I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 551, the arrival of the red hair!

Port of Justic Island.

The third batch of guests have finally come.

As a man's voice fell into the ear's ear, a pirate passed through the door of justice, slowly stopped on the pier.

Everyone presenting in the field saw the sign on the boat, but I couldn't help but show an amplifier, that is the sign of the red-haired pirate!

"Redfos! It is a red-haired pirate!"

"Is it ... Is that red-haired aphid?"

"In addition to the red-haired thief group, is there anyone dare to pretend to be them?"

"That is the four emperor! How can some people dare to pretend!"

"The red hair in the four emperors ... Why will I come to Justice!"

The harbor naval soldiers are frightened to look at the pirates, and they are panic and fear, and they can't help but start their lifetime.


Red-haired pirates have a very large pressure.

If the red-haired incense wants to do, there is no powerful military power and the highest power generals on the entire Justic Island.

No, it should be said that there is another one.

The navies are not to look at the cards in autonomous!

Munqi D · Kapu, once several times, the pirate Wang Ge D · Roger was forced into the desperate naval hero, and there is no doubt here to become their savior!

Just when a group of navers re-have a lot of horses, a stronger overlord is swept throughout the port, and a group of naval soldiers have been coma in the impact of this tyrant!

Members of the straw hat pirates are no exception, Qoba, Namei, Uso, and even France's transformation people have passed ...

Only Nicole Robin and Solaron, and the mountains are still insisting.

And in CP ...

Even if it is a lot of firefighters, I can't hold this domineering impact. She is just a will of her own, she is relieved from a small uncomfortable.

The figure of the red-haired fragrance appeared on the pier. He glanced at the rocking day to the fire fire, smiled and swapping: "It's a great little girl! I didn't expect the pharmacist's guys." There is still so powerful. Newcomer ... "


On the forehead of the fire, it slowly flowing out a drop of cold sweat.

This white-eyed girl has never thought of that there is still such a strong person in the world. It can make her feel a huge gap between the two by domineering momentum.

Such a person ...

I have never seen it to the fire fire!

No, or may have seen it, but never spread to the unscrupulous place in front of her!

Only red-haired fragrance did not pay too much attention to the fire.

The four emperings on the sea, looked down at a coma, shook his head slightly, picked up the straw hat on the ground, covering the face of Lufei.

After the red-haired fragrance, he turned into this, he turned his head to see Munqi D · Kapu, his face with an exaggerated smile: "Mr. Cap, Lu Fei is still small, don't Too strict to him! "

"Red hair…"

The pupil of Kapu is slightly narrow, and the hardships have been tightened, and a person who has altered anger: "Your guy ... dare to appear in front of me!"

Next moment, Qapu Huan fists gave the red hair!

At this moment, the naval hero did not care about the identity of the opponent, so it was rushed directly, and the fist came up with a thick paint black-neat tight!

Comparing the power included in this boxing, the punch that Just, Kapu, flying, is it tips ...

This is the momentum of this punch ...

As if you want to kill the red hair directly!


Xiangks slammed their western swords, stopped the Kapu's fists, and his forehead revealed a drop of cold sweat!


The naval veterans ...

Still be as brave as the past!

When Monchi D · Kapu chased the Roger Xiqi Group, the red-haired Xiangx was just the intern of the Roger Hair True, but he cheds the power of card Pu ... that is powerful, when the incense The and friends are not dare to fight the power!

I really didn't expect to have passed so many years ...

Even if the red-haired incense has become one of the four emperors of this sea, it still feels a pressure from Kapu's body.

Kapu's fist is in the moment of Western sword ...

A shackle shock wave swept the entire Justice!

The ground of the whole port was instantly collapsed, and countless buildings suffered from the devastation of this shock wave. The sea has set off a tens of meters high, rolling towards the distance ...

These two people are just a blow ...

But there is a must-have the war of straw hat pirates and day!

This is the strong in the sea!

The Kapu's fists directly embodied the western sword, and the anger rushed to look forward to the red-haired Xiangx: "If it is not your guy, Lu Fei will not go to a pirate!"

"Ha, don't say this ..."

The red-haired Xiangx's face faded, revealing a smile: "Even if I have not stopped in the windmill village, Lu Fei will now be sea ..."

After saying these, the red-haired fragrance immediately stopped this topic, and his eyes turned his eyes, and his eyes and the people of the straw hat, and the loudly said: "Hey, Bakerman, Lagi Road, Jesus, helping Lu Fei and his companions bring boats! "

Red-haired incense is not in the attitude of others.

Because he is the sea emperor on the sea, even Munqi D · Cap is impossible to block him from saving the road to the road to fly and straw hat!


The members of Ben Becman and a group of red-haired thieves also jumped down and wanted to bring the members of the straw hat pirates.

Justice Raji Road was picked up in Upopp, the eyes were slightly stunned, couldn't help but laugh: "Hey, Beckman, you see, this little guy and Jesus are very similar. what…"

"is it?"

Jesus was helped to pick up Mountain Caody and Solaron. I watched the Upopup, laughed and said: "In addition to the nose, it seems to be very like me ..."


The head jumped with Niki Robin's head.

Because I want to make a spy in the straw hat, Nicole Robin is the life of the clear grassham, the father of Uso seems to be the red-haired thistle sniper ... Jesus cloth is not Come out your son?

"what happened?"

Ben Bakeman picked up Qiaoba and Franche, looked at the quirky Nici Robin: "What else is there?"

"Do not…"

Nicole Robin shakes his head, and there is a little difficult: "They are talking about Upop, the sniper on our boat ... It seems that his father is in the red-haired pirate."

"Upoph ..."

Jesus took a nod, looked at the long nose youth on the back of the Raybi Road, sighed a little: "The words say, my son is also called Up ..."


Ben Bakeman looks for a second.

The deputy secretary of the four emperor shook his head and gently sighed: "Sorry, there are more articles on our boat, but a father who did not recognize his son, or no forgive ..."


Shanzhi and Solaron are still in the state of the point, two people can't help but look at Jesus: "That ... is Upopur's father?"



The entire red-haired thief group was alarmed, a group of hundreds of pirates jumped, helping to send members of the straw hat pirates to their Leptove.

Some hundred pirates curious Jesus cloth son ...

They are also very curious about Luffy in many years.

The entire Radff is almost a joyful ocean. Everyone is going to leave the Justice island, and they will be found directly to convene a banquet.

Whether it is a father and son meet, or forget the annual reunion.

These are worth drinking a cup!

Before that, they also had to wait for the red-haired fragrant to settle, that is to ask Potkas D · Ees to Justice.

"Let's talk about it ... Mr. Cap!"

The red-haired Xiangx recovered his western sword. He looked at Munqi D · Kapu, loudly and looked at everyone, opening: "In order to prevent the eruption of war, a war may destroy the world, please Give it to us! "


The color of Kapu has become a bit complex.

Kapp is very clear. Once Ace is brought away by the red-haired pirates, it must be able to live, maybe this may be Ace's only vitality.

to be frank…

If now is at sea, Kapu does not be in the situation of Tis, even if it makes the white beard of the thief to save it.

"No such possible."

The Cap is shakes his head, staring at the red hair, sinking: "If you want to take the fire on the Buffet, then you will step on the body of the old man!"

"Is there such a need?"

Xiangks stalls his palm and looked around. There were only a few very few CP agents. He laughed and continued: "Mr. Capu, there is no one who can stop us on this island. ""

This is from a four emperor's confidence!

It is because of the understanding of the power of Justic Island, the red-haired fragrance rushed to here, I want to take advantage of the World Government, put Portcass D. Esroid!

"Mr. Xiangx ..."

The flag-like Kasi is slowly and leisurely, and the light is open: "This is too much to put our CP department in the eyes?"

With the sound of the flag-likekkasi, a CP agent took one from Judi Island, and these CP agents slowly gathered behind the flagmarti.

Next moment, the five coffins have also floated from the ground!

Every coffin has come out of a movie, especially one of the men who wearing red dragonflies, and a strong domineering swept through the entire Justice!

It is Yu Zhibo spot!

Even if the redhead, the face is also won, his eyes stare at the man wearing red tai armor!

There is still this terrible man in the CP department!

No, or, the CP department has also hidden such a powerful power!

The thief on the entire Redfoss is also awakened, a pirate that took one, gathered around the red hair, and the CP department confronts!

The red-haired incense is slowly holding the Western sword in his waist, staring at the man in red tai armor, and the sound gradually became heavy.

"Who is it?"

"Yu Zhibo ... spot!"

Yuxi Bao saw a red-haired incense, and his face is still a calm calm, but there are some unparalleled and tired of eyes.

Yishabo family ...

In fact, it is very annoying the guy of the red hair!

"It's really unique ... no wonder it is here ..."

The eyes of the red-haired fragrance are slightly narrow, and the CP agent in Justice is still in the fish is still in the fish. The whisper will continue to say: "Yu Zhibo's last name is very rare, which reminds me of a short day. People who have seen it, I didn't expect the CP department and there were Yisi Bo people ... "

The red-haired incense remembers the injury of Unecheo Sasuke, suddenly it seems to be what I want to pass, and I urged the head and asked: "I hurt the people of Unecheo, is it?"

"If you say it, it is not wrong."

Yuxi Bao has no expression: "Sasuke's little guy has indeed growing to terrible situations, and even I have to have a whole day."