I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 560 is also so powerful like a straw road. Now he has been in prison.

"Thief Hahahaha ..."

Black beard Marshall D. Tiji smiled in vitabilitably in the hands of newspapers, the headlines published above were the news of the new king's seven Wuhai Didara.

Because the changes in the Queen Seven Wuhai also involve the upcoming world war, and the news in the World War is undoubtedly very popular.

In addition to this version of the news headlines about the royal seven Wuhai changing, there is also a version of the news of the Baorence Festival and the Big Mom.

It is said that the coasts of the beasts and the worship of the organization suddenly appeared, such as broken bamboo generally attacked the small islands under the Big Mom waters. As for the news of the four emperors, the news agency president Morgan also Turkland takes ...

Marshall D. Tiqi didn't care about the four emperors. He is just a name for him to use the value of the Queen Seven Wuhai.

The eyes of the black beards have some yin, and for Didala, the seven Wuhai is very dissatisfied: "Hey, this is also too waste of seven Wuhai's position! Actually let a hair boy robbed first ..."

" ..."

The brief figure came out from the black beard, and he smiled and said: "Tiqi, is it to kill this people called Didara? This way may cause hostility of the Navy and the World Government, especially It is a pharmacist who may send people to arrest us! "

"I will not do such a childish thing!"

The black beard shook his head and grinned: "Before the war is coming, it will definitely can't attract the hostility of the Navy. Especially the pharmacist, even the red-haired incense has planted his hands!"

The black beard touched his own chin, looked at a group of companions who were not far away, those who were tied to black beards ...

If you want to rely on these guys to participate in the World War, it is not enough to avoid strength. After all, these guys face the real monster really not use ...

The black is sorry, whispered: "If we really want to become a king seven Wuhai, go to Pelton to recruit some monster pirates, there is a white, it is available, it can be used On the news ... "

"what news?"

"Moon Moria was defeated by straw hat!"

Darkness said this information, this thing happened to happen, the straw hat pirates have fallen into the horror of three-way ships when rushing to the shampoo.

In addition to some ordinary autopsies, the straw cap will basically have not seen any powerful enemies, they directly hit the old Nest of Moon Moria ...

Because the body of the mismuth Otz and Dragon Swordsman, the body of the horse is all being robbed by Red sand, and Molia is even in hand, there is no suitable chess piece ...

Black smile, watching Marshall D. Tii, the voice of the voice continued: "But the Navy and the World Government have pressed Molia's news, perhaps because they don't want this news in war. I have passed it before, so as not to cause people to question the fighting power of the Queen Seven Wuhai ... "

"Thief Hahahaha ..."

The black beard Marshall D. Ti Tiki has re-exposed a smile: "If we come out of this news, will the World Government will abolish Monura Moria?"

"This is not very good ..."

The black and laughing and the opening will continue to say: "As long as you can convince the pharmacist, he is not a high official who can cover the sky in the sea? Do you believe that the pharmacist will want us to be an obedient Seven Wuhai?"

"Thief Hahahahaha, no mistakes ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi nodded, Hard: "We are just a small role of an obedience ... I really want to see that the pharmacist knows that when there is a small role in his eyes, he will show out What is true? "

" ... that must be very interesting!"

The darkness is attached to a black beard, and its body is slowly turned into a liquid, re-attached the black beard's body.

Why is it very interesting?

Who will feel more interesting, that is not a black beard to know.

Marshall D. Tiqi has not been wasted, while sending a Pasfeite to contact the pharmacist, hoping that the world government can give him a chance; the other side makes the black send a white sneak into the news agency, send this secret news.

The news agency is very interested in this news that drives the world nerves, and even finds the survivors in the Terror Road Flying Terror Sanshu Ship, immediately board the news headline.

no doubt…

The news agency exploded this news anger the World Government.

The World Government and the Navy Thousands of I have to press the intelligence of the straw road to fly a terrorist three-wheele ship, but it is directly exposed by the personal organization of the news agency ...

The strength of Wang Xiaqi Wuhai immediately caused questionation.

There is still necessary to question whether the king's seven Wuhai has existence, this kind of pirates who have no way to protect them, even a toroma!

However, the World Government does not respond ...

The entire world government only announced a new reward in the sea, raising the reward of straw hat to 400 million Peliles, and let the straw hat will fly into the most dazzling super new star in this era, even the base of the head Germany is not as good ...

This momentum!

People can't help but think of more than three years ago, the pirates and fire As, which is the most dazzling of fire As ...

It's really a matter of people ...


Fire Box Es has been prison, so that it is about to be punished by the Navy.

Now, the world government and the Navy, a group of people are still intensely discussing whether it is necessary to abolish the position of Moon Moria.

But they can't be the master.

Those who can really do the owner, still in the Shengdi Marie Joya.

Marie Joya.

The pharmacist hurriedly came to the five old stars.

When the five old people asked about the opinions of the drug teacher, the opinions of the pharmacist nature were naturally abolished moon Moria, and even his reason was very clear.

"There is no need to stay this often refreshing guy ..."

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and continued to be said: "Since I entered the Navy, I represent the will of the five old stars and the world government, and launched many times to the Queen Seven Wuhai. However, Moon Mount Asia is often oral promise ... "

This is also the fact.

Every Molia is rare to accept the curration of the World Government, but he has repeatedly stopped from the conflict of the Art One Piece ...

Although Molia is inundant, it is reluctant factor, but people in the seat have only valid results ...

This is ...

Molia does do less authentic.

Because the plan for each pharmacist has been accurately calculated, due to the repeated refreshment of Molia, the pharmacist has been planned to have some miscarriage ...

Until later ...

The pharmacist plus the king, when the king is still waiting for Molia, if it is not the war with the War of the White Beard, it needs to concentrate every power, and this is a mandatory call ...

When the pharmacist said Molaia, did not hide the launch of his words, proposed his own suggestion: "One is just the convenience of the Queen Seven Wuhai, and I don't want to be a king of the world government. It is not enough in strength, there is no need to stay with him, this location has many pirates to climb up ... "

Since Molia is defeated by the straw cap, the pharmacist will drive the boat, and always advocate the discourse to abolish the King of Molia, just because the war may be coming, this thing is temporarily put down.

Today, this matter suddenly broke out ...

The pharmacist will naturally not let go of this opportunity.


A old man sitting on the sofa touched his beard, whispered: "This matter is handed over to deal with it, it is absolutely not allowed to have this news that this news is leaked. Don't let us down, understand? "


After the pharmacist nodded, pushed his eyes and continued: "The CP department is not all harvest, I have been tracing the fall of Morgan, which is in the recent time ...

According to the news of CP agents, this news firm sneaked the position of the information and the news sent, I have locked a sea area ...

Now CP0 has sneaked into the news agency company, mastering their whereabouts, can always monitor all of them ... "


Another old man obviously be more curious: "If you say this, the big news bird Morgan has fallen into the control of the World Government?"

"Just master the news agency ..."

The pharmacist swayed his head and sighed: "According to our news from the special manufacturer of the news agency, Morgan focused on the war between the Big Mom One Piece and the 100th Mission, this big News bird has been laid in Wanki ... "

"It's already very good."

Five old people nodded.

For so many years, the World Government has not found the headquarters of the news agency.

One of the old people, the mouth, the mouth, slightly revealing, softly praise: "It is good, pocket, regardless of the situation, you can always find the chance to change, let us have some unexpected like…"

This is also the reason why the pharmacist has always been trusted by them.

Other departments will only be sent to them from them.

Only the little guy in the Pharmacist is an exception, even because the occasion occurs, he can always find a way.

As long as you can master the public opinion position of the news agency ...

So since then, the news from all over the world will be manipulated by the World Government, and there will never happen to disclose the world government scandal ...

Although in order to avoid conflicts with the World Government in the past, the world government has been reported to the world government's merits, and occasionally report the world government's scandal, leading to the world government This is the embarrassing bad thing, love hate ...


A very majestic five old star gaze the pharmacist, quietly opening: "After the Navy and White Beard, after the Evolutionary War, we will talk to the empty ..."

Another old man also watched the pharmacist, took his words: "If the move of this war is as expected, then you are ready ..."


The look of the pharmacist flashed in the look.

Five old stars couldn't help each other. Everyone nodded at each other. They looked together to the pharmacist: "If the result of this war is in line with our expectations, then you will take over Empty location! "