I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 550, fifteen years old, Flower, 17-year-old Munqi D · Luffy

On the port of Justic Island.

A group of naval soldiers flocked, and when the CP agents came out, they did no longer need them to these ordinary navals.

The members of the straw cap will look at the retreat of Navy soldiers, and see it from time to time to stop in front of them.

Only two people?

Can this group confident that only two people can use them?

"That little girl ..."

Nami looked at the sun and the appearance of the endless face, and some of them were slightly wrong: "Her eyes look very strange ..."

After being hit by the sky, I took a palm of the fire and turned it on the ground, and I looked at the sun's head: "Well, is her eyes are ok?"

"Betting, don't be too rude!"

The mountains were unfamiliar with the face, and they sorted out their clothes. They looked at the sun to fire, the warmth of the road said: "This lady is very cute, don't care about the captain of the idiot. If the eyes are actually very beautiful ... "

"Hey, idiot, hips, it is the enemy!"

When I heard the mountain, I couldn't help but hurt a mountain.

Just as Saulong also wants to continue to take the mountain govern, the day is rushing up toward them. This fifteen-year-old girl took the initiative to launch them offense!

On the day, the foot of the fire fire is tapped in the ground, flying to the mountains, and the white eyes lies through the acupoints on the mountains in the moment, the petite palm should be horing!

"Ah, good cute ..."

The mountains of mountains were flashing on the face.

"Be careful!"

So Lung couldn't help but remind it, waving his own hurry, rushed to the sun, he knew his own companion weaknesses!

Shanzhi this guy is impossible for women to do ...

It is better to kill him directly with him to fight the mountains and women!

There is no such concern in the heart of Soron, as a person who is a leader of the world's first big sword, women will only affect the speed of his sword!

not to mention…

Solaon was once hit by Guuna 2001 times.

So therefore fights, and there is really no pressure in the heart of Solaron, but it is just a sword!

Some people are faster than Soron's movements.

Lu Fei's palm suddenly stretched out, grabbed the mountain cure to drag him back!

At the time, I looked at my palm in the air, slightly wrinkled my brow, and I explored two fingers towards the body of the mountains. The cold voice echoed on the pier!

"Flying Guard!"

A air wave is like a bullet, and the body of the mountain is generally hit!

The mountains greeted by the road were directly hit by the road to save back, and the whole person flew out and fell on the ground, and even could not stand up at all!

"Hey, you are nothing to do."

Upopo hurried forward and wanted to help the mountains.

The eyes of the mountains couldn't help but turn, just watching the sky, the pain coming through the body, let him have some powerless movements, and even only send a sound from the throat.

"What is going on ... I can't move ..."

"What jokes, I am not hurt, I am not hurt!"

Uso drove the chest of mountain governance, only found a blue-violet sadness on the chest, it should not have any hamper.

"…do not know…"

There was a bunged sound in the throat of the mountain, and the face was convulsively revealed a weird smile: "But ... can die under so cute lady, it is also very satisfied ..."

The daily fire fire is used in the naval six-style finger gun extension. As the ninja from the small cultural body, the day to the fireworks repairs the naval six-style improvement speed, and even now you can use extended skills. gun.

Fortunately, the day of the day to study the flying finger gun, and can only barely use the air of the fire to shoot the enemy's acupuncture points. Otherwise, the chest of the mountains should be directly run through a bloody!

On the other side.

Solaron swords to the sun to fire, the trikife is like a whirlwind in his hand, constantly moving back to the sun!

On the day, the brow of the fire fire is slightly, and after a while, it quickly stretches.

This fifteen-year-old white-eyed girl, retreats after step by step, the sound of the Solaron, the voice is still cold: "Your sword, I have seen it all."

When talking, the day is shouting to the fire.

Long haired in the air slightly shakes, and the girl's posture is very elegant!

Next, the white palm of the flowers suddenly passed through the gap of the three-handed snacks, attached to Chakra's palm, softly patted the silent shoulders!


A knife suddenly falls from the hand of the Solan to the ground ...

This scene makes everyone a bit surprised, and even Solaron is also a bit of powerlessness in his arm!

"How is this going?"

Soleon did not dare to look at the knife dropped in his hand, the face gradually became more ugly: "The arm is completely unhappy ... a swordsman, how can you let go of his knife ..."

Just next moment, the eyes of Solaron suddenly stunned!

Even now, one hand has a problem, he still can hold a knife with a hand, bit a knife in his mouth, and use double-knife flow to continue to fight!

The day is not in the action of Isson, but it is just a flash of Sauon, waving your palm is constantly being taking the body!

The moment of each pocket in the Solan ...

Let Solaron feel that your body has lost some action!

"Soft, gossip 32 palm!"

Until the daily fire is lightly drinking, attachable the palm of Chakra is going to shoot above the chest of the Sola, completely defeat the Swordsman of the straw hat!

A bullet flew over!

Although this projectile may not be deadly, it is a shame if it is aesthetic, if you can't avoid every attack.

In particular, the day to fire is still a member of the guest.

On the white eyes of the guests, you can see all attacks in three hundred and sixty degrees, without any perfect white eyes!

People who shoot out of the projectile ...

It is the sniper of the straw hat pirates!

When Soron is about to lose resistance, Uso grab bites his teeth, ran out of his slingshot, shot a projectile to the back of the fire!

On the day, the fire was smashed, and the one who hit it behind, he added the last palm of the eight-handed on the body!



The sound of the two handles falls on the ground. Some harsh.

Solaron falls on the ground, he is all in the hands of the meridian acupoint, completely lost the ability to act, can only have their eyes look at the sky ...

Just one less time ...

The two power of the straw cap will be lost in the hands of the white-eyed girl!

If the failure of Shanzhi is still the same, but the defeat of Sheron is obviously incredible. How can his swordsmanship would be so easy to see the flaw ...

"How can it be…"

Upopo is more amazed to avoid the scene of the firefighting: "That girl, how do you know that there is someone behind her ..."

"It should be her eyes!"

Namei looked at the gluten and strange white eyes on the face of the flowers, and the silend of the silend: "The pair of strange eyes may be her ability ...

Although I don't know what is going on, the normal person will definitely not be so strange, the eyes must have any strangeness. "

According to Nami's theory ...

It seems to be true.

Generally, normal people will definitely not be so strange, so that the double eyes must have special abilities, after all, those who have a strange thing ... must not be inexplicably in the same way.

The sun slowly walked to the remaining straw cap, her white eyes gazed on everyone including the straw road flying, and put a battle gesture.

The faces of other people in the field are slightly nervous.

In particular, Nami and Uso have a bit fear, because this girl is very embarrassing, whether it is Soakar or Mountain, she has been disabled by her!

As for Nicole Robin's expression, it is a bit calm, because Robin has seen daily flowers in Justic Island, and it is not surprising to the warfare of the sun.

Robin is also very clear that the child's identity is very uncommon, and there must be a blood relationship with the big tube of the country ...

"Straw hat fly."

The voice of the girl is still indifferent, and the face is also as if there is no feeling: "I will not be because of your grandfather Munqi Copp on this island, it will deliberately pay attention to you. Destiny never cares Weak ... "

"Ah, no need."

Lu Fei reached out his palm, lowered its own hat, cold voice: "I will defeat you ... I will defeat everyone on this island, rescue Es!"

Next, Lufei looked up at the day to fire, his palm suddenly became a fist, taking it in the direction of the white-eyed girl!

"Rubber · Machine!"

One will continue to lie in the white eye!

However, no matter how, Lu Fei can't touch the body of the fireworks, this white-eyed girl is just a pace of his footsteps, as if the dance is, it is easy to escape all the attacks of Luffy.

"It seems that it is completely unable to hit ..."

Namei's face is horrified, looking at the white-eyed girl who avoids attacking, some don't dare to look at this scene: "Lu Fei's attack ... is it all invalid?"

"It's like this ..."

Uso patted his teeth, suddenly high: "Hey, Lu Fei, the eyes of the little girl are very strange, it seems that you can see all the attacks, your fist is not possible to hit her!"

"I know!"

Lu Fei's fist suddenly recovered, and the feet stepped on the ground!

As his calf is wrapped in the breath, the skin of Lu Fei gradually became red, and he slowly took a burning steam. This is his body strengthen, let blood accelerate boiling!

In this case…

Can improve the speed and strength of your body!

The corner of Lu Fei revealed a smile. His eyes gazed to the flowers in the distance, and the sound became unusual: "If the enemy hides a punch, let the strength of the fist to make her impossible to escape. ! Two stars! "

Second file status ...

This is the recent study of Lufei!

This status is extremely consumed by his physical strength, even if the body can't maintain in the limit, may also reduce his life ...

However, in order to solve the battle as soon as possible ...

At this time, it is desperate!

Next, the road flew biting his teeth, slamming up towards the sky, his fist snorted from the sky, and he would fall on the ground!

This punch is enough to shocked everything around!

No matter what, even if the day can escape this punch, it is impossible to escape the Yu Wei's impact brought by this boxing!


On the day, the brow wrinkled to the fire, her body suddenly shorted, and a picture of Chakra is released from her body, and a lightly spread spread around!

"Gossip · Back!"

A round air flow suddenly appeared, this is enough to resist all attacks, and the family secret skills of the day!

Lu Fei's fists have driven unparalleled momentum directly, and the shock wave is dissipated to Chakra gas flow in the day, and smashed the body of the fire!

This is also his strongest blow!

On the same day, I felt that I was directly fame and violently crackdown in Lu Fei. I had to take a few steps later, try to escape the strongest hit in the road in the road!

A robust figure is extremely fast, suddenly appears around the day, this robust figure waves the huge fist and smashed the road to the road, and directly landed in the ground in more violent way!

The power of this punch is so strong, actually broke the defense of Lu Fei, the body in the second gentleness of Lu Fei seems to be in the same way, the moment is wilting, and even his whole people are directly smashed. Over the past!

When everyone saw the person who defeated the road, they couldn't help but surprised: "How can I, Kapu is ..."


Montage D · Kapu looked coldly in a coma past Lu Fei, cold channel: "It is not self-tier, think it can save Es with your own life as a price?"

"Mr. Cap ..."

At this time, the voice of a man came in from the sea, and he continued to say: "But Lu Fei is very hard, facing a person who is so hard, at least let him get a reward?"