I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 561, the grass in the eyes of Pluto

Marie Joya.

The pharmacist can't help but be a bit surprised.

Even if the pharmacist knows, as long as the time has long, the position of the generals of the World Government must be him, and anyone is impossible to be his competitors.

However, the current pharmacist has not thought that the five old stars actually appointed him to take the generals of the steel bones after the end of the war.


Some of the eyes of the pharmacist, there is a bit hesitial and fear on his face, and some kindness and joy are interstary: "The body is still good? And always, I have followed the five old The teachings and orders of Star adults can actually go to this point today, and they will occupy the high position ... "

"Pharmacist, don't say these nonsense in front of us."

In the five old stars, an old man who has been sitting on the sofa is a parenchyma, showing a touch and ridicule on his face: "You look at the desire to power, the current general army In addition to drinking tea in his own office, you can't do anything! "

This sentence has not been a bit too much.

It seems that the pharmacist has been empty, and the Navy's appointment is not the best to give steel bones.


Five old stars are still difficult to cover them!

This is also very conforming to usual.

Five old stars are very clear, the reason why the pharmacist can have today, which is from the power of several people to the drug masters, naturally these power and status can also be recovered.

Pharmacist can put high posture in front of the Navy's marshal, but in front of them, they still have a good time!

"All right."

Another old man puts his hand, he looked at the look of the pharmacist, showing a smile of introspective taste: "Don't worry, we have taken a test, and you will decide that you will become the next army. "

The old man slowly closed his palm, continued to say quietly: "This is also a new CP department created by you, can solve the reward of the Red Hair, the next war will not live up to us. expect."


In the five old stars, the last one held a knife and looked at the pharmacist, and the sound of the sound: "We have officially notified the Warring States, the war of the Navy and White Beat will be full of you will command you. !

Pharmacist, can you use this war to let everyone convince you can see your own ability! "

When I said here, the old man suddenly grinned and continued: "According to our thoughts, of course I hope that you will sit on the location."

"I know."

The pharmacist nodded and pushed his own glasses: "After a week, the news agency will announce the real punishment time, according to our current chips, White Beard One Piece and Revolutionary Army should not absent this feast "

"That's good."

Five old stars have been nod, one of them waved his palm: "That is good, you can go."


Pharmacist pocket.

The five elderly people who have a world-to-high power look at the pharmacist leave until the door is closed, and they will start to discuss the drug mask.

"It's really a good chess piece ..."

"Even if the Navy has a new general, for us, it is far less useful as the wisdom of the pharmacist."

"Just, unfortunately, his strength is too weak ..."

"If you look at the performance of the pharmacist, such a small guy who has an extraordinary wisdom is sitting in the high level, and it is good for us."

"It is because his power is too weak, it is easy to be controlled by us, a position that you can't sit at all, you can only do things wholeheartedly, and to our trust can continue to maintain his power."

Because the existence of the pharmacist ...

Five old stars have saved a lot of things.

Whether it is how difficult the World Government encounters, the pharmacist can help them solve;

Some major matters, they just need to do it is enough to pick out a lot of choices in the pharmacist pocket.

House in a high position ...

The most important thing is to use people.

At this point, the Warring States in the Buddha is not too bad.

In order to take a naval colonel from the pharmacist, the Buddha's Warring States awarded him a naval general, and many things were ruined in this naval.

At this moment.

Shampoo island.

A German non-matching navy will be participating in a slave auction.

Originally this slave auction is the industry of Duran Mingge, but Dofontech has handled this auction site immediately after joining the Treatment.


This slave shoot store is rebuilt by others.

Now this slave auction is held a large auction. When it is quoted, a big rival of the pressure axis has been taken away, only a strong old man ...

This old man seems to sell ...

In order to not let his blood loss, the person in charge of the slave shoot is finally shouting at the cost price: "500,000 Bailee, 500,000 Bailee, a robust man, although the body is old, but the body is very healthy At least twenty years of work, you can place it at this time! "

When I said here, the person in charge of the selection pushed the old man, showing this slave body and spirit.

Look ...

It is really healthier.

Shangji fell a yawn, looked at the old man who was full of eyes, shouted his price: "This person, I want it."


The auction is falling down.

The person in charge seems to be afraid of the original Needle.

Shangning Nai took a 500,000 Bailei bought an old man slave, and there is a remote control that controls the slave circle.

A little loss.

Just think about it, if you bought a five-pirattan Bay, the second hand of the One Piece of the One Piece is a slave, this is a blood to make a blood.

If there is that force uniforms him ...


This old man is Pluto Relie.

Whenever Pluto Relie has no money to drink, he will sell himself to the slave farm, let the slave venue sell him; wait until he is sold, Pluto will take a circle from the self , Let the people who take him lose a money.

This is also a life ...

Since Pluto Renli retired, he has always lived in such a life, and he is not counting on his people, but there is no way to speak.

After all, I only buy a person who is an ordinary old man as a slave. How do you think that it is a great aristocrat, because of the real money, it is directly buying a human pair ...

Outside the slave auction field.

Shangyuan Na was finally seen by Pluto Relie.

This made him spend five thousand Bailei bought slaves.

The current Rayry is still somewhat scoring, wearing a vast eye glasses, hung a mild smile on his face, as if it is just an ordinary old man.

Pluto Lenley looked at the original navigation, and smiling is getting deeper.

Shangnai Na Ruo is recently stationed in the Navy of the Aroma Islands, from the name of the highest eunuch in the shampoo, Ratley, is certainly aware of the original navigation.

Ryali but knows the original navigation.

Raylei also learned about some recent things in the mouth of Xia Qi, such as this navy will be cleverly captured by the red-haired pirates ...

And it still captured twice, the interval is not more than five days ...

The first time is the red-haired thief group to Justic Island, grabbed the hostage of the original navigation, and the champion of the red-haired piracy is falling. ...

The second is after the outbreak of the Justic Island, the prisoners of Shangyuan Nai will go to Due to Pelton's large prison. As a result, the Ben Bakeman led the red-haired thief group. He also safe. Live ...

No, if you say this ...

It should be said that the luck is good.

After all, the four emperors can still live, and this navy will be really lucky!

In the view of Rayle, the Navy will be able to let the red-haired Xiangx and Ben Becman have been let go. Or is the Shang Shang's body, or it is a full grass bag in the Upper. Killing him is also a dirty hand!

Anyway ...

This nelection is really fascinated by the Navy.

It is estimated that, the original Na will be sent to the shampoo in this case to give those Tianlong people who will wander from time to time.

Since Xiang Ke is letting the original navigation ...

Pluto Raylee feels that he doesn't seem to have more things.

According to this naval, it is estimated that it is a larger possibility in a grassbag, which does not matter ...

And such a grass bag will be stationed in the shampoo island, and it is impossible to harm those super new stars who arrive in the shampoo in the islands this year. Those who are all the new generations of Gorr D · Rojo created.

Rayly reached out to remove the colony on his neck, smiled and looked at Shangyuan Naou: "500,000 Bailey is a unlike number ... losing this money, little guy, your luck is really Too good! "


On the face of Shangyuan Na, I showed a shot of a shot, as if I didn't dare to pay attention to Pluto Relie, I was easy to remove the slave: "How can you solve the colony?"

Next moment, Shangyuan Na's face suddenly became able to get rid of: "You spent 50,000 Bailei bought slaves!"


The eyes of Pluto Rally are somewhat subtle.

This is the original naval to understand the form? A person who can easily solve the slave loop is not a good person?

It can now be confirmed that Shangyuan Nair is definitely a grass.