I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 563 Chapter 563 Straw Road Fly, the second expensive list member!

The luck of this navy will really be fine.

No, maybe it should be said that the eyes of this navy will be too small. Whoever has a guilty of the whole sea, he is too guilty.

Xia Qi consciously is not a big person ...

But it is still no problem in a navy grass bag.

Xia Qi looked at the original navigation and shook his head and re-gave him a smoke: "I know the identity of you, but tens of millions of Bailei, I can't get it, but we can change individual solutions ... "

Xia Qi slowly spit a smoking ring, slowly swallowed: "I heard that the Navy of the Baishang Branch of the Branch of the Shampo will be played by an old man ... Not as good as this, I found the old man, 10 million shells Even if the thing is. "

This naval will ...

Still let the Pluto Rare go to solve it!

Xia Qi got an eye, the original Nairou's look, quietly continued: "If Shangji will send you the old man to you, you only need to pay for me a million Bailey ..."

"Is it too much?"

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head and sighed, moved his footsteps before going to the bar of the bar, watching Xia Qi in the bar: "Hey, in the eyes of these big characters, my little role looks so stupid ?"

This fucking ...

It's too too much!

Rayley grabbed his money ...

Xia Qi actually wants to lie to his money ...


When I heard the original Needle, Xia Qi was picked up, and I looked at the original nair. I finally had more interest: "Your little guy is actually knowing our identity, in front of the guy ? "

A little means ...

This little guy does not seem to be so unbearable!

Shangqi Nai Lu sat in the chair of the bar, sighed a good air: "That is the legendary big piece, Wang Relie!"

Shangyuan Nai raised his head and looked at Xia Qi, squatting his eyes smiling: "Xia Qi, I am just a neighborhood, how can be his opponent?"

"This ah ..."

Xia Qi slowly nodded, suddenly the words turned his mouth: "Since you know our identity, then I don't agree, the little guy, do you know the name of this bar? This is the bamboo bar, just you But I want to knock the bamboo bar to knock on my head ... "

"You can also knock my bamboo bar."

The face of Shangyuan Nae gradually became solemn, Shen Sheng: "Xia Qi, I know that you will sell any information on the sea, I am here to come here.

If our Navy is open to Criminal Fire, Es and Kulcas, red-haired incense, ... Will Pluto Reception Participate in this war? "

"Five billion Bailei."

Xia Qi quietly said a number, smoke a smoke, and continued: "As long as you can pay, I can tell you."

"This price is really not low ..."

Shangyuan Needeling slowly shook his head, and his face showed a bitter laugh.

Xia Qi deeply looked at the original navigation, some curiously continued: "I didn't expect you that this little guy didn't be so unbearable, I would like to ask about this problem ... The guit of the Warring States will come to the shampoo, no Do you want to find out this? "

This kind of thing ...

It is really possible!

Shangji is slightly Summer, I took a coin from my pocket, I asked softly: "Let's talk about the price of information! The price you give is too high. What is it cheaper? How about fifty Bailey? "

"My intelligence, never cheap."

Xia Qi slowly smoked the smoke and continued: "Five billion Baile, you can let your navy know that the Warring War will participate in the war, the guy will enter the venue, but there is a power of the war, this price is actually It is very cheap ... "

To be honest.

This price is really not expensive.

After all, even if he is older, he has a general war. If he participates in the war, the Navy needs to respond to his place in advance; if Pluto will not participate, the Navy can better deal with white Beard Mission ...

Xia Qi explained his own price, and his eyes saw the original navigation, whispered: "As long as you spend this money, you can buy a peace of mind ..."

"This is too expensive ..."

Shangyuan Na Ruyou gazing Xia Qi, whispering: "Xia Qi boss, sounds what you mean, Pluto Rally does not seem to participate in this war ..."

"Who knows ..."

Xia Qi spitted the smoke ring and refused to answer this question.

In fact, Xia Qi dialect is the meaning of this.

According to Xia Qi, if you can use this false information to fool the original naval, this is not very general, so that the Navy relaxes to the vigilance of Pluto Rare, so that Wan Raler can live a chance to live in the war. !

This is Xia Qi's small cockroach ...

Because Xia Qi hopes that Rayry will come back!

If it is the other naval, Xia Qi should have no problem; however she doesn't know, this is the last chance to give her last navigation ...

Looking at Xia Qi, he looked at Xia Qi, slowly opened Xia Qi's mind: "Xia Qi boss, Pluto Rally will be to participate in the battle ... right? But you want him to come back safely ... is this? ? "


Xia Qi's eyes flashed a touch of color.

Just when Xia Qi wants to say something, Shangyuan Nairou looked at Xia Qi not careless: "Forget it, I am not interested to listen to you, let alone ..."

Shangyuan Nai Lu has been secretly planning to push the behind-the-scenes of the top of the battle, how can I let Pluto Rare?

this world…

Any factor is not absent in the vertex.

Even if it is a black beard, Marshall D. Tiqi, I will arrange a position to him, let alone, I am Wan Rauli!

"PlutoSilbaz Retile, will be in this war ..."

Shangyuan Na's arms brought the bar, dragging his cheeks, smiling, squinted, smiling: "Even Mr. Rage really doesn't want to go, but as long as you send you to the criminal station, Rayry is absolutely Will not absent ... "

"is it?"

Xia Qi's eyes flashed a touch of color.

If she is prescribed by the Navy, will the Leilin be to save her?

But now Xia Qi is not concerned about this, but why the Navy should force Pluto Rally to participate in the earth-shatter world!


Also want to do these people?

Xia Qi swallows the smoke ring, and slowly evoked a smile: "Only the Hand of your Navy is too long? Want to put white beard and our old guy all the Internet?"

"Do not."

Shangji shook his head, holding the table slowly standing: "This is not a war, I just want to invite you to witness a new era end, the big one will be willing to end, and Onepiece will never be a sea. Thief reason ... "


Xia Qi suddenly took a sentence to interrupted the original navigation. Her eyes slowly stopped on the original Nairi, whispered: "These words seem to be, it is too small, but the tone is not small , Not very good! "

This topic ...

I always feel that it should be a Buddha's Warring States!

How can I turn to talk to her in such a navy? It's really a kind of quirky feel. Is the young people who don't know how to be polite?

"This ah ..."

Shangqi Na's mouth hook, his eyes gradually became a round, whispered: "It seems to be a small look ... but this is not thick, when I talk to you, there seem to be no one Over me ... "

The eyes of Shangyuan Nairou looked at Xia Qi and laughed and said: "But there is no one to think about it. When I don't want to talk to you, you have no chance to talk again ..."

Next, a full of overlord swept!

However, this domineering is under the control of Shangyuan Na, instantly invading the entire pub, and everything in this pub is like a hurricane!

Surprisingly, this domineering suddenly stopped after contact with the wall, this strong domineering is just in this pub!

One is one ...

Domineering never rushed out of Xia Qi's knockout bar bar half a step!

Single is just this control, it is not inferior to Pluto; and in the strength of the domineering domineering, the original Needle will be more winning!

Do not…

Or don't finish!

A navy will ...

How can there be such a strong tyrant domineering!

The tyrants on the end of Shang Na will continue to have blown over Xia Qi, but he did not hurt her half a minute ...

However, this domineering is like a sharp thorn, so that Xia Qi's nerve has a stabbed sense, even if it is only slightly contact, it may be hurt ...

Xia Qi's eyes faintly horrified, her shoulders smoked slightly ...

Now she does not dare to take their own bar, but the eyes are dead and stare at the original navigation, the body is not from the beginning of autonomous, and the cold sweat is low in the forehead ...

This man!

This naval will!

This guy called the original navigation!

This guy is what the grass bag will be, it is a real monster. Rager is a big born, it really caught a big trouble!

When the old guy was drinking, he was still happy to play the original navigation; the old guy did not know, he was the one that was played!

"This guy…"

Xia Qi took a step by step in Shangyuan Na, and his body retired, and the cold sweat was brought down in the cheek. She only feels that the momentum of Shangyuan Na will make people can't help but fear, maybe it is one more Capa guys also want a terrible monster ...

As a means of intelligence, Xia Qi's feelings are especially keen ... Shang Nai Luo, this person must be that she can't overcome, or even a little older Rally is still barely!

After all, Raylei has been working hard to cultivate, but it is still unable to avoid the body's aging ...

of course…

Even when Retreal is, it may not be able to defeat the people in front of him ...

Xia Qi's plan only one, that is, first escape, just flee into the complex shampoo island, causing confusion, you can touch the fish!


Xia Qi took himself with his fear of the original Nair, a little near the wall, and her arm explored, she had to fract out the sky!


An extraction is suddenly appeared!

Xia Qi's body is not coming to the gravity of this gravity.

The original neighborhood stretched out his palm, and pressed the forehead of Xia Qi, a group of white places in his palm, and fell on the forehead of Xia Qi.

The white light instantly extracted all the strength of Xia Qi's body, so that her body is not soft in the ground, a panic is floating on Xia Qi's heart!

This guy…

What is the ability?

Even the domineering in her body does not exist!

When I got Xia Qi, I suddenly fell into the roof of the pub, and I got directly in this pub!


The pendulum is fried in a big hole in the top of the bar.

Just as Xia Qi's eyes suddenly flashed a touch of horses, as long as it can cause confusion, there can be an opportunity to escape!

However, let Xia Qi desperately, countless dazzling photons flew out from the smoke, gradually gathered into a person's appearance, the Navy's generals!

"Well, is it true?"

The corner of the yellow ok is smiling, and slowly walked to the front of the original Nairi, bowing downside down because of the distraction, I opened the mouth, smile, said, "Oh? This is the list of this public office Advanced person? "


After the next time I got it, I looked at the yellow gap and glanced. "Well? Borusale, your part?"

"War Toreneous Pills fly in the grass hatred ..."

The yellow goblin looked at the original navigation and smiled. Have you killed? "

Huang I touched his own chin, and laughed and continued: "This time the straw road is a big disaster. On the list of people on the list ... "