I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 556 must replace the king seven Wuhai!

High sea wind cloud mutation.

It is just waiting for the war between the white beard and the navy, waiting for the upcoming World War.

The result suddenly came out of another news that made people shocked the eye, and the red-haired thief group was completely defeated by the Navy ... and even the red-haired fragrance of one of the four emperors was also captured!

The other two messages are not worth mentioning.

The vice minister of the red-haired thief group Ben Bakeman wrapped around a large circle, when the red-haired pirate was arrested, led the Red-haired One Piece's residual party sneaked with Malin Fanto, no general, and was taken by the Navy The Marshal Warring States defended.

In order to capture the residual parties of the Red Piece, the three major parts of the Navy will immediately return to Malin Fanto. As a result, Bakeman has not left after the withdrawal, but takes a small sea thief ship, and then attacks the naval warship of the prisoner.

A person who is responsible for the deposit of the Red Piece is exactly the naval in the naval captured before. Is this not a clever?


Ben Bakeman once again captured the original naval to the old friend.

Just a little bit is that the red-haired incense is not in this military ship, he is held in Justic Island as a champion ...

Others originally sent to the pirates of Ben Bakeman, and the deputy director of the court is really a ghost ...

However, comparing red-haired Xiangks is arrested, this little small matter is not worth mentioning for the Navy. It is to let the Navy's marshal in front of the five old stars ...

Next, the first half of the great route is no longer calm.

According to the character of the red-haired pirate, they will never let go of the chance to rescue their captains, but because of the performance of the CP department in the Justic Island incident, the World Government is really not very worried about the threat of the red-haired thief ...


There is also a new interest in the world government.

Who can think of a few years, the CP departments of Justic Island have been able to compile with the four emperors, especially the pharmacist, can also attract a strong person who is comparable to the red hair!

The only trouble is ...

According to the pharmacist, the loyalty of these strong people is not good, because the CP department can bring benefits to make them effective for the CP department.

It doesn't matter.

People who can use interests, then explain to him; after all, the World Government and Navy will pay a lot of money every year ...

Seven water capital.

Due to the turmoil of Justic Island, there is a bit of a little lively in the first half of the great route, and the seven water is one of the most recent islands from Juda. Nature is not so calm ...

Even here is also the place of the pirates.

However, the seven water is more than two big business, and the red-haired pirates have a money, let the seven water helps to make two hundred pirates.

One of the ships are self ...

Another ship is given to the straw cap.

In the Justic Island event, the birth of the gold Mei Li was in the most dangerous time, he rushed to Justic Island to save the grasshamcellium and the red-haired pirate.

Just this boat finally could no longer experience the twist of the great route ...

Therefore, the grasshamcenter got a thousand miles of sunshine in the seven water, and the red-haired pirates simply built a new Red Fos.

The new Red Fos will continue to be active in the first half of the great route, find the opportunity to rescue their captain Hongfa Xiangks; the straw cap will decide to go to the shampoo, looking for a person named Plut.

This news…

Or when the straw cap will tell them in Gaya, I will tell them that once the Ace plan is rescued, I will find the Pirace's vice minister of the Pirace.

Red-haired One Pirates, Bake Bakeman, I heard that this is a bit of scratching, it seems that they will be a mistake in the kidnapping?

Really ...

The guy should be a good person!

But the luck of the guy is not very good. I have been caught by the red-haired pirates twice. I don't know how to live in the middle of the people ...

The days of Shangyuan Needs are of course not good.

Since I have been captured by red hair, Shangyuan Nairou will follow the generals to return to Malin Fan Duo, after being deraised by the Navy Marshal Warring States a afternoon ...

This is really awkward.

What will I encounter in a normal navy?

Whether it is Malin Fanto's neighborhood general, there is no way to meet the four emperors, can you only be tied?

And I have encountered a red-haired pirate two consecutive times!

I can only say that I am not lucky.

This is also his luck is not good, even if it is the other naval, I can't escape the red-haired piolig group. Unfortunately, this thing is finally swept in the face of the Warring States, especially in front of the pharmacist ...

Moreover, the pharmacist is also a cold ridiculousness of the Warring States, and directly to the Warring States, leaving the Navy, leaving the Navy, lests the life of Shangyuan Na.

This kind of words ...

It must be ridiculous.

"Okay, no matter how it is, it will also have a lot of effort."

After the Navy's Marshal Warring States, after the original navigation, the Navy was returned, knocked his desk, cold channel: "At least let him wear sin in the next war!"

After I finished this sentence, the Warring States suddenly swept coldly and glanced at the original navigation, and Shen Sheng said: "Forget it, or let go of the original to go to the shampoo ..."

When I said here, the Warring States turned her head and looked at a pocket. She didn't say cold: "When we discussed, you don't say that there is no navy to protect the world's aristocrats that often do?"

Pharmacist brings this Tianlong people's walking dog ...

It's really a bit shame.

Original Navy may have to protect the dragons of Tiaolong people according to the command of the World Government, so that the Navy's attitude towards Tianlong people is very unfamiliar ...

However, the pharmacist passed by the Navy, but in the past few years, I rely on the CP department to please Dragon people and the five old stars in the CP department, and they have a fast last ...

The most favorite of those Tianlong people are in the shampoo.

And there is no in the shampoo, there will be no in charge.

Simply directly let Shang Nai go to the town and keep the shampoo in the islands, and often do not in the shampoo of the shampoo, you will also intercept the super new stars that are about to enter the shampoo.

Architectural Islands ...

This matter is a troublesome things that other navals don't want to be contaminated. The group of Tianlong people look proud of anyone, and treats the naval attitude.

Every day, the dragon does not mean the marriage of the Navy.

However, even so, the incense island has to protect it.

Because the shampoo island is one of the transfer stations in the second half of the long-term route, many new people do not understand how to enter the world, they need to be coated in the shampoo island, in order to dive into the new world.

The Navy is stationed here, in addition to arresting some new people who are unbelievable, and by the way, it is possible to have a dragon who may be in the shampoine island.

Just because of the way to fight against the White Bearded, most of the elite troops stationed in the shampoo is mostly touched back Malin Fanto.

The Navy's Marshal Warring States Based on the principle of waste use, let Shangji rushed to the shampoo in the islands, directly let him do the babysitter of Tianlong people.

Similarly, in order to make your eyes are not annoying ...

After all, Shang Na Ruo Ruo, since it became the navy, it was really not wrong, and his mistakes made the Buddha's Warring States ...

This is the original naval is to pay debts?

Why did I raise this guy in the middle?

When the Warring States remember the original navigation every day, I couldn't help but regret it. The old man really regretted ...

This last navigation is also the same as the master of the pharmacist. It has not become the ability of the Navy's department. Every time the big event must be a part of the harm of the navy!

It's really shameful!

Malin Fan Dodian office.

The Warring States Marshal waved his hand to the original naval left: "Well, Shangyuan will, out of this office, you will go to the shampoo is the Islands!"


Shangyuan Nairo slowly cleared his fists, as if there was a little humiliat, stepped from the office of the Navy Marshal: "I know, the master of Marshal."


After the pharmacist looked at the original navigation, he shook his head without helplessness. He couldn't help but show a little laugh: "Marshal, today you didn't listen to my suggestion, let Nachi will leave the Navy, you will regret it in the future "

"Pharmacist, I am the Navy Marshal!"

The Buddha's Warring States glanced glanced glanced glanced, and the eyes were full of warnings: "As long as I still sit in the seat of the Navy's marshal, you will never think about your CP departments and the relationship between the World Government to threaten the Navy. Your tools ... "

"rest assured."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and laughed and continued: "So, we will continue to discuss things about the royal seven Wuhai"! "


The Warring States slowly nodded, kneading his list: "Seven Kings Seven Wuhai, except for the Nine Snake One Piece, the woman's Emperor of the Jiuni Hancark, the six have been selected to promise the call ..."

to be frank…

This number is very good.

After all, the six of the six really did not mention that I have chosen to accept the call, and even a few kings, the seven Wuhai is already on the road to Malin Fanto.

"Ha, nine snakes ..."

The pharmacist smiled and flashed on the mirror. He moved unconventional way to continue: "Then I will directly abolish her king's seven Wuhai."

"It is a bit less appropriate at this time?"

The crafted wrinkled wrinkled his own brows, whispered to persuaded: "If this time abolished her king's seven Wuhai sea, do we face an enemy?"

"In addition to her, there are other people will be abolished!"

The pharmacist took the palm of his hand and whispered: "No matter how, at least it is necessary to abolish the king of the Basus Mi Xiong, because of the CP information, we have sufficient evidence to prove the king. Seven Wuhai is the undercover of the revolutionary army ... "


It is difficult to cover in the eyes of the Warring States.

Next moment, the Warring States suddenly thought about what, the face became a little difficult to look: "During this time, Basas Mi Xiong has been in contact with Bergunke, and even the latest technology weapon PX Peaceist ..."

"This is not worried about it."

The pharmacist will continue to say: "Bergamako has been in our control, and the peacefulists will not have any accident ...

But in addition to the opponents in the face, the opponent has a revolutionary army in the White Beard, Basas Mi bears don't have to appear on the battlefield! "

" ..."

The eyebrows in the crane are still crumpled, soft: "So short time is not good to seek alternative objects, although there are many super new stars this year, but their nature is unusual, it is difficult to say that they will accept the position of Wang Qiqiu, It's also a lot of strength. "

"Then pick some fallen pirates who have wanted to be the Queen Seven Wuhai ..."

The pharmacist knocked on his finger and slammed the mouth: "The Art One Piece Didala, rewards 10 billion, 9 millipes, this number should be almost enough?"

When the pharmacist said here, his mouth revealed a smile: "I once thought of him. This guy named Didala did I wanted to get the king of Klockdal's Queen Seven Wuhai ..."