I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 549 Blocks the CP Agent, Tianzang, Japanese Flower

Message of the straw cap ...

Everyone present is very interested.

However, at this time, the straw hat is still coming to the tyrants of Justice, without doubt it is in the Solar network.

Whether it is Munqi D · Kapu, or the two of the Ace and Saab brothers, heard the news of the straw hat pirates to Justic Island, everyone's face is more ugly.

"Well, the situation is like this ..."

Flagkarcasi lifted his wrist, looked at his watch, softly continued: "Capu, according to our expectation, you still have an hour before the grasshame thieves come to Justice, you still have an hour. Visit time. "

Flagkarcasi has pointedly knocked on his watch: "After an hour, the straw hat will invade Justic Island, and the entire Justic Island will be martial martial law, close the entrance of the dungeon, all people collectively dispatched encirclement Straw hat pirate. "

Everything in the straw cap will undermop the CP agent.

In Munqi D · Lufei, the straw hat pirates grabbed a column of sea trains to Justice island, Juda Island has received a detailed information.

Even if you don't need it, you have repeatedly described it, Kapu and Ece, Sa Bo have also known the fate of the straw cap, they can't overcome the CP department!

Whether it is Dorag or Unechebra, I have a big loss in the hand of CP agents, how can the straw hat pirates have won?

"Okay, please, I will go first."

Flagkarcasi has finished the mentality of everyone, and the fingers are slowly knocketing their watches, leaving this dungeon, left here to Cap and Ece, Sa Bo and others.

The face of Es flashed anxious. His name returned to the past: "Hey, old man, we have no chat, don't let Lu Fei to Justice!"


Sa Bo grabbed the land of the dungeon, and the look is ugly: "Capu is in the middle, can you please take away the road, he will be killed ..."

However, Kapu doesn't care about their ideas!

The navy will read the backs of the flag-like Kakasi left, and turned to Sa Bo and Ece.

Kapup snorted: "Today, the old man is coming to see you. If the boy is really coming to Justice, the old man will take him in a partner!"


Es and Sa Bo caught in silence.


Whether it is Es or Sa Bo, there is no thought and card chat.

Brother three ...

Can you always be closed?

The card will hold your arm, look down on the Es and Sa Bo in the dungeon, don't wait for them to say, open the opening: "This is the choice of Lu Fei ... The old man will be the naval, The only thing to do is that when Lu Fei invaded the Justice island, he flew the straw road! "

Kapu slowly closed his eyes, and the old man's voice was a heavy: "At the beginning of your three little ghosts ... you should follow the life of the old man to arrange for you ... instead of doing a pirate ..."


Es slowly shake his head, sighed a little: "I don't want to do any navy. Anyway, I have become a pirate, even if you pay for your life, you still don't hesitate ..."

"me too."

Sa Bo took the railing, and the face was full of mouth: "In order to change this distorted world, even if you lose your life ..."

"To shut up!"

The Kapu's fists suddenly gripped, and slammed on the iron bar of the Saibou. The fist was able to smash the iron bar. The voice of the card was full of anger: "You are Dora. Wash the brain! "


Saab has a little frightened and retreats, carefully open the mouth: "But Mr. Dora, saved me ..."


Can Kapu really don't think about your own education? Why is the children who will be in a navy and the naval heroes, the children of his education have no naval?

No, or ...

This is not the fault of card, this is the world's fault!

Everything is because there is too much darkness in this world.

In Sa Bo, as long as the World Government has not changed, whether it is Dora, or Lu Fei, Es, or Sa Bo himself, they are destined to live in the dark suffocation of the world, never become navy!

Whether it is to be free to live freely ...

Still to make everyone in this world are freely alive!

Just when the card and Ece, Sa Bo also chatted in the Justic Island Dungeon, a sea train came toward them, this train was the laborat of sea trains, and it was also a pirate, the pirate, the year of the year. Fishman Tom makes it.

Now manipulating the person of the sea train, the second disciple of the fishman Tom, Franch, because he worried that the experiment that the Tom left was born by the straw hat pirates, so he personally went to the horse to help.

"I said, do you really want to go to Judice?"

Franche, said with a sea train, curiously turned around: "That is the land of the pharmacist, even the guy who is not guilty of the iceberg ..."

The iceberg in the mouth of Franne is is his brother, the mayor of the seven water, is also the president of Carrera Shipbies.

This is a big figure that is the capital of seven water.

"Pharmacist ..."

Namei frowned his own brow, asked: "I seem to have heard of this name ... Is this people very terrible? Is Judic Island not a world government?"

"He is not very terrible ..."

Franci also wrinkled his own brow, thinking about it for a while, shakes his head: "Anyway, I only know that the guy of the iceberg does not dare to provoke him ..."

In the past few years, due to the seven-water capital and the Justice is close, the occasional drug teacher will also rush to the seven water, natural and the mayor of the seven water.

"I do not care."

The road flew his fist, directly looking at the scenery outside the sea train, his voice appeared very strong: "No matter what, I have to save Es!"

On the island of Justice.

The door of justice is not closed.

Munqi D · Lufei and the straw cap will rush into the maritime trains into Justic Island, breaking through the harbor line, causing a riot!

The entire Justic Island is a big chaotic!

"Rubber · Machine!"

The rubber arm of Monchi D · Lufei immediately knocked over a group of naval soldiers in Justic Island, leading the straw hat pirates on the height of Justice!

Solaon slowly pulled out his own knife, and Shanzhi slowly looked down his smoke, and the two people were held on both sides of Lufei ...

After they, Namei, Upop, Franch, Nicole Robin, and even the ship doctor Qiaoba has also completed his animal form!

Munqi D · Lu flew his fist, looking at the CP agent and naval soldiers surrounded by Justic Island, and his voice was overwhelmed. His voice is a firm!

"tell me…"

In the next moment, the look of Lu Fei suddenly became serious, and his voice released his depression after he was arrested in these days.

"Es ... where!"

"Straw hat fly!"

A white-haired man stands in front of a group of agents and naval soldiers, slowly open: "Potkas D · Es and Revolutionary Army Saibo Sa Bo is in the dungeon of Justice, you are here to want Are you with them? "

It is the flagmarks.

Flagkarcasi is not here to meet the grasshame thieves, but in order to meet the last wave of Justic Island in the end of the straw hat.

When I heard the flag, Mikaki, Lu Fei's brow couldn't help wrinkled, and the eyes were dead and stared at the flag wood Carti: "You said, Sa Bo is here?"


The flag-like Kaki slowly swallowed, and the sound is a little lazy to open the mouth: "Is there any place in Justic Island before?"

"I know, thank you for telling me this."

Lu Fei's teeth suddenly bite, his mouth suddenly slowly revealing a smile: "Saab and Ece are here, it is really good!"

Next, the road flew down toward the ground!

Soron and Mountain Trolls followed, and the people of the straw cap will swarmed, facing the enemy exceeding their hundreds, there is no fear!

Flag Kakasi just looked at the straw cap, the head of the grass hat, and the head did not turn back to leave, just told him a sentence: "Tian Tibet, greet them ..."

"Yes, Kakasi predecessors."

The CP agent wearing a pattern mask is slowly nod. His arms are instantaneous for countless wooden thorn, and they will go up toward Munqi D · Road!

Wooden blood from the persistence!

Next moment, a knife flashed!

Countless wooden thorn is struggling!

"Three knives, three thousand people!"

Rocona Sauon waved his fast knife to help the road to solve this strike attack, his mouth is grinning a cold smile: "I want to attack our captain, don't think about the toy with this kind of child. ! "

"Soron, he gave you!"

The Lu Fei's arm suddenly stretched, and it is necessary to jump to the depths of Justice Island.

"Are you seen?"

Tian Tibet slowly wrinkled his own brow, erected his finger, his momentum gradually became thick, and if you let you break through here, it is too unable to see us. "

A wood rattan is turning out from the ground ...

Within a few seconds, these wood rattans will be separated from the entire port area and the Justice is deep into one side!

However, the body of Lu Fei has been vacated with rubber elasticity. It is necessary to jump over the dense wood wall, and rush into the inside of Justice!

At this time, a crisp female voice suddenly came!

"Gossip · Empty!"

On the ground, a small girl wearing a mask raised his palm, and a shock wave suddenly hit the body of Lu Fei, shot him from the air!

"Flower fire!"

The crowd suddenly came out.

Tianzang's eyes were biased, looked at the little girl wearing masks, slowly nodded: "Don't do it, fire ..."

It is the ninja of the wooden leaves to this large sea, and the sun is fire.

Now she has graduated from the Ninja School for three years, with the 15-year-old age adopted the exam ... This age is already small, compared to her genius brother, it is not bad.

Because the day of the family is still too young, the day is still too young. The day is staying in the endurance to help the Tiantian Treatment of the tribe. As a senior sister, the daily fire is the highest race to the family.

right now…

This Justic Island just became the battlefield of the Incentive youth generation and this big sea, at least before the red-haired pirate group, there should be no more people to bother them.

The sun slowly took down his mask, stepped on the woods and slowly walked to Tianzang's side, and everyone rushed to the grasshad thieves raised their palms.

The look of the fire fire is indifferent to the people of the straw hat, the veins around the white eyes, the sound is clearly opened: "If you want to pass here, you will not be a little too much ... the pirates!"