I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 543, the eve of the big incident: red hair with fragrant action

Red-haired incense.

The new world's youngest four emperor, personally rushed to the white beard of the sea, boarded the flagship Mobi Dicks of the White Beard.

At this sensitive point in Potkas D · Ees, the sensitive point in the world government, red-haired Xiangks came to the perimeter of the White Beard, which would necessarily vibrate the world.

No matter what the red-haired incense is wanting to talk to White Beard Edward New Gate, even if it is a declaration or the Union Declaration, it will change the direction of this world.

Mobi Dick.

Red-haired incense is directly released by the moment of Mobi Dick, and the strong overlord is hard to breathe!

The Mobi Dick's deck is also fragmented!

The current incense is completely unlike the old fashionable pirates, and now his look is gaining, this moment of red-haired Xiangren finally put a new world's sea emperor should have The gesture!

"After returning, this guy's dominement is not that you can deal with."

Malco wrinkled his brow, noticed a group of members of the Dynasty of the Dynasty of the King of Xunzhi, and even fainted, even fainted.

Malco turned to the red-haired incense, cold voice opening: "Hey, red hair, is your guy wants to demonstrate here?"

"No, just have something to come to you talk ..."

The face of the incense gradually eased, looked at the Malco stalls his palm, laughed: "The words, Malco, do you want to go to my ship ..."

"There is no kind of interest."

Malco is lazy to understand the recruitment of red hair.

Red-haired Xiangx is not the first person to launch Malco.

For so many years, the four emperors encountered by Marco will invite him, Big Mom and the beast have once attracted him.

Regardless of these four emperors, how much to look at the value of Malco, Marco will never abandon white beards, and these people are always useless.

Pingks can only shake their heads helplessly.

Next moment, the eyes of Xiangks slowly moved, and the looks of Su Zhibo, who had just woined the wound, gradually gotten.

To be honest…

Xiangks have never seen Sui Zhiso, such a wolf!

Even if Yu Zhiso defeated the red-haired pirates, the Chief of the Red Hacklist, who did not suffer in that battle.

In the past few years, there have been friction when the White Beard One Piece and the other four emperors, it is said that in addition to the vortex of the beast, the other four emperors are basically nothing to be paced by Unechebra. In the eyes ...

"Sasuke is also coming back ..."

The red-haired fragrance is slightly narrow, watching the gauze on Yuxi Board, Shen Sheng said: "It seems that the enemy you encounter is more troublesome than I think ..."

Red-haired incense is very clear.

When Yuxi Bozuo and Portcas D. Ess chased Marshall D. Tiqi, the red-haired incense was opened to Yishe Sasuke, hoping that he would be careful, but Did not prevent them from chasing Sticker.

As a result, Ace was arrested, even the big event to be disclosed ...

And when the red-haired fragrance is received, it is better than the news, so he can come to see the white beard so soon, and the inhabitant channels have some secrets of the world government.

Just when Xingke received the news, some would not be able to think ... that made the pirates and the revolutionary army hate the pharmacist of the teeth, and actually developed the CP department to such a step, attracting the agent who can get Yu Zhibo Sasuke!

"No need to worry."

Yuxi Bozuo looked coldly, he looked at the red-haired incense, reached out the gauze laces hidden from your own body, slowly picked up the grass sword around him: "If you want to ridicule, you can't drive this. Guy ... "

In the face of red-haired fragrance, Uchi Sasuo has never retired!

Even if you get hurt now, you still don't think you have any disadvantage, because the red-haired Xiangx is a harass in this guy.

I am afraid that they will fight now ...

Is it possible to be a balance?

"Sasuke, this is not ridiculous."

Red-haired Xiangx slowly shakes his head, open his mouth, looks straight: "We are also friends between all, wait until we are talking, I will go to Thara's waters to visit, he has been very Caring for you ... "


Yischo Sasuke's expression is subtle.

Although the friction between the four emperors has never stopped, but in the past few years, the red-haired incense has become a good friend.

These idiots ...

It seems that it is very sensitive when you find similarity.

However, this kind of thing is also normal.

According to the character of the whirlpool, facing the red-haired Xiangks, even if they are still enemies, they do not hinder them slowly.

The attitude of red-haired incense is simply unusual, even more than once, even more than once, hopes that the whirlpiece can join him.

The whirlpool is back to the tissue, nature is refused.

As they have gradually profoundly, the red-haired Xiangx gradually discovered the characteristics of the whirlpool, he thought that there is a charm of the vortex moon's body and the charm of the pirates, Wang Ge D. Roger.

This kind of charm must attract many people to reunite it around him.

Red-haired incense is even in the face of many people, it is mentioned in Kaido. If Cairo is willing to let the whirlpool , the whirlpiece must be able to become the pirate Wang Gar D · Roger The same as the captain of the upper and lower!

Although the red-haired fragrance has always thought that he is telling the truth ...

However, these words say, there is always a suspicion of the hundred beasts, which is, after all, no one can defeat the whirlwind ...

Obviously, the red-haired fragrance is a conspiracy.

The hostility of the entire hundred beasts to red-haired Xiangks is getting more and more serious.

However, as a four emperor, the four emperors of this large sea, red-haired Xiangks nature is what they want, and their own self-comment is not here.

Mobi Dick.

Now the red-haired Xiangx is still not changed, and Xiang Ke will mention the whirlpool, I can't help but continue: "If you come back, Sasuke, you and the Narler is not the companion, if you can two Make up a pirates ... "

"To shut up."

Yischo Sasuke interrupted the red-haired fragrant words, cold voice open: "I am with him, don't have to come to this guy!"

"It's a pity ..."

The red-haired fragrance shook his head, sighed a little sigh, he was really very optimistic about the combination of the whirlpool moon and Yuxi Bo.

"Okay, red hair."

White Beard Edward New Gate interrupted their exchanges, screaming: "Do you have anything here? We don't have time to wait for guests ..."

Because Potkas D. Ess is arrested, the atmosphere on the Mobik is slightly downtown, and the white beard also wants to deliver the Sifu things with your sons.

Now, white beards have not thought about anyone.

"Sorry, please allow me to first explain."

The red-haired fragrance came to the white beard, and his face gradually became very serious: "I am here ... is to help you save the Wavetkas D · Es."

"No need."

White beards were unpleasant, looked at the red-haired incense in cold and cold: "Es is my son, I will save him, don't need other people's intervene!"

"No, only this time may be an exception ..."

Red-haired Xiangks shakes his head and sinks: "I know that I should not intervene, although Es is Roger's son, but after he joined the White Beard One Piece, everything should From your captain to make decisions ... "

When you say this, the red-haired Xiangks' words turned, and the look became more serious: "Sorry, but this time is an exception, I got an exact news, this time Ais is arrested is premented of…"

Red-haired fragrance looked up with white beard's look, his voice suddenly became heavy: "This is a conspiracy against the world ... it is from Marshall D. Tii, or black beard hand!"

According to the news that the red-haired fragrance is, it is indeed the conspiracy of Marshall D. Tiqi, which is to pick up the war of white beards and naval. .

of course…

Tiqi's conspiracy is just just right.

Because the World Government has indeed a plan for the four emperors, this matter is all responsible for the highest commander of the Navy's overall supervision and the highest commander pharmacist of the CP department.

The main purpose of the pharmacist is to force the revolutionary army. If you want to attract a strong force, you will have a weak revolutionary army to promote the powerful force of the powerful force, just try to find a pharmacist, claiming to assist the Navy arrested Es.

This is a shadow of Tiji everywhere.

The same is true for the secret version of the world government, and the pharmacist has not thought about which one hundred pirates conducted their own positive plans. As Marshall D. Tiji took the initiative to find the door, so that the pharmacist had to send CP The department will start with Es.

After the Navy caught Es, the World Government had to start to urge the pharmacist to drive a big event in step by step. The Navy also sent troops to send a world war.


White beard's face still does not change.

This matter, white beard has long thought, whether it is the conspiracy, he doesn't care, even what this conspiracy is for him, how can it?

Or, white beards don't have any other choice!

Moreover, white beards must not have other choices, no matter how he will definitely go to the Ace, how can a father who are deeply dead?

"If you go to Saif Al, you will definitely enter the conspiracy of Hechi, I still don't know what he wants, but I know that he must hide his own in the darkness ..."

Red-haired fragrance looks in a quiet white beard, slowly put forward his request: "In order to avoid a war that is enough to destroy the world, I hope that you can temporarily don't move, and avoid the situation further deteriorate ..."

When the red-haired fragrance is here, his speed gradually became more fast: "Before I was publicly punished, I would find a way to help you back."