I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 564, the final version of the probation list

Great route.

The biggest event since these days should be a shampoo event.

It is said that the straw road has killed three Tianlong people, and then he was arrested by the Navy's Ben University, there is no doubt that the news that the world's aristocrats being killed will undoubtedly be sensational!

In addition, the second news is that the moon Moria, one of the Qi Wuhai, was abolished, and was taken by a pirate named Mhal D. Ti Tik.

These two things are undoubtedly capable of being able to get on the headline!

However, the headline of the news agency is not normal.

Because the entire layout of newspapers is used to list a row of lists and photos, this is the list of public probation of the world government and navy.

White Beard One Piece 2nd team captain fire

Revolutionary Army Staff President Saab

Straw hat pirate captain grass hat


Red-haired pirate captain, Xiangx (front Luojie Xihai)

Kuloz (member of the foreigners of the foreigners)

Douglas Baret (member of the foreross

Clown Pakiston (Guojie Xiji Member)

the above.

These lists covers most of the World Governments and Navy's members who can find the Roger Hei Timentarium, of which there is no doubt that is the son of the pirate Wang Ge D. Roger.

As for the public office ...

Finally, the Navy's Malin Fanto, and the public sentence is scheduled for a week, the middle buffer period is the remaining party of the White Beard, the revolutionary army, and the red-haired pirates.

This list ...

There is no doubt that will be put on the headline.

Because this list will become a real guidelo of the World War, it is also a big event that determines the world, almost everyone will be horrified for this list.

Justice in the dungeon.

Munqi D · Lu Fei wears the sea floor stone, and the people who are responsible for the escort is his grandfather Navy will be Munch D · Cap.

This is Kapu proactive next task.

For an old man, the white-haired man will send the brunette is a great sorrow, even this time, Kapu wants to send him three little guys who are hoped.

Some silences in Monchi D · Cap.

Because before sending the road to the Dungeon, Kapu already knows that Lu Fei will be taken to the prisoner together, will be punished with Es and Sa Bo.

These little guys who grew up together ...

Do you want to die together in Malin Fan now?

Munqi D · Luffy's face is a little weak, he is not sad for his own destiny, but because Lu Fei has not had a good job recently.

The most important thing in life is to eat.

However, when the warship was in the warship, whenever the road didn't eat the lungs, Cap Pu couldn't help but hit him ...

This grandson eats yourself ...

I don't care about my grandfather at all, I can't eat it at all!

Now the spirit state of Lufei is obviously not very good, just a person's voice suddenly let him have a spirit immediately: "Hey, Lu Fei, how can you come here!"


There is a lot of the face of Lu Fei, and the eyes look at the red-haired Xiangks in a supervision, smile and smile: "Hey ... I almost forgot, you have already been They caught it! "


The mouth of the incense showed a smile, and he didn't care about his own dilemma. He looked loudly: "See Ben Bakeman? How are they?"

"Well, it's not bad."

Lu fly nodded, smiled and continued: "Your new ship is more big than our new ship! I have to borrow us Bakerman to lend us a big money, wait for me to find the big secret, I will give him later. ! "

"it is good!"

Diagram smiled nodded.

Original Shakks hopes that Lu Fei can become a famous big grade thief in the world, they will officially meet, take the agreed trolley straw back ...

The result didn't think ...

They did not meet at sea ...

Now I met in the dungeon of Justic Island.

This feeling is really strange!


Standing next to the Kapu, on the head of Lufei, glanced at the heart of Xiangks, Shen Sheng: "Lu Fei, if you listen to the red hair, you will not fall To him! "

"Grandpa, I am going to be a hundred thief!"

The road is standing up and stubborn, and a punch is on the ground, Shen Sheng said: "As long as you do it, even if you die for this!"

"But you immediately ..."

Just when the card is planning to say a few words, the people next to a cell suddenly fiercely pocked the railing: "Straw hat fly! You bastard!"

"Ha, Paki!"

When the road is on the face, I can't help but laugh. I am scratching my head, watching the people held in another cell.

It is Clown Pakistan.

Clown Pakistan is arrested by Samue.

Because of the same as Clown Pakistan and Xiangks, the intern of the One Piece is also sent to the dungeon of Justice, his cells and incense cells.

to be frank…

The arrival of clown Pakistan has made a lot of cards.

Anyway, they are also players when they are also a young man. It is not easy to get together. It is that Pakistan is really a little too noisy!

of course…

Fortunately, there is also people who can make Pakistan.

When Pakistan wanted to fly, an old man dull voice interrupted the words of Pakistan: "Paki, don't be too quarrel, I have a headache ..."


Pakistan's voice suddenly stopped.

It is the ship doctor Kuocaus, which is the Roger Tijun.


When the laughter of Lu Fei suddenly suddenly, I couldn't help but laughed: "Kluo ... Kulo ... How do you also here! How about Lab?"

Luoluas, I'm going to answer, I'm going to reply, and I laughed and said: "Right, I have found Brooke, now Bullk is the musician on our boat!"

When the straw hat rushed to the shampoo, Lu Fei met the land of Moon Moria, defeated the king's seven Wuhai, and hurting the king's seven Wuhai by the pharmacist to abolish, For Marshall D. Tiqite, a location ...

Just on the site of Moon Moria, Lu Fei also saw the Brook of the Lunparacei, who had followed the whale Rabu, only Brooke had only the skeleton ...

Kuocass came to the front of the cell and looked at the laughs. The face couldn't help but show a smile: "Ha, it seems that you are very exciting this road, straw hat."

"he he he he he…"

Lu smiled and scratched his own head.

On this way, although until the shampoo island, their voyages are abundant, but the things that the straw cap will have a lot of things.

The road flew in a few cells, smiled and continued: "I didn't expect to meet the familiar people here, I feel that it is actually good ..."

"This idiot ..."

I can't help but flash in the Pakistan face.

However, if I heard Lu Fei, the two people who were red-haired with Kuros and Culcas couldn't help but laughed. It was obvious that Munqi D · Luffy has added a bit of dynamic power.

"All right."

After watching Lu Fei and a group of people sizzled, Shen Sheng interrupted them: "Lu Fei, now go to Es and Sa Bo's two bangs! Your three little ghosts are together, one Is unwilling guy ... "

"Es and Sa Bo are also here!"

The road flew her cheeks, and the moment is a lot. His eyes are somewhat shoy. Holding their own cheeks shouting in the dungeon: "Hey, Es, Sa Bo, I will come to you." ! "

Even if their brothers reunited the place of Justice, it is still difficult to cover the joy in the heart, and no more fun than the brothers!

When the card was left with Lu Fei, the red-haired Xiangx suddenly called the card, and she asked in the face: "Mr. Capu, even if Lu Fei is arrested, it should also be due to Pelton, shouldn't you be in Justice? "

Kapu wrinkled her brow, slowly revealing a angry on his face: "Because Lu Fei killed three garbage ..."

"Tianlong people?"

Dingks immediately understand.

There is too much garbage in the Tianlong people.

Lu Fei took the ear, showed some doubts and regrets on his face: "I just scared them, and they were scared to death ..."

In fact, ...

In the shampoo island, the tyrants of the Dragon are flying directly out of the flying road, and I have been in the past, but some people have done a little hands on their body.

At last…

Tianlong people died in this conflict.

It is responsible for investigating the death of the Dragon people, and personally makes this matter into iron, and every time the CP agent that is responsible for protecting the Tianlong people will disappear.

According to the law of the pharmacist ...

They are buried for the Tiangan people.

Xiangks looked at the road, and looked at the card, leaning against the wall of his cell, slowly todped: "I know."

They have not continued to communicate.

After waiting until Kapu and Lufei left, another cell came out of a voice: "Hey, incense, the little ghost is the person you choose? Roger's straw hat is on his head!"


Xiangks nodded, smiled and said: "How, Baret, you also think Lu Fei is good?"

"Hey, generally ..."

The man in the cell is still not satisfied, but he suddenly said: "We are all sent here. Does Ryri have not come in?"

"do not know…"

Dingks frowned.

They are isolated from the outside in dungeon and don't know the outside of the news.

It was originally sent to Xumi Island with Xia Qi, who had been sent to Siki and others, and did not be sent to Judi Island with Lu Fei, but was detained separately by the pharmacist.

Because Xia Qi ...

I know too much!

Munqi D · Kapu and Monchi D · Lu Fei continue to walk into the depths of the cell, and this dungeon is a coffin everywhere, and people can't help but feel the cold.

Lu Fei looks at this all, but it is a little curious to show a squat: "Hey? Why do you put these things?"

"Don't ask so much!"

Kapu's mouth is on the head of Lufei, and the face is angry: "Because the old man doesn't know!"

"... I don't know if I don't know ..."

The road flexed his head and continued to show the coffin in the dungeon.

"Hey, Lu Fei!"

The depths of the dungeon, the voice of Es and Sa Bo came out.

"Es! Sa Bo!"

The road flew over a few steps.

Even if they meet the location, they still can't help but show a smirk, and the brothers finally reunited again under the dark dungeon.

They don't know ...

The whole big sea has become windy.