Malin Fanto's conference room.

A group of kings sat in the seven Wuhai sitting here.

Dofonteo has bored his fingers, stepping two navy swing, and smiled while smiling: "A few, do you want to come to a gambling, see who people will live? ? "

"I advise you not to do this."

The mortal ghosts showed a full-scale sharp teeth, laughed and opened: "Mr. Duran Ming Ge, there is less than a month, a battle to change the world is about to start, the most Good quit your gambling addiction ... "

"Is this advised or warned?"

Dofonteo smiled and looked at the ghosts and laughed and continued: "Hey, I thought that Mr. Ghost is wanting to let them live ..."

"It is best to let them live."

A voice fell into the ear of all people in the scene, the pharmacist drove slowly, pushing his glasses, smiling and opening: "I deliberately greeted you, these two The naval colonel is my hardware ... "

"This ah ..."

Dofang Ming brother nodded, collapsed his own line, hugged his arm in his intestment, looked at the pharmacist: "The words, we saw the orange warship on the road, the one on the warship I don't seem to be very happy in the middle. "

Cultivate oranges in the warship ...

Only when Shangji will be so wonderful.

This group of kings met on the road to come to the road, and the mood of their boss was not very good. I didn't know who would be his outlet ...


The pharmacist sat in the opposite of the Queen Seven Wuhai, whispered: "Perhaps because Needar will be transferred to the shampoo islands! I hope he will be happy after arriving in the shampoo."

" ..."

Do Francang helped his cheeks, smiled with the brain: "I just have some industries in the shampoo, I will let the adults will be happy ..."

"I hope so."

The pharmacist looked at the Franmino.

Just after they exchanged, the Buddha's Warring States held a document, and there was still a desirable meaning on his face.

The Warring States got an eye meeting room, slowly sat down, cold tang: "It's an accident, the four in the Qihai Sea of ​​Wuhai actually arrived in Malin Fan Dow in advance ..."

The eagle eye hood slowly closed his eyes, Shen Sheng: "I just want to go to Justic Island to visit Xiangks, by the way, Malin Fantano."


The pharmacist smiled and should be allowed.

" ... I just came to Malin Vanto."

Dofontech smiled and said: "Red-haired Xiangks is caught, and the other two four emperors are still working in the new world. Now I have to worry about it, so I love travel recently in love with travel recently. ""

"... Ma Lin Fano is not a tourist place."

The Warring States is cold and loudly of the Francience: "If you want to travel, I can recommend you to Pelton."

The Warring States looked at the smile on the Francium's face, and the face was hard to read. He slowly picked up his own documents, Shen Sheng: "Forget it, don't tell you the slaughter of these sea. , Let's do something wrong!

Today, you will call your meeting, it is to announce that it is necessary to abolish the Basobi Bear who will continue to cooperate with the World Government, and the Didara, which is recruiting the Art One Piece, has become a new seven Wuhai ... "

"I have no opinions."

The eagle eye is unfaithful.

"This person is still not bad!"

The mortal ghosts loudly and loudly nodded: "Is this not my colleague in the Baroque Total? It seems that we are really fate!"

"This matter, I have no opinion ..."

After the point, the corner was nodded, suddenly the opening: "But I have been staring at Didara's reward, the Navy does this, but I will lose a lot of money ..."

" ..."

Dofran Ming Ge didn't look at everyone, just smiled and continued: "Forget it, since everyone has no opinion, I mention some unqualified people ..."

Four kings, seven Wuhai, for Dida, have no objection, is already the most satisfactory result of the World Government and Navy.

The Buddha's Warring States is a little satisfied. Before the War, the Navy does not have to worry about the trouble of the Queen Seven Wuhai.

As the world government has been incense with Basasimon Bear, we announced the abolition of the king's king's seven Wuhai, and arrest it to imprison, this is true that it is clear to another king seven Wuhai. , The king of Amazon, Lily, Hancuk.

At least the former pre-predecessor of Amazon Lily, I was scared, scared the former emperor's means frequently, forced to pleading the call of BACKEK to accept the Navy's call.

Perhaps it is no way ...

The world's first beauty chose to accept the call.

Some strange things is that the white beard is still nothing to move, and even everything happening at sea at all, they even refused other arrivals.

For example, the leader of the Revolutionary Army Munqi D · Dorag.

It makes people can't help but feel that the white beard of the Pirates seem to have to give up the captain of the 2nd team of the white beard to give up the upcoming war.

What is even more strange is ...

The Baomeracetrack and the BIG MOM One Piece seem to be in the battle.

Since now, there is no contact, and even members of the Baorence Festival have not appeared in this sea. Even the people of the Big Mom One Piece also feel a bit strange, according to the sex of Cairo Too ...



Weather, sunny, miles.


Some of the Si Moji gods in the four Pirands of the Big Mom, "Since the Caise of Metail and Xiaomi have documented the war for us, but Haihao has not found some people's trail ... "

The war has not yet been officially burst.

This is not in line with the style of Tharao.

To be honest, BIG MOM One Piece is thinking that the beast Camato and Xiaomi have gave up this war, deliberately creating a war ...

"Hey ... continue to be vigilant!"

Big MOM slowly biting a piece of cake, smiling and smiling: "Chemist guys can be very smart, he has no trade to find us, this is just explaining his danger!"

Because Big Mom and Thara have been partners on a boat, the only female four emperors know very well for their past partners.

Big MOM never thinks that Thaedo is a brainy guy ... that guy is so cautious, obviously really wants to have a battle!

If Thaedo just wants to vent the anger, you will be enough to take the wolf tooth stick to the country, but it has not been moving, but it is more like a conspiracy ...

That rascal…

It is estimated that it is really to launch a battle that you die!

"It's really unexpected ..."

Big Mom biting a few mouthfuls of cake swallowed, picking up the hot chocula on the table, plugged into his mouth together with the cup, and the cup was chewed by the teeth, and couldn't help but somewhat.

This scene…

It's really scary.

However, more scary is the face of Big Mom, yin floating on this four emperor's face, and her teeth chews a cup at a little bit. "Thane, maybe it really wants to We spent your death without life! "


Sch Meschi fell back half a step, whispered: "I ... I will see Catakui brother ... he has been waiting for the news of Haishu ..."


Big Mom is noddion, showing his huge teeth, smiled: "During this time Cataku is very hard, you must replace your mother to condolence him, understand?"


Sis Mchiji fell a drop of cold sweat.

The four will slowly withdraw from the castle of Big Mom.

Although all the children of Big MOM rely on Big · Mom, this four emperors survive on the sea, but Big Mom is also a dangerous root source, more than one child is willing to capture life by Big Mom.


Once Big Mom looks at some children, they will drive them out of the country, and they say they are mother and mother or mother and daughter. It is better to say that they are just BIG MOM can discard the tools ...

To be honest.

The relationship between the BIG MOM One Piece is not as good as the white beard, the thief group is harmonious, there is no so-called mother love here, some is just use and awe ...

Just Sch Mes Muji's heart trembled, and hurriedly rushed to the peripheral island where Kataku is located. Only Kata Kuchen's brother can help them scatter his fear ...

Wan Guohai area periphery.

Here is the first defense line of the BIG MOM One Piece, is also the most important defense line, Kata Kuchen recently stayed in this island.

In addition to Kata Kuche, there is a good friend Uneche.

Kataku is on a reef, staring at the calm sea, and there is a little vigilant between the look: "When will the people you get here? You can really determine, can someone beat my mother?"

"Don't worry about this problem."

Yisi Pubo shook his head and whispered: "What we need to do now is waiting to defeat Big Mom, then follow the quota provided by the organization, select the right member of the child!"

When Yishibo spheres said, he looked at Cataku, and quietly continued: "The members of Xiaomin mean the words of the world in the future, so ..."

"There is no such thing."

Kataku's eyes slightly flash, whispered: "I just want to disappear the fear of our head, just let Bubei will never face the life of the mother to win the life of the life ... "

"If you want, I have already heard."

At this time, a woman is quietly sighed in the ear of Cataku and Uzhio: "It sounds a poor child ..."