I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 548 Justice's Dungeon, discussing the brothers of jailbreak ...

On the port of Justic Island.

The door of justice has been opened, and the flag-like Carti has rushed here with several CP agents, waiting for the arrival of the Navy.

After a long time.

A dog's head warship slowly drove in, stopped in the terminal, a healthy old man at all warships, just jumping directly from the boat.

It is rushing from the card from Malindo.

Munqi D · Kapu's figure jumped to the flag wooden Carti, and quickly walked to Judic Island: "Where is Ece, take the old man to see him!"

For the CP departments under the pharmacist, Kapu has never had a good sense, because the bad things that these agents have done are not in some brutal pirates ...

These agents have always been helping the world government to live! What's more, the CP department is also the main force to catch Es!

It is said that when the CP agent arrested Sa Bo, it almost grabbed the two of the Lu Fei and Dulagf father ... If this happened, the Cap Pu was really white People send brunette!

What is afraid of Kapu is a big thing ...

It is also impossible to full of CP!

Flag Kakasi pulled his face mask, slowly followed: "Hey, there will be no need to worry in Kapu, Potkas D · Es is not bad here, because he is Here I saw my brother ... "


The face will be more ugly.

If there is nothing necessary, the card is still do not want these CP agents.

Flagkarcasi is not concerned, slowly swallowing: "If we don't think about the brothers, their brothers don't know when they will reunite it, but Portcas D. Es and There is a new problem between Saab ... "


The brow wrinkled, can't help but looked at the flag, Kakasi, cold voice opening: "What is the problem? What is Es?"

"how to say…"

Flagkascasi Sissora for a while, soft continuation: "Potkas D. Es and Sa Bo have been talking about their brothers three past things in dunges ...

Among them, there seems to be less than the grandson Munqi D · Life, which will be in the card. We don't think about the straw road in the past few days, let them brothers together ... "


The face of Kapu suddenly was cold.

Is this white hair agent saying people? When he is in the face of his grandfather, is it necessary to grab a grandson and a grandson who carefully raised?

It's really a ministry of the pharmacist!

Dungeon in Justic Island.

During this time, Portkas D · Es has been good, and the special workers in the CP department have not difficult him, and even prepared adjacent cells for him and Sa Bo.

When Portkas D. Ess and Sa Bo saw in Justice Dungeon, the brothers were somewhat surprised, and some were sad for the opponent's encounter.

The result is waiting for these days ...

It seems that Judic Island is not a hell.

"Hey, Saab."

Potkas D · Ece took a straw and looked at the private room next door, suddenly relying on the past: "You said that the road flying guy is doing?"

"do not know."

Sa Bo is holding his own back, looking at the wall, looking up at the sky, suddenly the mouth shows a smile: "It is still quarreling to become a One Piece! Now we have no way to fight with him. ! "


Potkas D · Ace laughed, suddenly said: "But I have already given up to become a pirate king, and now I think it is a little more sorry."

"Is Zhi Zhibo?"

Sa Bo has nodded slowly, softly sigh: "I have heard of his name, Es, your companion is a very strong person! I have heard that I have heard that the Hei Piece is the most It is possible to go to the top of the new four emperor. "

"Ha, I have long been there!"

Es took a knock on the railing, asked: "You, Sa Bo, don't miss it? How is the revolutionary army?"

"feels good."

The mouth of Sa Bo hooked a smile, his face revealed a touch: "Everyone I really want them, those like-minded partners ... However, Kella will never have to find me everywhere, she later I will not be angry ... "

There are a lot of people missing Sa Bo.

Especially his teammate Kella.

Now trapped in the prison of Justic Island, Sa Bo can't help but start thinking, Kella knows what he will be in the arrest?

Although Sa Bo said that Kella will not be angry, but it is very clear, Kella will be very anxious now ...


Will you cry?

Now there is nothing wrong, think about Kella, the little girl has lost the instinct of the fear, but sometimes it will tears for him ...

Just when Sa Bo missed Kella, Potkas D · Ees suddenly rely over, looked at Sabao whispered: "Hey, Sa Bo, let's try to jailbreak!"

When I was jailbreak, the eyes were full of hopes: "Just like we are young, cooperate to escape this tailor, as long as we can solve my sea chain chain, we must be able to escape from here, at least You have to escape ... "

Brother two ...

Still very dreamy.


Sa Bo hook hook his mouth, whispered: "Don't worry, Es, we must escape out!"

At this moment, Saab's face flashed the innocent smile. He looked at his own shackles, smiled and said: "Ace, in fact they still don't know, I am not a demon fruit power, I have been pretending because of the sea Stone lost strength ... "


The Es' face flashed a lot of jets.

Sa Bo has erected a finger Esian, he knew an eye, whisper continued: "But I still want to slowly find out where the revolutionary army is, where the CP agent's long official pharmacist caught us. Less companion ... "

This is also the plan of Saab.

Since Sa Bo is arrested, I have thought about simply thinking about this opportunity, trying to rescue other revolutionary military cadres who have been caught by CP agents.

Who can think that Sa Bo has not checked which position to be closed in the Dunjun of the Revolutionary Army, but saw his good brother ...

Really ...


When both Ace and Sa Bo had thought of conspiracy, the dungeon suddenly came back to let people can't help with the metic acid.

The thick iron gate slowly opened.

A buzz is echoating in the dungeon of the Chinese.

A group of people came over with Portcass D. Es and Saab, which was the cards and accompanying flag of Kaki, who came to visit.

Flagkarcasi walks in front of the road, and the card will walk in his body, and the two people slowly stopped in the cell of Es and Saab.


"Kapu is ..."

When Es and Sa Bo saw Kapu, the expression was slightly stiff, and the two people looked at the old man who had a prison.

after all…

Kapu treats their feelings.

However, very fast Ice and Sa Bo converges their emotions, because they have had a grasp of prison, waiting until they escape from here, I believe that the color of Kapu will be very exciting at that time!

Montage D · Kapu doesn't know all this.

The old man cleared his fists, looked at an Al, and looked at Sa Bo. The face gradually revealed, almost unfortunately and weakly said: "Give me the key to me, the old man wants to go in. they…"


Banquarci nodded.

The flag-like Kasi is looking at the key in his body, while slowly swallowing: "Right, Kapu, there is something, Potkas D · Ess The body is bundled with a hundred percent of the sea, and it will definitely let him have lost their efforts. There is no way to leave here ... "

Flagkartah took the key to the key to handle the card, and the sound was slightly serious: "However, the revolutionary army staff Sa Bo may not necessarily, because he is not a demon fruit power, so we bond the sea in his body. It is invalid, he may escape from it ... "


The look of Saab has changed.

The expression of Es is also a little faint.

Even the expressions in Caipu will be a little surprised.

Sa Bo slowly converges his emotions, lifting the head and looking at the flag-like Kaki open mouth: "You have long knowing that I am not a devil fruit, do you not worry I will escape?"

"do not worry."

The flagmarks shakes his head, and the sound is lazy: "No one can escape from the dungeon of Justice, and no one can escape our monitoring ..."

This sentence is not just a single CP department.

It means that the Treatment behind the CP department is behind.

Flagkarcasi looked at Sa Bo, slowly continued: "Oh, yes, the pharmacist is in front of me, there is too much, it seems to have forgot to tell you."

The flag-like cards has opened their palms, and they are bored: "If you sneak away, even if you don't succeed, you have to pay a price ...

In the past, all revolutionary military cadres who were secretly arrested by our secrets include ordinary members, and immediately will be prestented; and in the future, we will not leave the live port when we catch members of the revolutionary army. "


Saab's look suddenly, this group of CP agents is really a guy of the pharmacist, it is really not tooth!

Fortunately, the flagmarks said this thing ...

Otherwise, Sa Bo really doesn't know, if you train to escape, there are countless revolutionary military cadres and ordinary members, how much torture will be affected by your heart ...

After the flagmica, after the end, he looked at Ess: "Potkas D. Es, your situation is the same, when the first team of the white mustache But caught many parts ... "

"... Bar!"

The face of Es also flashed a meat.

When the pharmacist pockets the second quarter of the white beard of the 100th team, Kapu will also be helpful. The entire second team is caught by the Navy. Sasuke and Marshall D. Tik ...

Even the second quad is rebuilt.

Ais is still unable to ignore the death of those companions.

After the flag, Kakasi threatened Sa Bo and Es, he looked at the Cap Pushe: "So, I will go first, let's talk about it, let me want to talk to Trick, because you I have received a message before coming to Juda Island. "

Kapu wrinkled his brow, looking at the flag-like Kaki, couldn't help but open: "What news has been received again ..."

"Hey, a message we are very interested."

The flag-like Kaki is slowly taking a circle, and the opening of the ground is slowly swallowed: "Before two hours, the straw hat pirates took a list of sea trains in seven water, riding a sea train. Drive in the direction of Justice is ... "