I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 565 Hancark: Your art is ugly ...

Great route.

New world, white beard sea area,

The atmosphere is a bit heavy on the entire Mobik.

Everyone's face is not very good, because they have seen the first name on the list of headlines, this is the official declaration of the Navy.

War location ...

It is the Navy's Ministry of Malin Fanto!

Let a four emperor head to attack the Navy's base base, which is undoubtedly a hand of your own strength, but now I am in the hands of the Navy ...

Just when everyone was so lowered, the white beard sitting in the chair after reading the newspaper, suddenly grinned: " la la la ... Warring States This is to pay my son to Laozi! Little, let us go Go home! "


"Finally found the place where I is!"

"It's time to bring our younger brother!"

The whole Mobi Dick is suddenly lively.

The newspaper was pinched in the hands of Yiszo Sasuke. After reading the list of punishments, he put down the juice in his hand, and he turned his head to Malco, and he had a palm toward Malco: "Hey, Malco, help me Take a bottle of wine ... "


Markco can't help but smash, Yisizhi saga helps this thunder to drink juice guy, how can I suddenly drink alcohol?

Each hundred thief has heard Sasuke ...

Everyone does not come to Sasukes in autonomous ...

Next moment, when they saw Yischi Sasuke reached a bottle of wine, after holding a big bowl, she took a large bowl, and she raised her beard Edward New Gente: "Hello, old guy, this bowl Wine is respectful ... "

" la la la ..."

The smile on the white beard is more wins, and he also took a bottle of wine, and he raised his seat: "Our little ghost is finally going to grow up!"

"Hahahahaha ... the old man said yes!"

"Sasuke this little guy ... grow up!"

"I finally drinked, Sasuke!"

"Drink this bowl of wine, go to Save Es!"

It is now clear that it should be the dignity before the war. However, Mobi Dick seems to have no general, and it has become a joyful ocean.

The three Mobi Dicks carrying the entire White Bearded One Piece to the first half of the great route. When they move forward, there is still a ship that will continue to join.

These are the appendages of the periphery of the white beard.

Their purpose is only one ...

Save their companions, fire on Es!

When the White Beard One Piece rushed to Malin Fanto, the Navy's Base is still working, because people who want to open prison are a bit ...

Single only is a criminal station, add more than ten times more than the original project ...

In addition, in addition to the fire A, there is a group of cadres of the Revolutionary Army, the Roger Hair Group once ... These people are all famous characters, can't you let them all crowd in a place?

Navy meeting room.

The Buddha's Warring States wrinkled their own brows and looked at a group of sentences to be sentenced, couldn't help but open: "The enemy we have to face ..."

"Don't worry about this problem."

The pharmacist has interrupted the Warring States, pushed his own glasses: "Malin Fan Dodo gathered 100,000 navy, more than a dozen Navy's department, the three Navy's general, seven kings, seven Wuhai, thousands of CPs Agent's elite troops ... "

The pharmacist told everyone in the court, and continued to be said quietly: "This battle is single to deal with a white bearded, and there is no more waste ..."


The Buddha's Warring States shakes his head and said another question: "What about the Baorence Festival and the Big Mom One Piece?"

Because the people of the White Beard One Piece and the Red-haired One Piece must participate in this war, plus the revolutionary army, if there is more than one, the four emperors, maybe this war will Unable to manipulate ...

"This is more don't worry ..."

The pharmacist looked at the Warring States, laughed and opened: "What we have to do now is concentrated, it is a thief group ..."


At this time, a naval soldier knocked knocking on the door and loudly reported: "The pharmacist will, in addition to Marshall D. Tii, the other Wang Qi Wuhai has now arrived at Malin Fanto ..."



Dome Franmin.



Baga Hancark.

The six kings, the seven Wuhai, all rushed to the port of Malin Fan, these big hundred thieves will serve as the war of the naval in this war.


Temporarily standing in the Navy.

Malin Fanto's port.

Basa Hanku wrinkled his own brow, and his face was too abandoned to gather another king's seven Wuhai gathered together ...

Although she doesn't like a man to join ...

But how is these guys going?

The world's first beautiful woman is here, and the few men are talking together, but they have ignored her?

Is there a problem!

Originally, Hancuk did not want to accept the call, but Gu Luuli Oas and two sisters hope she can participate in this world war. After all, this war determines the world to go, they can't judge the true win By…

The most important thing is that the sister of BA Hancark hopes that his sister tried to see if you can save Xia Qi ... If you are not Xia Qi, you may have already killed the three of their sisters.

Dofontech is holding his fists, the smile on his face is a bit crazy: " ... finally waited until today ..."


Carton ghosts have grinned.

The truly protagonist of this war has never been a navy and a pirate!

The strongest person in this world and the most powerful forces gathered together, they want to really deal with the enemy!

For this moment ...

They have worked hard for three years!

These three years of days ... seems to be not bad.

Didara did not pay attention to them, but she had a narrowed version of the doll with him from himself, and adding a clay to add a reduction in the top.

After Didara finished, after satisfying, he nodded, he would take this clay into his own bag, and the ear came from a sound.


The Emperor's Emperor's Emperor was shaking his head, and he looked at the Didala's doll: "It's ugly man ..."


Didala's expression is stiff.

Next moment, Didala hit the doll in his hand, and wanted to squat in Bayen Hancu, flew the world's first beauty along with the entire Malin Fan!

How do this woman dare to insult his art!

Fortunately, the mortar ghosts stopped Didala in advance, grinned: "®, Dida, if the king, the seven Wuhai in Malin Fanto, the influence is not very good!"

"I want to fly the woman ah ah!"

Didala doesn't care to throw the doll in the hand in the hands of the Hancark: "Your guy dares to insult my art!"

Bashankuk scared his own hair, and it appeared that the whole person had some graceful. She was almost unsettled in her eyes: "It's really, I am actually a child with you, take a child's stuff as a art ... "

"Hancu, less say a few words!"

The mortal ghost grinned and laughed and continued: "Can someone who can stand here, it is not so simple!"


Dofontech grinned and smiled and walked up: "I don't want the war yet. Malin Fanto is blown up by Mr. Didara!"

The eagle is omestically lazy to pay them.

The corner is too lazy to pay attention to this group can't bring him a wealth.

Basa Hancock slammed a swearing: "Even if Malin Fanto is fried, it doesn't matter ..."

"There are relationships."

The pharmacist slowly walked over and pushed his glasses, whispered: "Before our real guest arrives here, as a naval, I will not want you to have anything to do ..."

With the arrival of the Queen Seven Wuhai ...

All the combat power that the entire navy can dispatch finally aggregated!

The eagle eye hooded gave a lot of ports, and asked the cold voice: "Is there any new seven Wuhai?"

That seven Wuhai ...

It is also one of the roots of war.

If it is not the pirate called Marshall D. Ti Tij, the Navy arrested Es, nor will there be a super-scale world war!

The pharmacist shakes his head and whispered: "Marshall D. Tiji is allowed to visit friends because Pelton."

Just when the king of Qi Wuhai arrived in the sea ...

Marshall D. Tiji is still riding his own boat to the big prison because of Pelton, he wants to get some powerful people in the big prison, and then participate in this war!


The last king's seven Wuhai is got by him!

Of course, in Tiqi, this is what he should think, after all, Tiqi and the black release of the news, so that the World Government has abolished Moon Mount Mount ...

"Thief Hahaha ..."

Black beard Marshall D. Tiji stands in his own bow, his side stands with a few members of the Black Beard One Piece, and standing behind them is a group of demon fruits, these are black beardi Strong and strong white ...

"Conquer this world ..."

Marshall D. Tiqi looked at the sea, and the smile on his face became more and more crazy: "After a few days, when they thought this is their era, they don't know, this era has long been Written on the name of Laozi! Thief Hahahahahaha ... "

In addition to collecting powerful pirates as a hand ...

The black beard's goal has some demon fruits of Pelton, he wants to use these to strengthen your own white army, and then participate in the World War!

that time…

Black beard will let everyone know that the vertices of this sea must write Marshall D. Tiji's name!

When I heard the triumphant, a group of stood behind the black bearded, and the white peaks were looked at each other. This group of white has grinned to show a strange smile ...