I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 562, Malin Fan Dodia, plus an urgency!

Kill the original navigation ...

It's a bit dirty!

Pluto sighed in his heart, and heard the decaying and darkness of the Navy, but only the thief in the naval in the Shampo Islands, the thief in the second half of the long-term route will be more and more many.

"Forget it."

Pluto Relie looked at the original navigation, and he was going to turn around: "Little guy, your 500,000 Bailei will be a lesson ..."


Shangqi Lu Lu hurriedly stopped the footsteps of Pluto Rare, his face was full of angry: "Hey, your guy dares toys me ... Do you know who I am?"

"Know know ..."

Pluto is nodded, as if it is like a child who is unbelievable, smiles and continues: "The commander of the Xiangbo Navy Base will be in the middle of the neighborhood ... Who will meet you on the whole island?"

"Since I know that I am in the naval ..."

The original naval is pinching his fist, just looking at the Pluto Relie, smirking with the vites: "Do you know the consequences of the criminals in the shampoo? My guy with the ghost spider is different! If you dare to sin me If I can throw you into Pelton now! "

When you say these words ...

Shangyuan is still a little strange.

This long-lost performance desire is really a little miss!

However, this world has always been doing him to perform, and the original Nairu's script has been taken away by his own ...


Pluto Rally, this person is not very interesting.

"Is it so narrow in the eye?"

Pluto Rayley stretched his hand to shoot the shoulders of the original navigation, and laughed and continued: "Little guy, do you know who I am?"

This will ...

It's really no bra!

And as a naval general, even the vice president of his One Piece does not know, this is not too unqualified ... These young navals, sometimes, it should really be educated.

It's really unreasonable. How is this young and stupid guy becomes a naval general, but it is actually a rank of Kapu ...

Kapup is able to force them to take the Roger Hair group to the desperate people. The last never was caught twice, but it is also very embarrassed to show off the identity of your own ...

"I do not care who you are…"

Shangyuan Na Rouked opened Rayle's palm, Shen Sheng: "In this world, there is not much person, but I know, your guy is absolutely not!"

When I said here, I won't wavily waving my fists in anger, I have to be a punch!

"Too impulsive?"

Pluto Relie smiled and shook his head, reached out and held a fist in Shangyuan Na, the old man's eyes flashed a bright, laughed and said: "I earned 500,000 Bailey today, and the mood is very good. "

In addition to earning 500,000 Bailei ...

There is also a taste of playing a navy.

It's too interesting to bully a small navy!

Raylee slowly twisted the original Nailed arm, looked at Shangyuan Na, laughing, laughing and continued: "Today is not suitable for fighting, you should drink a cup, so you can waste your own good mood ..."

Next, Pluto Beli smile became more and more deep, suddenly released the fist of Shangyuan Na, a tyrant is released from Rayle's body!

Under his control, the domineering impact is directly hitting Shangyuan Nai!

The legendary deputy captain is fully able to control his domineering, under the front impact of this tyrant domineering, absolutely not ordinary people can resist!

Pluto Relie looked at the grass bag in front of the agency's impact, he couldn't help but shook his head and sighed: "Really ... how can such a navy to protect our lives What about civilians in the shampoo? "

After that, the Pluto Relie is squatting, turning over the original naval wallet, slowly swallowing: "Oh, still a poor ghost? There is only a tens of thousands of Bailei ... small guys should not Use all the money to buy me this slave? "

Although I can't afford this, I can't afford this.

But Rally's palm is still very honest, and the money will receive your pocket.

Rayly is satisfied with the position, touched his own chin, left here, when you left, Rayle's mouth was broken and tanded: "I earn such a big money today, 500,000 Beiler should buy a bottle of rum from Xia Qi? A bottle of Rum, selling 500,000 Bailei, really likes to knock bamboo bar ... "

Since Pluto Renli retreat, staying in the shampoo, Xia Qi, this old friend has always accompany him.

And Rayle wants to go to Xia Qi's pub not to drink.

Just to share interesting little stories today.

When the Pluto Relie leaving, Shangyuan Na will slowly open his eyes, his palm of the palm has made a phonemice, and the phone is dialed.

The pharmacist has seem to be very convenient, and there is no concealment for the name of the original Nairi: "Needge, do you need me to do it?"

"Well, there is a ..."

Shangqi Na will stand up, knead his eyebrow, asked: "I want to add a person on the list of probes ... Do you think it is suitable?"

"Needers Needers really said!"

In the phone, the drug teacher smiled, his voice suddenly became solemn: "Do you need any name? I will immediately handle this thing! It should be the deputy captain of the Roger Tuni Mission Let's send someone to take him! "

"not him."

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, full of face: "Hey, just a minute ago, Pluto Rally gave me a lot of money, and I still played me in such a navy, but it's just like this. If you have a small matter, you should send this old man to the criminal station. It is too easy to avoid. Pocket, to change your sex! "


The pharmacist in the phone and agreed to it respectfully.

"All right."

Shangyuan Na Lu slowly turned to the 13th area of ​​Xiangbo's Islands, where Xia Qi's knockout bar is located, his mouth smile is getting thinner: "People who want to take a criminal station are a bar boss like extortion. , I will personally catch people, you only need to send people to take her. "

"... Bar owner?"

Dr. the pharmacist in the phone took a second, immediately thought of someone, he couldn't help but open: "I will arrange this moment, Pu Saleno just has time, let him catch it People come back! "

If it is a general person's escort, Shaqi ...

It is possible to slam the people.

However, if it is the general of the Navy, at least one half of the year, the Pluto is not a way, can only look at Xia Qi take away.

This is also a way of unlunabarism.

Zone 13 in Xiangbo Planta.

Xia Qi's knockout bar.

Pluto Rally is sitting opposite Xia Qi, paying money to bought a bottle of rum, smiling and talking about what happened today, and highlighting the original naval.

"I really didn't think it ..."

After finishing today, Rayly reached out of the wine glasses in front of Xia Qi, slowly drinking the saving in the cup, laughing and continuing: "There is such a navy here, it looks in the future. The days will be very interesting ... "

"Don't be too hot."

Xia Qi took a smoke from the place, spit a smoking ring, frowning: "Your age can be not smaller, if you have been told by the Navy, the next day is not very good ..."


Rayley poured a glass of wine, smiled and shook his head: "The Navy will notice sooner or later, let alone how long I will not absent the war ..."

Original Rayly just wants to save Koloz, hand in hand to save the fire, and now I have to go to the hand to help the red-haired pirate to save the incense.

This war is destined to not be absent.

Once Pluto, the World Government and the Navy are absolutely impossible to continue to ignore the deputy captain of his Roger Hair Group!

"Forget it, casually!"

Xia Qi shook his head, reaching out his palm towards Pluto: "But before you go, give me your life paper ..."

"…it is good."

Rayley nodded slowly.

Life Paper is a special item of the great route, which represents the vitality of life paper owners, which can immediately let the distant people know their state.


Will only give relatives.

If life paper is intact, it means that the owner of life paper is still good, and it is possible to let the family feel at ease;

If life paper is damaged or narrowed, it means that the owner is hurt; if life paper is for ashes, then it means that the owner's life is still exhausted ...

This war is too dangerous.

The strength of the World Government and the Navy is in the past.

Even if Pluto Rally also occasionally observed the generals that came to the aroma patrol, the strength of the three generals of the Navy became more and more stronger!

In these years, many big pirates hidden in the old age. After they have just taken the beginning, they have been sent by the Naval Party.

In addition to the stronger naval part of the three major people, Wang Xiaqi Wuhai, the strong guys, there is a parent of the Pharmacist, the CP agency!

This spy organization ...

Almost becomes a nightmare of the whole sea!

Especially the CP departments defeated the red-haired pirates, which also means that this spy organization has had the fighting power of the four emperors.

Even if it is a strong person of Pluto Rally, it is difficult to participate in this war. It is difficult to say something unforeseen ...

at this point…

Whether it is Pluto Rare or Shaqi is very clear.

The atmosphere of the entire pub suddenly became a little suppressed, and the Pluto Relie had finished a bottle of wine, and he took out his life paper to Xia Qi, he would leave Xia Qi's pub.

Rayly held his own glasses, slowly slammed a smile on his face: "Forget it, I still go to tease the middle general, let myself have fun!"


Xia Qi shook his head as a voice.

Just as Pluto Lee left the Xia Qi's pub, a woman wearing a navy uniform came in, and his face was full of mouth: "I received a report, this shop is suspected of extortion, your woman doesn't want to take a trip to us. , Give me tens of millions of Bailei! "

It is the naval navy to the Navy in the shampoo.


Xia Qi's brow wrinkled, looked at the smoke in his hand, looked at the Shangyuan Na, who walked into this pub, and his face was faint.

This will be sent by Rayly ...

Is this a knocking on her head?