I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 554 Yuxi Bouvet VS Red Hair Sux!

On the island of Justice.

Red-haired thieves and CP agents are still fighting.

At the beginning of the new world, the pirates of the new world, immediately realized the tricky level of this group of CP agents, and these special workers fighting mean!

It is not polite ...

Even if it is a red-haired pirate group, I have never seen these professional killing tools, these agents seem to be the same as those in the blood sea of ​​the corpse.

Moreover, each team has a very tacit understanding ...

Most of the pirates of the Ming Ming Red Hair group have participated in the four emperors of the four years ago. According to the combat experience, it is also rich enough, but when the CP agent is really facing, they still can clearly feel these CPs. Agent's cold blood and murder!

A pirate waved the fast knife in his hand, and the dark armed colors were wrapped in the knife, and directly broke the talents in the hands of CP agents, and even wanted to have this CP agent's throat!

However, the CP agent is not afraid, and the broken knife in the hand also rubs the thief's chest, leaving a long scar on the one.

This agent also exchanged the serious injury of this one until dying.

Next, the teammates of this agent quickly surrounded, waving the body of the teammates appeared around the thief, will suffering from the thief of the pirate!

This is just the hoss of the iceberg.

The captain of the CP agent looked at the body of the companion, and the sounds told: "Don't worry about casualties, pay attention to keep intact body!"

"Yes, the captain."

A CP agent is slowly nod.


Shangyuan Na is here!

Even if they joined the CP's dark part of Ninja, there is also a chance to be resurrected by the men who have been through the six cactors ... and very simple, only need to complete the task, this is also the organization of the Iron Iron Iron. A guarantee!


It is very cheap in these dark ninja!

When the life is no longer a significant boundary, life is not expensive to estimate things, it has become something that is not much money ...

These CP agents are not afraid of death, plus a refrigerated ninja, which is like cannon gray, so that the loss of the red-haired pirates is rapidly!

The number of red-haired pirates is not much ...

Even if each aphi has almost over 100 million rewards ...

However, in front of human tactics, the situation of hundreds of pirates immediately became difficult, and CP agents were like a wolf of the prey, and they constantly tear the red-haired pirates!

So far, they will confront in less than half an hour. In addition to the cadres, other members will immediately be injured immediately after the battle!

One hundred pirates fell to the port of Justice ...

In addition to these members, the cadres of the red-haired thieves also have their own opponents. The four embossed shadows of the four, and a group of dark parties have taken their own teams, waving, and hurried. These cadres are in front of them!

"Don't be too hot!"

The red-haired incense flashed on his face, waving his western sword, and clicking a shock-attack, and the port of the entire Justic Island directly cut, will surround the CP agent Browse segmentation!

Red-haired fragrance looked at the CP agents who were still not afraid of death, biting his teeth: "Beckman, hurry to bring everyone to go back to the boat!"

"Do you want to escape?"

Yu Zhibo watched the red hair and Xiangx, his palm suddenly closed, and he had a blue skeleton!

Blue must be anlegular!

Let the red-haired pirates faintly feel that there is a very strange thing that Yu Zhibo spheres are very different from Yuxi Bozuo, and the blue must be only half body, but it must be able to have four arms!

Next, there must be a blue giant knife in the four arms of Sasone, and the four sorts of sachets suddenly fell toward the earth.

The red-haired Xiangxou waved the Western sword to pick up three sorts, and three blue sniper, but there is a blue chop to fly to the Red Fos.

The driver of this red-haired pirate ...

It is divided into two in the flash!

Each hundred thief can't bear this scene!

Since the red-haired thief group slowly rises more than ten years ago, in order to carry out more companions, in order to carry out more companions, the Red Fos is finally replaced.

This ship has always accompany them.

As the red-haired thief wins in the four emperors, the Redfos has also begun to gradually smell the wind in the new world, and this ship is also the companion of the Red-haired One Piece!

Everyone is not a companion to the vetement of this ship!

However, in this ace group with them for more than ten years, he was cut off directly by Yuxi Bao, which was also cut in the heart of the red-haired pirates. The face also flashed an angry!

The pair of left-behind, rapidly put the boat from the broken Red Fos, and helped to transfer the people of the straw hat pirate ...

No one thought ...

Red Fos actually has been destroyed by people ...

Each red-haired pirate group is wants to watch the hull of the Red Fos rupture float on the sea, and each person's face is flashing!

Red-haired fragrance waving his western sword, pointing to Yuxi Bouvel, imposing an angry voice echoating in the air: "Yu Zhibo spheres ... Before you die, it seems that our grievances are not good! "

this moment…

Red-haired fragrance is a sword fight, launched a battle to his enemies, this four emperor's performance at this moment is not rational ...

Because, no matter what, this time is not a duel!

Even if Ben Bakeman can't help but frowned, the CP agents of Justice is difficult to deal with, even if they want to leave here, it is a trouble problem, and Malin Fanto's naval main force may have already rushed over ...

In this most dangerous time ...

Is this guy who wants to do with the other party?

You Zizhi spheres must be gradually drifted, his eyes are facing red and fragrant and ruthless: "It's ugly hatred ... that is today, I have just grown up today. All right…"

Next, Yuxi Bao spotted his palm, cold channel: "Flag Mikaki, let you return, the next battle ..., let me find a bit of fun!" "

" ..."

The brow of the flag-likekkasi is tight, but it still waits his palm. Under his schematic, the secrets of hundreds of CP departments, the secrets of the Ninja and the ninja when they are in the same way, and the battlefield is quickly withdrawn.


Forces used as tools, especially those who have active in the dark, extremely observed the above masks and orders.

After the entire CP department withdrew, he exposed some bloody and bleak battlefields, and the taste was drifted around the sea breeze.

In the battle of the shallow redhead, in less than an hour, in the battle of these CP members, hundreds of pirates fell here ...

Even if it is a red-haired, you can't accept this matter. His eyes have gradually become a bit red, these warfare is all in the same partner in Justice, all of which came in the year.

these people…

All are freedom in the sea!

Now because he wants to come to Justic Island, he will always fall in here, even if it is still alive, most of them have a serious injury.

"Incense ..."

Ben Bakeman stands by Xiangks, whispered: "If we continue to entangle, the Navy's headquarters's assistiers must arrive, according to the movement of our master, the three generals of the Navy are all in Malin many…"

The original red-haired thief group is very simple, directly invading the Justic Island, rescues the fire Safety of the CP departments in Justice, and they really do not think that the CP department can compete with the Red Harap Group.

Facts full prove ...

People in the CP department have long been with capital with the four Emperor 100!

It is no wonder that the World Government would rather let the CP departments are responsible for watching the fire Aus, and there is no choice to put the fire Aus, who has never been captured.


Red-haired incense slowly, slowly reached out to stroked a pirate that opened his eyes, helping the dead pirates closed his eyes.

Next moment, the captain's face suddenly became more uniform.

Xiangks holds the West Ocean and stood up, swept the figure of Yuxibo spheres, but also fell in a group of back CP agents, and there was a channel: "I must ... I will pull all the CPs of the whole world!"

"When this time is not the expectation ..."

Ben Bakeman shakes his head, whispered: "These CPs have very strange, and many people can't kill, we will continue to stay here ..."

"You will go first!"

Red-haired Xiangx looked at the remaining members of the Red Piece, he looked at Ben Becman, almost unquestionated to open the order: "Before I solved the CP, I will never leave here, this Is the commander of the captain! "

If you continue to fight again ...

Red-haired 100 pirates are even greater!

What can't, if you go to the entanglement, after the arrival of the Navy of Marina, maybe really can't escape, this plan of saving Es in advance has failed!

In order to enable more people to escape, incense, in accordance with the previous approach, by his own red-haired pirates, the strongest person is broken!

This is the responsibility of a captain!

"Hey, do you want to cover your own part?"

Yuxi Bao went through the red-haired Xiangx, he slowly raised his fingers, slightly smashed his eyes: "Then start a game, see how many people can chase from me. Escape in the killing ... Mu Wei · Multi-Wood Different! "

In the next second, the back of the Sui Zhibo walked a piece of wood!

These wooden blocks are slowly turned into his appearance in the moment of leaving the Unexpected Boss Body, and dozens of exactly the same Yizhibo spots appeared in this battlefield!

A group of Unexpectedly rushed to the entire red-haired thief group!

The soul of Xiangks changed, as if I thought about it, I slowly bite my teeth: "Can you use the same partial skill like the Narler?"

Anyone who is a Zhiso ...

It is said that both domineering, swordsmanship, body integrity, everything is very good, and even a special ability to be independent of their family, known as the most all-round family, is also known as the perfect god. Descendants!

Sure enough, Yu Zhibo is no exception!

The morality used by Unexpell Pot is indeed, but incense, the incense has witnessed the crowd attack!

No wonder this Unexpected Wanto Want to fight the Red Hair Mission!

"You go first ..."

Red-haired Xiangx rushed on Ben Bakeman, waving his Western swords, greeted dozens of Yuxi Bao!

Branch surgery ...

It is very unfortunate that incense is the weakness of the score, once the injured words will be disgraced once they are injured!