I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 547 Secretly Concerned the Justice and Guests of Is

Marin Fanto.

Navy Marshal Office.

After the World Government arrested Es' news, Kapu will only know that Potkas D · Ace is secretly arrested, and he also learned the Navy's plan.

Capada will stand in front of the desk, full of his own fists, watching your old friend: "Warring States, if you are not old, I don't know that my grandson is going to be a criminal station. "


The Buddha's Warring States buried his head.

The pharmacist sat on the chair next to it, pushed his own glasses, whispered: "Capu, Portcas D. Ess was detained in Juda Island.

As before, we contended to arrest Potkas D · Es' secret because we have not done whether to open this war.

Now the prison is inevitable. If the card will want to visit him, now you can in the past, if you are willing to surrender the Navy ... I believe that the Son of the One Piece joined the Navy, which is far more than the income of him. "

The pharmacist said it is very reasonable.

If the Son of the One Piece chooses to surrender to the Navy, it is really far more than the income of him. Even if the five old stars will never want to drop the Es, even will still cost the Ace.


Everyone knows this is impossible.

Even if Montage D · Kapu also knows that in accordance with the Beli Reline character, from Kapp, I hope that I can join the Navy. In the future, it has become a neighborhood of the Navy. Even if he is Roger's son, it will definitely be safe. ...

But Ace chose to go out of the sea ...

He would rather be willing to join the Navy.

"The old man wants to see Es ..."

After Monchi D · Kapu, after the end of the Warring States and the Answers, he left the office of the Navy.

Kapu has got the news you want to know, and immediately rushed to Juda Island from Malin Fan.

The pharmacist has no opening to block, just watching the back of the card, slowly pushing his own glasses and evoke his mouth.

It's just right ...

When I visited my grandson in Justic Island, I may also see another grandson from the front of the investment, I don't know if he will start?

Marin Fan Dodi Port Pier.

Kapup stood on the bow of the warship, looking at the busy port of the Navy's Ma Lin Duo, and also looked at the naval troops that brought him salute ...

The look of this old man gradually became complicated.


It is also a member of the Navy ...

Even him of his life is given to justice.

"Let's go, go to Justice!"

Kapu took his fist, whispered his own deputy official, the dog's head warship sounded the whistle, and slowly left Malin Fanto.

After the warship of the Kapu, Malin Fanto is still from the ship.

A naval warship is moored on the pier of Malin, a team of Navy soldiers who join the team queued to go to the boat, and entered Malin Fan Dodia under the leadership of the officer.

Because the goal of this world war is the white beard, the thief group and the revolutionary army, even possible to cover the red-haired pirates, and the scale exceeds any war!

Even if it is more than 30 years ago, the god battle and the Eitwall Battle, and it is far from the scale of this war!

According to the programs of the pharmacist, this game they will adjust more than 100,000 naval elite departments, almost empty the entire four seas and the elite naval of the great navigation.

Most of this department will have also returned to Malin Fanto.

In addition to this ...

There is also the CP department under the pharmacist.

Most of the CP0 members near Maryoa are dispelled in batches to Judi Island and Malin Fanto, and the defensive look of the holy land looks extremely empty.

Fortunately, Mario is not too far from Malin Van.

Because the World Government wants to rely on this battle to win, let the world government have completely occupy the advantages of the pirates, from this battle, gradually ending the big piceon thief!

According to the drug officer ...

BIG MOM One Pirates and Beasts, the Treatment of the Alliance to declare war, the war between the war must be released, these big forces have no time to participate, the Navy and the World Government have almost 100% chance. Winning.


Not long ago, when the pharmacist reported the plan, I also mentioned the leading pirates in this way.

If the Big Mom One Piece and the Beasts of the Beasts are 10 defeatings, the Navy may not be able to carry a big victory, sweate the whole sea, and clear all the big one fell swim ...

have to say…

The picture painted by the pharmacist is very attractive.

And everything is indeed in the development of the pharmacist.

According to the intelligence sent by the CP0, the big camp of the tissue and the hundred beasts is already empty, and the whole hundred beasts, the pirates, and the tipping of the hundreds of beasts, and they will attack the BIG MOM One Piece.

The CP agents who sneaked into the two pirates will always monitor the movement of the Baorence, the Big Mom, which makes the world government to reluctantly, concentrate on the White Bearded and Revolutionary Army.

The only problem is ...

Red-haired mother on the big sea.

Red-haired fragrance learns that the War of the 100th Beasts and the Big Mom One Piece is open, so no longer worry that the beasts may sprout.

Xiangks no longer travel to the waters of the beast, but directly rid of the Red Fos to the Shengdi Marie Joya, I hope that the five old stars will be able to release Portcass D · Es.

This requirement was approved.

If this time, Potkas D. Ece is released, this means that the World Government is weak to the White Beard, which will make the whole world government sweep the floor!

Moreover, the world government has already made a complete preparation, mobilizing the harmonious military power of the Navy in advance, in order to obtain the victory of the war!

It's absolutely impossible to release Es!

The arrow is on the strings, you have to send it!


Five old stars made another suggestion for the Sales of the situation, and they promised to quietly pass the trial of Justic Island privately, and released Koloz. The ship doctor of Jiehapijun.

This is a good to red-haired fragrance.


Red-haired incense wants to save Curus, and I want to save Potkas D. Es, this guy wants!


They took place to disclose.

After the red-haired fragrance left Marily, it was intended to ride the Leide Fosno under the top half of the Weihe Town.

Ben Bakeman is helping the film together with the boat, wrinkled with a brow: "Xiang Ke, it seems that your face is not used, this war is inevitable ..."

"Hahahaha ..."

A group of hundreds of pirates can't help but laugh.

Red-haired incense scratched his hair, smile and said: "But it doesn't matter, I have already found the place to pay off ..."

"So we tell the white beard this news?"

Ben Bakeman put down the tool in his hand, reached out for himself to ignite a cigarette: "If you come back, how can the five old stars tell you this secret, before the public sentence, Potkas D · Ess's remark site It should be a top secret. "

If the White Beard One Piece is prior to publicly punishment of the World Government, it will also make the world government to win the water ...

of course…

It may also make the war in advance.

After all, the current naval is especially concerned about the movement of the White Beard One Piece, and it is impossible to reveal when the white beard is dispatched.

"Don't tell them."

Xiangke shakes his head and laughs and opens: "Although the World Government strives to guard against this news, it is not a secret in Maroa's Tianlong people living ... We go directly to Justice!"

After the red-haired thief group was completed by the Red Fos, the acetychiace quietly sneaked into the sea, and they will cross the sea of ​​fish people in the sea, bypass the Red Soil mainland, and rushed to the first half of the new world. segment.

Just after the red-haired fragrance left Marily, a CP agent responsible for left-behind Mary Joa immediately passed the news to the CP Camp of Justic Island.

[Information has been sent, the red-haired incense has been known to the Potkas D · Es' detention site.

On the island of Justice.

The big battalion of this CP department gathers a lot of elite power.

Compared with Malin Fanto, the defense here is dominated, the code is the second-generation water shadow light of the code, the code for the water, the three generations of Lei Xi Ai, the code is the second generation of the second generation of the school. No, the four generations of wind shadow sands of the corner.

In addition, there are also the secrets of the inbound parties to join the CP departments, and the number of elite ninjas that have been more than fifty squads have more than two hundred people, all of them are composed of elite or special.

It is responsible for assisting these dark ninja battles, is a ductile army army who is pocket, and hundreds of non-dead land ninja will hide in the dunities of Justice!

It is not polite ...

This is a combat force that is equally expensive!

According to the program of the Pharmacist to the CP department in the past few years, this agent must not be able to fall into the bottom of the wind, whether it is the top-end force or the balance of power.

to this end…

The pharmacist has completely cleared the CP department. The special industries of the entire CP department are all served by Ninja, which guarantees that any confidentiality will not be unable to disturb.

When the pharmacist is in Malin Fanto, this CP department will lead the flagmacci to the Justic Island, responsible for watching Portkas D. Es and Sa Bo, and collecting a summary of the world. Information.

The CP department's large capital base.

The flagmarks put down a tall woman, pulled his face mask, whispered: "Hey, Tianzang, open the door of Justice island, these days should be temporary, there should be no need to turn off, we have several batches Guests are coming soon ... "

"Yes, Kakasi predecessors."

A man sitting across flag woodkasi slowly nod, is another world's wooden, and now his code is Tianzhu.

Tiandang slowly nodded and whispered: "Then the first person who has to come over will be in Qa Pu?"

"Well, I will welcome him personally!"

Flagkarta Si scratched his head, standing up, slowly swallowing: "Note that anyone should not talk more, avoid being discovered, and I heard that the naval hero once watched photos. I realized the dangers of Shangyuan guys ... "