I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 544 Xiaomi's movement, gathered 100,000 coalitioners!

White beards don't seem to reasons to refuse to refuse.

Now this situation looks, red-haired incense seems to be a bit like a thing that helps the White Beard One Piece take the initiative to save the Ace.

If now the white beard, the Pirague has accepted the proposal of the Red Hazard, they don't need to pay the price of war, just waiting to wait in their own sea, waiting quietly to save Es.

Anyway, what do you see ...

This matter seems to be beneficial for the White Beard One Piece.

If incense is really able to save the Ece, the White Beard One Piece is about to owe red and fragrant.

This kind of human condition ...

It is difficult to still!

Portcas D. Ess will also owe a life!

There is still a problem in this matter. In order to avoid the situation where the situation is deteriorated, the white beard is always waiting for the news of Xiangks, which has not appeared to be too useless ... and once in Xixiang lost, they are equivalent to be white waste time!

White beards don't think that red-haired fragrance can save Es.

This is a battle that is about to open, and the world government and the Navy want to destroy the first battle of the hundred pirates, whether anyone can't stop the happening!

Even if it is red-haired incense!

"Ees is the son of Laozi ..."

White bearded eyes slightly, cold voice refused to be incense: "Laozi will save him, do not use anyone to intervene!"

"This is not very good to refuse me in a straightish place!"

The smile of red-haired Xiangks slowly converges. His scorpion gradually became cold, and his palm gently held his western sword: "I have no other ideas, just want to stop a game may die. Many people's world war is ... "

"Red hair, do you think you are ..."

White beard suddenly reached out the palm of his arm and pulled up the clumps around him, and went up toward the red hair!

With the movement of the white beard, a smuggled fighter is swept, and the white beard waves the cluster to cut the red and fragrant.


Red-haired Xiangx suddenly pulled his western sword, blocking on the knife handle of the clump, and the moment of the child stopped the white beard's attack!

The clouds of the sky gradually turned up in two four emperors ...

White beard and ingenuity domineering is like substantial, flashing electric light in the air, the strong pressure is constantly spreading around ...

People don't dare to see!

Members of the White Beard One Pirates under the collision of the two four emperors, did not help but back a few steps, looked up at the air splitting the clouds of the upwards ...

"The sky is cracking again ..."

This is ...

It often occurs in white beard sea.

In the past, the entire White Bearded One Piece had a white beard Edward New Gater, Unexpea Sasuke and Portcass D. Ecen with a man with a domineering domineering.

When Yiszo Sasukes help exercise Es, occasionally white beard will also reveal, showing their own Yu Wei to two little guys ...

Whenever white beard and Unechebra have been helpful after the two people's domineering conflicts, the sky will slowly crack in their domineering collision ...

Members of the White Beard One Piece are really more.

"Es is my son!"

White beard cleared the clump knife in his hand, squat down, forced the red-haired fragrant face, this Juli can do not have the meaning of your hand!

White beard looked at the look of the red hair and slowly recovered the power in his hand, waving the clumps and scrapped in Xiangks, the open mouth: "Laozi is white beard, never save the son I hope to put it on other people! "

After that, the white beard turned into the heart, handheld a big knife back to his seat: "Let's go, this board, don't need you to worry! Sasuke, Marco, help me to send customers!" "


The red-haired Xiangxou also wants to say something.

However, Yuxi Sasuke's figure stood in front of him, scarlet writing and the weird round eyes were glanced at the red-haired Xiangx: "Let's go, don't force the old man to get fire, otherwise I will stop Live him ... "


The red-haired fragrance was silent for a while, and shook his head and sighed. "Well, but I brought the wine in the West China ..."


White beard is slightly.

When the white beard returned to see Xiangks, Yu Zhibo saga took the cold voice to interrupt the incense: "The old man has stopped alcohol in these years ..."

After that, the fingertips of Yuxi Bo saky flashed a light, and smashed the droplet with a thousand birds.

The fragrance of the wine is scattered on the deck ...

Xiangks looked with this scene in his own, and he had no choice but when he turned and left, he suddenly opened: "However, I will not give up ... then see who we move is faster!" "

"Then I advise you still not to do it."

Yuxi Bozo helps his eyes, slowly low, and the sound gradually became smaller and smaller: "The world government has been different from the past ... If you have to intervene, then it is taken into Preparation of the whirlpool! "

When Yishibo said, he slammed his eyes and stared at the back of the heart, his gaze seems to expose substantial front.

At this moment, the voice of Unechebra suddenly became extremely cold: "Forget it, anyone else fled this big vortex ... I only remind you, don't catch the flaws by the pharmacist!"

Otherwise, maybe the war has not started, and everyone of the Red-haired One Piece will appear on the list of public punishment, and it will not save you at that time! "

"Ha ha…"

Red-haired Xiangx stopped his footsteps, looked back and said: "Then I will give you a good words you just say ..."

Red-haired Xiangks' eyes suddenly became cold, his attitude is extremely tough: "Red-haired One Pirates don't need you to finger your hand!"

After that, the red-haired fragrance left the Mobi Dick.

Red-haired Xiangks came to the White Beard One Pirates did not reach his purpose, but he would not be a good break, and incense is just a reason to cut.

Roger Tijun's Ship Medical Cuolcas ...

Red Fos.

When the red-haired fragrance returned to his boat, Ben Becman bite a juice, slowly opened: "They didn't agree ..."


Xiangks shake his head and sighed a little: "You guessed it, Bakerman ... but we don't have to pay attention to them, do our next thing to do, just want to do it!"


Ben Becman nodded, suddenly asked: "Where are we going? At this time, go to the World Government?"

Although we have not united with the white beard of the thief, but as long as they are in front of them, they should also force them to let them get off Potkas D · Es ... "

This is the original plan of the red-haired pirate group.

If this white beard promised the red-haired request, the red-haired incense can fight the flag of the League, forced them to the World Government to let go of Ice.

However, incense, incense, after the physical condition of Yuxi, aware of the seriousness of things, the newspaper is really true ...

Sasuke Uchiha…

Really hit by the world government!

"It's hard to say now."

The Xiangks looks seriously, and the sound of the sound will continue to say: "The World Government's CP department does not know how often a strong member, the person who is a kid of the pharmacist can't be small, perhaps this war, he is really Have enough grasp ...

No more people come in!

Now let's go to the beast sea area, explore the attitude of Thara and Naruto, can't let them add a chaotic at this time! "

"What this ..."

Ben Bakeman wrinkled his own brow, sighed a good path: "Bai beasts, seems to have never listened to people!"

Moreover, now the hundred beast One Piece is the most annoying the redhead.

The beast is very stubborn, no matter what he doesn't seem to listen; of course, the red-haired Xiangx is actually the case, no matter what, incense, the guy wants to do anything else.

The Red Fos is slowly turning, leaving the white beard of the sea, and will go quickly toward the sea of ​​the 100th beast.

Red-haired fragrance doesn't know.

Even now he can rush to the hundred beasts, it will definitely not see the side of the beast and the whirlpiece, because these two people participate in a horrible speech ceremony!

And the country, Jiuli.

Jiuli is different from the capital of the flowers.

Because it is wide in Jiuli, close to the sea harbor, a group of members gathered in Jiuli, including the allocate armed forces.

The ninja in the past has been in the country has doubled. Today, the Ninja Trojan of the country has exceeded 60,000 people, and the country also has the strength of the Samurai forces, the number of more than 20,000 people.

The group and its subsidiary of the Baorence Festival and its subsequent ministries are only quantified, and there are hundreds of pirates above more than 20,000 people. .

Single only the peripheral forces ...

It is definitely a huge army that has the ability to change any one hundred thief!

Today, this super-armed force is gathered in Jiu Mili, whether it is from strength or from the number of people, it is enough to easily settle in any country in the world!

Even if it is BIG MOM, it is no longer talking!

Standing in these teams in front of ...

Take all the captains of these troops or captains.

The top of the hundred beasts, the row of the pirates: Baoren Cared, swirls, drought Jack, disaster, Nijing, inflammatory disaster, big and some people.

The high-rise of the Ninja coalition forces: Nara deer pill, loess, handcuffs, five generations of water shadows like beauty, and the four generations of Lei Ying, Chirabi and others are in column.

The high level of the country of the Samurai: Three ships from the National People's University.

Behind them, more than 100,000 joint forces consisting of Ninja, Samurai, and One Pirates, the people who densely Ma Ma will not find the margin!

At the end of this joint army, many giants and monsters exceeded tens of meters, they were well-behaved at the end of the team.

"It's just a expedition, is it so many people?"

The beasts were filled with a wine, playing a loud bark, drunk, said: "Laozi only with his own boat, you can solve the old guy of the white beard!"

"Cared Brother ..."

The epidemic is shook his head, grinned, laughing and opening: "Our expedition, but to completely conquer the world ..."


Kaido knead his head, and I fill a wine again: "Ling Ling? Don't bring her together? Laozi is owed by her!"

"Mare, I will see her soon."

The inflammatory disaster stood shook his head and whispered: "Thomats to stand here, the first place to attack, is the capital of Big Mom ... I hope that the old woman can know a little! "