I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 545: The leader of the organization is doing ...

A week ago.

When the news of Potkas D. Ece did not pass, Xiao Zhi Weaveded to Big · MOM, officially invited her to join the tissue.

The conditions proposed by the organization are actually quite very thick.

In addition to the captain of the Big Mom One Piece, Charlotte Ling Ling himself can become a formal member of the organization, and will provide her with the number of official members.

This is the proposal of the comprehensive assessment of the Big Mom One Piece in accordance with Urchi Borath.

Because each child's official member has the power to vote for a transaction when there is a worldwide.

So far, Baorence will join the formal member of the organization. In addition to the hundred beasts, there are only three qualifications in the six sons, plus the Daughter's big and ...

The entire hundred beasts is only a total of eight places.

The condition of tissue is really uniform.

What is not unexpected is that Charlotte Lingling refused to know the invitation of the organization, and even I feel that this mysterious organization in the big sea is really a bit of people.


A group of woven dared to invite a four emperor to join them?

Charlotte Ling Ling torn on the spot, and announced that if the leader of Xiaoyu rushed to Totland to pay her sin, and led the whole tissue to join the BIG MOM One Piece, there would be a chance to get a four Emperor forgiveness.

This is really ...

People unexpected.

As a response to the BIG MOM One Pirate, the highest meeting of the organization announced on the spot, and Xi Xia will launch the war against the Big Mom.

This matter is also what they originally developed.


The pharmacist took this opportunity to report to the World Government, and the League of the Beasts and the League of the Ministry will launch the war of BIG MOM One Pirates.

In this way ...

The World Government and the Navy don't have to worry that the BIG MOM One Piece and Baorence will participate in it. They only need to face the White Beard One Piece and the Revolutionary Army, according to the Pharmacist Pocket, the war has already enough.

As for the red-haired thieves ...

This One thief also is in an anniry and not anniry.

The World Government is not worried about whether the red-haired Xiangx will participate in the battle, if the incense is the wall, the World Government will put him a horse;

If the incense is in the League of the White Beard, then the loss is losing, and two four Emperor Mission!

Taking the tissue leads to the Baishe Piece to declare war, on the one hand, on the one hand, the strategic spoofing of the world government. On the one hand, it is true that it is necessary to solve the trouble of the BIG MOM One Piece.

And now the war of tissue and BIG MOM One Pirates is just a small trick knife. After solving Big Mom, they will rush to the first half of the great route, always prepare to participate in the ultimate battle of this world.

And the country.

The seaside of Jiuli area.

100,000 coalitions finally completely assembled.

Drought Jack glanced around and wrinkled his own brows, and there was a little dissatisfaction on his face: "Cairdo's big brother, is we waiting here now?"

"Well, wait for the night's mother-in-law."

The whirlpool is nod, and the sound of drought Jack is not a problem: "100,000 coalitions are not a small number, the guy is not here, the best way is the time space of Hui Night's mother-in-law, will bring us all go…"

This is the way of warming.

Due to the three years ago, I used a space capability when I used the Organization to attack and the country, I used a space to pass the entire ninja coalition to the country, which greatly reduced the war of war, and made a rich return.

The co -ifisance Nara Luli used the practice of Shangyuan Na.

Using Hui Ni's Huangquan Biya and the sky of the sky, transfer all the 100,000 coalitions and the required materials to the spatial space.

In this way, only the location of Hui Ni Ji to the war, and can also greatly reduce the time required for 100,000 co-junction.

The dishes were flashing on the face of the disaster, and didn't dare to confuse your glasses: "Wait.... Is this expedition? "

"If she is also dispatched ..."

Thara's wine was suddenly awake, he knocked his fist, Shen Sheng: "I only need her to solve the BIG MOM One Piece and Lingling? There is no need to happen to move, convene 100,000 people A expedition ... "

Even if it has been three years, Thaedo still did not forget the horror of Hui Yiji!

Three years ago, the horrible woman came on the island of the ghost, and it was clearly written to hit him, and he defeated the entire hundred beast of the 100th!


The beast is still a terrible to stream the goddess of the goddess!

At this time, others are thinking about this problem, but they don't have so much doubts on this aspect of the Ninja, because they are very clear about the purpose of this war!

The existence of the big tube-made night can solve some powerful enemies.

In addition to those troubled guys, some remaining residual distributions in all parts of the enemy, can not depend on the power of Hui Yueji ...

100,000 coalitions bear this responsibility.

Big MOM's sea is very big!

Part of the Ninja Troop.

The four generations of Lili Xi flashed a touch of anxiety, full of face: "The woman will take more time, I know that I should not pass the Nara Luoji, which also waited too long. Let's! "

"It should be soon ..."

I also touched my own chin, slowly swallowing: "If you wait too long, someone will help her ..."

A group of people still talking about, a black time space door appeared in the air, and the big tube Hui Hui slowly drifted from the black door.

The moment of Huiye's appearance ...

The entire coalition will gradually quiet.

Nara Luozhi stands out of the crowd, looking up at the air of the air, the night, the sound of the road: "Hui Night adult, can start."

"I know."

The big torch is nodded slowly.

In the next second, the scenery in the field of view suddenly changed, and they were taken within the moment, and this means is really seen in this means!

This space is ...

Do you even exceed the original navigation?

At least, it can be transferred to the 10,000-year-old army, which is indeed compared to the original navigation from the tolerance to this large sea, and it is unable to let people think that the spatial means of brilliant night is stronger.

Just as 100,000 coalitions entered the spatial space, they saw another woman floating in the sky, and the highest authority of the entire country.

The angel of God, Xiaonan.

A pair of paper wings behind the small man slowly moved, driving her body slowly falling in front of Nara Luojing and others: "Mr. Luo Jiu, is it ready?"


Nara Luli nodded, and his face revealed a bit of smile: "I really didn't think that we will prepare a large number of troops in a large scale, this coalition army has even more than the number of the fourth endurance war. "

100,000 coalition ...

Really, I don't want to think!

Among them, the 60,000 ninja troops are equivalent to the entire endurance!

However, hundreds of beasts and thieves and the people of the country have added more than 40,000 people. This world has not been too large ...

of course.

The threshold of the warrior and the pirate is not high.

But the minimum threshold of the Ninja also must have Chakra, if only one single is just a large military army, the five major people have not been able to do ...

"The words say, Shangyuan Needs?"

I also touched my own chin, curiously opening: "Xiaonan, this war, the Shanghao's little guy will not come to participate?"

"Needelo should not come for a while."

Xiao Nanxi got his own brow and shakes his head: "When I contacted Naid, he was still on an empty island ..."

"Hey, that guy ..."

I can't help but laugh: "There is such a lively disciple, it is really a headache ..."

"Fortunately ..."

There is a lot of weird in the small voice.

Because Xiaonan liaped with the original Na Ruo, Shang Nai retained himself will not participate in this war against BIG MOM, the reason is to pick a gift to Xiaonan.

Those gifts sent by Shangyuan Nai ...

It is often always some unacceptable.

Empty island.

This island is located on the islands of mid-sky.

Shangyuan Na is here to find a real treasure, he looked up at a huge golden clock, slowly knocked the golden bell in his finger.

"This gift is not bad."

Shangyuan Nai fell to listen to the sound of the golden bell, nodded, and shakes his head: "Just feel that this gift is a bit weird ..."

When I said here, Shangyuan Na will turn to a man lying on the ground, and I asked: "Forget, Ai Ni Road, I think it is still as a gift to Xiaonan teacher. Let's! "

Man lying on the ground is called Ai Ni Road.

Prior to arrival of the empty island, Ai Ni Road was still a god of an empty island, and he also rely on his powerful heart network to rule this empty island.

Since Ai Ni Road is a fruit power of the thunderstorm, his heart network is strengthened, and it has been strongly strengthened. It has almost reached the extreme!

Only one-on-the-art, the entire island!

Therefore, after the top of the empty island, the Aiño will immediately find the trouble of the original Needle, claiming to fall a penalty for him.


This lingering fruit power, was defeated by the same capacity by Shang Nai, and the situation where the situation was unprecedented, and it was a cracked wound. Now, even if you want to start the fruit, you can't do it.

What's more

Aii Road can't escape.

"Don't you give me your ark?"

Shang Nai took a look at Ai Ni Road, kneeling around him, slowly opening: "Hey, you can God, as a real God, must learn to be generous, there is a boat in the district ..."

"Blend ..."

The Aii Road lying on the ground biting his teeth, looking angry with anger, looking at the original navigation, no god should be calm.

Ark rumors are hard to build for many years. Many places have used precious gold, this is the truly effort ...

"Okay, don't tease you."

Shangji Looking at the Ai Ni Road with an anger, laughing and opening: "A boat with lightning as a powerful Ark ... Hey, I am not interested every day for a ship, you will drive this ship. Unlimited land! "


Ai Ni Road suddenly exposed a hint of hope.

Shangyuan Nai's mouth hook, squatting his eyes smile and continuing: "As a price of you, wait for you to rule your moon, I will send people to you.

I hope that time, you can also give me the empty island now, will give us the unlimited land of the moon ... "


The eyes of Ai Ni will gradually beat.

Shangji, I want to take the empty island, I can understand that Ai Ni will know that they can't continue to rule the empty island, let alone he has not intended to stay in the empty island's narrow place ...

However, what did the guy who call the original navy have just said?

After you ruled the moon, this is called Shangji to receive the moon ...

Is this still human?

"Want to do the moon?"

The eyes of Ai Ni are deadly staring at the original navigation: "Tell me, is your guy, is it a god of Qinghai?"


Shangqi Lu frowned for a while, shook his head and sighed a good air: "Although I don't want to admit, it should be it in a few months ... Are you interested?"