The red-haired incense is a silence, and this guy is really the person who hurts Unechebra!

If it is not Yizhi Bourass ...

Perhaps Portkas D · Es will not argue!

There is actually a law in the new world ...

The strength of Urcho family is very powerful!

Every Unechyo is difficult to deal with, and there is also a person named Yu Zhiwa with soil. It is said that it saved him when he was in trouble.


It is because they are too powerful, it seems that they are not convinced, and each Unexpello seems to have joined different One thieves and organizations.

Unechebra helped to live freely, joined the White Bearded One Piece; Unexpecteda joined the organization; Unexpello belt seems to joined the 100th beasts; Is this Unexpell spot chooses to join the World Government?

If it is a person who can compensate with Unechebra, then the fighting power of Justic Island is a bit horrible. Even if the red-haired fragrance does not think they can occupy an advantage, I want to save Ees, I am not so simple ...

"Really ..."

The red-haired incense squats his own brows, whispering: "I am coming to end the war, not to open another world war ..."

When I said this, the red-haired fragrance looked up and glanced at the card. I also saw an Yuxi Boss: "I don't know if you are interested in exchange of hostages? We have encountered on the road to Justice. A navy will, invite him to be a guest on our boat, although the personality of the hostage may not be too enough, but can we talk about? "

Red-haired incense wants to use an ordinary naval to use a regular naval, to exchange Portcass D. Es, if you count, the component is definitely not enough!

Especially the combat power of Justice is not weak!


This is also a choice for red-haired incense to the World Government.

Today, no matter what, red-haired Xiangks must also take the fire As!

As for the World Government to choose to exchange the hostage, I will choose to be red-haired in Xicks, then I will think about the five old stars.

Anyway, these two things will make the world government to lose their faces.

What's more, the identity of this Navy will not be the same, because the navy will be born in the undercover, knowing a lot of secrets about the CP department ...

If such a naval will fall in the hands of the pirate, once the secret is excavated, it may make the world government a headache!

"Navy will ..."

Yu Zhibo spheres have been snorted, and it doesn't care about the opening: "Do you have a naval general? Is there any relationship with us?"

"Don't say this ..."

The red-haired Xiangx's face revealed a smile: "I believe me, he is really a bit related to you, you can ask the pharmacist, maybe you are really likely to exchange people!"

"and many more…"

The face of Kapu is a little less beautiful, and his face flashes a angry: "Which person you caught, if you dare to hurt people ..."

"No, we are still quite happy."

The red-haired fragrance shakes his head and laughed and looked at the deputy captain around himself: "Ben Becman, see if our Shangyuan Needar woke up? If you wake up, take him here. come on!"

"Hey, is this to be separated?"

La Chi Road shakes his head, sighed a gap: "In fact, the original navy is a fun person, I really didn't expect the Navy to have such interesting people ..."


The red-haired pirate encountered the original navigation.

After the original Na Nai left Gaja, I was driving a boat to return to the Air Malin Fanto, and I also went back to Judice.


I met the red-haired pirate group.

Red-haired Xiangx enthusiastically invited the original naval to be a guest at the Redfoss, as a generals of ordinary, the Shangyuan Nairou does not seem to refuse a four emperor invitation.

of course.

Red-haired incense knows the past.

When I was in the Baroque Tourism, I have been involved in the Washing Wire Village. After this news came out, the red-haired incense went privately in the windmill village, and learned from the mouth of Maceno. Product.

These days ...

Red-haired fragrance is still in the same way.

This navy will not be completely unfold, they are all people who have taken into the way, in this respect, there is a common language.

the most important is…

Red-haired Xiangx knows that Shang Nai is a navy undercover, this person has participated in the seven Wu Hakrock Darr in the joy of the king!

Just don't know why ...

Shangyuan Needan no longer implemented so secret mission, promoted a ministry of the Navy, and even looked a little miserable ...

On the pier of Justic Island.

A man wearing a navy cloak slowly walked down the Red Fos, and his face was brought into a disturbing, as if he did something wrong with himself.

It is the original navigation.

Ben Bakeman holds a pistol to point to the original navigation, whisper continues: "Reassure, we will not hurt you, just want to try to change back with you ..."

"Yes, I understand."

Shangji, I looked at Becadem, and I didn't know if I didn't know, I didn't know if I did something, and the relationship between the pharmacist of the CP department was very poor. They will not agree ... "

"It doesn't matter if you don't agree."

Ben Bakeman shakes his head and whisper continues: "Anyway, the inkiki mentioned this thing, but only try it, do you have succeeded?"


Shangyuan Needle slowly nodded, whisper continued: "I feel that CP agent may even want to kill me ..."

"We won't hurt you."

Ben Bakeman shook his head.


At the last Na Nai, I looked at Ben Bakeman, and I asked: "Now you kidnapped me as a hostage, considering that I will return to the Navy in the future?"

A naval who has been kidnapped by a thief ...

If you pass it, what else can be in the navy!

Ben Bakeman silently took a while, shakes his head quietly: "You will not have something."

When a group of people looked at the original Na Ruo, when the Ben Becman was saved, everyone's expression became a bit shocking, and many people were surprised to Zhang Dazha ...

This fucking ...

Is it true or false!

After all, Shangnai is a true head of the current CP department! The red-haired pirates really caught the original navigation, wanted to take him to exchange Es?

Who can tell them how to do it now?

Shangyuan Na will be really caught, or fake is caught, no matter how much this man can't be caught?

Is this coming to fun?

Is this guy really in playing a red hairpiece?

The red-haired fragrance looked at the Shangyuan Na, who came over, and looked at many shocked CP agents, whispered: "Mr. Shangyuan, your identity seems to be true ..."


Shangyuan Nairou slowly nodded, whispered: "The whole CP department is most exciting, because many CP agents have killed in order to protect me ..."


It also led to a super large blood test in the CP department.

"Yes ...?"

The expression of the incense is a little quirky, can't help but sigh: "This is too useless ... Sorry, I don't mean that."

"It's ok."

Shangji shook his head calmly, indicating that he was not here, and even he laughed and said: "I don't use this person."

"..." "

Other people in the scene are more quirky than fragrant.

At the moment, the expression of Yuxioba, the expression of Yuxibo spheres suddenly became awkward, and he cooled: "The World Government's majesty is not bad ... You can kill this middle general, we will revenge him!"


All Ninja in all CP departments take care of them.

Every Ninja's eyes can't stand on the body of Yuxi, they don't know if there should be some words, after all, not everyone understands the true combat power of the original navigation ...

If the original Na is really caught ...

Then, no matter how it is, he will save people!

Flagkarta is aware of some, he is very clear that Yu Zhibo is controlled. He deeply looked at the original navigation, Shen Xiang said: "Listen to the predecessor's order ... This is our boss! "


Shangyuan never looked innocently.

At this moment, the flag-like Carti has reluctively coughs a few times.

The red-haired fragrance has a cold sweating on the face, and some speechless looks at the original navigation: "Hello, Mr. Shangyuan, are you guilty?"

"Roughly the same…"

Shangyuan Nairi is slowly nodded, the small channel: "You take me to be a hostage, is a mistake, they will never be in my own safety ..."


Red-haired Xiangx's face revealed a bitter laugh.

Why do this group CP agent does not have to ask the upper level at all, and dare to sacrifice this navigation.

Munqi D · Kapu came to look at the original navigation, and I didn't know what to think about, his fist was held at a little bit.

next moment…

Munqi D · Kapu bites his teeth.

Just as the card wants to say something, Yu Zhibo spheres took a knife with a knife, and slammed out a huge shot towards Xiangks and Shangji Na!

Xiangks hurried out the western sword, and took the handle to pick it out, some surprised: "Do you want to kill people with a knife?"

"It doesn't matter."

The flag-like Kaki shakes his head, and his face is still calm: "You can only see people like the appearance, it seems that it is not aware of the situation ..."

It's a group of idiots!

It actually used the original naval as a hostage ...

What do this group of red-sent a thief group, what should I say ...

It's really terrible, and I don't know the consequences of the original navigation!