I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Cap 553 The kidnapping is derelicted?

On the port of Justic Island.

Under the command of the flagmarti, the CP department does not care about the safety of this hostage, directly surrounded the red-haired pirates!

On the day, I wrinkled my brow and turned to the Tianhai standing around him: "Seniors, don't you worry about hurt that person? Although I also feel that he doesn't matter, but after all, that person ..."


Tian Tibet shook his head, there were some helves and helpless in his voice: "If you follow his strength, should you worry?"

"It's worthless."

Yu Zhibo couldn't help but snort. With the CP agent's cropping, he went to the red-haired thief group, his eyes glanced over to the fire and Tianzang, and lowered his voice: "I am worried about the guy. It is better to worry about yourself! "

What is the white little girl in this day?

I really didn't know ...

No, it's really imagination too weak ...

I still worry about the injury to the original navigation?

It is better to worry about the safety of the red-haired pirates!

Yu Zhibo is unbeliever is the most confident in the original Needle, because I have never become more, Shangyuan Needar will show more powerful than him!

That bastard ...

It's very deep!

Perhaps until the last moment, the original Nairu is willing to show all the Ninja he wants to see, all the pirates are victims of Shangyuan Na.

No one can exception.

"Capa will be in."

Flagkarcari went to Munqi D · Kapu, looked at the complex naval hero, slowly opened: "Please don't worry that someone will save the fire As, we call from all departments Thousands of CP agents, no matter what person, it is impossible to save Potkas D · Es ... "

In addition to these dark ninja ...

There is also a non-countless army!

Montage D · Kapu looked more and more people who wearing CP uniforms, the face is getting colder, some are dissatisfied to open: "Hey, it seems that the pharmacist is doing well, the CP department is more so many people…"

I really didn't think ...

This is only a few years ...

The kid of the pharmacist actually attracted so many CP agents, he relied on these CP departments to collect intelligence, and by the way, monitor the whole world!

The first few years of CP, so many years of efforts cannot develop CP to this scale, and their ability is completely unable to mention the pharmacist!

of course…

The most important reason is that pharmacists can maximize intelligence of the CP department.

It is because the pharmacist's ability to interpret the intelligence and wisdom, and let the Buddha's Warring States have gone to the power of the CP department, and the pharmacist has developed the CP department into a hoe, and now I will take this and the Warring States Chamber to fight !

"Our number is not exaggerated, because the standard for the CP department is to solve a four emperor group alone ..."

Flagkarta Si scratched his hair, whispering: "According to the plan, we need to capture the red-haired Xiangx before the World War of Bearding the White Beard and Revolutionary Army, so that the Navy can be free. Welcome white beard ... "

The brows will be frowned in the card, and the face is bidding. "With the CP department, do you want to catch the red-haired guy?"

Although Kapu will see the power of Yuxibo spheres, about this is a helper to recruit a helper, but you want to defeat a four emperor, even caught their captain, this difficulty is not a general!


Flagkarcasi looked at the raging CP agent, and looked at the Shangyuan Na, the red-haired incense, and the opening of the way: "Anyway, there will be no accidents ..."

Just as they still chat here, Yuxi Bao spheres and four embedded shadows launched an offense!

Under their leaders, hundreds of thousands of dark ninja, who wearing a CP uniform, holding the troops in the hands of the ninja!

The entire terminal turned into battlefield!

Killing sounds in this Justic Island!

At the last CP agent, I went to the CP agents, turned, and looked at the red-haired Xiangks around him: "That, can I hide first? I feel that they may kill me in this eye ..."


The red-haired fragrance said with the mouth, not in the meaning of the original navigation, his palm, holding the sword holder, slowly pulling out his western sword: "It seems that we are really coming. Place ... "


Ben Bakeman looks at the front of Yuxibo spheres, frowned wrinkled: "It's trouble ... it's a guy of an Yishabo family!"

Ben Bakeman glanced over the entire battlefield, and the son sounds continued: "But we can't stay here for a long time, Malin Fanto and Justic Island are not far, it is estimated that there is already a naval main force that Malin Fanto's naval is coming. ..."

Navy main and CP department siege ...

Red-haired 100 pirates is absolutely unable to hold!

Just as the port of Justic Island has fallen into a melee, the Shengdi Maroa and Malin Fanto have received the news.

The straw hat pirates and red-haired pirates invade the Justice!

The small pirates in front did not matter, but the purpose of the red-haired thieves invaded the purpose of Justic Island, especially if the red-haired incense to release the proposal proposal to the World Government, it was just refused by the five old stars ...

I didn't expect this guy to take the Ice directly!

Marin Fanto.

Navy's base.

The Warring States face of the Maritivant of the Navy is ugly, and there is a news in Justic Island, and the red-haired pirates have entered the Justic Island, and the picture of the fire is still there, and the white beard has not been dispatched. Send this guy but you have to work! "

This red-haired ... is really a lot!

Now the White Beard One Piece has not been anxious!

"This is also normal ..."

The pharmacist drunk a juice slowly, and the look is still very dark, and it is shocked by the red-haired invading his jurisdiction.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and the waves did not surprise the documents in their hands, slowly swallowed: "The courage of red and fragrance has always been very big, just dare to invade Justic Island at this time, obviously In provocating the world government and the navy's majesty ... "

" ..."

The crane will slowly clogging your palm and asked softly: "Are you not worried about the fire Aus?"

"There is no need to worry about impossible things."

The pharmacist shakes his head and continued to say quietly: "And I have received the news more early than the Warring States Marshal, I have sent the Navy's three major generals to Justic Island to assist the Red Mission ..."

Because the Navy is preparing the World War.

As the highest power of the Navy, the three major generals naturally will not be absent, red dogs, green goblin, and Huanghuo have been dispatched from Malin Fanto, and go to Judi Island to help encircle the red-pirates.


The look of the Warring States Marshal is not very good.

Recently, the pharmacist has become more and more arrogant in Malin Van, and even the request is not added, and the three generals of the Navy Marshal command directly!

"Oh, yes, there is one thing."

The finger of the pharmacist slammed his own cup, looked up at the Buddha's Warring States, and his mouth revealed a smile: "Some time, the Warring States Marshal will be promoted to the original navigo, and have been captured by the Red Hair True ... "


The expression of the Warring States Marshal.

Since the Warring States in order to highlight their authority, they will be in front of the pharmacist, and they will become a naval general. As a result, this middle will not leave trouble!

right now…

This Shangji is not half a little eligibility as a middle general. At the beginning of Rogge, he put away the leader of the Revolutionary Army because of his standing, let the Warring States have a lot of hanging; the result is now red-haired with fragrant Captive ...

This is really let the Warring States feel the face!

The pharmacist looked at the wonderful Warring States, and laughed and continued: "Interestingly, the red-haired fragrance will actually want to use the original navigation as a hostage, put forward the fire on the Fire on the Island, is really surprised Performance ... "

People amazing ...

It is not that the Navy will be unbearable.

I really surprised the pharmacist, but the guts of the red-haired Xiangxama guy are really unimaginable. This is really what I have time to live too long?

The Warring States frowned, he has guess the practice of Justice, whether it is not possible to leave the fire on the place of Justice.

"You should not promise the red-haired request?"

The Warring States have taken their own glasses and whispered: "If you say this, will Shangyuan Needan now?"


The eyebrows of the pharmacist were smartly wrinkled. He slowly sat slowly. His face with a mysterious smile: "No, according to my understanding, now Neuri is still very good, it seems that he will It must live more than anyone ... "

However, when I heard the pharmacist, the Buddha's Warring States just glanced at the young people who competed in cold, he only thought that the pharmacist wanted to go to the original navigation.

The hand of the Warring States is over the table, looking at the pharmacist to open the mouth: "Before the war is coming, it is best not to cause any bucket ... Shangyuan will also be a branch force in the world war, each point The combat power is extremely important for the Navy! "

"how could be?"

The pharmacist shakes his head and looked at the Warring States: "Before the coming, I won't want to weaken the army of the Navy ... After all, I am also a member of the Navy!"

"That's good."

The Warring States slowly nodded, Shen Sheng said: "After the end of the Justice event, if the Shangyuan will still be alive, it will return the Shanglin Fan Duo!"


The pharmacist didn't care.

The navy's overseas case is slow, just in the moment of the pharmacist, his mouth flashed a strange smile.