I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 559, the world's malicious to black beard

Cataku is a bit wrong.

Actually someone will hise his face without being discovered!

Cartaku slowly turned around and saw a weird woman in white haired water, and this woman floats calmly in the air and appeared out.

It is the big tube Huachang Night.

Kataku's seelet is full of vigilance, the next moment, his face has become a white, this woman does not even completely destroy domineering, only her body floats there, I gave Cataku to a kind of powerless The feeling of resistance!

this moment…

Cartaki finally realized that Unexus hub occasionally mentioned the leader of the cachet, often likes to describe their power with God ...


Although Cataku has not seen the leader of Xiao, but the powerful and horror of the woman in the mood, the woman can only be called by God ...


Can't mention the glory of the night!

The eyes of the big torch, the eyes of the Nikhoso, slightly, and slowly floated in front of Yuxi.

Hui Ni Ji watched Uzhi Hou, and her face was rare, and there were more gentleness in the voice, and there were some gentleness that met with her: "Yu Zhi Pub, the eyes of the feathers ... are you watching here? ? "

Hui Yi Ji is very clear.

Behind the use of crims to control the Shangyuan Naji, which is the Unecheck, ready to monitor everything that happens here.

I heard the question of Hui Ni Ji, Yisi Hoshiso is stiff for a second, and then he slowly shake his head.

"is it?"

The big tube Huahui night slowly shakes his head, and there are some pets in the corner. "" Is it lie? It's really no way ... "

"Don't waste time."

The voice of Yuxi Pub suddenly became the voice of Shangyuan Na, it sounded very good: "I am in a bad mood today, go to sleep first ..."

Next moment, the will of Shangyuan Na will exit the body of Yuxi.

The look of the big tube Hui Hui returned to calm and indifference, and her eyes slowly fell on Kataku's body: "Then, end this war today ..."


Kataku's face flashed a wipe, he frowned, whispered: "We are about three days from Toteland ..."


At the light of the night, I looked at Kataku, and her voice is more arrogant: "You didn't hear the feathers? Don't waste time, tell me, where is the place in that place! "

Hui Night raised his palm, and there were more rare spots in the voice: "All things here today! The mood of the feather is not very good, I want to see what happened over there! "

next moment…

Countless people appear on the beach of this island!

Catakose's face changed, his eyes were deadly staring at the sudden appearance of countless figure, and the sweat on the forehead dropped a little bit ...

What is the ability of this woman!

No wonder the woman named Hui Night will be called God!

In this army, there are many people, drought Jack, disaster, and the inflammatory disaster, and the beast is even in this army.

All the elite of the hundred beasts is all!

In addition to tens of thousands of pirates, there is a tenth Ninja coalition forces and warrior troops, which are densely marmaned, even if Kata Kuchen is also sighful in the number of military!

A sheet of folding is flying in the air, slowly gotting to become a look of Xiaonan, and her looks faintly confused: "Well? Is it all arrived in 10,000 countries?"


Yuxi is nodded, whispered: "Here is the peripheral line of the Wan Guohai, for a long time, Xiaonan seniors."


Xiao Nanxi got his own brow, slowly nodded, softly open: "Needeling ... Doesn't control your body?"


Yishushan shake his head and calmly responded: "Maybe it seems to have a little one, his mood is not very good ..."

"Then hurry up to solve the thing here!"

Xiaonan got an eye around him, whisper: "Nara Luojing, in accordance with our plan, quickly assemble all BIG MOM One Piece!"


Nara is nodded.

Xiaonan's eyes fell on the beasts, cold channel: "Caestello followed the night to Toteland, defeating Big · MOM, waiting to be mixed with us!"

"... no problem ..."

The beasts played a bike, picked up his own alcohol and started to drink: "In fact, Laozi can solve the lift ..."

The epidemic will be opened by careful wing: "Cairdo's big brother, this is not very good, that crazy old woman can be a little bit of dealing with ..."


Kaido was on the face of Quin.

As an old friend of BIG MOM, he can also know that Big Mom is not good to deal with, Quinced this intercourse to remove his desk?

The entire coalition rapidly started separate.

Each force has gradually collected all the pirates of the captive BIG MOM One Piece, and they will have been closer toward Tutland in the center of Wanges.

In the end they will set in Totland.

Carto Mu Night and Baockery, Kataki rushed to Totland's center with time space capabilities, and visited the core members of BIG MOM and Big Mom.

This kind of thing ...

In fact, it is not difficult, BIG · MOM One Piece is second only to Charlotte Lingling's Cataki, which has been gone by the organization ...

the other side.

Shangyuan Nair's mood is really bad.

Because the shampoo is the most recent Dragon people have not been there, then who should let him go to any trouble, this thing is true ...

The most important thing is.

When Shangji Na Run to the Pilot Pocket Proposal Let him want to send a few Tianlong people, express the opportunity to take this opportunity to go to the big prison because Pelton ...

The kids of the pharmacist have been very good to agreed, and inform the original naval, the seabed big prison is in addition to the prison, in addition to the prison long Magellan, other people have gone back to him.

among them…

Naturally, it also includes the rain to stay in this departure of the prison.

This big prison ...

Is it necessary to go?

Shangyuan Nai is not necessary, but another person has ducks the heart of mind to enter due to Pelton.

black beard…

Marshall D. Tiqi!

Marshall D. Tiki, according to his and black-proof plan, slowly leading the black bearded pirates to kill the devil fruit capabilities, quietly intended to build a white demon fruit legion.

But Tiqi is also very clear ...

This is not a flexible, white army, does not play a force.

Marshall D. Tiqi has been in more than 20 years. He didn't want to miss the white beard and the Navy. The World War I triggered by him, so Marshall D. Tiqi also wants to enter the big prison due to Pelton recruit some powerful Pirate ...

This kind of thing is not difficult to avoid.

Only the Navy and the Queen of Pelton and the Queen Seven Wuhai are eligible to enter it. Even if Tiqi has had a cooperative relationship with the pharmacist, but Tiqi does not think that the pharmacist will give him a parerton. opportunity…

After the World Government abolished the king of Basas Mi Xiong, Marshall D. Tiqi thought that his chance came, thinking that secretly let the pharmacist help, let him become a king of Qi Wuhai.

Only this identity ...

Can you enter due to Pelton's big prison!

Just want to become a Queen Seven Wuhai, there must be a proven to prove to its own strength to the world government, at least the big hundred thiefs in rewards ...


In the past few years, the thief of the whole half of the great route is basically not worthy of the protection fees, and finally by the corner to replace the bounty.

In addition to a group of super new stars just active, these super new stars are not on the same route, so that Marshall D. Tiqi has some helpless ...

So Marshall D. Tiqi stared at the One Pirates of his route, no, or the pirates have been active in a certain area ...

Art One Pirates.

It is said that this pirate group is not in the horrible three-wheeled past year, long-term and king's seven Wuyue Guangmuria is right, Moon Mount Mount Mount Mili is a hate ...

According to Tiji's plan, if you can give the art hundreds of thieves to Did Did Did Did Drang to the World Government, you can prove that he has the ability to take the Basas Mi Mimi as a new king. ...


By the way, you can make Moon Moria owe a personal condition.

Although the Moon Moria is not very good, but as the Queen Seven Wuhai, there are some sayings for the new king seven Wuhai people ...

Just when Marshall D. Tiqi wants to solve the art hundred pirates, start their own king's seven Wuhai plan ...


The World Government announced the new king's seven Wuhai candidates.

Art One Piece, Didala.

Marshall D. Tiqi took newspapers, looked at the top of the newspaper on the top of the blonde youth, and the whole person's mentality is a bit collapsed ...

this moment…

Marshall D. Tiqi deeply felt the maliciousness of the world.