slowly swallowed: "White Beard One Piece is really collectively dispatched to save Portkas D · Es?"

"You will go."

Munqi D · Dorag solemnly nodded, his face became abnormally denied: "The Navy has been prepared, the bear has received the tough call of the navy, and it is estimated that other Wang Qiqiu also received the same Call command ... "

When I said here, Monchi D · Dorage continued: "The Navy has been prepared to deal with the white beard of the thief group, and the whole world is waiting for the response of white beard, with his pride absolute Will not be absent in this occasion! "

Everyone knows…

No one can hurt members of the White Beard One Piece!

Otherwise, they will usher in the world's strongest man's fierce retaliation!

Even when I passed, the Navy's actions of the White Beard One Piece were all calculated by the pharmacist and the crane.

Even many Navy must act carefully, avoid over touching the white beard, and use another four emperor, a hundred beasts, and the white beards will die, they barely maintain the balance of the world. !

right now…

This balance was broken by the Navy.

The World Government captures Potkas D · Ees, and will make public punishments in the selection, and there is no doubt that they are already active to declare war!

This is a real battle!

White Beard One Piece can never refuse to fight the embarrassment!

Just Sprig Dorag rushed to the white beard sea, when I wanted to visit this world's strongest man, White Beard Edward New Gate has finally received a Zhizhi from the first half of the great route. Poto help.

Since Unecheo Sasuke and Yisi Bempere After the battle of Alabastton, I immediately passed the news that Potkus D · Ace arrested, this time is better than the news of the World Government. A few days.

White beard did not blame Uneche, but immediately ordered Mobi Dicks to meet Unecheo Sasuke, avoid Utsuo Sasuke and was captured by the Navy.

Mobi Dick.

The tall must be able to spread the wings on the boat.

Yiszhike Sason's mustvas is a group of vain, his body is somewhat weak, and a group of captains rushed.

"Hey, Sasuke, it's okay!"

Malco reached out to support Sasuke's shoulders, let Sasu help slowly on the ground, couldn't help but wrinkle their own brows: "You should be hurt, you should find a place waiting for us to pick you back, why is it so strong ..."


Yizhi Bo sang shook his head, torn the clothes on his shoulders, Shen Sheng: "Just forced to fly over the red soil continent to come back and have a little dissection, Malco, first help me into Zay ..."


Malco todped slowly.

Because Uzecho Sasuke's shoulders and chests are covered with white cloth, he has handed over, and it is very rough, and there is blood to seep over.

"Sasuke, what is going on?"

Diamond J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J Ji is open: "Which born is hurts you? Also

"Yeah, what happened?"

The flower sword is also worried about the circumstances.

Since the help of Unechebra, I have never seen such a wolf, even if it is a sakura and the four emperors, there has been no such situation.

It was very flat to the side of Malco, helping to handle the wounds of Sasuke, asked: "Sasuke, is it the first leader of the Know? Is it the organization and the World Government?"

Sucho Sasuke's power, the entire White Beard One Piece is in the eyes.

If someone in this world can make Sasuke to be such a wolf, the whole sea does not pick a few people unless the Navy's high-level collective is siege.

Or is the leader of the legendary mysterious well-being.


Yizhi Bo sagged his head and nodded and biting his teeth: "A troublesome guy, our Yisha Waoyi once done ..."

This ever long ...

It is also a horrible madman!

In fact, two of them did not fight for half a month, just after three days and three nights, Alabasan could not withstand their fight ...

Alabastan desert is completely changed!

Nowadays, the desert in Alabast is now turned into an oasis, and there is still a deep pit and canyon in addition to the dense forests in Oasis.

It is enough to change the terrain.

Let's mention two completely affected battles ...

Two people have experienced Sasuka to divide Alabas in countless islands, and terminate the war, began to strike the body and domineering, and trocked the time to trick, as if they want to defend their final pride!

A confrontation of a past life and later ...

Perhaps it is also the inheritance of Yuxi Wong!

Until the last moment, Unechebra helped waving the unhappy knife, the sword was broken, and the black rod in the hand of Yuxi, and smashed the body of Yuxi Boss!

This battle has lost its meaning.

In fact, this is not a victory ...

Yuxi Bouchers are not true peak.

Moreover, Unexpell spots also have the body of the bodies, and Yisi Bozuo can also kill Unexpectedly, and the two people are each leaving.

Yizhi Bozuo is still not awkward ...

If Yu Zhibo sphere is really resurrected, this guy has a life, maybe it can be stronger in this big sea, he is a madman who is really good at fight!

The power of this world ...

It is possible to give the ultimate limit of Unexpectedly!

It is no wonder that the original nailed guys will also make the heart to make Yuxi wave spots into collections. Unechebra is actually one instant, I want to rescue Yuxi Bao spots, see this guy can't overturn the original naval order ...

At them ...

Yuxi Bouvet recognizes the efforts of Unechebra, according to this world strength system, Yuxi Bozuo itself also has a breakthrough in the past ...

Ten days ago.

Alabastan desert.

The body of Yu Zhibo spheres gradually recovered from the break, this man hugged his shoulders, looked at the last life of Yuxi Bo in the world.

"You Zhibo Sasuke, don't be restricted by Dhara's Chakra restrictions on your strength."

Yishihu spheres are somewhat indifferent, and there are even some dismissions: "Sasuke, our soul is existed separately, are you still living in the past shadow?

When you come to this world, are you still not realized? You are not because you have powerful, but because you are Yu Zhiwu, you!

Think about the original navigation, his Chaklaming is just a part of the six cactors to turn the world, but his strength is far more than the six cactors, your guy, don't think that you have a limit ... "

Even if Yiszo Sasu helps the sensory of Unexpell Plepers, now Sasuke thinks about what the Yizhibo spheres say, still have a little shock.

to be frank…

The will of Yuxi Boss is much stronger than him.

Mobi Dick.

A group of captains stood quietly around Unechebra, listening to Sascade slowly talking about their things happening in Alabasan.

"... we fell into the trap of Navy and CP when we chased Tiqi ..."

Yuxi Bozuo looked at the wounds of Malco, wrinkled his own brows and continued: "Yu Zhiwei spheres have been defeated by Es, and immediately opened the need to fight against me, a navy I will take the opportunity to take it away. "


When Joz heard here, his face was flashing in an angry. He slammed his fist, full of face: "What is the name of the navy! I went to put his head Tear down! "


Yizhi Bozuo looked with a bit of Josz.

Why is this guy not to start?

Fortunately, the white beard Edward New Gate screamed to stop Joz: "Joz, don't interrupt the help, before we pick it back to Es, it is not to be accountted with the navy ..."

at this time…

It is not an anger of the Navy, waiting for the day that truly war, let the navy realize the mistakes they committed!

Just as the white beard of the thief also continued to talk, a sentinel pirate responsible for the lookout: "Hey, everyone, there is a ship to drive us ..."

"Is it the ship of the Navy?"

Markco can't help but ask.

"Not ..."

The thief responsible for the post opened the telescope, carefully taking the driver, when he saw the banner on the boat, his face couldn't help but become extremely nervous: "The one seems to be a hundred pirates ... That sign ... is red-haired ... "

The entire Mobi Dick called the voice of this post: "The ship is the Red-haired One Piece of the Redhead!"

The Red Fos is the main ship of the red-haired pirate.

The appearance of the Red Fos is means that the red-haired fragrance is in person.