I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 557 of the Angry of the Navy Marshal!

In order to avoid accidents in the coming war, the pharmacist wants to abolish the king of the Basasimon Bear, which is not very good.

The Warring States and Crane will also agree with his proposal.

The person who is nominated by the pharmacist is the Didara of the Art One Piece.

Didala's reward is actually not too high in a group of Qi Qihai, because this guy doesn't even get rid of it, but often blows out what he doesn't like.

To be honest…

Didara is a poor child.

Moreover, there are not many crews of the Art One Piece. In addition to Didara, there is only one deputy captain's artist Red sand.

It is said that the rest of the crew is all red sands!

Over the past few years, the Art One thief and the king seven Wuyue Guangmole often conflict, Molia has repeatedly launched a private reward for the Art One Piece!

It seems to be because the Art One Piece's Red Sands will take the king's seven Wuyue Guangmulia Work hardly collected the body to make a jade ...


Let the captain of the Art One Pirates Didara become the word of the king, will not cause the moonlight of Moriya's dissatisfaction, in case Milia, there is no call for the call and even resigned the king's seven Wuhai, there is no It is not worth it.

The Warring States frowned for a while, put forward a way: "No matter how Pabas Mi Mi Bear must arrest in advance, his devil's ability is too trouble!"

Let's refuse to accept the name of the Zuosoli bears, abolish his king's seven Wuhai, immediately transfer him to avoid leakage!

And it can also be used to warn the Nine Snake One Piece's Emperor's Emperor, Hancark, at least to maintain stability before the war ... and ask other kings, seven Wuhai, see if they are satisfied with Didara Candidate!

Although this is our decision, but now is a war period, but also look at the introduction of Didara as the Queen Seven Wuhai, will cause too much loss to the king's seven Wuhai. "

For the Navy ...

If in order to introduce a new seven Wuhai, the result is lost another seven Wuhai, which seems really not costly!

Especially when I need the king's seven Wuhai effectiveness!

In case this group, the Qi Daihai is just a chance to collect the child, then it is true to fail, this is the shortcomings of the Queen Seven Wuhai System.

When the Navy habitually depends on the convenience of the Queen's Seven Wuhai System, it will gradually be subjected to the elbow of the Queen Seven Wuhai. Any question facing the seven Wuhai is needed to treat some.


The pharmacist has taken a little bit, pushing his own glasses: "Then we are preparing to send people to invite Dida to take the seven Wuhai."


The Buddha's Warring States frightened wrinkled their own brows, and nodded. "Shouldn't you follow the order? First send people to catch the Basobi Bear, put the news of his king's seven Wuhai Spread out! "

"This is already done."

The pharmacist did not see the head, slowly opened: "Before we meet, I have already applied for the World Government, and the Huang Juan has already entered the order, secretly imprisoned Basobi Bear ..."

After saying this sentence, the pharmacist will continue to say: "And I also received the news here, because the Justic Island incident, Wang Xiaqiuhai estimates will arrive in advance, today will come at least four, this already It's half, just need to talk to them ... "

These four kings seven Wuhai ...

One corner, a changer, an eagle eye rice Hop, a Domery, how can I disagree with the seven Wuhai camp more one?


The French expression is not very good.

Is this pharmacist not deliberate? This guy has arrested, and even secretly dismissed the yellow and went out to grasp the bear, but also wasting time in the office says why Barrosos Mi bear?

As a navy master ...

I didn't know if I was abolished!

Previously, the three major parts of the Navy will be transferred to Juda Island. This pharmacist has passed directly. Is it necessary to take him with his navy's marshal, and his navy is already embarrassing?

"I hope that Marshal is not too intentional ..."

The pharmacist tangled hookped his mouth and laughed and said: "After all, anything about the revolutionary army is not a small thing, let alone, don't you report to you?"


The Warring States is silent for a while, take out a document from his desk, fed his own lamb, and open the mouth: "Forget it, you have to reach there in the navy before, in advance and I, and the crane Discuss it better ... "

"It doesn't matter ..."

The pain of the pharmacist is still holding a smile, laughing and continues: "Anyway, even if I negotiate with you, I can't change the decision I have done."

Regardless of the opposition of the Buddha's Warring States, the ultimate world government will still go to the navy to get the same order, let alone the World Government Third Army Chief Shui Steel Bone Ok, I have already been empty from the pharmacist from the actual sense.

Because the five old stars are more trusted by the pharmacist.

And the pharmacist is also doing well.

The pharmacist pockets his mouth and looked at the anger of the Warring States eyes, and laughed and continued: "Many of them are what I can easily solve, why should I waste when the Marshal?"

The pharmacist is not seen on the forehead of the Warring States, and the smile still has not been reduced: "If the master of the masters of the former will have a better way, but the marshal is not possible to provide me more good. Suggestment, right? "

"... don't be too arrogant!"

The Navy Marshal of the Warring States bite his teeth and slowly spread his palm, and wanted to slap the smile of the pharmacist!

Now that the Warring States sees the smile of the pharmacist, let him feel the fire!

This bastard ...

Really too gas!

After the Warring States, the Warring States was in the past, and they barely eliminate their own part of the anger. As a result, they were retreated by the pharmacist.

Even, the anger of my heart is more popular!

"Really ..."

The pharmacist is slowly standing, and the half point is not the ambitious Warring States. His mouth smile is more gainful: "Whenever I see the Marshal people, I can't help but think of a sentence, and this sentence is a handsome adult afternoon. When Needeling in Naidu! "

The pharmacist stationed calmly in front of the Warring States office desk, directly looking at the navy Yuan Shuai low voice: "I also give it to the Warring States Marshal! A person who has no ability, it is best not to take him. The location of occupied, this will be very tired ... "

"... Bar!"

The momentum of the Buddha's Warring States is gradually turning, and the documents on the desk are slowly shocked by his momentum.

Is the pharmacist looks like this Navy Marshal?

The Buddha's Warring States is cold and looked at the pharmacist, and the voice is more and a chilly: "Pharmacist takes great inspection, I can understand that you are provocating your superior ...

Today I will not do it for you, I just hope that you can remember, provoke a person who can take your life at any time, this kind of thing is not clear, according to your wisdom, you should understand! "

"is it?"

The pharmacist took his own eyebrow, low laughed: "Interest ... then let us wait and see! I hope our master people can stay with their seats, even if the Marshal is already known, the entire navy is thinking up and down. It's unqualified ... "


The Buddha's Warring States slammed the fist!

Because all the pharmacists say all the facts!

As a navy master, the Buddha's Warring States have already hidden this wind direction, although many people still respect him, but there are already many people who will even give the camp of the pharmacist ...

The information of the pharmacist can increase the weight for victory, can reduce the loss of the Navy to discuss the thief, which will make these navy to be better!

Even the pharmacist can protect their family's safety, although it is not known to be protected or used to monitor what is threatened ...

Last year, Ma Lin Fan Dodia had an accident that has happened. The family of the Navy's department will be kidnapped by a martial economy. Malin Van Duo has no longer even thinking that the CP organization is rescued when the Hemifer's family tragedy is repeated. Down ...

If it is not a few decades, if it is not a pharmacist's position in the world government, if it is not the strength of the pharmacist, if it is not a pharmacist, it is really hard to say that the Warring States is really hard to say to sit the naval marshal. ...

Warring States. "

When the Buddha's Warring States wanted to be angry, the crane will stop him, and he shakes his head: "When it is not arguing with the little child ..."

After that, after the end, the eyes of the crane will look at the pharmacist, and the old man's eyes flashed a complicated complex: "Do you remember that I once warned you? One person won't be correct forever "

"Is this!"

The pharmacist has a little bit.

However, in his heart, there is no saying that you have not said ... If you follow the fate of the god, you will have a mistake, how can life happen ...

Just this time.

Malin Vanto's port, a radio sound echoed.

"Wang Xiaqiu, Mr. Yan, Mr. Yan, Mr. Donjok, Mr. Doluard, Mr. Cape, Mr. Ghost, Mr. Ghost, Mr. Ghost, will arrive in the port in batches, please quickly empty the terminal area "


Navy Marshal Office.

The crane will not help but sigh, the four kings, the seven Wuhai will arrive in Malin Fanto, the Marshal Office still hears broadcasts to receive this news ...