I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 555 Red Hazel, arrested

On the island of Justice.

Broken port area.

Yishibo spokes led his own wood, and launched a charge throughout the red-haired thief group.

"It's just just ..."

Xiangks fell to the West Ocean, ignored the quantity of dozens of wooden fresses and the powerful momentum that was emitted by each wood!

A group of people who are unbearable!

The red-haired pirates have encountered the crowd attack of the whirlpag monk, that the whole red-haired pirate is divided by the shadow of the whirlpool.

Only because of that battle, members of the Red Hair Mission also learned from the war of moving through the war ...

However, the next moment ...

Dozens of wood are simultaneous to simultaneously make Zuo Ju!

This scene made all the face of all the pirates changed!

The ground is broken in an instant, a group of blue MSI giants flying, from the air waving the giant sword in the hands, went up towards the piracy and the red hair!

In an instant, this battlefield will be a ruin, and everyone looks at a group of blue mustaches in the red-haired pirates!

The red-haired incense is ugly to wavily wavily waving the ocean sword to fight the body of Yuxi Boss, and the eyes flashed a heavy weight: "Is it a monster of one person?"

A person…

Just directly avatar as a strong army!

The entire red-haired pirates have been caught in the moment, and they often need these pirates at the same time. These must be unusually unusual. It is a group of giants, but there is a giant sensitivity!

"Don't panic ..."

Ben Bakeman wrinkled his own brow, shit on a huge sword, raised his pistol, a black bullet suddenly shot, and the bullets run through the moment. body!

Bullets are in direct shots, they must be able to strengthen the body of the wood!

The huge must be able to instantly disintegrate, and the wood also turned into a piece of wood!

"cover me!"

Jesus blocked him to avoid the attack, next to a group of hundreds of pirates to take the moment, unplugged their sniper, aiming to the woods, the wood is shot!

A bullet attached to the domineering was able to break down, and also wore the wood that must be protected!

However, their results are only in this ...

A group of must be fascinated to quickly, waving the sword of the Hexazo shouted a road to the red-haired pirate, and the air wave in the sky was overturned!

The array of the entire red-haired pirate is inserted!

Ben Bakeman led the cadres to meet, one side of the lifetime of withdrawing the hundreds of life: "Don't stay in love, the cadres cover, others retreat!"

The first fice is finally returned to the sea, and boarded the lifeabling boat that the Redfos is finally put down. However, a mustache is suddenly smashing the pirates and life boats!

Blood instantly dyed the sea ...

Yuxi Bo spheres should truncate their retreat!

Single only wood, let the red-haired pirates can't bear, even if the cadres of Bakeman and the red-haired pirates are strong, it is impossible to defeat all the wood in a short period of time.

"Fire · !"

One of the woods are still in the body, and the Zhangou spurted a flame toward the sea, and the flames of the sky will evaporate the sea, and the fog begins to drive ...

All life boats have not been hit by flames ...

Even the original mooring warship has also been destroyed by this flame!

Even if I have been in charge of the lifebreaker, I can only take the members of the grasshamcenters to hide into the sea ... After the flame dissipates, they have taken the head from the sea.

"This is ... Want to kill everyone?"

Nicole Robin is weak in the sea, finding a wooden board to support her floating, her eyebrows can't help but wrinkish.

"Now you have not retired!"

The Yuxi Bang's face revealed a smile, and his hegemony is full of outbreaks: "Then, stay in this island, let me enjoy the long-lost pleasure!"

"As long as there is a wooden board ..."

The red-haired incense is frowned, as if it is a fight, it hits the side of Yu Zhibo, and the sword stab is stabbed to the chest of Yuxibo, and his eyes are still firm: "No one can Block a man from entering the sea ... "

"is it?"

Yu Zhibo is not afraid, shouted with the red-haired western sword, and kick the chest on the foot of the foot, kick out this four emperor!

The figure of the incense falls under the steps, just climbing up in an instant, and squatting out of Yuxi Bo.

Both people have fought again!

On the other side.

Red-haired One Pirates has no way to retreat.

The four emperors who were forced to return to the battlefield broke out of power, under the leadership of Benkeman, after a few hours, completely solved the need for other wood fits!

Ben Bakeman stood before the body of a wooden branch, told him: "Hello, go to a few people, picking Lu Fei, they also pick up the shore! Others rushing with me, with our captain, capture This island! "

Ben Bakeman took a cigarette in his mouth, and the cold voice continued: "Since I don't want us to go, plug in the flag of our red hair!"


A group of knives and blood, the pirates of the blood, agreed, and they respect their mouths in their mouths, gathered in Ben Becman!

It's so saying ...

But if you want to do this, it is really difficult.

This war even compared to the last four emperors of the last four emperors, now they have to face it, thousands of CP agents on their tiger!

"Beckman, there is a boat!"

Just at this time, the thief on the shore suddenly pointed to the sea, high: "There is a hundred pirate, come over the Justice island!"

I don't know when, a sheep boat suddenly appeared on the sea.

The boat slowly talented toward Justic Island, and the sail of the boat painted a straw hat, as the sea is constantly shaking ...

Gold Mei Li.

Cap Hat One Piece Carousel.

Although this ship is very small, it has become the only ship in Justic Island. As long as they can take this ship, prevent the enemy's pursuit, even if the CP agents can't pursue them!

The key to the problem is ...

The gold Mei Li is too small. It is not too many people, even if it is the left and three hundred pirates left in the red-haired 100 pirate, it is impossible to board the ship.

Ben Bakeman immediately broke, high voice: "Jesus cloth, Lagi Road, you two with your brigade and Lu Fei them together! Others are with me, stay preparing to meet incense ! "

"Still don't need it!"

The mouth of Jesus widen a smooth smile, he took his own sniper gun, laughed and opened: "Hey, Beckman, I already have a son, take this kind of inhale, let me come. ! "

And I still have any objection to Bakeman, Jesus is reached out to stop what he wants to say, whisper explains: "Don't say anything stupid, and I am not for your guy, but for Upop and Lu Fei's young little guys ... "

Jesus cloth looked at the sea, the smile on his face was a little: "After the birth of Upopo, I have not done anything for my son."

Since so many years, Jesus Bup and Utu are the time to get along with the father and son, in fact, there is still no time to get along with the road and the roads.

In the line of sight of Jesus ...

The golden Mei Li stopped on the sea, the people of the straw cap willered and the red-haired thief group boarded this boat, and there is also Upopo in a coma ...

Perhaps this is also what their father and son meet last time?

"Hey, Becman."

Laji Road looked at the Ben Bakeman, grinned: "I will stay in the boss! If I was put into the ghost where the big prison or Justice is, I don't forget to find a chance. Save me! "


Jesus is holding his own sniper, knocking the head of the Rickkir Road, smiled in Haha, smiled: "Slightly a little confident to our boss! We just stay in Xiangks!"


Ben Bakeman fell into silence.

After a while, the deputy secretary of the red-haired thief group slowly got a cigarette in his hand, whispered: "The left is left, shouldn't stay with me ..."

Red-haired One Pirates really doesn't have any orthodontics ...

Perhaps they have long guessing that the entire One Piece will fall into the dilemma, and the pirates are each divided into two camps.

One of the camps is less, these pirates are obviously young, and even the injuries they have suffered are very light. The physical strength is not bad; the other camp is a little bit older, most of the body is color ...

The slightly large pirates took a small young shoulders, and they were leaving them with this, Becadem, and responded to it.

They were still laughing until the moment.

In addition to Ben Becman, almost all the pirates of the entire red-haired pirates are laughing, whether they are going to leave, still have to stay ...

It is clear that they are all clear ...

If you stay, you will be more dangerous.

Ben Bakemann took people to the golden Mei Li, turned to the incense and smart in Xi Zhihua fierce battle, pulled the shoulders of Jesus, whispered: "I will take you ... I I will come back soon! "


The face of Jesus flashed a wipe.

"How can a pirate may abandon his captain ..."

Bakeman shakes his head and slowly released the shoulders of Jesus, took the golden Mei Li, and leaving the Justic Island with the Red-haired One Piece.

Originally, I would like to chase the CP specials of the Gold Mei Li, under the fight against Jesus, and I can't launch a chasing. I can only look at the gold Mei Li gradually disappeared.

after an hour.

Shortly from the gold Mei Li, the three major gods of the Navy will arrive in Justic Island. It is more than three nights and three nights, and finally completely seizes the remaining thieves on Justice.

Among them, there is also a red-haired fragrance of the four emperors.