I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 546 Lu Fei: My Navy will be grandfather ... (ask for a monthly ticket!)

Aii Road this guy ...

After all, I still chose to go to the moon.

This lingering fruit power wants to open up the moon base.

For the original Needle and Xiaomi, no matter what the choice of Ai Ni, the final result is the same, and everything that Aii Road will become a well-known results.


There are also a lot of secrets in this world!

So far, there is also a relic of civilization in the moon, and the moon people have arrived in the sea due to the lack of resources.

Shangyuan Nai is really a bit suspicion, this world will not be like the endurance, the aliens in the universe brought what the devil fruit, the descendants ruled the world, and the way to other aliens .

For example, like a tree of the trees, the big tone of the trees ...

"This is a linked ring ..."

After the original navigation, I will got Ai niji, I lost a ring of Ai Ni Road, whispering: "Occasion I will take the initiative to talk, if one day I found myself, I can't stay in the moon ..."


Ai Ni Road interrupted the original Needle, the look became a little uncomfortable to pick up the ring: "As the cost of failing in God, this empty island will give you ..."

"Don't say yourself in the future."

Shang Nai took the shoulders of the Ai Ni Road, sighed: "It usually likes to be called God, often will always be knocked down. After I returned to the sea, it is estimated that there will be a lot of like to claim Guy for God ... "


The expression of Ai Ni Road is a bit stiff.

It's all right, or can you still say something?

"I know."

Ai Niro put on a ring that symbolizes members, cold voice: "But no one dares to laugh a god, and there is a guy who is called the corner to board the empty island, ridicule the majesty, I put it The guy laying on the white sea ... "

"You are two defeats."

Shangqi Nai's mouth couldn't help but smoke, shook his head and sighed: "Don't you have a hard? The corner is also a member of Xiaoxiao. I have a clear thing between you. ..."


Ai Ni Road is still falling again.

Next moment, his figure was disappeared for a lightning.

After a long time, a shot on the boat floating in the air, flew toward the moon in the sky, is the Ark rumor of Ai Ni Road.

Shangyuan Na will not stay in the empty island too much time.

Ai Ni Road is just a chess piece under the hand, on the Emperor Island, and Munqi D · Luffy and the straw hat pirates are waiting for him.

This is the real head and so on.

Gaya, Magic Valley Town Pier.

The straw hat is still waiting here.

Since Portkas D · Es is arrested, it is more anxious in the heart of Munqi D. Lu Fei, as a southern brother who grew up from a child, and Lu Fei cannot ignore this. What happened!

Nami looked at the road flying, the opening provided a lot of news: "The Navy seized the pirates and will be held in the big prison because of Pelton ... Es will not be held in Duerton Major Prison ? "

"Then it is troublesome."

Mountain is holding a cigarette and shakes his head: "Due to what people can enter because of the big prison, even if it can go in, it may not have a chance to escape ..."

"Then let's go to Pelton!"

The road fleam his fist, just after I finished this, I intermitted myself: "No, I will go!"

"Big ... is there a big prison?"

Qiaoba's body shivered.

At this time, although Qiaoba's face has feared, but the mouth is still open: "Ace's people are very good, I also go together ..."

Just as the road flew away from the Gold Mei Li, Solaron waved the scabbard to fly down the road, the cold voice opened: "Don't be stupid, you are the captain of this ship! We are slightly cold! We I want to go to Pelton, at least in listening to clear situation ... "

This idiot ...

Also want to throw your own companions? Because you realize the danger, don't you want everyone to commit dangers?

"I guess some things."

Nicole Robin suddenly opened the situation, and everyone's eyes were attracted to her by Robin.

After the words were finished, Nicole Robin continued to say: "If the Navy really puts Mr. Es in due to Pellton's big prison, it will not state that they will secretly detained Es. .

The purpose of the Navy must be to avoid the prior to public punishment, the white beard of the White Beard in Dest is due to Pelton's big prison. If you want to save Mr. Es, we still have to check Mr. Es. over there…"

When I said here, Nicole Robin slowly closed his palm, whispered: "Perhaps it really knows that Mr. Ess is detained ..."

Upopo was in a hurricane, suddenly looked up and looked at Nicole Robin, and he looked at Lu Fei and turned his head and looked at Nazi and Mountain.

These people are in touch with the original navigation.

"Hey, Robin, Lu Fei, Nazi, Mountain, You really think that the guy who is called Shangji, will you tell us about the brother of Lu Fei? The guy is a navy!"

"The guy should be ..."

Lu Fei took a nodded, some of the hearts reflected: "I have known the original in the past, although he has not been in front of us, but Maceno said, the guy is indeed a good person, the navy Nothing is there ... "

"Indeed, Shang Shang's heart is still very kind ..."

Nicole Roberty said his own conscience, and suddenly he looked at Lufei and put forward a suggestion.

"Saying back, Lu Fei, your grandfather is not a card in Kapu? If you can't wait until the Shang Shangyuan, you may get there about Mr. Es, you can get there from Mr. Es.

This suggestion is very high.

Because Monchi D · Kapu as the high-rise of the Navy, it must know the Parcas D · Es' detention site, he is a naval hero!

"Grandpa guy!"

When I mentioned the generals of Kapu, Lu Fei's face flashed a fear: "No, grandfather should kill me, he will almost kill me from small to big countless times ...

Now I abide by and in the agreement of Xiangks, maybe Grandpa will see my words, I really will kill me! "

"Kapu will be in a bad ..."

Just Junchi D · Lu Fei said that when Munqi D · Kapu became inferior, a voice suddenly appeared in their ear.

Shangqi Nairi did not know when to appear on their boat, he whispered: "If I have not guess wrong, I will stay with Ais, I heard that I will always put Ais in Cap. Take your own grandson ... "

Montage D · Kapu treats Portcas D · Es and Treat your own grandson Munqi · D · Lu Fei no difference.

Perhaps more particularly.

The man who is known as iron boxing ...

Obviously his will is like steel, but there is a soft side of your own, especially when treating Portcass D. Es.

Kapu is really treating Aies as a loved ones.

Potkas D · Es, also asked Kapp as his grandfather.

If the World Government must arrest Es, and if the Potkas D · Es is sentenced, it is absolutely impossible to capture Kapu.

"Don't mention your grandfather!"

Lu Fei interrupted the original Nairi, and the face is full of open mouth: "Shang, do you know how to save Ece? No, do you know that Ace is detained?"

"Well, I know some."

Shangqi Nairou looked at everyone, whispered: "But this is absolutely can't disclose, and the place to pay more than you imagine, if you can, I hope you go to a shampoo first ..."

"I have to know that Ace is detained there!"

The road flooded and shook his head, Shen Sheng: "Please, Shanghao! After I rescued Es, I will definitely go to the shampoo!"


At the last name, I said that this place name is, and I will continue to say: "Before you go to Justice Island, I suggest you go to the shampoo, look for the vice minister of the hundred pirates, Wang Ge D. Roj, asked him Views…"

"The Secret of the One Piece!"

Everyone in the field can't help but be astonish.

The road fleams his fists, shakes the head, and finally reveals a smile: "Although I really want to see the pail of the One Piece, but ... I will go to Have yourself!"

"Forget it ..."

Shangji shook his head, sighed a little: "Before this, I want to remind you first, I want to rescue Es and Sa Bo's opportunity to have only once ... Because Justice is in the event, it will be strengthened!"

"Sa Bo?"

Lu Fei's expression is a bit confused.

In the next moment, the look of Lu Fei changed, it became unusual. "" Wait, Shanghao, Sa Bo is also taken away? "

This news…

Lu Fei also just knew!

Because the headlines have taken place by Potkas D · Ees, the revolutionary army has not attracted attention, and now no one cares ...


Lu Fei will definitely care about Saab!


Shangyuan Nairou looked at the road to fly: "If you say this, do you still don't know? Half a month ago has always been saying about Sa Bo, the ethnaries of the revolutionary army, is the time limit? "

"Do not."

Lu fans shook his head, whispered: "Thank you, tell me this news, Shangyuan, I will save Es and Sa Bo!"

Now I know the destination, I can start the next plan, I will directly go to Justice to save Es and Sa Bo!

This guy is really big!

Brain ...

Nor is not a general simple!

Fortunately, the straw hat pirates stopped the road flying, they decided to go to the direction of Justice, while thinking about how to do it to enter Justic Island ...

Just as the straw hat pirates left the magic valley town, when I rushed to Justice, Malin Fanto also had a naval in the mouth of the person in charge of the pharmacist, and it was confirmed by Es.

It is Munqi D · Cap.

In fact, Kapu is the last known, Ace's arrested news and the place of being detained ...